GM Eric Hansen Blitz Speedrun to 3000 | 1200-1500

We’re going to have some fun today. Today’s itinerary is a blitz
speedrun so I started 1,200 and there’s no provisional so
I’ll be gaining like you guys. I’ll be one of you know just…
[John] That’s the whole idea. [Eric] There’s no big jumps.
I have to just grind it out. I still think probably my first loss
will be after 100 games but we’ll see. We’ll see. You got some strong people in blitz.
People over perform, underperform. Let’s go, let’s begin. All righty, blitz speedrun. John,
what’s your prediction? I am trying to… whoa the squares are highlighted
Aman, is this uh just a new perk? I feel faster on this account. [Aman] This is 1,200 get.
Do you have pre moves set? [Eric] Pre moves? [Aman] These 1,200 accounts dude. [Eric] Let me enable pre moves and
auto queen. Confirm resign? Yes. I don’t want to lose by
misclicking, all right. You guys have to know
how to set things up. I’m not going to trade queens there.
I want to go for a KO. Got to go for that KO. I can’t draw arrows, I got enable
arrows as well, for the people. There we go. That’s a good move. It’s a good move but it’s also going
to help me deliver a checkmate. Rook here, king here, queen f4.
I got a quick mate. Ooh. This isn’t me. Check. It would be amazing if I
could get 3,000 in quick time but I’m curious how quickly I can get
like 2,800 a decent blitz rating. We’ll see. I think also a good question is
when I’m going to take my first L. gg (good game). Oh that’s a tenner.
That’s a tenner. We’ll take it. One thing I’m going to try is I’m
going to try attacking a fair amount because I feel like people are going
to get psyched up pretty easily. Here loses the queen. Look at that.
The blunders already there. You have to go king
e1, now I have mate. Uh oh, that was the blunder. gg (good game). All right so now, I
have a cool concept. I’m going to try to set up a mate
on the h file at some point here. Oh that’s the first blunder because I
got d3, giving me that passed pawn so white shouldn’t recapture on c4.
Take the pawn down rather than… Oh pretty good. All right, I’m going to still go for
this mate that I’m trying to set up. I’m impressed so far let me tell you.
I am impressed. I hope he takes, put his king there
then I’m going to take and play h4. He’s going to miss it. Who here… I think he’s going to miss it. I
think he’s going to miss this move. You’re not able to chat in this room. Do I have chat privileges revoked?
He said nice. I want to say… [Aman] We had to put a muzzle
on you bro. Didn’t want you… [Eric] Sure. Am I going to
win an exchange from this? Always got to try to defend. I like
that. I like that way of thinking. If g6, I’m going to sacrifice. I said I was going to attack a lot
today, that’s for sure. That’s for sure. Whoa! Good move. Best move too. All right, so we’re
already finding out… Big difference between
1,100 and 1,200 sometimes. Frank. So I’m hoping for bishop… for c6 because now the
knight’s trapped. Now I can trap the knight with b4. Here, rook here, knight e5 threatening
knight f7 forking the rook and the king on h8 and I’m
threatening b4 as a side threat because the knight actually
has nowhere to go. He’s probably not going
to recognise that. But that’s the problem
c6, knight’s on the rim. Frank bro. Frank what happened? That’s not consistent with the rest of
the game. What happened to my Frank? Rook f6! All right, gg (good game) Frank. We didn’t teach that opening.
No I’m not claiming this guy. This is not one of ours. This can’t be
one of ours. This opening. You can’t… don’t play so quickly. Check, I’m going to throw this
in and I’m going to repair it a nice little mate with
rook h2, queen h4. Oh he saw that. Didn’t
see the other stuff but… the bishop sack. Bishop takes h7. All right, he’s mixing
some moves in guys. I’m really trying to work here. And this is for Omid in the chat,
who’s got some morning energy. gg (good game) Tww. Thank
you for allowing this. I was going for some sort of dark
squared attack with bishop h6 but this guy’s ready for me. Okay finally. Bishop f… playing so well until this. Until this! I mean
everything was going well. I thought black was playing fantastic. Bishop f5, complete development.
I can’t play knight e4 because the back rank mate
and I have a hard time… I mean I have to play rook e2,
black is doing okay here. It’s always going to start off easy.
Wait till I hit the 1,500s. We recently had a friend say 1,500s
that’s when the chess player starts. You don’t have a name until
you’re 1,500 so wait till 1,500 and then we’ll be playing
with legit people. Might as well go h4 and he’s
greedy so I almost want to take… okay let’s attack. This is what
I wanted to do for a while. h6, knight takes f7. I got to say he’s
playing well though. He’s playing well. Never mind. gg (good game) jeevith. You made it further than some
of the others before you, some of your predecessors. [Aman] He made it where no man
has gone before. (laughs) Black’s position is not looking
pretty on the dark squares right now. I probably should attack the queen.
I always think about that, why am I attacking a queen when they
can blunder the queen down the road? You shouldn’t actually attack queens. You should let the
queens walk into bed. Even the resignation is a
blunder, that’s a blunder. You’re not supposed to resign
here, you do have knight h6. Okay. So far so good. Here we go. This is a classic one.
This is a classic. Oh that’s even worse I think. A lot
of guys would take the piece on e5 and be happy but I’m not happy until
I take everything off the board. I’m not happy until you have nothing
left so I’m going to play bishop b4, be a little more accurate. Winning
the queen instead of a piece. And if he moves the
queen out of the way, I’d have a discovered
check unfortunately. Oooh that gives me. (laughs)
He played the precise sequence that not only gives me a queen but
gives me checkmate in 11 moves. After bishop c1, queen c1 mate. All you can eat buffets says Henry.
Yes Henry. Absolutely. If rook b1, I’m going to take
on c1 and get again two pieces. Two pieces for the rook which
is a good deal, usually. Threatening knight c3. (music) Trick, I got a trick for him. I blundered b5. Kappa,
kappa that was a… I set up a trap and he fell for it. Calabius, you’re right
thank you, calabius. (music) If rook c5, king b6, the
rook has no more squares. Oh that’s another way of having
more squares. gg (good game). Improvement, improvement. Shallow thinker, that’s the
shallow thinker right there. (music) Bishop c4, e6, castle, queen d4. (music) You know he’s not stream sniping. Got to give respect.
Got to give respect. Calabius gifting five subs
as well, thank you Calabius. Shallow thinker, you can’t say
this guy didn’t warn you. Problem is he has no
light squared bishop so it’s very hard to attack
my king on f7 without that. All right, I’m going
to give him a check because I’ll feel bad if he plays the
whole game without giving a check. That’s definitely something
he’s looking forward to. This is just part one. I’m just trying
to win every game as quickly as possible but clearly if no one makes a mistake,
it’s going to take me a while. It’s not that easy but I
think I have this move… That move, I’ve been sneaking in. Colonel captain thank you for the sub. And that’s a pin that
can’t really be stopped. (music) No way to stop my bishop on b3. (music) Queen b7, this is mate correct. (music) That moves going to put
him out it looks like. gg (good game) well played. He didn’t
blunder, pretty much except that. What’s the variation that
will kill all the 1,500s? That’s the question like I need to
play a little more sophisticated. The blunders are still
waiting to happen but I definitely need
to change things up. (music) Well that’s a good start. By the way
I’m not developing my pieces at all so I could lose this game. Probably objectively, I’m losing
but somehow… oh, never mind. You know what I noticed? Whenever I
compliment my opponent, they blunder. So I guess it’s better to treat
1,400s poorly at the end of the day. Oh we got a 1,500 from undefined
but they have an excellent… no, no, no… what am I talking about? Switzerland and obviously
they have a good connection. They’re from Switzerland so
they’re a premium member. You know all the things that come into
play when you live in Switzerland. You have everything nice.
You’re all educated. Let’s see if it
translates to good chess. (music) Now he’s …over 1,500 counts
as a person, according to Omid. All right, we’ve transposed to Amar. (music) d6 is looking ripe. oooh, I believe
I’m going to take with a knight and then an attack f7. The d file’s
pinned and everything collapses. Amar is very effective right now.
It’s hurting the audience. What’s up, Quinton? Attacking the queen. d6 follows next. Check. I’m up a rook here and a couple pawns.
Doesn’t really get much worse than this. (Aman says something) (music) Let’s go for mate. No more
beating around the bush. Threatening mate. Oh he’s still playing
putting up some resistance. Like he’s putting more thought
now than he was in the opening which always confuses me. Like sometimes you have to wait
till you’re completely lost to like start playing or something.
I do that too sometimes. I only start thinking when I’m losing. I’m like wait why don’t I just
start thinking in the first place? Okay now his moves are
all very sensible. gg (good game). What’s up. Oh he’s got a system
and that system, very fast. (laughs) I shouldn’t be laughing but
he’s playing, he’s giving it to me. Holy smokes! Slow down buddy.
Slow down. He’s going to clean set… no. Why is
he playing so quickly? This is blitz. Aman has a speedrun on YouTube,
it’s bullet and people are playing… they’re not playing any slower
than this, sorry any faster. That’s a checkmate in 13 moves.
gg (good game). Okay there’s definitely a sacrifice over
here. How are we going to set this up? Bishop h7, king h7, queen h5, king g8.
Yeah, we’re going to try it. I was feeling he’s going to
have a hard time defending me, defending against me. Yeah all Swiss have premium accounts,
that makes sense. Purchasing power. Check and then the rook lifts. Oooh I would have taken a little
bit more time to double check that I wasn’t blundering
mate if I was playing black. gg (good game) Schneewald. People have to slow down against me.
[Aman] They were playing really fast. [Eric] … Am I facing time players? Am I facing the speedsters that just
try to fly you guys and frustrate you? Check, move the king over.
Then knight d2. Move the king over. The king’s going to
move and he’s going to lose his queen. I can almost guarantee it. That’s just what happens.
That’s just what happens. You didn’t have to move the king over.
There’s no reason to do so. But now he’s going to start taking time,
that’s maybe possible, maybe not. Taking more time now
than he was earlier. Oooh that is a bit of an unfortunate finish.
gg (good game) Xavier. We’re going need some people to
recover him. His king on h2. An Italian, Mario. Good luck. 1,500. All right, he’s playing the
Larson, that’s respectable. That’s respectable. Let’s take. Check. Knight c3, c5
which wins the game. Okay you didn’t blunder, that’s good. I play a5 here for my bishop
and open up the a file. Also, now I’m stopping the
knight from developing. He’s playing quickly. (music) Very, very much so but no
blunders yet, no blunders. Problem is his knight.
How do you deal with… The problem with the Queen’s Gambit
is I’m not going to win as quickly but I can play it. Is he going to blunder his rook?
Please blunder the rook. All right, so far so good by Mario. Let’s stack my rooks on the a file.
A scotch is possible. Scotch is possible. Let’s attack.
Let’s continue attacking. h6 to stop knight g5, I
like his move there. I have a trick. I’m going to play here,
threatening this move. Let’s see if he falls for it. a4 is a good move by the way. He’s playing well. He’s playing well. I couldn’t take it because my knight
would be hanging, en passant. My knight would hang on c3. If you
guys don’t know that rule in chess, you got to look it up. I know some people
know how to play chess but they don’t know that rule because
when people teach their family members, they don’t teach them for some reason. All right, trying to play c5.
All right. Shall we? Pick up a pawn? Yeah. Is there something better here? (music) Maybe queen c4? I mean I could do that. I can take
this, now for rook d5, knight a3. He’s trying to calculate. This guy played, in my opinion,
the best out of everyone so far. Yeah so shoutout to Mario from Italy. He’s trying to you
know utilise tactics. Okay now I just push the pawn
down the board and queen. h5 to fix these pawns. Yep. King g2, okay take. (music) Bring my king in. gg (good
game), well played. Abiflo from Argentina, 1,559 is
that the highest rated we’ve had? So let’s see how this 1,559
deals with Amar again. Bishop c4, castles. e5. (music) Okay. Knight e4 attacking
the bishop and the pawn. It’s looking good so far. He’s
not developing his pieces. Now I’m attacking two pieces again.
Oh there we go. This is my… There’s my first piece, second piece. gg (good game). Man Amar is really doing
damage to the population right now. All right, let’s do a sacrificial line.
e5 and then it goes d6 or something. Is this how it goes? I think this is something. (music) My memory is hazy because I never play
this as black but we’ll try it out. If king here, I’m going to play h2 and threaten queen e4 for mate in one. And if he plays d3, I’m actually
going to go queen takes h2. Ooooh. That is a … Ricky Vega. Someone’s going to have to take him
out as well. That’s going to hurt. (music)

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