Goa Trip Fly Boarding Adventure Water Sports: Things to do in Goa Holidays:Prakhar Sahay Travel VLOG

Goa Trip Fly Boarding Adventure Water Sports: Things to do in Goa Holidays:Prakhar Sahay Travel VLOG

Telling you once more that do not wear pant with elastic else it will get pulled off. The first one who went for flyboarding had gone to catch the fish and do scuba diving that’s the reason he was unable to fly in air. Do not think that he was unable to fly, he went to look what’s inside the water here and I wanted to fly up. What is this Flyboard? If one gets hurt then? No, no, it’s safe and full life jacket is provided. For 10 minutes of flyboarding the price is 2200 Is this 10 minutes exclusive the training time? Google Maps: Your destination is on the left. You have to use this narrow passage to go to the flyboarding spot Which river is near by? Chapora River in Goa From Baga Beach or Candolim Beach it takes about 30 minutes drive to reach here. Are crocodile found in this river? No, there is no crocodile in river. Naira: Papa, hold me tight.
Me: I am holding you tight. From a boat you are transfered to the Fly Boarding deck, this is included in the package This big one is the flyboarding deck. You need to get down here and then to go the flyboarding deck. From the desk you can have full view. It’s very beautiful. How many people do flyboarding in a day? We don’t take too many people at one go. We ask people to come as per the time slots provided to people. Ohh Okay. So, how many people did fly boarding today? Till now 9 people have done This water sports is called flyboarding. Do you want to change clothes sir? Is your pant tight enough because due to water pressure it will come down if not tight? If it happens then it will alsoo get recorded and everyone will know… people started laughing.. So first tip for you is that wear a tight pant else there is 100% possibility that during the activity you pant will come down. Tie your pants belt tight enough. Never wear an elastic pant for this activity else it will open up. He is Rahul, he is the main instructor. This is called flyboard or jet spe… It’s called the flyboard. It entirely floats on water. so there is no fear of drowning you wear a life jacket, you wear the fly board on your foot and you go in the water flat in the swimming position. He is giving instructions on how to do flyboarding. You are attached to a pipe which has to completely open up before I give you pressure to go up. Lie still and keep going with the flow When the pipe opens up I’ll raise the pressure the pressure will be felt at ancle, so you ancle will go like this. At that point, the pressure will slowly keep going up Okay, so what you ahve to do is… bend both your knees together in the water slightly so that board which is here comes here now in the water you are in this position the pressure will keep going up you have to make you knees straight and ancles flat like this. It’s one motion… pressure… bend both knees together then you try and balance in the water make you r knees straight, ancles flat like this, the water has to fall like this and not like this or this the pressure is enough to push you forward or back so if your ancles are like this you will just keep going forward if your ancles bend backward like this then you will fall back the main thing in the process is that you have to keep your ancles flat Amar, come and have a look How are you feeling Amar?
Amar: It’s a wonderful experience. Now what I have to do brother? this is wat happens if you do not listen to your instructor carefully. Are you putting me in the water? Then where else you will do flyboarding? If you still want to ask sometine ask him He has not listen to the instructions, he will fall down for sure. listen to your instructor carefully next time else you won’t be able to fly! Well try, well try, it’s okay, better luck next time. You can see this annaconda is too tired now so this is also possible that you won’t fly at all you body should be fit to do this else you will get tired It;s very heavy Even if it was heavy you are not suppose to life it by your hands now i will be going for flyboarding let’s see how is the experience. I was unabel to straighten my legs… laughs what was not happening? legs were not getting straight as of now I do not have any questions. let’s see after getting into the water which all fishesh I am able to see and catch bring one mermaid. Telling you once more that do not wear pant with elastic else it will get pulled down. brother, record the entire thing till i reach back bye I am going inside water Papa knows how to swim. my very first attempt of flyboarding he will be able to do, he did it in the starting itself. girls decided not to go for fly boarding and it was a right decisions of them you wan’t drown in water shut-up, you were unable to do and you are telling us it’s such a bad fall sometimes it’s painful when you go up, focus on ancle and keep them straight be calm and balance once you do and show us okay i’ll show, wait get ready it was fun i turned back ohh, it was fun. this is heavy how was it to fall down? It was fun falling in water… the longer ones was fun, it was good but you were unabel to balance. balance for longer period is difficult now you can see the instructor he is tired of explaining to both the guys He did well as it was his first time. the first one went inside to look for fishes and do scuba diving so he couldnt fly don’t think he can’t fly, he wanted to explore what’s inside water I wanted to fly up whenever you do flyboarding, do not do this immediately after eating or drinking else you will vomit. come empty stomach and do it press and close it from top let’s see how he does he is doing flyboarding as if it’s so easy come back come back he is trying to fall, but is not falling in water and we were unable to fly do a back dive now we are going back after doing flyboarding I really enjoyed this experience I was able to fly few times the experience was awesome you can hire a houseboat here for Goa holiday trip this is back waters of North Goa what are these? Oysters doe’s these have pearl inside. yes! open and show us not now. you won’t find like this it is found very rarely you can’t find pearl in all oysters Ohh okay so in many you may get in one. why this is so dirty, pearls are so beautiful this is dirty only, we have to clean it wait.. wait.. wait.. we are going to see inside oysteres will we find a pearl inside or not? you won;t find pearl you will cook and eat this? you can eat this fresh also. try eating it okay i have found one pearl… where? let’s pick it see this this is not pearl brother… i enjoyed a lot now i am going back to the car. I am feeling very hungry i’ll go on a beach and eat someting now i am tired and clothes are wet which village is this brother? Chopdem village, Goa so this is Chopdem in Goa and that was Chapora river. engaving in some conversation with the villagers we call it sea thank you brother

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  2. Thank you so much for the kind words prakhar . Fantastic video .the explanations were on point .we are extremely elated you enjoyed the experience

  3. Woowww!!! This seems to be one exciting sport to try in Goa!! Thanks for sharing your experience and making this vlog!!


  4. Nice attempt, please share location details link. I believe the last act performer was instructor himself.

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