Fun Indoor Games For Your Dog

Fun Indoor Games For Your Dog

– Hey YouTube, it’s
Shannon and Reggie here, and today we’re videoing from home. Reggie has just had surgery. He had perineal hernias removed from both sides of his rear,
and he also had a neuter to try to prevent those from coming back. Now that was done on Tuesday
and today is Saturday, he came home Thursday evening. The instructions are three
weeks with almost no activity. So of course that is going to take its toll very quickly on a dog that’s got lots of energy and lots of enthusiasm for life. Reggie has got to keep
quiet for that whole time, and that’s really really difficult. Now in his mind, he’s physically
all healed, he’s raring to go, but I need to do
my best to keep him quiet. So there’s gonna be
same games going on here that will mentally stimulate him. Tricks are a great thing for that. But I don’t want to get too excited, and he tends to get very enthusiastic when we’re shaping and whatnot, as you’ve probably seen on
the Trick Tuesday videos. So today is quiet game, I’m just gonna do some searching games in the house. Now I also bought this game here, it’s a mastermind game,
you hide food in it. And you can help the dog to find it or teach them how to find
it, and that’s a nice way to have some mental stimulation going on. But right now I’m just gonna start with some games around the house. So I’ve got his ration of dinner kibble, and I’m just going to hide
those around the house. Now he knows how to find things. When I say find it, he
knows that means to search. So I am going to place it a
little bit more difficultly, but initially I’m gonna start really easy so that he gets into the game. If your dog doesn’t have
any idea how to search yet, start really easily, just say find it and put it maybe 10 feet
in front of them where they can clearly see it, then start hiding it so that they’ve gotta use their nose. Okay, so I’m gonna tell Reggie to wait while I go and hide this piece of kibble. Just gonna go into the living room here, and I’m just gonna stick it on my carpet where it can’t be seen visually really ’cause it’s a different color. And then, okay, find it. I’ll tell him to find it,
and he can use his nose. Piece of cake on that. Okay now this time I’ve just put a little pillow on the ground and
you can see I’ve just put it past the edge of that pillow there. Reggie’s waiting patiently in the kitchen. Okay, find it. You can hear him using his nose, that’s great, that’s what I want. (dog sniffing) And he found it, attaboy Reg, good job. Now this time I’ve actually
hidden it right underneath the pillow, and I hadn’t
done that with him before. Okay, find it. So let’s see how he does. He can smell it, you
can hear his nose going. Oh, good boy. I think
that was an accident, you stepped on it, but
you found it, good job. Okay, so I think you got the idea. So we’re gonna play mind games like that and we’re gonna introduce him
to the game that I bought him. Where’d ya go Reggie, you went
out of frame. There you go. We’re gonna see if we can keep
Reggie mentally stimulated and keep him from losing his
mind over these three weeks. Thanks for watching, bye for now. (light, upbeat music)

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with that Mind Games board. You could try The Shell Game, with cups and kibble:

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