Future sports genius met Janghoon [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.08.21]

I’ll clear this up, so you go and get washed up when you’re finished chewing. You look softer here. (If Seungha laughs,) (he catches it as well.) – Okay? / – She’s especially cheery. She’s a very cheerful kid, and it was fun to be with her. (Proud) Wash the dishes. (She steps on the chair to get toothpaste.) Both of the kids made me feel very happy. Just once. I’m finished! Seungha, change your clothes. – Okay. / – Go and change in your room. Seungjae is all grown up. (Come to think of it, Seungjae…) He looks like Yeo Jingoo. He does. He’s handsome. – Seungjae! / – Yes? Help me get dressed. Do you need help? Yes. He does everything. – He helps her out. / – The older kids help out. Try it yourself. Put your arm in. That’s why parents gave bigger shares to the oldest. Right? – Because they did much more. / – They did more work. “Good job.” I guess it makes sense. Is this the right way? They are under the bed. – They have their own space. / – Yes. (He’s also in his own space.) (His eyes are bad.) Wear it so the label goes on the back. He’s teaching her to make the label go back. So that she doesn’t wear it the other way around. The reason I could relate to them even more is because I have a younger sister, and she’s five years younger than me. Our age gap is bigger than them, but I used to do the same – for my younger sister. / – It must’ve been similar. It reminded me of when we were younger. Are you okay? This way. I want to get out. Get out and wear it over there. There, I’m done. He’s doing the dishes. – He’s the best at that. / – Are you done? – He’s number one. / – What about your bag? – My bag? I have it. / – Yes. What? Her bag… Seungha, where’s your bag? The little girl is so active. – It was… / – Yes? Play basketball with your brother for a while. – Let’s play. / – I’ll finish this up. Seungha, let’s put your bag down and play basketball together. Let’s play. You try first. You’re so nice, Seungjae. (He can focus on the dishes thanks to Seungjae.) You try. (Seungjae gets a turn.) You try. (They take turns.) – He takes good care of her. / – It’s your turn. I know, he takes good care of her. Taking turns is very important – I’ll try next. / – and he does it well. (It’s a three-pointer!) I got three points. He’s good. That was something special. Did you see that? Did you see the snap? Seungha, it’s your turn. 2, 3! She’s trying to dunk the ball. Seungha. It’s your turn. Brothers aren’t usually… – They’re not like that. / – Goal! – They usually make fun of them. / – Come here. – He’s good here. / – I got the ball in! Good job. He’s amazing. Good job. (She celebrates for herself.) I would have stopped washing the dishes – to watch her. / – And watch her. I was in a rush. Let’s go. Did you score a goal? – Yes. A while ago. / – Yes. Let’s try one last time since we don’t have much time. I’ll see how you do. – Seungha, no. / – From afar. Gosh, that was good. Again! – Seungjae, you try. / – I’ll use this one. You try, Seungjae. Me? I already went, but… – Should I try from here? / – Try once more. I won’t be able to get it in. I can’t. – I’m not that good. / – You’re athletic, Seungjae. I’m not good at scoring goals. Scoring goals isn’t important. – Handling the ball… / – The use of his hands? I’m seeing how he uses his hands. Seungha, you try. Seungha, hurry. With this one. Shoot! Good job. Again! – Let’s get one in. / – Last try. Let’s get one in and go! – Throw it up! / – Throw it up. – Goodness! / – That was good. Good job. That was… – I should sit. / – You can just put it in. – Just like this. / – I’ll get a higher score if I sit. – Just shoot it. / – I’ll sit. You see that? (He is the best!) You’re the best! You’re the best. I was worried that you might not get it in. At first. You’re so good. Are you a basketball player? Sure. See? – It’s small. / – That looks so cool to them. – It’s a trick. / – They like that. Can you score 10 times in a row? I can’t do that. Maybe if it was a normal ball… I don’t think I can do that even with a normal ball. Let’s go. Hurry up. – My bag! / – You’re going to be late for school. – Like this. / – Since when did you play sports? Me? He’s very curious. Since when did you play sports? Me? I was… Second grade or… – I… / – College grade? I started playing when I was in fourth grade. I played for a long time. I was about 11 or 12. Kids don’t usually ask that. It’s because he’s also an athlete. – Let’s go! / – Can we go now? Let’s go. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go now.

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