Gini’s thunderous effort sees off Cardiff | Cardiff 0-2 Liverpool | Highlights

Gini’s thunderous effort sees off Cardiff | Cardiff 0-2 Liverpool | Highlights

That’s nice, that’s Firmino! First time Liverpool have found a way through. Here come Liverpool with Henderson,
and it spins for Salah, and Mo Salah is denied
by Neil Etheridge. Big save. The follow-up was miscued… And then the effort from Niasse was turned
away by a fine reaction stop. Here come Liverpool, here comes the cavalry, and Mane! It’s Alexander-Arnold, it’s low, into the back of the net! It is an absolutely magnificent hit
of the football by Gini Wijnaldum. Ball won by Keita, man outside is Mane, and here’s Jordan Hend… Oh. And Alisson comes and doesn’t get there. Well, that’s some miss. Morrison on a plate. Now Salah, Morrison trying to get back. Salah, he’s been dragged all over, and that’s a penalty. You just can’t do that. And Milner – reliable, decisive, clinical. It’s 2-0 to Liverpool. Firmino. Salah. Super save by Etheridge to deny
Salah his goal for the day. And Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp
have responded by winning again. They continue to march on,
they continue to fight on. It gives Liverpool another three points and takes them back
to the top of the Premier League. Cardiff City 0-2 Liverpool.

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  1. I wish you not lost everything in your city! Everton match. Thats will break my heart.. go on reds this is your year ucl and epl?

  2. Надеюсь, что Ливерпуль выиграет EPL. Команда в этом сезоне просто отменная, каждый на своём месте и тренер отличный. Пусть удача сопутствует Ливерпулю.

  3. I tell you what guys I will got made if this season LIVERPOOL did not win a trophy it's been an amazing season and these players at least they deserve one trophy

  4. Round of applause for Van Dijk the Player of the Year ?
    That’s two Liverpool players in a row. All we need to top it off is a Premier League.

  5. Never thought that I would support United, but today I hope they win Manchester City. And after this they should lose all the games.

  6. To think Liverpool or Manchester City might finish on 97 points and still not win the league is something I doubt has ever happened before.

  7. Man U 0 City 2 That’s it I’m afraid. But Liverpool can be very proud of their premiere league season. They’ve done brilliantly well to at least give us all an exciting title race.

  8. Reds lets not lose hope i believe in Jurgën i believe we can still win the league for now lets focus on our Remaining games.This season we will win something lets not lose hope

  9. Never have and never will support Banter united bottlers. Leicester or Burnley will give man city a better game than the embarrassing Manchester team . Let's be honest they are dogshit and have been for 7 years ffs and they complain about money and transfers when they wasted £90million on lukaku ???
    Fatty Sanchez is on half a million pounds a week ?????and then you got david de gea who will leave for sure as will Paul twitter pogba and the manager THEY choose to get try get back into the top 4 was ole ,wait…..???????????????????????????????

  10. Milner is the designated penalty-taker. Cry babies take note! Cos he's boss at them and very rarely fails to score.

    Loved his celebration too.

  11. gini wijnaldum is absolutely incredible. maybe the most underrated player in the premier league – lfc fans know his quality, and so do newcastle! he's like 3 players in 1.

  12. How for Mo Salah not to be amongst the list of the best 11 footballers this year?!
    21 goals what puts him on top of all
    8 assists
    69 goals over all
    And then Salah is not Number 1?!
    What on earth is going on?!!!!!

  13. of all liverpool players, Milner is the most hateful. he had already taken a penalty which should have been executed by a wrong mo
    from Indonesia

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