Genshin Impact | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Genshin Impact | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Greetings, Travelers! My name is Amber, an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. Hmm… So many strangers… Ah, I shouldn’t say this… As a knight I should watch my manners…>_<... pardon me. please give me another chance to introduce myself properly. my name is amber. i so honored be your guide here today and show you around our world. let first go into the wild for some adventures from above takeoff with wind now a taste of spear exploring can much fun but fearless travelers treasure hidden in depths ruins seems more alluring. treacherous place like this could really use help reliable companions. ready begin get frostbite are such hurry over. sword yours day has come it always recommended rest mondstadt after intense combat. most time quite safe here. though sometimes city gets attacked by formidable monsters... whoa tough enemy... watch out looks about unleash furious blow dodge its attacks using currents between platforms. good outrider do ease anyway... when facing enemies teamwork crucial leave teammates now. hear weaken flames burn aim tainted blood clot on neck save him will not escape alright take break. if busy we explore somewhere distant next maybe mist-shrouded stone peaks. there that entirely distinct liyue harbor. hey... buildings different hope someday... anyway say goodbye. look forward seeing guys again real soon>

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  1. you wouldn't say a realistic looking call of duty is a ripoff to another fps game with a realistic graphics like rainbow six siege for example, right? why? because another 100s of games are also doing that. it's kinda the same going on here imo. perhaps it's because the only other open world cel shade with fantasy theme game is botw, people just cant help to compare them, and finding them 'feels' awfully similar because well… it's the only game with the same setting with the same artstyle. and thanks to that focused comparison, people start finding small things like oh, the music feels the same, oh, the fireplace looks the same, and they call it a ripoff. if a gun in call of duty looks similar to a gun in rainbow six, people wouldn't even mind because that's how it is, other 100s of fps games are also making the same gun anyway. but if a fireplace in genshin looks like botw, people will get mad because that fireplace is associated with botw so strongly. rather than "it's just a fireplace", people will say "it's botw's fireplace" thanks to the artstyle.

    also, the story: a guy/girl idk, wakes up in a shore and start adventuring etc etc. ever heard of that? oh, it's botw… and a lot of other JRPG game premise… it's by no means special to botw, but again, thanks to botw being the 'only' comparison thanks to other aspects of the game, people also cried ripoff.

  2. This is sony's own I.P. not a BOTW clone, but if it were a clone/copy than ask yourselves on BOTW can you switch characters on the game and does your character level up while defeating enemies?

  3. "Its not a rip off! It just has a similar looking art style! STOP COMPLAINING!"

    The game has a climbing, gliding and sprinting mechanic dictated by a stamina bar like in BOTW, wind updrafts caused by fire like in BOTW, items that are highlighted and picked up exactly like in BOTW, enemy encampments filled by Bokogoblins lookalike with treasure chest unlocked only by clearing the encampment out like in BOTW, a cooking mechanic that functions exactly like in BOTW, an upgrade system where you collect magic orbs that are absorbed into your chest and then spent through a statue that looks like the Hylia statues like in BOTW, Shrine dungeons that glows blue everywhere like in BOTW, a loading screen that's styled like BOTW's loading screen and etc.

    The game's not even subtle about any of this. If you're gonna copy something, do something new about it to make it look original. Pretty much the only thing that makes it different is the combat.

  4. Hyrule Warriors copied Fire Emblem Warriors. Why did nobody complain about the COPY hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    I'm going to buy Genshin Impact and play it!

  5. I just hope the game doesn't become a buggy mess like Honkai Impact 3
    that one has so many and is also by mihoyo so be advised
    let's see how it goes. when I heard the name I thought it was gonna be another alternate world in the honkai universe but it seems like something totally different
    they showed a lot of gameplay and not just cut scenes which is nice
    let's hope pc port will be good
    it's announced for ps4, Windows, android and ios

  6. Me alegra ver que la gente no le importa tanto que sea un "copia" de zelda y que sea más racional
    Aparte saldrá en Android y iOS, y continuar la experiencia de juego en donde quieras

  7. I really hope this game is great. It looks like a game I would enjoy way more than BotW. I know that BotW is a really good game but I just usually don't feel like I'm enjoying myself when I play it. I also really like the aesthetics of this game more and the combat looks like it could be good. I can't wait for the NA release!

  8. I don’t care if people think this game looks a lot like Breath of the wild. I feel like we need more of those kinda games

  9. looks like BoTW but iconic stuff from the zelda series like Epona isn't hidden by a Amiibo paywall when she's already in the game.

    I'm saying I like this more than BoTW already, stay tuned for BoTW 2 where Zelda is now just assassins creed esque series with empty open worlds and glass weapons and lackluster dungeons and forgettable story.

  10. Any "Zelda fan" that says this is just a ripoff isn't a real fan of Zelda. The combat alone looks so different since it incorporates a lot more magic.

  11. Stardew valley is just a clone of Harvest Moon/Rune Factory. But everyone uses the term "heavily inspired". The difference in this case is that the ONE guy who made Stardew Valley probably made more money than all of the Rune Factory games combined.

    I highly doubt this game is going to make as much as BotW. So just chill and let people enjoy video games.

  12. What the heck? One of the monsters even looked like a charging Lynel, along with the orange slimes almost same as BOTW lava slimes… Frost effect, death effect… everything is nearly copied… WHAT IS THIIIISSSSS?! When people said it was a copy of BOTW, I didnt think it was this crazy

    Edit: Lol I just watched more, that second village was almost copied of Kakariko Village from BOTW, even the natives have white hair XD

  13. I think this look like zelda botw
    But i'm not angry
    I want play it
    C'se i love zelda botw and if this game look like botw
    I'm in XD

  14. I don't know why people are getting angry over this. I thought people would like more Botw styled games but I guess not? I think this game looks great though.

  15. For those who talk about "Brain-dead Zelda fanboy for smashing PS4, thank you for sacrificing PlayStation for bring attention."

    As a Chinese gamer, I feel a bit shame of this game. Even it's a fun to play and very nice graphics.
    The truth is they really did use a lot Zelda element in this game, even they are some thing that already improve. You won't get many respect if you keep follow too much on a game design. We all wish the Chinese gaming industry would be booming with talent and creativity, just like Japan and America and lots of other countries. Instead of that- shamelessly copy other games and bootlegs are a common thing. Mihoyo is a big company in China, they have the money, they can hire talented people, and this kind of game is what they decide to make.

    Sorry, English is not may main.

  16. This is more than inspired…… The only reason I'm gonna play it is because I want to play something new like botw again, just because hype for botw 2.

  17. Well I hate to tell Nintendo fan boys this. But the games color and aesthetics look like Honkai Impact. Which they made. Which came out BEFORE Breatj of the Wild. ?‍♂️

  18. i really feel like this game has a lot going for it and shouldn't be call a botw clone just for a similar art style or cell shaded textures

  19. "it looks like botw"

    Cool. We're in an era where we have Monster Hunter/God Eater/Dauntless all covering the same gameplay, Souls/Bloodborne/Surge/Nioh/Code Vein covering their gameplay, Overwatch/Paladins burning to the ground, Fortnite/PUBG/Ring of Elysium/Apex/A dozen other battle royale games, Blazblue CF/Blazblue Cross Tag Battle/Guilty Gear Xrd/UNIST/Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat occupying the fighting game space.

    Media is derivative, people. Everyone gets their ideas from everybody else.

  20. So what if mihoyo makes a next impact game but it's like monster hunter that would be a blessing from the gods themselves just imagine guys this art style and monster hunter gameplay ?‍♂️

  21. If I ever see that guy who smashed his PS4 I'm gonna get down on my knees and thank him from the bottom of my heart. Without him I may never have heard of this gem. Can't wait to pre-order!

  22. Cringe lords disliked this video. There's nothing wrong with being inspired over something as long as its not an exact copy. Thats how art evolves you dumbasses.

  23. Looks like Zelda’s finished guys. I’m afraid it’s 40years of history, it phenomenal world building. Its content, that is so enormous that it’s own creators can’t stay on top of it.

    the fact there are so many titles that not but the most loving fans can tell you them all but can tell you three titles may not be as good as the others. The emotion and world gaining adoration of all gaming nationalities, the fact that BOTW was the best of the lot!

    You are seriously considering that this game with its copy pasted background parts, it’s stereotypical characters, it’s awful climbing clone that has sticky handed girls in short skirts and tights sticking up sheer detail-less rocks and a sleek battle system is about to supplant. Yes I’m gonna say it straight as I know it’s unfair but there’s no way around it. Supplant Zelda…. haha please

    Fans of the emotional story with heart, who have been been given worlds to explore that now YOUR CHILDREN explore or you children who’s parents once explored them! To fans of a never ending tail of such devotion, friendship and love for half a life time all you have to picture if you have allowed any worry into your hearts is this.

    In the next Smash Brothers Game and the battle set up is this.

    Link VS Every Character in this coming game!!!……

    WHO WINS!?

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