God of War – PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

God of War – PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

KRATOS: Hold. ATREUS: That’s a soul eater. If
that kills us, that’s it. No Valhalla, no Hel,
no afterlife, ever. KRATOS: It does not attack. ATREUS: Oh, mom made them sound
more dangerous than that. KRATOS: Then do not drop your
guard. Come ATREUS: Draugr! To the left! Take that! Look out behind you! KRATOS: Get back! ATREUS: Nice! Ha! See ya! Above us Wow! Amazing! KRATOS: Follow me.
ATREUS: Yes, sir [WOMAN SINGING] ATREUS: That doesn’t sound like
a soul eater What do you think it is? KRATOS: We shall see boy.

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  1. I love this franchise so much and GOW III is my absolute favorite of all of them. But I just can’t get interested in this version…I’ll buy it regardless but I just don’t feel the excitement.

  2. I hope the kid gets kidnapped or something 5 minutes into the game and we don`t see him again until the end. Would be annoying if he`s constantly at Kratos` heels. Also, lol at the fanboys! You guys don`t qualify as humans.

  3. Random request to the developers can you add A bloater from the last of us to this game as a optional side mission. Be a fun mini boss fight honestly.

  4. You can see how the son is incorporated into combos: Right when Kratos throws his ax, hit square and Atreus kicks him towards you, then you proceed with combo and into a throw, which might be Circle? I don't know……I'm hyping myself for this game so much when I don't even own a PS4 though, lol

  5. nossa nao pode ver o video por restricao de idade mais eu achei o mesmo clip em outro canal e eu pude ver essa merda

  6. The camera placement is TERRIBLE. This isn't a 3rd person shooter. It's a hack n' slash game and it should be more away from Kratos. I'm not buying this…

  7. 00:43 que ataque es? Segun yo ya los tengo todos pero no me di cuenta que ese no lo tengo o al menos no recuerdo haber visto uno que se podia mejorar asi

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