Game đua xe cực vui nhộn – The cutest racing game ever! Try it now!

Game đua xe cực vui nhộn – The cutest racing game ever! Try it now!

Hello everyone! Welcome you back to ShopDunk channel! It’s been long time since the last time I shared with you a new game. Let’s find out the game that I will introduce to you today! It is a cute Racing game like some games that I played before. It is Rev Heads Rally. Let’s get started! HOTLINE: 0967863121 – 0355598878 Firstly we will need to download this game. Let’s search it on Appstore or you can follow the link that I gave you in video description below. I wonder if Vietnamese Appstore has it because I am on Malaysian store and find out it here. For someone can not find this game on Vietnamese store, you can change to Malaysian store as I showed you before. I will show you how cute the games is right now! If you have something that you want to share with everyone such as the new game or Shortcut let’s comment below or text me on Instagram I will gave you my account below. or Please Like and Share this videos with your friends if you want me to make more videos about games. This game is called Rev Heads Rally. It also be in Vietnamese and easy to play. You can play in a group with Multi mode I will try it now! There are a lot kinds of terrain here and you will have more and more when you ‘re up to higher levels. I will play with this one first. Here are some mission that we need to finished along the racing. It looks so cute ! Although there is no different rules but the new graphic makes it so funny. It is the same way to play as some old racing games. Sorry I am not really good at playing this one ^^ Let’s download and experience it by yourself and make friend if you want to play with me…^^ I finished this video. Please Like and Subscribe ShopDunk channel to encourage us to make more funny videos. Click to Announcement to update our lastest videos. Goodbye and see you in next videos. Byeeeeee…..

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