Gallows & Anderson vs. Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman – Raw Tag Team Title Match: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

Gallows & Anderson vs. Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman – Raw Tag Team Title Match: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

Hold on a sec you guys.>>Styles, the veteran and
now Gallows follows up and just took Strowman off his feet.>>Braun Strowman’s been neutralized and
now it’s two on one and Seth Rollins superkick, Ryan O’Reilly tag. But look there’s no one for
Rollins to tag.>>Seth Rollins continuing to fight
into Anderson and now into Gallows.>>That is all on his own but he’s putting in the work to
take out Anderson and Gallows.>>Gallows stopping Rollins in his tracks. Rollins continuing to fight,
able to outsmart Gallows for the moment. Then Rollins right into Gallows.>>Gutsy move.>>Universal champion,
looking to put more gold around his waist.>>Wow what a Falcon Arrow.>>Connects into the cover for
the tag team titles.>>Anderson able to kick out at two.>>How the hell is Rollins doing this? [APPLAUSE]
>>Strowman. Strowman’s the one taking control now.>>Freight train let loose.>>Yeah, he’s running over people. The monster’s back with a vengeance.>>That’s how quick the monster among men
can change the complexion of a matchup, as Rollins able to slither free. Rollins rolls through, tags made,
in comes Strowman and here comes Braun.>>The complexion of
this match just changed.>>Boom.
>>Time to get these hands boys.>>Strowman now, he is waiting
patiently to take out Anderson.>>Look at the quickness.>>He gets some too.>>Turned Gallows inside out, my God.>>Like a runaway train and
Gallows now taking care of Anderson, powerslam center of the ring. Titles are on the line. Titles are on the line.>>2, 3.
>>We have new Raw tag team champions.>>Here are your winners, and
the new Raw Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.>>The unlikeliest of duos
have come together and we have new tag team champions in the form
of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.>>As if business couldn’t pick
up even more for Seth Rollins. Geez!
[APPLAUSE]>>That was one of the most amazing closing sequences of a matchup
that I could remember. Strowman and Rollins dominated. And now Rollins, to your point,
Renee, is a dual champion. He’s the Universal Champion. He’s also the Raw tag team champion. And they’re on their feet here
tonight in the Twin Cities.>>Well Braun Strowman came in tonight,
guys, thinking that he could walk out the United States champion, but instead
he’s walking out the tag team champion. What a night it has been for
Braun Strowman, I can’t believe my eyes.

100 Replies to “Gallows & Anderson vs. Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman – Raw Tag Team Title Match: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019”

  1. Braun needs to go after the United States Championship from AJ cause him and Seth Are a badass tag team The Beast Slayer and The Monster that's one hell of a team

  2. Braun needs to go after the United States Championship from AJ cause him and Seth Are a badass tag team The Beast Slayer and The Monster that's one hell of a team

  3. Hopefully they use this as an opportunity for Storwman to get his hands on that Universal title because he deserves it.

  4. Seth Seth Seth, enough already, I'm sick of this guy now, it's like he's the only person in wwe, thank u Vince, it's why I don't watch ur garbage show anymore, so much talent on this show and it gets wasted bcuz we gotta make sure we know how good Seth freaking Rollins is, ugh, I get it, he's good and probably the best of his generation but come on, give someone else a shot!

  5. I am here to tell true that Roman was the best and is the best and will be the best than anyone in wwe and is the biggest face of wwe then Seth and anyone it's true it's dam true believer that

  6. Can somebody please tell me why in the hell did they make Braun strowman a good guy instead of a bad guy he would have been a great bad guy in WWE history but they are to stupid to Know that

  7. So the whole clash of champions card on the Raw side is gonna be seth and braun…Aj vs braun for the US, Seth vs Braun for the Universal with maybe AJ added to it, and Seth and Braun vs the OC for the tag titles…damn that’s gonna be a long night for them

  8. amazing what can happen in 12 months 🤔
    Shield Reunite and Put Braun through a table.
    Fast Forward 12 months and he is tag champ with someone who through August and September last year was starting a feud with him in there respective stables at the time 😂

  9. Many fans says that Roman reigns is very over push superstar but reality is Seth Rollins is very over push superstar and he is Vince boy who agree my statement like my comment

  10. Or think about it this way, what if he stays tag partnering with Rollins to ensure everybody that hes loyal, even Rollins has a title defense against somebody else, loses it and retains, and then Braun turns full heel by in the middle of a tag team match, Seth goes to tag Braun in, and Braun just looks at him leaning against the ropes, and then starts giving him an evil looking grin, and then whoever theyre facing gets a win over them 2 and Braun attcks him with a pair of Brass Knucks, or a chair, and turns full heel, to challenge him at Survivor Series for the WWE Universal Championship

  11. alright so the main reason people are all mad is that this makes the O.C. look weak but in total kayfabe terms are we just gonna ignore that not only was rollins part of one of the most dominant tag teams in the world in the shield as well as being a (record tying) 5 times raw tag team champion? Even if he is a singles competitor now Rollins is definitely no stranger to tag team wrestling, and if we're talking about strowman then are we gonna forget the fact that the dude single handedly wiped former tag team champs with a 10 year old in his corner? once again IN TOTAL KAYFABE TERMS it shouldnt be a surprise that they won even if they'd only been together for a day and if we're talking non kayfabe then this is obviously part of a story line and chances are that if the OC don't get the titles back on raw next week then theyll probably get them back soon, and newsflash, losing a title doesn't meant you lost your push, i can give countless examples but i'm sure I don't need to.

  12. Anybody realised that when the video was released vic Joseph said curb stomp and If u watch now they litetealy muted vic

  13. Not only wwe pushed aside OC. The silence after the running powerslam is just Seth pushing AJ's face into the floor with his foot XD

  14. Wow Vince is really sucking Seth's rod honestly I'd rather see Corbin and McIntyre as raw tag champs or Braun and Drew

  15. brawn strowman staring universal title like a hungry pervert makes tag titles irrelevant these moves are good for maybe a storyline purpose but bad for tag division

  16. Definitely, they have an awesome chemistry together. Really hope this tag team lasts. Braun triple champion, Seth universal and tag team champ. m/

  17. If y'all didn't know, when Seth Rollins hit the stomp on aj styles, there was a bit of a pause. That's because the announcer accidentally said Curb Stomp instead of The Stomp

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