Funny Fan Sports Skits; Best Sports Fan Skit; Types of Sports Fans; Skit About Sports Fans

Funny Fan Sports Skits; Best Sports Fan Skit; Types of Sports Fans; Skit About Sports Fans

big data productions update at the end
of the video is to make sure you stay tuned and enjoy oh this game is about to
be flame just like these chips how!! hello yeah got time to talk bro she
never wants to hear my side of the story of course I did not let her look at my
phone what you think this is take that shit outside you see the game is on I
don’t want to say it but I think we’re gonna take the cup this year that’s
blasphemy one you guys finish at the bottom of the table and two you guys
almost got relegated so what do you mean I don’t know bro I just just feel it
yeah right okay then what are you expecting from
your team this year heartbreak game day baby
game day game day game day Kobe what are you the 16th man or
something eh bro I gotta stay ready if they ever hit my line dude thanks for
having me over bro I mean I don’t like sports all like that but it’s the
weekend I’m off work and I’m trying to get it
biggity so I want a beer yeah I’ll have one good-looking cheers Cheers damn and I’m still on beer one dog
what’s wrong with you you’ve been tweaking all game you see
what had happened was I Loki Heike put all my rent on this game as you can see
we are now they’re more than just down there getting blown the Dow yeah
can I borrow $100 this is a total running down right here watch watch this
run told you nice bro there’s only two options in football run or pass all
right third and three right here with our
quarterback no it’s a pass watch it’s a pass
I told you bro I told you to okay fortune teller relax let me be surprised
for once okay welcome back dream schemers I hope you
love the video like I love making it and uploading it make sure you comment like
make sure you subscribe tell your friends about it you know I’m trying to
make it go viral if I can because I think it has that potential anyway for
the big update I have today if you don’t see what I’m wearing I have shoot your
dreams tee on I’m about to start doing merch very soon this is this the very
rough outline I love to design I love you know the camera in the dream bubble
so I love that I’m gonna work on it this does need some work but I have another
couple of our designs I’m gonna do as well and hopefully I’m gonna start
getting some fan food fair scarfs in the near future we’re scheming up a lot of
things I’m gonna be collabing with Condor flight clubs soon shout out CFC
they make really good designs and yeah we’re just trying to do it once again
like subscribe tell your friends about me keep dreaming and we inspired through
action so make sure you’re coming back for more because I’m not stopping deuces

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  1. hahaha i'm all these except for gambler…. but i play fantasy sports so its the same thing lol. good stuff

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