God of War: 15 Minutes of Gameplay – PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough | PS Underground

God of War: 15 Minutes of Gameplay – PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough | PS Underground

SID: And I’ll say something. The axe, this Leviathan axe. KRISTEN: There it is. SID: So cool. KRISTEN: Just
throwing it back and forth. SID: And just recalling it.
Look at that, tripping enemies. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] SID: Hey, everybody, welcome
back to PlayStation Underground. We got something real
special lined up today. Myself, Sid Shuman, Justin
Massongill and Kristen Titus are going to walk you through some
new footage from God of War, launching on PS4 April 20th. And my goodness gracious,
does this game look sensational. What do you guys think? JUSTIN: Wow.
That looks very good. SID: Now Justin.
You have not played it. JUSTIN: I’m coming
totally fresh here. SID: That’s right. Kristen, you and I got
a chance to play this. KRISTEN: Yes.
Yes we did. SID: And I think it’s safe
to say that we liked what we played. JUSTIN: So first things
first, I’m noticing R1,
R2 for your attacks. That’s a big change. SID: Yes, indeed.
No more face buttons. I believe that is still an
option that you can select as an optional thing. But you’re going to see why
when you start playing the game. It’s just a lot more tactile.
It’s a lot more immersive. And here we have a parry. You still have that
classic action from God of War. And I’ll say
something, this axe,
this Leviathan axe — KRISTEN: There it is. JUSTIN: That’s rad.
SID: So cool. KRISTEN: Just
throwing it back and forth. SID: And just recalling
it, tripping enemies. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. So tell me how the actual
mechanics of using that axe works. You use it like a boomerang? SID: No, you throw it and
you sort of aim at something. You toss it. And if it hits an enemy, it
will freeze ’em in place. You can use it in puzzles. You can then hit a button — I
think it’s square — you can recall it back
in your hand. You can see he’s frozen. Now, right now, Kratos,
the fisticuffs is very, very fun in this game
as much fun as the axe. What do you think, Kristen? KRISTEN: I loved whenever I
would throw the axe and just start beating up
on somebody else. Occasionally you’ll have an
enemy where you’ll have to you use that tactic. It definitely wants you to
use everything in your arsenal. JUSTIN: So you have completely
different move sets depending on whether the axe is in his hands
or stuck in an enemy’s chest. SID: You have a shield, like a
full blown shield. A little dab of
Dark Souls there. You kind of walk around. Shield comes in handy for
this hand-to-hand combat too. JUSTIN: The best defense is a
good offense, right? SID: So these are the lighter
slashes with the axe that I think is R1. And it’s a little bit
reminiscent of the classic games just with more impact. You can see juggling the enemy,
hammering them to the ground. JUSTIN: That looks really
chunky. SID: Oh yeah. I was talking to Cory Barlog, he’s the creative director at
Santa Monica, and they wanted this weapon,
this Leviathan axe, to have a weight to it. And I say mission accomplished. KRISTEN: Absolutely. JUSTIN: I see a chain
over there to the left. SID: That’s cool. Still got those
brutal — JUSTIN: Yeah. They are not toning down
the brutality in this game. SID: That’s right. There’s that chain
your eagle eye caught. And here’s a good
example of a puzzle. I remember this one instantly.
This axe. JUSTIN: Oh cool. SID: Little things like that I
really like how they come up with the puzzle solving in this. I liked the
puzzles in last game, but it got to be a bit much with the block pushing and
everything. They really open
that up in this game. JUSTIN: Big change. You didn’t have to mash
that button to open the chest. SID: That’s correct. And Hacksilver is one of
the resources you’ll collect. JUSTIN: Is that like a
currency, a crafting material? What’s that all about? SID: All of the above. KRISTEN: A little bit of both. Just recall that axe. SID: So cool. KRISTEN: Nothing is more
satisfying when you do it. SID: Got the big guy here. JUSTIN: Big boy.
SID: Yep. So, interesting detail here, you
can either sort of let Atreus just circle the perimeter, and
he’ll kind of do his own thing, call out enemy
positions, things like that, or you can actually manually
direct him with the “son” button,
which I think is square. You can aim and have him
fire at what you want. JUSTIN: I like how the axe
bounced off him right there. That’s kind of fun. SID: These trolls are not easy;
I can tell you that right now. KRISTEN: But Atreus
definitely becomes very helpful. He can distract
your enemy for you; he can sort of draw their
attention so you can dive right
in there. You have to give him some
time to build back those arrows, so they won’t always be there. JUSTIN: You can’t
always say fire, fire, fire. KRISTEN: Exactly. JUSTIN: Oh, and I see
on the bottom right, is that an indication of how
many arrows he has available? SID: Exactly. This guy takes punishment. The detail on these
characters is staggering. Real quick, if you
look at Kratos here, look at his butt, his thighs, you can see his remnants of his
old armor poking out. You see those red straps? JUSTIN: Oh. SID: See what I mean.
There’s a ton of details. Look at the wrappings on
his arms from the chains. It’s super, super cool
character design in this. Obviously he’s got the
classic red war paint or scar or whatever that is. Different kinds of chests
have different animations. JUSTIN: That’s one
way to open a chest. KRISTEN: Classic Kratos. JUSTIN: He doesn’t
have time to open chests. SID: There’s a lot of
looting in this game. There’s a lot of kind of
just items and things, reasons to explore sort
of the world around you. I was digging into
every nook and cranny. JUSTIN: Do we know any more
about how that all works, like the progression in
terms of the currency systems? SID: Yeah. We’re going to see a little
bit more of that later on. But, yeah. It is deeper than you
might be anticipating. So stay tuned. JUSTIN: Oh, I got the old
instruction manual here. SID: That’s very funny. JUSTIN:
Reversible box art there. KRISTEN: A little bit
of Norse mythology. Atreus the scholar. SID: Yeah. He can sort of the read all
the runic messages that are scattered around. JUSTIN: Is Kratos
able to read that stuff? SID: He is not. JUSTIN: Oh, I see. SID: So that’s one of the things
that’s interesting about this game — that’s
super cool right there. I love that. Atreus really is,
as you could see, he’s not — there’s like
zero maintenance involved. Here’s one of these kills. Bam. Satisfying. Yeah. You can — there’s actually a
stun quality that you can apply to enemies using your fists. So you kind of add stun damage,
and then you can click R3 and do the sort of one-hit takedown
which is really satisfying. JUSTIN: Man, the way enemies
react to hits is so just like — SID: Juicy. JUSTIN: So organic.
It looks awesome. I saw something on the side of
the screen a moment ago that said “new labor.” It looked like those
are, like, challenges. I saw when he shattered
that enemy it said “New labor,
Shatterer.” I assume that if you go shatter
a bunch of enemies — KRISTEN: Exactly. The more enemies that you
come into contact with, the more you fill
out your bestiary. You’ll get labors like
“kill this amount of enemies, and you can
receive X, Y, and Z.” But some of them will be do a
specific move to take them down. Just giving you a little bit
more challenge than just a hack and slash. SID: Look at Atreus
holding that guy down. And then look at that,
kicking people into each other. KRISTEN: It’s just seamless.
SID: Yeah. JUSTIN: A tool tip a moment ago,
“Press down on the D pad to do a quick turn.” KRISTEN: Absolutely. You’ll also see on the bottom
left there’s a meter towards the bottom that is filling up as Kratos keeps
beating people down. That’s his rage meter. SID: Spartan Rage. KRISTEN: So when that
fills up — SID: Some things just don’t
change, Justin. As you could see — bam. I mean, it’s just
really crunchy combat. That’s the thing that I
immediately noticed as soon as I
started playing. Man, that axe feels good. JUSTIN: The camera actually
lends to the way that combat feels too. KRISTEN: Absolutely. JUSTIN: It shakes a little
bit when there’s an impact. KRISTEN: You get a
sense of that impact. SID: I mean, the
Blades of Exile, the Blades of Chaos
from the last games, they were really cool weapons,
but this one just has this sort of nastiness to it
that I really appreciate. It will feel familiar
when you’re using it. There’s some of the strategies
are still kind of evoked there. JUSTIN: Another new thing — I
guess you sort of had — I guess there was the
progression in the old games. Now you have the standard XP. SID: Yeah. We’re going to get a
closer look a little later. KRISTEN: The effects
here are just insane. JUSTIN: I like how they actually
went to the trouble of building in the little hook on the back
of his armor for the axe rather than having it
just floating there. SID: So, as the game reminded
us, there’s actually different levels of enemies that
you fight. So that was actually a
super smart move there, driving that guy off that cliff. But some of these Draugrs you’re
fighting here — that’s some of the foot soldiers, the undead
foot soldiers — some of them
are much tougher than others. JUSTIN: “Hold L1 and then press
R1 to perform a light runic attack.” SID: That is a type of magic.
It’s something that you can get. You can imbue your
attacks with it. JUSTIN: Was that R3? SID: Yeah.
And that was my move. I would run in there
bare-knuckle brawling. I loved it.
So fun. JUSTIN: I love how the axe
can even hit guys on the way. It’s smart to throw the axe at
somebody that’s kind of line of sight with yourself
and then call it back. SID: It is much more strategic,
the combat in this game. Look at that. That was a perfect example of
recalling the axe and hitting two guys in one go. But look at this. I mean, this is not a
kinder, gentler Kratos, but it is a little bit
more strategic Kratos. And that’s something I really
appreciated as I played this. Oh, yeah. JUSTIN: This looks so cool. SID: Yeah. JUSTIN: Did he just
charge up throwing that axe. SID: Yeah. I didn’t even know
he could do that. Yeah. This is a really
good looking game. JUSTIN: Oh, there’s
some loot on the ground. You missed it.
Pick it up. Pick up the shiny stuff. SID: So this relationship
between Kratos and Atreus is, like, a foundation of this game,
and you really pick up on it within minutes of playing it. You’re immediately captivated
by the relationship they’ve got. Slowing things down
a little bit here. There’s your loot. Those green items are health. So that’s treated a
little bit differently. You don’t have to open
chests every time to get more. I love the Norse mythology just
kind of winds its way around everything. KRISTEN: Exactly.
It feels natural. SID: Yeah.
You’re kind of unraveling it. It’s obviously a unique
sort of interpretation. JUSTIN: Do you now how closely
they stuck to the original mythology or how many
liberties they took? SID: I think it’s — so that’s
the thing about Norse mythology, it’s super open
to interpretation. There’s different
names, different characters. There’s a lot of
different interpretations of it. So when I talked
to Cory about that, he explained they wanted to make
their own mark on it and kind of do their own version of it. So we don’t know how far it goes
just yet because we’re getting an early look at the game. But I guess you’re just going
to have to play it when it comes out, Justin. JUSTIN: On April 20th,
only on PlayStation 4. SID: These are heavy Draugrs.
These guys are serious business. I was really
struggling with them. There’s a great parry. Look at that. JUSTIN: Awesome. Shatter that guy. SID: So good. I was really
excited for this game, but when I played it I was
like, get out of the way. JUSTIN: Oh,
what’s happening here? What is that? Is that like a perfect
parry kind of thing? SID: A little bit of
runic magic I believe. JUSTIN: Cool. I see you can press L3 and
R3 together to do something. SID: That’s Spartan Rage. That’s a real interesting
take on that one too. JUSTIN: Oh, I see they have a
little snowflake meter above their health bar as you’re
hitting them with that axe. I assume when that fills
up, that’s when they freeze. SID: Mm-hmm. Nothing like stepping on
a little health crystal. JUSTIN: It’s so cool to
finally see this game in action. We’ve seen so many
awesome looking trailers. The game has looked so
impressive since we revealed it a couple of years ago. Just seeing it being
played now is so encouraging. Man, it looks like
they just nailed it. SID: Yeah.
I mean, that was my take on it. I just sort of fell
in love instantly. KRISTEN: This is an
interesting part. JUSTIN: Be quiet. KRISTEN: It’s the Revenant. SID: So she’s a little
too quick for Kratos. That’s the thing.
See. JUSTIN: But maybe Atreus can
stick in a strategic arrow. SID: Boom. Right there. KRISTEN: So it’s battles like
this that really show you how integral Atreus is. He’s not just a companion; he’s
absolutely a part of the fight. JUSTIN: That’s awesome. SID: So he’s going for the
stun damage right there. He got it. JUSTIN: R3.
Do it. ALL: Oh. KRISTEN: There’s the
brutal Kratos we all know. JUSTIN: If anybody was worried
that Kratos was going to be getting a little
kinder in his old age. SID: This fun little character. What’s this guy’s name? KRISTEN: Brok. SID: Brok. KRISTEN: B-R-O-K, Brok. SID: A little blue guy. KRISTEN: This guy cracked me up. SID: I didn’t know what
to make of this character. JUSTIN: Is he like a blacksmith? SID: Yeah. So here you go. Getting into the
deep-dive stuff here. JUSTIN: Oh here we go. SID: Juicy. JUSTIN: Here’s the fun stuff. I mean, everything
else looked fun. I’m a nerd for,
like, upgrade trees and, like, progression
stuff and all that. KRISTEN: This game is going to
speak to you, my friend. SID: There was a lot more going
on here than I was expecting, to be totally honest. KRISTEN: See, this is
what I was interested in. JUSTIN: God of fashion. SID: God of fashion. Another quick look, if you
look down on his lower torso, you see that classic armor
poking out from underneath. Got that upgraded
Leviathan axe here. And you’re going to see this
thing is way more potent now. JUSTIN: Are you just fighting
this thing right in front of Brok? SID: Yeah. KRISTEN: As you do. So satisfying. SID: That parry is so nice. KRISTEN: So satisfying. JUSTIN: Got the
air juggles going. SID: Big time, big time. So, again, there’s going to be
some things veterans are going to recognize, and
that’s one of them. I love this. I love this little move here. JUSTIN: I was just going to
ask what was going on with that? That’s so cool. SID: There’s a lot of
environment interaction, kicking guys into walls. You know, if you’re clever, you
can kind of drop pots on their heads and things like that. Lush natural environment for ya. JUSTIN: The environment
work here is just stunning. KRISTEN: Stunning. SID: Really, really pretty game. KRISTEN: Even from it going from
cut scenes back to combat back to the gameplay, it’s
seamless, honestly. JUSTIN: Are the cut
scenes are rendered, like, with the —
kind of in-engine, or do they do the pre-rendered
stuff like in previous games? SID: No. This game has that
whole philosophy around no camera cuts. It’s one cut from
beginning to end, so you just go right
through the entire game. It doesn’t
breakaway to say, like, check out what’s
going on over here. You’re just with Kratos
and Atreus for the entire experience. It’s very intimate. That was something that they
actually settled on early in development. KRISTEN: Tell us more. SID: So that’s a fresh
new look at God of War. It’s coming out
April 20th on PS4. What did you guys
think, real quick? JUSTIN: Oh, man. It looks incredible.
I can’t wait. KRISTEN: I’m just
constantly blown away by it. SID: So we do have
actually a lot more coming, so stay with us, but
we’ve got a lot more. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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