Giant Ascent: Chris Sharma Free Climbs Huge Redwood w/ Help of Scientists

Giant Ascent: Chris Sharma Free Climbs Huge Redwood w/ Help of Scientists

♪ (acoustic guitar) ♪(man) Growing up in Santa Cruz,
even before I started rock climbing,
I always played on trees.I’ve always had a really deep connection
with the Redwood Forest.
When I got into climbing,
it’s taken me all over the world,
climbing on the hardest routes.(screech) ♪ (acoustic guitar) ♪I always come back between my travels,I come back to the Redwood Forest
and walk around,
I started looking up
and seeing more than just trees
but actually seeing lines
that would be amazing to climb on.
Get back to the essence of climbing
and being a kid again,
playing in the trees.Climbing trees is way different
than climbing rocks, these are living beings.It was great to come out here
with Anthony and Wendy,
these tree biologists that helped us
do everything in the most careful way
so that we don’t damage
this eco-system at all.
(man) We climb up ropes mostly,
and use arborous techniques to climb up into the canopy.It would be amazing
if Chris can actually climb this trunk.
♪ (percussive music) ♪ (Chris) Whoa! (Chris) Oh man! (man) Well that’s good,
first link.(man) Almost 25 years of my life
has been spent watching people on stone.
There was nothing in my imaginationwhat it would be like to see
the same sort of movement on a tree.(Justin Vitcov) This is legit climbing,
it’s no joke.
♪ (percussive music) ♪(Chris Sharma) It’s just as cool
or even cooler than I imagined.
It’s really beautiful,
and it’s proper hard climbing.
♪ (soft music) ♪(Anthony) The old growth Redwood canopy
is a very sensitive place.
We want to make sure
that people don’t climb
in the Redwood Forest without permission.Yeah! The top of the tree has low water
but it has abundant light, so it doesn’t need
to spread out, but it closes–(Chris) It’s an interesting time
to study these trees.
California is going through
a huge drought.
(Anthony) So it’s 77.05. (via 2-way radio) Wendy, if you could
write down the number, the total height is 77.05 meters. (Wendy Baxter) Copy that. I was guessing 80, that’s pretty close.(Chris) You know, we’re taking
leaf samples from the top,
from the middle, and from the bottom.Perfect, this would be
the tree top foliage. (Anthony) This is from
the bottom of the tree, and this is from the top of the tree,
isn’t that just amazing?(Anthony) We’re trying to understandhow the redwoods are responding
to the current drought,
and the more data
that we have, the better,
so this is another piece of information.You’ll be able to see
the water coming out. – (Chris) Oh, okay.
– (Anthony) Is that it? – (Chris) Yeah.
– (Anthony) So 1.2. The data show that this tree
was not particularly stressed right now, but you know it’s early in the season,this is generally the least stressful
time of year for them.
(Chris) I’m so connected to these forests,but I don’t really know
that much about the trees.It’s really cool
to learn from them about it.
(birds chirping) ♪ (soft music) ♪It was a huge dream come trueto come here and climb these trees.And at the same time,
it was super humbling.
These trees are way more difficult
than I expected.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪You know, more than doing
some sort of big achievement,
this was kind of an opportunity
to connect my climbing career
back to where I’m from,and put a little twist on climbing,
do something different.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ Woo hoo!
Right on, Anthony! Thanks for taking us up here, man. What a treat, huh? (forest sounds, music fades off)

100 Replies to “Giant Ascent: Chris Sharma Free Climbs Huge Redwood w/ Help of Scientists”

  1. So now we will have every other jobless idiot climbing the few redwoods we have left. Just because ole Chris wants to make a new look at me video. Who gave these morons “permission” to climb these trees?

  2. Got a couple of trees near the trails here that can be climbed like that.. not nearly as tall, but still a challenge!

  3. Sometimes I also feel a connection with a tree… its called an MS 461, and I don't have to smoke anything to feel that connection

  4. With great power comes great responsibility spidey ! I've always wanted to see the big reds I'd imagine it would be pretty humbling , we have six to twelve thousand year old antarctic beach in australia that need preserving only they dont seed i met a lady from the international seed bank in the boarder rangers national park looking to find out how but i never heard how she went, curious to find out .

  5. The Redwoods left on earth should/need to be treated with the utmost respect. At least the guy is not cutting them up for "art."

  6. I thought free climb meant there weren’t ropes? Or at least that’s what it sounds like to me

  7. Chris really does get far too deep at times, can you imagine trying to decorate with him, it would be intensely mind numbing.

  8. 3:36 such hesitation to drink that Red Bull. He knows it’s poison, but he needs the sponsorship.

  9. They knew they’d get tons of hate without pandering so they made it as friendly as possible. Like his climb furthered their research and this has really helped the environment. Lol I don’t buy it.

  10. I remember when this brand actually stood for something. Today’s sponsorship is blood money.

    Don’t forget you can buy Redbull with your EBT!” the stickers on the cooler doors say.

  11. trees like that needs to be preserved and with you climbing on it for fun does not protect it at all.

  12. it was interesting seeing what the biologist had to say and then climber guy jumps in with @3:23

  13. At 2:40 the male biologist has climbed 252 ft and is precariously perched on top of a Redwood. Freakin' scary!!!!! The female biologist is safely on the ground, yet she wants to make as much as him, and probably does.

  14. Not a very good scientist. At 3:20 he states a measurable fact, the tree is not stressed by the drought. Then he says "BUT it's early…" betraying that he has preconceived notions of what the data SHOULD show him. It's guys like this that change data to reflect what they want it to show.

  15. I can see from the comment section my channel isn't the only one 'trending' 3 year-old, budget creations.

  16. I remember doing this when i was a little boy, in my backyard in Nisene Marks around the Santa Cruz mountains. 😁 not the pseudo science, the climbing.

  17. Stick with media, Red Bull, and get rid of this energy drink image… or just don't shot movies in a national park.

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