Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Game Revealed (HBO)

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Game Revealed (HBO)

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Final season ofGame of Thrones.-(EXCLAIMS)
-(LAUGHS) Crew please clear the set! NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU:
Can actually use a whole episode
just in anticipation… -SOPHIE TURNER: (SINGING)
♪ She’s a sexy lady ♪

-Mm. Brienne of Tarth! Woo! -(CHATTER)
the lines or we just look up? PETER DINKLAGE:
Do we do the lines, right? -“Here we are?”
Okay. Why not, right? NUTTER: Background! TYRION LANNISTER:
Well, here we are. Yes, here we are. Because we were spending so much
of this season in Winterfell, that meant greatly expanding
Winterfell.You can’t just use the same
three or four sets
over and over again without it
starting to look redundant.
Winterfell has grown from
what was, in season one and two,a courtyard,
into a proper castle.
the outline for season eight,
it was clear that it was so big,
what was required of it,that we had to have
a complete rebuild.
What was added for this season
was the north gate,and the battlements,
and the north courtyard
because of the…attack was going to come
from the north.
Right, we are in, uh, in the new courtyard
in Winterfell. The old courtyard ended
where this wall was, so it was tremendously small.We needed an expansion
of the whole castle
because we have refugees,we have an additional army
that needed feeding.
the old Winterfell model,
and I literally took a scalpel and pulled that wall out
in foam core.And then it opened up
the whole space.
And seeing
all of the different activities
that took place in these castles
is really important.
Almost the back-of-house
activities in the castle, it was like, “Well, how were
these people fed?” You know, “Where did the beer
come from?” Just come through the north gate
in this area where we have got
our soup kitchen. GORDON FITZGERALD:And we made
spoons and ladles and bowls
and things that you kind of
take for granted but actually require
quite a lot of work. And we have a brewery. FITZGERALD:We have barrels
that are practical
and people can be drinking.I do love research
and the history of food and what was available
and what they would’ve eaten. The other side,
we have our bakery. FITZGERALD:We would have breads
that were made fresh
and ones that were, uh, treatedso they wouldn’t disintegrate
after a couple of days. In working on a set
that looks good in every angle,that’s what gives you
the options, you know.
You could literally go
from one side of Winterfellupstairs, downstairs,
into towers, out of towers,
and create these long,
continual shots.
It was very, very exciting.
I mean there’s so many layers,
which opens up a lot of chances
of moving the camera through those
after our characters. DAVID BENIOFF:So what Deb did
and her team
was to create these incredibly
realistic environments.
If the actors
are in an environment that seems real to them, it’s much easier to get
a good performance. TURNER:Go inside,and you’re completely
You have to remind yourself
by like knocking on the walls, and then you can hear
that it’s fake. (CHATTERING) -CREW MEMBER: Scene marker.
-Mark it. NUTTER: And action! Turn. Go. When I talked to the actors concerning position
of where they all sit,episode one of the season,I made sure that Jon sat
in the front middle.
He was in a sense rallying
the troops
that we have to get behind
Dany Targaryen.
When Jaime comes to Winterfell,she definitely took the role
and took the queen’s position.
When I was a child, my brother would tell me
a bedtime story about the man
who murdered our father. It’s an absolute trial,
but it’s fueled by this fact
that no one wants her there. It’s fueled by
her needing to say, “This is me in the boardroom,
this is me at work. And I’ma show you how I work.” I promised to fight
for the living. I intend to keep that promise. CHARLIE WATSON:David Nutter,
he has the most enormous
respect for actors.
I mean, as do I.
I couldn’t possibly do that. Sitting in front of this camera
is difficult enough.Once we get on set,we will have
a director’s rehearsal
with the actors before the scene
and then we go for it.
(CHATTERING) I know Ser Jaime. He is a man of honor. For Brienne, I think
it’s in some ways the most complicated
feeling of allbecause she’s feeling things
she can’t really process.
It goes all the way back
to the beginning of their relationship
when he kind of…jumped in the line of fire
for her.
Without him, my lady,
you would not be alive. GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE:Brienne’s
a very naturally shy person,
and she stands in front
of that room
and she puts herself on the line
and it’s almost… like a declaration of love. And that means a lot to Sansa
because she believes in Brienne.It’s like
if Brienne vouches for him,
then that’s good enough for her.SANSA STARK:
I trust you with my life. If you trust him with yours,
we should let him stay. What does the Warden
of the North say about it? KIT HARINGTON:That’s
the first scene we see him…
after he’s heard all
the information from Sam. JON SNOW:
We need all the men we can get. So I think even the fact
that Jaime Lannister is here,he’s sort of just
not really in the room.
The moment that Jon found out,
he started to cool off with her.That was really
the kind of thing which– he was avoiding her. Cut, print. (CHATTERING) RILEY: In David Nutter’s words,
he was–
he was getting Winterfell
ready for battle. And by the time Miguel
would arrive in episode three, the battle was beginning.And the thing that
was really important to us
was what steps would
the residents of Winterfell take
in order to protect themselves
against the Army of the Dead.
So they would do as much
as they could with dragonglass.
We had the caltrops
that were made.
We also put shards
of dragonglasson top of the battlements,
and the dragonglass logs.
I had pre-engineered
how to make the dragonglass.So, chunks of resin,and then, we’d knap it,
shape it, grind it.
Then we just,
we mold that and create
hundreds of all types.From a very prop sort of sense,
we had to make big piles of dragonglass
that were movable.Background weapons,
spears, knives, daggers.
Then using the forge work,
how to make a sword,
how to make an axe,
how to make a spear.
So, incorporating all of
those assets with Gendry. (MEN SHOUTING) JOE DEMPSIE:The whole thing’s
fully working, you know.
The furnaces work. The forges are all, you know,
fully operational. And so, as an actor who’s trying to look like
he knows what he’s doing, that’s a challenging hoax. (ALL CHATTERING) NUTTER:
Gendry’s, in a sense–
he’s leading the guys
in the fortress, he understands
all about dragonglass and understands
how to turn it into weapons. SAM CONWAY:It had to be
molten dragonglass
poured by an actor
into a mold,
and so obviously we had toplay around with a material
that was completely safe,pretty cool, but also
appear to be molten glass.
NUTTER: Here we go. Ready? And…Arya goes to the forge,and in a sense,
“Oh, Gendry’s here.” And he’s lookin’ good.Gendry got a chance
to kind of understand
who the new Arya was as well,so there’s a wonderful
kind of a…
flirtation that went on
that was kind of interesting. GENDRY: You’re going to be safer
down in the crypt, you know. -(BACKSTAGE CHATTER)
-Are you going to be down
in the crypt? She basically, she proves to him
in a display of her prowess,she takes about four or five
of these dragonstone knives
and kind of throws them
at the post
and kind of, you know, hits
this post five times in a row,
and he’s like, “Holy shit.She’s got some abilities.”ARYA STARK:
I enjoy new experiences. I look forward
to seeing this one. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ RILEY:
Well, the library in Winterfell
was something that I was
very excited about designing,
and it is a beautiful space. We wanted to make it look
slightly different fromall the libraries
that we’ve done before.
You know, they’re not
great readers in Winterfell.We added little details,
uh, like, you know,
these direwolf heads.The wolf heads
in the Winterfell library were just a bonus, really. Um, we built these
beautiful hammerbeams,and it was Hauke’s idea
to put the wolf heads
on the end
of those hammerbeams, so…
Darren, our sculptor, sculpted
those little wolf heads. DARREN FITZSIMONS:
We took the sigil
and just tried to develop it
into a 3D world.And then we made
a small model in clay
to look like a carved wood’cause it was gonna go at
the end of a piece of timber. If the audience picks up
on them, um, that’s fantastic. If they don’t, then… they enrich the set
in another way. -NUTTER: Okay, are you ready?
-Yeah. Yeah. NUTTER: And… action. Lady Sansa, I was hoping
we could have a word. Alone.
Sorry. Do that again. Think we might have a word? (LAUGHS) It was actually quite bizarre because I only see
Emilia onscreen,and it’s, like,
kind of a fan moment.
I mean, I know her in real life,
but as Daenerys, I only see her on screen.It was really, really fun
to work with her.
I thought you and I were on
the verge of agreement before. EMILIA CLARKE:
It was a lioness versus lioness.
Verbally, you’ve got
this sparring match happening.
DAENERYS: He never
should’ve trusted Cersei. SANSA: You never
should have, either. Like, “Oh, that slap hurt!
I’ma take it!Mm… Not gonna slap you back!”SANSA: Families are complicated. Ours certainly have been. BENIOFF:You’re driving it,
and you have to sit first,
but as you’re sitting,
you could indicate like… CLARKE: Yeah. She comes to Sansa, yeah,
with a bit of an olive branch, trying to find a way
inside that kind ofcool exterior
that Sansa presents.
I’m here
because I love your brother. But she’s just forgetting
the critical matter, which isSansa thinks of the North
in every way
that Dany thinks of Westeros.The North is hers.
It’s the Starks’. It’s theirs. SANSA: It was taken from us,
and we took it back. We said we’d never bow
to anyone else again. What about the North? NUTTER: And… cut. I just fancy your brother loads. I think he’s really,
really sexy. CREWMAN: And we are cutting.
had to light the night courtyard
meant we had to dig trenches
through a very thick
World War II concrete lane
for the megawatt power
that we had to pipe in
from the gennies.
So, it’s a bit more like
preparing for Glastonbury than it was for– preparing
for a short-stay location. THE HOUND:Oh, for fucks sake.This will be a bloody wedding.And we’ll cut, guys.
We’ll cut. WATSON:
We had one night shooting.
But we had three principal cast
up there,three cameras,background, our crew,and we had every kind
of weather.
We had clear skies,
we had horizontal rain,
horizontal sleet,
big fluffy snowflakes.
And so we had to cover ourselves
in every kind of weather.
It’s very cool when you
actually look at it and go,
“Oh, that looks a lot better
than we thought it was, considering it was
pissing with rain.”And you realize
you got away with it.
THE HOUND: Where are you going? I’m not spending my final hours with you two
miserable old shits. BENIOFF:For us, what was
interesting about this episode
was always that it’s
our last night together. What people do when they know
they have one… night left on Earthtells you a lot about
who people really are.
the first time we came here. You were a golden lion,
I was a drunken whoremonger. It was all so simple. This sequence
that I love so much was the sequence
around the fireplace.Starts off with something simple
as Tyrion and Jaime
having a moment together
as brothers.
JAIME: My lady. BRIENNE: Oh, we didn’t mean
to interrupt. We were just looking
for somewhere warm. TYRION: To contemplate
your imminent death? You’ve come to the right place. ♪ (THUMPING MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ COSTER-WALDAU:
We have all invested
so many years
in these characters,
that, yes, we can actually
use a whole episodejust in anticipation
of what’s gonna happen.
was a good gang in the room,
we’ve got Peter and Daniel,
myself, Brienne there,
and that wonderful atmosphere
that the guys have created. DAVOS SEAWORTH:
Figured that I could wait to die freezing my balls off out there, or wait to die
nice and warm in here. KRISTOFER HIVJU: For Tormund,
the best thing to do is to drink
and to try to enjoy life.(LAUGHTER IN BACKGROUND) HIVJU: And of course,
life is love,
and love is Brienne.So he’s just hanging around
trying show her… why he’s the best guy ever. TORMUND GIANTSBANE:
They call me Giantsbane. Want to know why? I’ve now watched it
probably 300 times, but I’d still always laugh when Tormund starts telling
his backstory. (CHUCKLES) That’s how I got so strong. Giant’s milk. BENIOFF:Partly in the way
that Kristof portrays Tormund,
and partly in the reactions
of the other characters
listening to him,
part just in the way
that Tormund chugs
the goat’s milk there.
It’s really pretty incredible.And he was really chugging milk.(TORMUND BURPS) Maybe I will have that drink. (GRUNTS) NUTTER: Cut, print. (LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY) But it does not impress
Brienne, I think, um, but you know,
he does his best. (CHUCKLES) So your line,
“You’re not a knight?” -HIVJU: Okay.
-Tormund. -HIVJU: You’re not a knight?
-Yeah, we’ll pick it up there. Put “fuck tradition”
a little closer together. Tighter. And… action. You’re not a knight? -Women can’t be knights.
-Why not? -Tradition.
-Fuck tradition. WEISS:There’s a scene
Bryan Cogman wrote
in which Jaime decides
to knight Brienne that we– we always just loved, we loved enough that we made it
the title of the episode. I don’t care about that,
and I will continue to live my life
in the best way possible, and you will probably
never acknowledge it, but that’s not what my life
is about. I’m no king, but if I were, I’d knight you ten times over. He may not have been meaning, “I’ll make you
a knight ten times over, but, uh, it was wonderful
how he kind of said the line. JAIME: You don’t need a king. He goes, “Well, hang on
a second. I can do this.” Any knight
can make another knight. There are no rules against it,
it’s just weird tradition. I’ll prove it. WEISS:
It’s a kind of validation,
a general kind of validation
she’s wanted her whole life.
Kneel. WEISS:One of my favorite
little moments there
is the look that Pod gives her when she tries to pretend
to everybodylike she doesn’t want
to be a knight
when Pod knows that
that’s what she wants
more than any single other thing
in the world.
You want to be a knight or not?
Kneel. And even though she denies it,
Brienne has been more knightly than any of the knights
I think we’ve seen. DANIEL PORTMAN:And the fact
that she hadn’t been
just because of her gender
is totally unfair. CHRISTIE:
As humans like to feel accepted,
and the idea of those sorts
of stereotypes
being pulled apart
is incredibly important. In the name of the warrior, I charge you to be brave. NUTTER:
When we’re on his coverage,
he kind of zoned out
for a moment,
and what I mean by that,
he was so into the character, he wasn’t self-editing or he wasn’t aware of what did, and he goes,
“I hope that was goodbecause I don’t know
what happened.”
Then, this is when I know
an actor’s got it.
JAIME: Arise, Brienne of Tarth. A knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Living your life exclusively
for the wellbeing of others,in service of an idea
greater than yourself,
I am delighted that Brienne
is recognized for that.
Ser Brienne of Tarth. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. She deserved it.
She really deserved it. A bit of a problem that it came
from Jaime, though, but, uh, we’ll see. (CHUCKLES) TYRION: How about a song? Hmm? One of you must know one. I thought, “Could someone sing?
Would Tormund sing?”And then Dave Hill
mentioned to me
that Daniel Portman
has a great voice.
We haven’t had an original
in a while, so, um, this felt like
the place for it,and Daniel felt like the singer.PORTMAN:
Yeah, I was just sort of–
I was drinking a lot
of herbal teas and honey and things like that
to make sure– ’cause it’s very high. I don’t usually sing
as high as that. The person we hadn’t seen
for a few beats was Pod, so on Tyrion’s closeup,
profile closeup,Pod enters frame
as the camera finds him,
and he starts to sing. -Scene marker.
♪ High in the halls ♪
♪ Of the kings who are gone ♪♪ Jenny would dance
With her ghosts ♪
It was cool ’cause I wanted
to shoot it in continuous shots,it was great ’cause
he kept in tune and rhythm
-for a long time.
-♪ The ones she had lost ♪
♪ And the ones she had found ♪BRYAN COGMAN:What I really
wanted that episode to be
was a love letter
to the characters because I, um,
I love them so much.Most of the scenes
in that episode,
it’s really these characters
in a room
sharing their humanity.♪ The ones who’d been gone
For so very long ♪
♪ She couldn’t remember
Their names ♪
I pledged to fight
for the North, and I will fight.♪ They spun her around
On the damp old stones ♪
-♪ Spun away…
-SAMWELL TARLY: Your father… taught me how to do
what’s right. This is right. PODRICK:♪ And she never wanted
To leave ♪
♪ Never wanted to leave ♪♪ Never wanted to leave ♪♪ Never wanted to leave ♪-♪ Never wanted to leave ♪
-JON: My name… -My real name…
-♪ Never wanted to leave ♪
…is Aegon Targaryen. (DISTANT HORN BLARES) -SOLDIER: Form up!

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