Ghost of Tsushima – E3 2018 Gameplay Debut | PS4

Ghost of Tsushima – E3 2018 Gameplay Debut | PS4

[SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] [WIND BLOWING] JIN: Temple’s close. [WOMAN CRYING] [SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] JIN: Hmm. [WHISTLE] Come. [SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: Help! JIN: Where are they? MAN: No, no, no! JIN: Bastards! Enough! MONGOL: You’re next samurai. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MASAKO: Jin, you are late. JIN: You’re impatient. Where’s the monk? MASAKO: The
bastards beat me to him. Now they’re
torturing him at the temple. JIN: Come on. MASAKO: You think
the monk’s a hero. JIN: We need him, Masako. Down. MASAKO: We can take them. JIN: No.
Remember Sago Bridge. We strike quietly, or
they kill the monk. MASAKO: I’ll guard the exits. Just get that monk. [MEN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MONK: Please. I do not understand. [MAN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [HORN BLOWING] JIN: He called reinforcements. We have to move. MONK: Ugh. JIN: Masako? MASAKO: Stand aside, Jin. He betrayed my family. JIN: Run! If we fight, the Mongols win. MASAKO: They already won. JIN: You were my friend. MASAKO: Give me the monk. JIN: No. [MUSIC PLAYING] [HORN BLOWING] JIN: You hear them coming? That’s our enemy. [SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMS]

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  1. Remember the clock stones in zelda ocarina, if you put a bomb next to them what happened to them? This game's gonna make my PS4 Pro do exactly that..

  2. No, this version is on PC high end version! Portage on Console game PS4 or 5 will be low version lol E3 = To sell dream * * lol

  3. Graphics are amazing but I doubt the gameplay will impress.
    Fromsoft and Team Ninja are masters at nailing the controls. The same can't be said about Suckerpunch…

  4. This is probably one of the best looking games hitting the market. But I hope there will be other things to kill other than boring humans.

  5. Theres a news saying playstation boss's jaw drops seeing this game running on PS5 engine. I really wonder how can it be better than this ps4 version…

  6. if this game is a single difficulty tiddy twister like sekiro and dark souls i will scream. i just want this beautiful game to be accessible

  7. I like how everybody saying assassins creed this and that but what about tenchu? Does nobody think of tenchu when they see this i sure do!

  8. This is unequivocally probably running on PS5. Ray-tracing is not possible on PS4 Pro, and this footage is showcasing it. This happens every time it is time to cross into the new generation of consoles. Games are shown off, and the graphics seem insane, and next thing you know, they launch on a new generation console, along with former gen game. They say this runs on PS4 Pro, but no console on the market can handle ray-tracing tech, let alone barely handle path-tracing. Look forward to this being on both PS4, and PS5.

  9. I wish they wouldn't announce games until about 3 to 4 months before their release, this one was announced in 2017 and is not going to be released until 2021 the release of the PS5.

  10. Really Wish we got another Infamous game rather than this 🙁 I guess if the studio needed a break and wanted to do something different though it's probably for the best. Worked for Guerilla Games.

  11. We’ve got Death Stranding in November followed by The Last of us 2 in February. Really wonder if this’ll be PS4’s last exclusive.

  12. I really hope we get something new regarding this game at PSX this year ( if there is one anyway ) by then Death Stranding would be out so its natural for sony to be hyping up their next big exclusive.

  13. I'm seeing stuff in this Trailer that reminds me of
    – SOTC Remastered (graphics)
    – The Witcher 3 *(Combat)
    (*also looks like fighting game combat a little, which is cool)
    – The Last of Us (environmental exploration)
    And the storytelling/cinematics have a unique feel
    Overall looks pretty boss

  14. Being a pc gamer,i really want a game like this on pc…..if pc gamers tell you they don't want this game on pc,they're just lying.If this was a pc game,it'd have taken just 1 second to have me sold on this game

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