[GAMESCOM 2019] The Surge 2 – Gameplay Overview Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Welcome to The Surge 2. Set in the ruins of a futuristic city you must escape a merciless city filled with mysterious military forces a rampaging cult, and nanomachine monstrosities. You are the survivor of Flight 221 with no choice but to find a way past Jericho City’s war-torn walls. Explore the city’s intricate and desolate pathways to discover hidden paths and shortcuts. Create your character and survive thanks to your exo-rig a powerful mobile machine that gives you increased strength, speed, and endurance. To get new gear, you will need to take them from your foes. Using the limb targeting system, you can aim for specific body parts. Target a weapon or piece you’re interested in damage it, and then use a brutal execution to slice it off. Like every machine, the exo-suit can be tuned, adjusted, and upgraded to your liking. Opt for speed and agility or focus on taking powerful blows to convert them into energy. Your exo-rig is centered around your Core Power which dictates how much gear you can attach to your suit. Each piece of armor and every implant comes at a cost, so choose wisely. Most pieces of armor you find have both partial and full set bonuses allowing you to either specialize or hybridize the way you want to fight. To further customize your exo-suit, you also have access to implants and injectables. These provide passive and active bonuses to your character ranging from effects like predicting parry direction to slowing down time. The Surge 2 features 80 weapons across nine weapon types such as the dual-bladed twin-rig and the brand new transforming Double-Duty. These weapons range from military security batons to jury-rigged homemade spears. Each weapon has unique attack speeds, ranges, and elemental damage types. No warrior can get by with attacks alone. You have a variety of defensive tools at your disposal each with their own advantages and uses. Dodging is for those who believe prevention is better than cure and for those who enjoy a more aggressive defense. For more advanced players you can use either the duck or the short hop to evade high or low attacks. These are followed up by a counterattack which staggers enemies and opens them up to a powerful punishing blow. Blocking can be used to gain energy, which is the resource used for injectables and finishing moves. A block can be defended if you have enough stamina to withstand the attack. You can take this even further by using the directional parry which rewards a lot more energy and leaves even the tallest enemies out of balance. dodging, blocking, and parrying can be used to cancel animations and to extend combos granting you a wealth of attack possibilities that are up to you to discover. Following you is your faithful combat drone, which can be fitted with several different modules including EMP grenades, Gatling cannons, powerful charged lasers industrial magnets, and sniper rifles. These can be used between your attacks for devastating combos as well as openers and finishers to your fights. The drones can also be used to interact with other players in asynchronous multiplayer by tagging areas with graffiti or placing a special banner in the world that rewards you if few players find it. Revenge enemies also appear, powerful foes who have been upgraded after slaying another player. As you get further into The Surge 2 you will discover new implants new upgrades, new weapons, and new ways to explore and each of them will be needed to rise above the ruins of Jericho City. The enemies you face will be both man and machine, each bringing a new and deadly challenge. These are the tools at your disposal and will be the means for you to overcome every threat. Survive The Surge 2 on September 24, on XBOX ONE. [XBOX SOUND]

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