G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) – Метеорит (ENG RUS subs)

G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) – Метеорит (ENG RUS subs)

G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) – Meteorite Hello, hello, my friends. This is Amway921. I absolutely accidentally found
German tier 2 artillery. I did not totally understand how to decrypt
it’s name, but maybe something like Geschützwagen
Mark VI. And this artillery is surprising,
which has French roots. And it just shocked me. In fact, if you want me to describe it in several words
(for those who played this game yet) —
it is the larva of the G.W. Tiger. G.W. Tiger have incredible gun,
if it hits, it will crushingly
deal maximum damage. And here we have, attention,
for second tier,
installed gun is just fantastic. This gun hurts so strong, so powerfully,
I think this artillery will suit perfectly
for any tournaments 7/42 and others. Will replace Bison. In fact,
most of you could know this gun. By observing gun’s name you could get
that the same gun installed in French
tier 5 premium artillery, witch have the same one-time damage,
same penetration,
but at tier 5, and here is tier 2. Well,
gun looks a bit different,
and it has no AP shells. And…aiming time, rate of fire —
yeah, all of that much less. In short, it is surprising machine, and to have
a better impression we need to
discuss it in the battle. Battle is on the map Karelia,
battle tier is 3, and I want to warn you right away,
the battle will take a long time. And during that time I will
tell you everything that can be told
about this artillery. Moreover, I also want to notify you, that
that we will not see Ace Tanker Badge in this battle,
because I got it for absolutely poor battle. I mean for not a spectacular one,
just stupid shooting without moving,
without turning brain on, for just 3 silly kills. That’s surprisingly by the way,
I guess not all of players understood
how awersome this artillery is, that you can even
set low-tier records. In short, that’s all is nothing. One more time, I’ll remind you
what we have. Enormous
one-time damage with HEAT shell. And even armor penetration
with HEAT shell in the best
among tier 2 artillery. 53 millimeters and
410 points of damage — awesome. Moreover, we have even APCR shells here,
the same that we have at leFH, yeah,
they are from French premium artillery. They have 350 one-time damage —
common for APCR shells, but armor penetration of these shells
was decreased in update 8.6. It was 300…I mean,
150 millimeters,
it’s 104 now. Moreover they cost a lot. I had taken 3 of them in this battle,
have no idea why I made this. And generally, total ammo,
in principle, I would not say,
that it is big here. I. e., maybe,
I’m not quite correctly ordered
assortment of shells in this battle. Maybe in the future
I’ll take less ARCR shells, a maximum of 1,
or maybe 2,
because 3 — ha. It seems, that conversation
is about just one shell,
but whatever. Our battle tiers are the second
and the third and in all honesty —
there is no targets for ARCR shells. Because it’s pretty hard to hit. Anyway, we will talk about this artillery
accuracy and aim time and
overall shell’s velocity a bit later. Therefore, it will be more effectively
to use HEAT shells here. Maybe you don’t need
to take ARCR shells at all. In short, these are nuances. What other gun’s features do we have? Everything else is pretty sad. Maybe, except this one —
we have fire range
for the second tank tier, I repeat to you again
(it’s tenth time yet),
just awersome. 820 meters, but it seems that
I standing on the small hillock now
and maybe not correctly measured my… …I guess the maximum distance for firing
will be shown correctly
at the plain. But, it doesn’t matter,
important thing is that it is far —
more then 800 meters. I standing near flag here and this allows us
to shoot through the half of the Karelia
without moving far. But I saying “shooting through” here
with reservation. Overall shell’s velocity was
significantly nerfed in update 8.6. And shooting someone when he is moving
is nearly to impossible now. Shell flies almost 3 seconds and
what fantasy must shooter have,
to predict unpredictable path of moving
of all these tier 2 tanks —
I have no idea. That’s why you must shoot
only standing targets
and no any others. Wait until
enemy will stop
and don’t hurry. Don’t hurry — it is almost
impossible mission for me. What other gun’s features do we have? Accuracy is 0,84 —
this is the most inaccurate gun. Well, that’s understandable,
we have damage —
we don’t have anything else. Aiming time is the worst —
6,5 seconds. And reload time we have is huge —
23 seconds. We need more then half of a minute
to shoot shell right after the reloading. So, what we have —
great speed limit, but you can reach it
only going down from the mountain. And, you know…drive this artillery,
almost even not tumbling
on level ground — that’s a pleasure. Going to a hill at the beginning of the battle
we can go down, so, you know,
maneuvers will be surprising for yourself. You can do even
such things sometimes —
stunting on it. Huh, I descended almost alive —
you need to know some nuances here too. So the speed limit we have —
50 km/h forward, 12 km/h backward. And, forward speed limit
is the best among
tier 2 artillery. Driving down from the hills —
pure pleasure, but it is
pretty sluggish. And I didn’t use Gasoline
as third consumable in this battle, though I brought
Repair Kit and First Aid Kit here for some reason,
but some Gasoline will not harm here. And don’t forget that it is still the tier 2 artillery and Gasoline costs more,
then this artillery itself. Especially with all modules,
like Artillery Rammer,
like Gun Laying Drive and Telescope. But if I have them —
why don’t use them. And I put them of course,
because our’s artillery view range
is not huge enough. It is just 320 meters. Though that’s not much and not little,
but with Telescope total efficiency
is much greater. This battle was funny,
because we are loosing,
we have 2 tanks less and all arrived yet. Michael has survived
in our team with me. 13 — it seems to be his age
or year of birth
or year of registration in this game. In short, some kind of number,
but it is not lucky for him obviously. But, however,
he destroyed T18. I thought, that the death is coming
for us now, because T18
could turn us into garbage easily. But, however, we are still alive,
I continue to aim here… …aiming time is too long for this artillery
and with my lack of patience playing so is even hard
cause of the aiming for long time. There is a temptation
to shoot without aiming,
but the profit will be minimum then. I haven’t told you about Radio yet. In fact, I can’t understand clearly,
how the radio mechanics works in this game. We have signal range
a bit more then 300 meters. Signal range of 300
limits everything
while range of fire is 800. I guess,
Radio works in this game like this:
we can contact, we can see (to be more exact) what our allied tanks can,
if the distance between you and nearest ally
less then the signal range. How much is is,
320 or 314 meters,
so, in short, not much at all. If the distance between the first
and the second ally less then the signal range,
then we can see what the second one can see. So, in short,
if we are connected by Radio chain,
then we can see enemies on the map. But, for example, if just
Michael has survived in our team with me, so now if I driving off him
for more then 300 meters or so, then I can’t see what he can see —
and this is a big problem. And such situations are particularly sad. So watch like I made a shot —
waited for my aiming circle will be
on the enemy, not left, not right, because I have not yet learned
to play on this artillery so much, to mark,
to move aim over the enemy,
even if firing in point-blank. I know that there is
Automatic Aiming system in this game. When your aiming circle is on the enemy,
it will be moved over the
necessary distance, so you will shoot in the center of the enemy. It’s just happened. And, generally, because of this
I hit in SPGs aiming mode. When you are playing as artillery
it is much easier to shoot in that mode
then in Arcade one, at least for me. I am not actually an artilleryman, not a fan. Maybe amateur, but not a fun. I mean, I have amateur skills,
but this vehicle class is not one that I like. In short,
what happening further in the battle? I guess I told you almost everything
about this artillery. I’ll repeat one more time,
there is high probability that we will
often see this SPG as a tournament guest. Because, if we remember the time
before 0.8.6 frequent guests in 7/42 were German artillery,
it is Bison and Sturmpanzer II. They were valued for good damage,
for good penetration
with premium shells. I’m trying to hit this place,
where FCM was spotted,
maybe he is still standing there, but seems that he is not,
or I did not hit. In short,
and this artillery is German too, it has the same small angle
and good damage attributes. It is probable,
that it will be
in all tournaments because all other artillery have
a bit more of balance points now. Bison and Sturmpanzer II
moved to the next tier. And they have occurred
so-called «rise in price»
in balance points system. And in 7/42 every point counts and… …to get the enemy’s point
you must correctly
dispose your point. Here is such a wonderful pun. So, Pak40 stands alone
(repeating this one more time). And our Michael is still
in no hurry to drive to him. I understand, I remember parameters
of that Pak40, that his base view range
is 400 meters. If he has Optics or Telescope,
I believe that he has, and drive to him and see him
before he can see me is
unreal, impossible, even on artillery. Because my crew
don’t have any camouflage here, they was re-trained
from a random tank, with Repair. Eh, just inappropriate crew. I haven’t re-trained them much
for just second tier. That’s why all that came to my mind —
to drive from the far away
and stand up to the position where I can hit Pak40’s side armor,
I mean to, maybe, first line,
so I creeping there. You can see, how artillery
slowly creeping,
but don’t forget, that this artillery is not
the slowest on the second tier. So it is though
at least more or less
drives somehow. But down from the hills,
I’m repeating one more time,
it is just rushing. Creeping on the hill worth
the fun you gaining when going down. Even if I see small hillock,
I creeping on it,
and going down weee. 25 kilometers in hour,
and they fell to 20… …eh, did not fall,
they continue to accumulate. At this time, our Michael
disappeared from the radar somewhere,
the distance to him is 300 meters. I’m a little worried, this is because
I suspecting that he will disappear
cause of the Pak40’s good view range. And I’ll not show you
something good in this battle. I guess that Pak40
is standing somewhere here,
because, judging by his kills amount, this guy, how to say it,
maybe he is even intelligent. So, I mean,
that he will most likely here, because
there is no many places to hide as Pak40. And I trying to hit with my luck. So,
hit or no hit,
I have 1 HEAT shell left. I am understanding now,
that I made 2 previous shots for nothing. Wanted to hit with luck,
but the luck was against me, generally,
like during these 2 shots. Shots made, shells amount
lowered to 1 HEAT shell now —
and this is bad. In principle, there was a high probability
to destroy Pak40 in one shot, only if
I hit his upper part with HEAT shell. It’s pretty hard to miss this part. And, in principle, I catch myself thinking,
why I shot my HEAT shells
and why I kept 3 APCR shells. APCR shells are good because
they can penetrate Pak40,
but you need to hit the target first. So you just need to have
four-leaf clover, you need to be born under a lucky star,
in lucky family,
in lucky country. All of this — not about us, yeah. And what I’m doing here,
I drived to this place, it’s dangerously to come closer to Pak40,
because most likely he will spot
and destroy me. He need to aim just more,
a bit more then a second. Unlike mine 6,5,
so I’m not a rival to him here. So that’s all,
I taking the position,
and just activating Telescope. There is 3+ minutes on the battle’s timer. I will decide nothing
if I will go to the enemy. That’s why I taked
the approximate position to have a good chance to shoot Pak40. I still don’t know, where he is, he can stand behind this stone,
or will move here,
or can be behind these stones. I.e. these 3 places are nice for defence, but there is no chance for me
to assault there. I…oh, Michael appeared,
he was creeping somewhere,
I spotted him at the swamp. First of all I aiming at the place,
where enemy could be spotted,
if Michael will spot him. He will be here. Still not spotted. That means, that most likely
he is not here, but I waiting,
because I need to wait for the moment when the distance
between Michael and this place
will be 50 meters. This guy on Т-46 in a hurry, in a rush. As you can see, the enemy is not here,
I need to move my aiming circle. I choosing the second place,
where he could be —
this place behind the bunker. Aiming hereby,
so the right edge of the circle would be… …well here, in short,
I telling you something,
when Pak40 spotted yet. But my aiming time, huh —
we are waiting 6,5 seconds. Seems that Michael got a shot yet. And everything is perfect now,
Pak40 is in the visibility zone,
I mean I can hit him. He don’t know where I am,
he have no idea… …and fail, shell goes in… …I will not say where it goes. At a very important point
very important last
HEAT shell goes in… …in the stone, okay. Michael don’t know,
that he must drive to the buner
to use «proximity spotting». I guess he will find this out
at the other battle tiers,
when he will become more experienced… …or after watching any VOD, yeah… And he is trying to spot him,
to block damage with the side armor,
that Pak, that 40, while his armor penetration
is 98 mm, well-well… I advising Michael to drive to the bunker, otherwise he will not spot
him first safely. If he will go to the bunker — he will see,
will stop him using «proximity spotting» — yeah,
hallelujah, Michael followed the advice. Fly APCR shell…
…eeeh, miss, 2 more left. Each shot —
23 seconds of reloading. The main problem now,
is that Michael can die. Without him
this battle will be unpromising. And, attention at the battle timer —
45 seconds left, I can hear
The Sound of Drums. I reloaded. Michael c’mon,
spot him my friend. So, c’mon Pak40, one more shot,
fully aimed, all is perfect —
no, in the stone, again. And, the last chance. I can destroy,
I repeating one more time, Pak40,
if I’ll hit his upper part, not suspension, not gun,
exactly his upper part
or the main tank’s hull. 17 seconds left
before the end of the battle,
I have 1 shell remaining. I have no choice,
I have no time. That’s all.
Michael is dead,
and Pak40 will no longer be spotted. And the only thing I can do here —
I just… …chosen the wrong timing,
missed, and it’s a draw. But, in despite of battle results,
I dealt huge damage,
I really loved this battle a lot. The battle result, victory or defeat,
or draw, that doesn’t matter. The thing that matter is… …when at the end, when you
and few tanks have survived in your team
versus few… …or HUGE enemy amount,
it’s very interestingly
and exciting to play. I hope you liked this battle. Artillery is awesome at 100%. I advise you to try it,
to play it yourself. And, probably it
will be the great replacement
for once loved SU-26. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Until next time,

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