Gayle Fight With Kohli After RCB Losing IPL Final 2016

Gayle Fight With Kohli After RCB Losing IPL Final 2016

Gayle Was Crying..## ooowwwoowww!!!! Hey! common Bro. Let’s celebrate. What celebrate??!! why do we celebrate that??!! we lose the match you know?? it’s ok bro.. so What? you score *75 runs and i score an half century. let’s celebrate that.. Hmm… No! I doesn’t play for the individual score I play for my team. hey.. come on bro. We got the second place. we will get 1.5 million U.S dollars ..oooww.. let’s celebrate that no!.. I doesn’t play for the money . I play for my team. *gayle war crying hey!. bro! come let’s get out and give pose to the cameras.. no!. I doesn’t play for give pose to the camera. I play for my team *gayle crying again.. wait a minute.. what did you say? you doesn’t play for the team?!! you play for the money..and give pose to the camera and.. damn your individual score!! *gayle gets angry.. i going to kill you.. oh..ohhhh scene poduviya…scene poduviya…scene poduviya…

55 Replies to “Gayle Fight With Kohli After RCB Losing IPL Final 2016”

  1. U r editing is amazing…. But stop this idiot idea… Don't hurt the other teams and players plzzz it's really hurting…

  2. guys Virat does not play for Money and for giving pose to the Camera . This is hurting to each and every rcb Fan . Virat Has always played for the welfare of India and RCB . So please don't crack lame and foolish jokes.

  3. Who makes this video…… Do you know abt Kohli sir whether he plays for money not to team. he is best cricketer in world. He only can win da match even at crucial condition. Stop this all non sense. Respect him as a captain of India

  4. Mastha erundhuchu virat does not play for team he play for his life he doesn't think of giving respect to all other players

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