Full SummerSlam 2019 results

Full SummerSlam 2019 results

My God.>>Still on his feet somehow, wait for
the stomp, the stomp, the stomp->>This is over.>>Cover and a kick out.>>The biggest party of the summer did
not disappoint, I’m Cathy Kelley here for WWE Now and I’ve got all of your SummerSlam results,
warning though spoilers are ahead. After making quick work of Brock Lesnar
at this year’s WrestleMania, Seth Rollins lost his Universal
title to The Beast after he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. But The Beast Slayer once
again got the last laugh, regaining his coveted
Universal Championship in Toronto. Kofi Kingston walked out of SummerSlam
still WWE Champion, over Randy Orton, after a double count-out. Now, Kofi would snap on
the Viper post-match, after Orton involved
the WWE Champion’s family. In the opening match of
the biggest party of the summer, Becky Lynch survived a brutal
onslaught by Canadian native Natalya, in a submission bout for
the Raw Women’s Championship. It looks as if Finn Balor had Bray Wyatt
right where he wanted him, but The Fiend broke out the mandible claw and pinned
Balor for the victory at Summer Slam. In a dream match that took
each competitor to her limit, Charlotte Flair defeated
Trish Stratus via submission. After the match, Trish Stratus had a
moment in the ring With the WWE Universe. Even having a guest enforcer
in Elias wasn’t enough for Shane McMahon to get Kevin Owens to quit
WWE, as KO defeated The Best in the World. Goldberg made quick work of Dolph Ziggler,
defeating him with a Spear and a Jackhammer. Then after the match,
The Showoff kept running his mouth, and was met with not one, but Two more spears. Although Ember Moon’s
dynamic offense almost won her
the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Bayley hit the war goddess with a belly
to belly off the top rope to retain. AJ Styles retained the United States
Championship over Ricochet with the help of his OC brothers. After the match Gallows and Anderson made a statement by hitting
Ricochet with the magic killer. And on the kickoff show Drew Gulak
defeated only Lorcan at to retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Apollo Crews and Buddy Murphy’s match
ended in a disqualification when Rowan came out and
brutally attacked Buddy Murphy. Elias’ performance was
interrupted by WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, who laid out Elias with a spear. And The IIconics were
unsuccessful in regaining the Women’s Tag Team Championship,
as Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss held onto their title. While old chapters might have closed
on certain rivalries tonight, it was only the beginning for others. You don’t want to miss any of
the fallout on Monday Night Raw and Tuesday’s Smackdown Live coming
to you this week on USA Network.

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  1. So edge return… does that mean return? Or he speared someone and won’t be seen again for 6-7 months for some other random thing?

  2. Es la peor porkeria q se ha visto rollins no le ganaria a nadies fuera del ring solo q quieren q sea la imagen de la empresa y cada vez sus eventos son pesimos ????

  3. what happened to sasha returning ??? see never happens she didnt return at extreme rules or summer slam same people win…

  4. Seth is becoming the Reigns at a rapid pace…very unrealistic that Brock lost to Seth. Not buying it. Brock should be squared against proper big men and not Seth to be dethroned. Very dissatisfied with WWE

  5. Charlotte vs Bayley for the SD Women's Championship. Soon.

    Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston
    World Heavyweight Championship. Soon.

  6. *WWE dissapointing me*?
    How can Rollins beat Brock Lesnar even he is injured..that's impossible, what about Braun Strawman, Roman Reigns, Goldberg, and Undertaker.. They are biggest enemy of brock and more qualified than rollins?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  7. Seth is getting boring and I think we would all like to see a New Face. Same thing with Kofi now, it’s been like 6 months that he’s been pushed. Seth it’s been like 3 years that he’s been pushed. In my opinion, all the results were predictable. Charlotte and Becky should stop getting opportunities and give them to new females or ones who’ve haven’t gotten titles. Buddy Murphy attack was surprising. Edge Return, sweet. The Fiend beating Balor was probably the match that made the most sense. Bayley vs Embermoon, I wanted ember moon to win. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won, lol.

  8. Seth rollins pins brock lesnar twice in 6 months there should be braun strowman instead of him and there should be roman reigns match at summerslam against rowan or buddy.

  9. Script kharab likhi hai wwe ne seth ko hi jeetaya per jitana brock ko chayiye tha ,in fact brock aram se hara deta seth ko agr script mein kaha gaya hota toh kabhi seth ko achaa bna dete hai in fact kabhi kisi ko bura bna dete hai kabhi achaa Brock suru se hi negative role mein raha hai ,tagada negative villian hai woh sabko hara chuka hai aur sab toh badlte rahte hai jaise shane, Randy ,cm punk , daniel brayan aur bhi bhhut hai

  10. How did injured Seth Rollins beat lesnar? This is a joke!!
    Too script too fake not real thats why AEW is much better now …

  11. Rollins is so underrated
    Even if he is injured doesn’t mean he can’t beat Brock, that I should think should end his career

  12. All of the championships retained except the universal one? I wish this happened
    New champs Iiconics
    Drew retains
    New champ Seth
    Trish beats charlotte
    New champ Natalya
    New Champ Randy
    Elias beats the hell out of Edge with a guitar
    New champ Ember

    Way better

  13. Summerslam shouldve had a decked out entrance way like Mania. When the stage looks just like RAW and Smackdown doesnt seem like a big deal for a "Big 4" PPV.

  14. Lesnar has only beat Rollins once(that’s all I can recall when he Brock cashed in). Everyone else retained besides Brock.

  15. I already suffered from PTSD just watching this cringefest and it's glorifying waste of afterthought. If I were richer; I'd be more then ready to SUE. Have a good day~ <3

  16. Everyone just keep complaining about Seth beating Lesnar you have all forgotten that lesnar is a human and not a machine and with time weakness will set in. That was what just transpired in that match. And the moment Rolins jumped on him from that high I tell you Lesnar nealy passed out he could not absorbed the impact. Hope u all observed that Lesnar himself did not made any attempt to win his mission was to beat and paralyze Rolinns but he failed.

    Who could have believe that Roman Reigns would beat the almighty undertaker in that wrestlemaina that witness his retirement? Undertaker himself was aging and weaknesses had set in.

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