Germany’s Top Freestyle BMX rider is ready for Buenos Aires | Youth Olympic Games

Germany’s Top Freestyle BMX rider is ready for Buenos Aires | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Lara Lessmann and I ride BMX Freestyle I’ve been riding BMX since 2006 and my first contest was Highway to Hill 2007. As we don’t have an indoor arena yet, it becomes difficult to train during bad weather or during the winter But even still, often I have to dry the
skate park with a torch or sweep it because we don’t have perfect weather conditions here Nonetheless I try to make the best of it. BMX Freestyle is an extreme sport you not only need strength but also have to master speed. The head plays a part as well, as you need the courage to jump the ramps. Balance when riding BMX comes mostly from the arms but also from the core. For most tricks like jumping you need the arms but for example landing on your rear wheel you need more core strength. During practice I’m trying not to use up all my power so I can hit the ramps cleaner during the run so I can preserve my strength for pedaling. On my training days, which we also call sessions,
we develop lots of tricks because I ride with a lot of my friends and
we always push each other. I then refine the tricks with my coach,
which then ends up in a good result. In BMX Freestyle both runs count, which means you have to be creatively different in either run. You have to deliver two different runs and make the most points and of course you are always nervous but that is a part of it. Every one of us BMX Freestylers has a different style, everybody does tricks with different difficulties and that’s what separates us from each other and I think that is a key part of the contest and one of the reason why it is so much fun Falling is unfortunately part of our sport but the most important thing is to stand up again and to keep going And because we are such a big community we push each other to just keep going My goal is to be Youth Olympic Champion and to be part of the Olympics and maybe even win a medal I am looking forward to getting to know so many different sports, which is something you wouldn’t see otherwise To win a medal at the Youth Olympic Games could be a big highlight in my career but could also be the best medal of my life.

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  1. The Olympics are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What happens with the spanish subtitles? The spanish speakers aren't important to IOC? Don't forget about the Olympic Charter!

  2. I lived next to this park when i was small. A friend of mine used to go to this park all the time maybe they know each other lol

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