Full Race Replay: 1000Bulbs.com 500 from Talladega Superspeedway

Full Race Replay: 1000Bulbs.com 500 from Talladega Superspeedway

“interesting. You say that name Steve. It
is almost synonymous with Talladega. When you say the name Earnhardts, you have to really
think Talladega because the success has been amazing. At this Trek Senior 10 wins. The
guy standing next to me, Dale Jr. Six wins and then when you look at laps led between
the two of them over 2200 laps have been led by senior and junior general director here
at the track. Four straight wins from 2001 to 2003 and seniors final Cup Series win October
15th 2000 Actually came in that car right there. You see in the center of your screen,
Rutledge. Isn’t that amazing, Rick, We’re watching history in motion. That car was in
the RCR Museum since 2001 and when Richard Childress decided he was gonna run it here
at the racetrack, he said that the engine I want just clean the car up there to knock
a bunch of mud off that thing. But he told the boys at the shop he wanted to go 200 miles
an hour with that thing. Amazing to see it after, because that was that win that you
talk about Rick. That was his 10th win here at Talladega. That was the last car, Dale
Earnhardt Sr. One. And to see it out here to see the reaction that these fans are giving
it, it is truly history in motion out here. Not only the fans, Junior you told me at the
beginning of the weekend this might be emotional. Isn’t Yeah, absolutely. You know, my thoughts
go to Richard Childress. What he must be feeling sitting inside that car, driving it around
this racetrack. It’s not been on the race track or anywhere since it won that race.
They took it right back to RCR, stuck in the museum. Richard has about 40 race cars that
my dad drove and won races with in his possession, and this is a very important one. I think
it’s great for all the fans are hard. Fans are here to see this. Open it up, Will you
trust that thing’s gonna be all right if you wrap it up a little bit. Said he’s gonna come
down the front straightaway with wide open here and we’ll see Well, he’s gonna have fun.
We’ll see if we have the black flag him like we did the king back in Darlington. Want to
take a look at the starting grid brought to you by Applebee’s And it is all Hendrick Motor
Sports up front. Chase Elliott. One whole. Alex Bowman will be outside of the Monroe
one. Then you have William Byron and Jimmy Johnson in Road to Let’s see if we could check
in with the pole winner on the radio. You ever one second, they’re doing a little bit
of talking. Don’t interrupt them. Getting ready. Still chatting. Going on on the radio.
Jump in. Hey, hey, boo boys, You got sport all day, all right? It’s a chases the booth,
boys. You got a man. You and your team did a great job sitting on the pole. Get that
thing out front. How are you gonna work early in this race to stay there? We’ll do the best
job. We can mean a lot of things, obviously, out of our control. But we’ll see what we
could do with a friend here at Hendrick and keep several eyes. World obviously want to
be there at the end of this thing. A lot of conversation about Rex here in the past. How
do you avoid those Rex man Dio would crash. Uh, man, I think that being in the right in
the right place at the right time, like a lot of that kind of out of your control. But
we’ll just do the best job we can control the things that are in her hands and kind
of let let the rest do its thing looking for, too. Thank you. And your team will end right
along with you on all the fans. Really appreciate a good luck, but thank you children during
that interview with chases down the back straightaway in full steam. Man, I’m telling you the job
distracted watching Housewives and Richard Hammer down down the back straightaway, and
I I kind of got I’ve spoken to Chase Beyond was rolling way president. We’ll ride along
with a few different drivers today and we saw Chase has one of those in car cameras.
Yeah, he’s got the Chevrolet came today that high reverse. Looking back at the driver is
he’s out there working it. Joey Logano’s got Cola. Coca Cola Cam Reverse driver down low.
Kevin Harvick as the Hunt Brothers Pizza cam. He’s gonna have the side better than he has
ever week. Also that roof cam. But the Wallace with Coco Cam he’s going and the camera right
there on the helmets weeks exactly what he’s looking at. Ryan, Priests, Kruger, Camp side
mentor as well, and a high reverses to see there. All right, Steve, can you break this
race down for us? Will you talk about the difficulty? I think the difficulty has gone
up the way that race is now broken down with stages. We talk about Talladega, 2.66 miles,
the biggest superspeedway that NASCAR runs 500 miles, 188 laps, 55 laps of the stage
one and stage to that bottom line. Top 10 heard point. That’s why the intensity will
pick up in the playoffs. You have to try to run in the top 10 and that leaves 78 laps.
That final stage with somewhere 36 to 38. All right. You mentioned fear and the things
that go on at this racetrack, what you’re feeling right now the green flag is about
to come out. I’m glad I’ve been sitting here all weekend ready to run this race. I haven’t
really been able to get in traffic and be around a lot of cars. I’ve had to go out there
qualified by myself. So I’m ready to race. I’m ready to have some action, get that heart
rate up. So I think you know, these guys were excited. They all have different agendas and
whatnot, Jeff, But for the most part, man just ready to be doing something with a hint
of motor sport. Those drivers there, Senator, is thinking about executing their plan, right?
You know they have a plan or what they’re gonna do on this start. Make sure they execute
that for everybody else in the field. It’s understanding as soon as you can with your
car can and cannot do so that you can make the moves you need to make you mention the
plan. We’ve heard about it all weekend manufacturers working together. It’s not only teams anymore.
It’s car manufacturers, all trying to work together to see if they could get their car
out front and potentially get the win again. A spot in the Round of eight is on the line
at this race, but you never know what’s going to happen and Talladega up years ago were
racing Talladega Superspeedway already. How that three start was going with chains. He’s
already down. Loathe Second road just laid back. Now it’s going with Jimmy Johnson was
laid back. Truck field gave place to go. There’s a lot of boards there behind them. They organized
well. They get together and try to take over the Chevrolets. That’s really what it’s gonna
come down today right now, this time racing clipboard pushing, last, trying to get a big
run on the outside. He’s driving to learn, and they have not been in a pack like this
all weekend long. They don’t know if I’m gonna work well or not. Right now, it seems to be
working pretty well. We’re teaming up boards on the outside. There’s a Chevrolet tucked
in there as well with Kyle Larson. But right now, here they come. You see the manufactures.
18 of them are Chevrolets, 15 boards and seven Toyotas in the booth, and we see Castle asking
out front and a great job back last year right there, dragging his break, keeping Clinton
get that lead, that you cannot just sit in that car wide open. You gotta drag that break.
You keep the car hooked up to you and Boyar took the bottom Crew. They’re pulled down
in front of Chevrolet daily. That’s gonna hurt the 22 car here. But that’s the choice
that Clinton had to make. He knew that if he didn’t get down in front of that car, we’re
gonna go right back by them on the inside. Take control that bottom Lane three white.
Now you see Logano leading down into the three of Austin Dillon and you get to move that
Kyle Busch is well, he’s made up 10 spots already. Middle Lane and that middle aged
dead air right there. There’s no downforce, Lane, obviously. Lead car. Dylan has a lot
of downforce. Those guys like Kurt Busch back there struggling. They don’t want to be three
Crew. Some Rosebank worked out well when that when Austin Lane going that quickly became
the top Lane when it moved. Joey Logano out Joey Mo mental. But I don’t think you will
be able to write. How amazing is it that Denny Hamlin way have already seen him move huge
amounts of numbers. 32 for Denny Hamlin had to start in the back because of engine change.
Already he’s running near the top five racer. He knows what he’s doing out there and how
to make things happen. How to move forward. Top five, but not in the top three. Best out
there right now. You got a little company on that. What cars at one car going to the
middle. It’s like that would have been a movie. You had to make you wonder later that hold
even weigh close to the guy next to the middle and they put you on the outside. So far, so
good. No manufacture his for too big of an alliance to be ableto outnumber. Everybody
got forward out front here involved way talked about clipboard. Star race right behind the
point man race with themselves. Get done What they need to make number three back out front
at Talladega, this time driven by Austin Dillon. Just behind him is the two of Brad Kozlowski
body. Interesting. That two car Rick he was worried about starting on the outside thought
he could not get down to two things to note. Now that’s twice Jeff. We’ve seen the top
line be able to work better than the bottom line. And the other thing you know, is that
when the 14 and two got together and kind of locked up, the bottom one wasn’t organized.
Those two working together were able to get around, but leading a moment ago that timeline
dominant. Right now you get to the middle. Did he was pushing his teammates around left
home record to go and watch bad hurt. 11. Joey Logano is gonna come pick him up. Look
out! Coming, man. He had to get on the brakes, not to run into him. Absolutely. And that’s
tough for Joey. Have to give up that moment in that he has choose to put lemon car. Now
he’s gonna try to take this 11 car, try to go to the front. We’ve been talking about
a Ford and Toyota working together. You know why? Because they have to. You can’t worry
right now with the manufacturer is you gotta go do what you gotta do. But still not enough
cars in that outside Lane. Get it moving. What a run the 22 of Logano had. Take a look
at this. Let’s back it up in the middle Yeah. Lined up there in front of that 11. If you
could get there. Help! Help! Help! Help Coming in front of him are being changed. You drag
the break there. Is that what you do? Don’t you drag the brain? But they don’t run a really
very tough break Package years Always worried about Dragon. Too much breaking, tearing the
brakes on the car actually done that before, where you bring so much grip the brake brake
caliper off the car. So a little bit maybe drag a little bit of braking too much. All
three manufacturers have been up front. Kyle Busch, now leading a Talladega show your support
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Grab an ice cold coke and buckle up. You’re watching NASCAR on NBC. You’ll definitely
want to strap in even if you’re on the couch right now. A cz Crazy things happen here at
Talladega. When we went away it was Kyle Busch that was up front. Right now, it’s older brother
Kurt Busch that is in front of the field with Kyle behind him, and it was Bristol where
Kurt said If I could have got to him, I would have turned him. Then all of a sudden, Kurt
Winds and Kyle said, Well, if I could’ve got to him, I guess I know how it would raise
him. Well, now they’re working together, running that bottom line here at Talladega, I talked
to Kourt Crew chief Matt McCall about Team Chevy orders today. He answered, Yes, for
sure, but our job is to find the fastest line and get to the front as quickly as possible.
They’ve done that and the one Carlie’s body made in the last three lamps. Kyle Busch has
gone from the lead forth to back to second that Super Speedway racing, right? When asked
Kyle earlier this week how he manages this race, he said, Listen, I’ve been wrecked in
the front, have been wrecked in the back, but I like being in the front now, Jeff, you
can certainly relate to this because he said, I need to know the energy of the pack how
the pack moves. If I were running up front all day, I don’t learn that for the end of
the right key is that I think you need to learn how you can try to lead. To learn that.
I think you need to run second to learn that you put yourself cannot do. And by the way,
your car will work better with other cars and others. You need to figure that out as
well. Kurt Busch, Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch. They’ve all been in front of the 1000 bulbs
dot com 500 here a Talladega as there are 12 laps complete, 43 Still to go in stage
one. Kelly. Right now we’re in that number 14 car running in the fifth position. I think
if there’s one word that everyone uses to describe this race, it’s unpredictable. No
one really knows what to expect and tell the race gets underway. Well, now they’ve got
a handful of laps under the weight. They heard that tandem racing. I like Clint Boyer, a
two time race winner here at Talladega, trying to keep his playoff hopes alive and one of
the best tandem racing But boy was really, really good at that. Back when you would hook,
bumpers and ours just run around here. Two cars bad and sales run around a racetrack
and a little bit of that car got part of it. And Steve, down there on the mobile one peacock
Pit box, we’re gonna talk a little bit about strategy. But first I know that you were listening
in during the commercial break. How do you put up when two drivers argue about racing
styles on the racetrack? Thankfully, my career I only was in control of one because they
never seem to agree with you 55 laps in the first stage. If they could go 38 laps on fuel,
that means Pit window open. Get about four lands that have actually about four more laps.
Really. You could run a little like a sports car Pit road, have a clean stop, get back
on the racetrack. He won’t last the ribs and he sort of issue, You lose, the draft will
get laughed. I asked everybody in the Roger what the plan was, and they all basically
their head of like none of the manufacturers have shown their hand yet and you think it’ll
be as a manufactured. You think we’ll see all of the Chevrolets come? All of the boards
come whenever they decide that lap is. I think you will. I said, If you haven’t you, you
have to Pit with numbers. So I think you’re gonna all come together. All the 80 90% of
easier said than done, though, trying to get everybody at the same time trying to make
a dinner reservation. 15 people. No one knows where they want to eat what time they want
to eat. A white American organized 15 different rates watching his four car brother, Cameron,
Kevin Harvick, trying to figure out how to get 12 car Ryan Blaney a little bit higher
up in the ranks here, trying to pass you guys on that inside line. That line kind of organized,
staying together, working together, pushing, well, Chinese food toward there he goes. He
goes toward that inside line to five. Draft this car a little bit, doesn’t want to get
sidetracked by the 88 that bring him back to the four car Harper’s gonna push. That
didn’t quite work out side draft that my car not allowed that 85 drafting threw him back
to the four car. They can’t really put it together. Drag himself forward. Now move away.
88 can draft him. How aggressive do you get on lap 16? Because that’s where we are right
now, A lot more aggressive, and they’re taking it pretty easy. Doesn’t want to turn into
the 88 or anything like that. Get made. Contact could run form right here. Party junior would
talk about these manufacturer alliances, talk to people in many different camp. But I talked
to the Ford drivers this morning. There was a four drivers only meeting this morning.
I got mixed reviews on how effective that meeting might have been for the fourth camp,
but for the Chevrolet camp, it was very effective. Jim Campbell, who runs the entire several
more programs, was here, met with every driver and Crew yesterday at Talladega in a long
meeting instead. Hey, I know you all have agendas, but here’s what’s gonna happen. Number
one, we’re gonna help with Chevrolet win number two. You’re gonna take care of those playoff
drivers. No doubt they’ve changed the game, Jeff, but I’m just wondering who the manufacturer
alive, help or hurt the Super Speedway races. Promise. Got with it is if you’re driving
a Chevrolet and there’s so many Chevrolets out there, how can you work with everybody
Racing? Sports are still serving. You’re out there to win this race and make the playoffs
and found a playoff for you and your I never drove for manufacturers for children, and
I drove around that Billy Joel and those are my car owners, and I did what they told me
to do. I just I think you have to be self serving for you and your sponsor and do what
you need to do. It bythe happened here, and maybe all the Chevy’s Pit together. All the
boards Pit together, but they’re all do that and make it happen effectively. Right now,
various manufacturers but outside line have fortunate. I don’t think that’s by design.
I think just how things played out with Pit run here. This line on the outside is making
a little time here. Get ready their battle for the lead there, Right next door. Take
a look at this door to door for the lead boards on the outside. If the big one happens, we’ll
break out a commercial break in today’s aerial coverage brought to you by Coca Cola, where
you can see that Ryan Blaney has now taken over the lead NASCAR drive that is your live
race day companion. Selected the eight different cameras or watch 41 time for the multi camera
view nascar dot com slash drive. Or you can download the NASCAR mobile app today, so the
outside line has been the one that continues to push, then race leader up to the front.
That’s happened over and over and over. Now it’s Ryan Blaney’s turned to be up front,
but that outside line really not organized right now. All Fords up front. If you look
further back in the field, all the hitter cards are running together. Chevrolets air,
trying to put themselves around each other, trying to get together to be able to create
some kind of a run. Get up there and get back toward the front of field. Marty, your window
is now open to these teams. Pit weather back today and it’s close. Couldn’t be here before
we get to the States to Captain William Byron on the radio about that before the race wear.
I work here. All right. So, Steve, I have no idea, but work work your headlights means.
But I’m wondering, though, if the weather implications is maybe having a factor on when
they because they talked about maybe getting early last 18 20. But you can see how close
that weather is. Would that change your mind, Mr Crew Chief a whole lot, because I would
be racing to the end of each stage for the point. Anyway, I don’t think it would change
my strategy, but it would change perhaps how aggressive I am in that second stage. We’re
still only have one. And I’m with you, Marty. I’ve heard a lot of code words. I’m a little
left out on work. Your headlight, maybe pumper. Go work your bumper. Well, hinder cards were
in the third group just a few laps ago. Now they’ve all worked themselves together down
in the bottom Crew and painting a pit stop here in a few laps. That’ll be the one thing
that if you hung out in the second group and everyone has decided that it’s time to pitch,
you can’t get down. And Rick, I don’t know if our drivers are Maura. They talk to me
a lot of talking very little on the radio, but modern day Talladega requires a lot of
information. Even if you’re the leader, common sense might say, Well, you’re out front, so
don’t need to worry about anything. But Lane, he told his father I need to know what they’re
doing behind me. More information, Please. Gotta be chatting for the leader so he knows
what’s going on. You wanna be ableto Truck spotted to paint a picture of what’s happening
behind you, so you don’t have to look back there that much. Giant and I can’t really
see much anyway. So tough to be a beginning kind of view that he needs to see as far as
the outside line coming up for 1/3 group coming up and they come up very fast. Cars
get with with these bowlers Tremendous to see that out. That line already forming that
would be up there, but then 1/2 the lab, they get built up. You know that information
Lane, Get bacon, man, pay attention to him himself. But he has no idea what Bush is doing.
What he doesn’t need to know for a spot of Doc Williams. What’s going on? Two car lengths
behind Kevin Harvick. What’s that car doing? Getting momento and start the push our Pit
cause that would give Harvick an opportunity to make a move at it. You can’t have too much
information as long as it’s good information. And I’m watching on the scoring across the
top 32nd. Right now. 202.8 miles per hour. 36 200 miles an hour. You’re seeing ridiculous
speeds here. And these guys were running inches apart. They’re gonna get your speed back.
They get bigger runs. Can you get run? Run? Looks like these guys were trying to get themselves
to the bottom room to be able to anticipate Pit. Stop it. There’s still a lot of that
by that back here. Round tip place. Denny Hamlin tucked in there. He’s running in the
fifth position right now. Listen into his communications. I like that, Rick. Basically
11 11 telling their driver. Listen, you see those sports come, they’re gonna have to hand
out the window down the back straight so they don’t get run over Coming off. Turn four way.
Don’t know what Laughter Pit. We’re inside our window. Leave it up to you. Just give
us the heads up. Our Pit crews ready. Denny Hamlin sit in a great spot to drag the Toyota
down with force outnumber, they just don’t have the sheer number of hard, definitely
have. So they’re gonna have to just shut themselves in the middle of manufacture plan. They don’t
have a choice. They have. You know, Maybe they kept close to vent their planet’s most
of manufactured hand. Except for Chevrolet. We know that they had a meeting. Maybe Ford’s
in the Tokyo toes are working together. Maybe this is those manufactured joining together
outnumber Chevrolet. So now that’s another question that we’re about to find out what
the answer to is. Will they fit together? Infection. Chicago crossover event epic three
hour Chicago crossover event where a deadly outbreak threatens everyone. Wednesday on
NBC. It’s NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series playoffs telecast presented by Apple is out
in front. Still, Ryan Blaney. The second Lane started to get a little mo mentum. Denny Hamlin
decided to jump out of the lower Lane, get up into that second Lane and then Chevrolets
kind of fell off, but now three wide. Still wondering if the organization is going to
be for the Pit stock way. See, a lot of Ford’s right now. They’re on the bottom of the racetrack
while and injected down here on the road. A lot of Ford Victory. Put your helmet on.
You could be quiet on the radio. You have to prep your Pit cruise. It looks to me like
Pit stops just around the corner Pit. Talladega are not an easy thing, and that’s the reason
why it’s actually easier road. But look at all these cars. They’re all in one group.
So you start feeling on one guy multiple times Rex of afternoon getting old Pit road, so
it’s just extremely difficult. You’re right, not running back somebody else. You’re going
to 100 by five miles per hour. You gotta go down to 55. You gotta do that. Hit Pit road
speed, right? Harmon, waving out the window. He’s waving out the window down and turned
four. Let those guys around him Coming Pit road, I believe this time who was able to
get onto Pit road cleanly. Everyone comes on the road into the grass will bring out
of caution gets rolling. But that’ll be big. He is going to lose the draft right here.
Well, everybody else, including the four of Kevin Harvick fuel on Lee. Interesting. Blaney
had commented that his car was driving fine. No complaints, but getting on the road. Big
trouble. Kelly that 14. It was also fueled only in a small tax adjustment. Clint, with
just a little bit too loose off, hadn’t changed tires on the 12 as long as he was in here
for an extended period. So four fresh Goodyear tires put the plant back down and pull Sonoco
fuel. And now another wave of cars being come to Pit road. Now, quite a few more Making
this turn on the pen road, led by the 20 of Eric Jones and Jones will hit the road in
his Toyota Camry. Other cameras with a bunch of Chevrolets as well. It will again be fuel
only for these cars under Green Kelly. Yeah, Denny Hamlin made quick work. Getting to the
front of his car is pretty good. Just a little bit. You feel lonely on the 11 Marty, you
could feel the sense of urgency from Kyle Busch saying, Hey, I’m better when I’m leading,
they’re going to go with Forget your tires. He was encouraging the pact. We gotta go.
We gotta go. Kyle Busch, your rubber will see if that helps them. And the host of cars
you see leaving Pit mode now. Interesting. There there was fuel only stops. Four tire
stops here. Come here. Come. Lagana, Kevin harbors. Remember, they were the first ones
own Pit road that came home with Let’s cars. It’s each year to come on pit row with less
cars. No aerodynamically, you want to be with more cars leaving Pit road looking for a ham
Coming and a much less chaotic Crew Pit road Right now Eric L. Merola is on the road in
his booth. 41. Another board of Daniels Pit Road with you’ll. Only one correction that
was left side tires on Lee for Kyle Busch. A moment ago for leaving, that was four seconds
of fuel. So a lot of you’ll only hear Kyle Busch a moment ago just to correct that. Left
only on Ryan Blaney caught for speeding on entering. When he came in and spun, he was
obviously going too fast. So as everyone is starting to cycle through these green flag
pit stops right now, it’s right up front. He has not been to Pit road yet. There are
about nine cars that are yet to come to Pit Road 20. They’re gonna go back. Don’t really
fancy teammate. Luckily, we gotta cost nearly 52 car stopped on the race track. That is
Spencer Boyd, who won the Truck race yesterday, and now Spencer Boyd’s stopped on the apron.
Huge. A huge break for Ryan Blaney. Ryan Blaney, I believe, will stay in the lead lap, right.
We gotta let it cycle around. But remember Ryan Blaney Pit under green to serve the Pit
survivability, and he’s fun out Coming on pit road. This could be a huge break rhyme
Lane. Just how difficult it is. A Talladega. Even Coming, it’s hard caution has come out.
Spencer Boyd that we’ll have a weak start way Return. NASCAR on NBC is brought to you
by Abba and crafted burgers. That’s good in the neighborhood. Toyota. Let’s go places,
Ally. Do it right. And by monster energy unleashed the beast. First caution Monster Energy Cup
Series playoffs from Talladega superspeedway, and so far it has not disappointed. A record
number of cars came down pit road, including the Hendrick Motor Sports cars Chase Elliott,
William Byron, Jimmie Johnson all taking this opportunity to come down pit road, taking
on four fresh Goodyear tires. Fuel is, well, 17 to go here in the stage. I don’t know what
you think about that, call Steve, but they were not open the front. They get fresh. Goodyear
ever seem like they could do fuel on Lee. Then at the end of the States. That might
be a good call, Rick, by these guys to come to Pit road here. So again, strategy coming
into play. Still only 17 laps to go before the end of the first stage. Visit kroger dot
com to take the lead at any tailgate with flavor filled favorites. Text. Simmer 231279
For a chance to win an instant pot ultra and a $400 Kroger gift card and Paul Menard you
see out there in the 21 car next opportunity, he has to come to Pit road. There will actually
be a driver change. You’re looking at Matt Crafton. Ask our truck driver taking his helmet
off for now. But when the stage break come, he will be taken over driving duties for Paul
Menard, who is experiencing some neck issues there. Lingering issues. He didn’t want to
be involved in a record. Talladega decided back up to Speed. They go Slaski upfront Alma
role on the inside. Newman in the six. Coming up. He’s gonna try to get that mo mentum on
the high line, see if he gets any help from the 22 of Logano. See, what brand does seem
Brad in the past, being extremely aggressive, locker top to bottom, trying to keep this
lead to my little nose from Newman right there. But that’s funny. You say that because Brad
was the 1st 1 to say, I don’t like these guys blocking me. As a matter of fact, I reckon
if they do every one of you, he was upset. We only when you someone catching you really,
really quickly put that block on. That calls Rick. That’s what he was upset about, not
really used to seeing around Newman up here racing up front. He usually kind of patient
drivers in the car. The rates. Look at third group coming in and share Lays all up there
trying to work together. I don’t like it, but we gotta talk about it a minute. Trying
to work together. Gonna pan out. And remember, as the laps continue to wind down only 14
to go in this state, stage points are given at the end of each state. That means first
Crew 10th will all get points and those that are in the playoffs that need points. They
want to be up in the top 10 body. Rick, we mentioned Chase Elliott. Pit twice here went
down. They wanted you guys come back in and they said on the first up, they weren’t sure
if they got much or any fuel in that. Nine cars moving for Steve. How concerning would
that be for you? When they came down the second time, they did get fuel in. But when they
tried to do you, only nothing went in already. I would be defecting that video of the stop
where they feel they have. You find out the answer just because you win in the second
time. If you don’t know what the issue was the first time. How are you sure it won’t
repeat itself later? We’re going to green flag. Pit stop like that will instantly remove
a car like Elliot. Let’s listen in to chase till its communications again. How many friends
do we have here with me? Like, I guess everyone of you playing really paying down outside
group that they had going. They’ll back a little bit. Now he’s back here behind the
18 car, but that just made a comment. Right now he is 23 points below the cut off line.
Is that a chase? Elliott? Hey, by the way, I drive a Chevrolet are all my guy’s gonna
be behind me, pushing me into the front of the end of the stage because I need points
support around to try to make a move, pull out and take a risk. How big a risk are you
willing to take a lot of help? You will take a big risk. Big push. Lawyer said he liked
that tan of pushing a car, going Carly up all these cars using that Jeff, That’s twice
they have done that. This tandem of lawyer. I wonder if they’ve locked onto something
here. So to speak and everybody else is noticing. Look at the ground they’re gaining there in
front of the six now. Ryan Newman. Can they close the deal and get down in front and they’re
going to? You guys gonna remind everybody that yesterday and the xfinity rate that’s
not legal because of the shape of the car Truck yesterday when they go to Daytona? Both
of those theories are not allowed to hook up. Totally legal here in the Cup series.
I didn’t think it could happen. Clint Boy. Racket Crew Wrong here early in the great
boy. Clinton Bush. So far out. Now look at the run. Coming from behind. Now we’re gonna
have to aggressively block these runs. Six. Car goes with 14. Kurt Busch to the outside.
He has momentum. He’s going to get up there beside the two car side Draft that quarter
panel just a little bit there. Run by Kurt Busch. Can he take the lead away? Clear. He
pushed by David Ragan. David bringing a good road racer here. He is one here before he
comes at bottom Crew, though Clint Boyer Berry regrets of pushing today One other thing.
While all of these passes being made. Wait. Remind everyone you can go below the double
yellow line to improve your position so people learn quickly, even yesterday, and the Truck
rates. If you go below the double yellow line to improve your position or to lock or push
someone below, you will be sent to the back. And it actually happened at the end of the
Truck race yesterday. Third group forming out there like that. It didn’t work a little
while ago, chased Elliot trying to get an outside line working. It didn’t work. Let’s
see if this crowd could make it work. I’m not gonna miss a thing as we go. NASCAR non
stop. NASCAR will put race coverage in car cameras right at your fingertips. All you
have to do is search NASCAR in your store, where you can visit nascar dot com slash mobile
And this has been, as you have seen, this has been the norm. Now three wide for the
lead. Here comes Daniel him brick on the outside, saying, I can’t believe these guys racing
this hard three wide in the first stage of the race. You all the way to the bottom. Everybody
get the legal out that I think I need to go bottom. Why not just stay up there? The top
prove it keeps taking over the bottom. Coming 24. He’s probably gonna get pushed out in
the lead. Eventually 42 right in the middle of a 20 something. He’s got a plant right?
Retire. Possibly sparking right there. Getting. Maybe it’s some kind of suspension player.
Byron, now out front, is Eric Joe and the girl on the race track Coming upon four laps
to go. William Byron, the youngest player contender now in front of Talladega. He’s
saying that cop lady and look and see what he wants to see what he does. He stays on
top, trying to make the pass on the 42. He had to go to the double yellow line. Almost
looked as though he was gonna go below it. They both had to check up Lost Memento Accomplished,
checked up big time right there to keep from causing a wreck. Well, 42 almost gets turned
around on the nose of the 17 back here trying to get in there and it wound, and women and
Denny Hamlin to go the inside Coming, Henrik. In the now on the bottom of the race track
again, that’s where I’ll be up top. Just stay up there and keep that momentum going, thereby
a volume Kyle Larson called Bush. It’s a run 100 even. Just not enough room for both of
them. Accomplished. 42. Getting turned a little bit about some aggressive bump drafting on
the 17 car under three laps to go. William Byron still out front. Williams, in great
shape, now got a team to teammates behind party. And that’s the key Jack and I spoke
to a moment ago. He tell told Attaboy, Spotter for William Byron, who’s out front? That 24
car right now, wherever you take him at the bottom line, somehow developed some momentum.
Make sure you take those two teammates with him, and that’s insane. Hendrik. Blockade
at the front, keeping William Byron upfront with three to go on stage. One. Coming hero.
No. Two to go. So what Williams got? Hill doesn’t really watch his mirror. That 40 dropped
out. Only thing you need to worry about that inside line Now I think I’m going down there.
He needs to get down there. He wants to have a teammate. You have to get in any timeline
as well. Come on down now. On the inside of the 48 he’s not gonna be Oh, get all three
of them now. They were trying to avoid another 22 pushing that 48 2017. That’s what he’s
trying to accomplish. You want to be the guy that inside line charge Coming from behind
now just a little too far out pushing, All right, That’s what he was hoping to happen.
They’re they’re organizing and here they come, the inside William is not gonna move down
to try to defend it. He’s got it Truck that work out for him. Final lap of stage one There,
side by side as they go across the striping into one. William Byron has the help of teammates
behind him. Joey Logano, a three time winner of this race track, has Ricky Stenhouse Jr
and Brad Keselowski right behind him. We need to get down there inside that 22 then move
away from him. He had health going no help for the 20 to 17. Smooth. He did. A good job
of Stalin has got down just for a moment. 24 double. Madam, is it gonna be able to stay
in front a lot? A lot of information from your spotter you need right here. Which Lane
down there for the start finish on this racetrack. That is every other Coming on the bottom trial.
William Byron goes to the double yellow line coming out of the tribal. William Fire is
gonna win State one. There were four wide behind him for position. Bowman Stenhouse
Jr has lousy Larson all getting stage points. Well, Johnson swore in Kurt Busch and Ryan
Wade is brought to you by credit. One credit card of NASCAR Perfect. Four. Coca Cola here.
A coach this season. The Ford F 1 50 built Ford tough and by untucked shirts designed
to be worn untucked on tuck it dot com, and we go down to the mobile one peacock Pit boxing
some sprinkles. Steve. Yeah, I think we should remind everybody as we start to see a few
sprinkles out of the sky. That race will not be official till the end of stage two. This
is just the end of stage one, so there’s more rates and guaranteed here today. Guys after
seeing that battle right there for the end of stage one. I think this is only gonna pick
up the intensity. I think that one line of showers is gonna move Crew. Then we should
be to the right of that cell. That tells me that as this race get later in the afternoon,
Jeff, I think all of these guys with a little bit of an unknown factor, we’re gonna have
to raise harder each every lap, No question. See, once once this moves through and it does
go back green, you’re gonna have to soon. There’s more rain Coming. I think as soon
as the green flag were to drop, you gotta go with full intention of Lena’s much. You
can’t get many points, and they are making this change right now. Paul Menard is gonna
get out of the 21. Matt Crafton is climbing into it right now. And Rutledge Rick this
weekend, the era Warriors reunion took place just down the road at Tim Wellborn Museum
in here. Outside the Truck arrives. There was over 100 that gather today. You can see
road runners, Talladega Mercury cycle and everything, but you can’t help but notice
the 43 Richard Petty, the 70 Super Vert. How about the 69 Dodge Daytona? The K in K car?
The Bobby Isaac drove here. This is a Champ car in 70. How about that? There’s so many
different cars here. This particular one is Tim. Well, borns car. It was out on the track
earlier. Just so much history everywhere you look and you have to know these winged warriors
when you get 225 home together like they did yesterday in his history. And we’re seeing
again history come through in Talladega. And the way these fans have responded today has
been amazing. Look at that. That is awesome. Check these names out. Harry Hyde, Robert
G. R. Cocke, Larry Reagan buddy Paris Money Back Crew Chief Robert Margaret may Look at
the Grey Fox, Do you? I mean, look at those names that some of the legendary names in
this sport, so Pit stops have not taken place yet at the end of stage one, but they are
going to bring the cars on the Pit road, leave the drivers in them because of this precipitation
that we’re starting to feel here at the track, so they’ll bring him onto Pit road. Drivers
will stay in their cars. This is not for them to Pit, so they’re just Coming Pit road. It
looks as though they’re going to stop one Pit road because of the rain in the precipitation.
All right, guys. Well, the first stage. Pretty eventful. Especially the ending there when
they were three and four wide fighting for the week. I couldn’t believe racing that we
saw. And there’s some of the points some of these guys have been able to get out of that
first stage. William Vibrant, obviously a great job by those guys. He did a really smart
thing later in that race. I know that they wanted him to move down and bring his teammates
with him, but it took some guts. I think trust that outside line, even though you see that
inside line moving forward and they’re coming to challenge you, he’s stuck with his teammates
up high and believed in their ability to do it allowed him to win that stage. One name
that I saw that was missing there. That was up front when we were talking about needing
stage voice was Chase Elliott, and he didn’t get any because he got shuffled back out of
the top 10. Claim Borias well there for a little few minutes. He’s hard running second
and third, but did not get a point that state way did see a little three wide. Three and
four would actually John Deere three wide for the lead invention with Chase. Ellie was
on the outside going to take the lead. It was three wide here in Talladega. He made
that work, but in the end wasn’t able to get on stage. 30.1. Yeah, wait, Yeah, yeah, getting
at 2 p.m. Eastern, and it will be on nbcsn to make sure to join us. It is the second
race of the second round of the playoffs. Your Talladega. Marty. Well, Rick, let’s get
immediate reaction from last year’s winner here at Talladega. Eric Amarillo. So there’s
the news who? He will go Monday afternoon, one of central time. So your take on that
how that will change the race tomorrow. Being run in the afternoon versus cool can cool
conditions Today. We’ve just given people a lot more time to sign up for racing for
bacon giveaway dot com So there’s just 24 more hours Thio win a 1,000,000 slices of
bacon, so yeah, I would have rather race today, but Mother Nature has other plans, so we’ll
go again tomorrow. But our Smithfield Racing for Bacon Ford, My thing has been really good.
We got a little bit discombobulated there on the bottom Lane about halfway through that
stage. And, you know, I just decided to ride in the back. I figured a lot of those guys
in the playoff situation. We’re gonna get really aggressive racing for stage point because
I know that some of them are pretty desperate. So I thought that there might be potential
for a wreck and I didn’t wanna be a part of that. So I just kind of rode around, make
sure that I was out of harm’s way. But all in all, we’re you know, we’re in good shape
and, well, uh, you ready for tomorrow? But it’s been a big week. Have been a great week
announcing Smithfield extension and really proud of that and what they’ve done to support
not only me but our sport going on nine years of supporting our sport that’s hard to find
these days. So they’ve been a great partner of mine and a great partner of sport and just
continuing Thio grow that relationship. How about for you to announce the extension along
with that relief for what does that give you? Confidence moving forward? What would you
say it gives you? It gives me and you know another another opportunity to just continue
to, uh, create success for them on and off the racetrack and continue to build that relationship.
They’ve been a great partner of mine for a long time now, and it’s just good. It just
feels good when you know that they see the value not only me, but in our sport. They
know that the people that are watching here on Fox and our NBC NBC Sorry I am so sorry
on NBC and on Fox in the beginning part of the year, and all the people who sit in those
grandstands, they know that their customer and they appreciate that they enjoy being
able to market to them. So I had a great relationship with them and love having them on the race
car. We’ve got bacon flames on the race car at Talladega doesn’t get any better than that.
So Brian Kozlowski said here that today’s weather makes everyone feel like Superman.
It’s gonna be sunny tomorrow. So how much is that gonna change the game for you behind
the wheel? You know, I don’t know. I think it’s really still temperature dependent. It
could be sunny, but if it’s 65 degrees and sunny eyes a lot different than 85 sunny,
So I think we’ll just have to wait and see. But the cars are handling really good out
there. People are being very aggressive. We saw a lot of three wide racing, and I anticipate
a lot more of that tomorrow. Eric am a role, a big smile on his face because he knows,
Hey, he want Talladega last year when I make it two years in a row, Dave. For Ricky Stenhouse
Jr. The reason that we’re here, among other things, is because we’ve got the sunny D shirt
and we were really working for that until we got the announcement so funny out here.
You’re right, you’re right. Now. Our personalities are as well. So we’ve talked about a lot of
things. CrossFit talk about racing really much other than Talladega today, which you’ve
done well. And Brian, Patty told me you guys were gonna be good as you usually are on these
tracks. So what’s it been like in the pack? Yeah, Bingo. Our cars driving really well,
son Eddie Ford. It was a little bit tight. I think everybody’s been kind of tied off.
Turn two. That’s kind of been the kind of issue point. But, you know, there at the end
of the stage, it’s just tryingto you picked the right lines, picked the right draft, You
get to the front, you know, you see, people pull down and you kind of wanted to go. But
I felt like it was too early and, you know, we jump down there with two and then the 20
to jump down, and we were able to, you know, push our way to the top five and get some
good stage points for us, which is always our goal here no more. You stay up front,
better, better opportunity. You have to win and and really also learn exactly what everybody’s
cars doing around you and think about you know, all the situations that come down to
the end of this race and the end of the stages and kind of almost mapping out your plan of
what you might do but just have a couple different options. And so that’s what we did throughout
that whole first stage. You know, the bottom Lane, you know, seems to be okay for a minute.
And then all of a sudden, the top in the middle get going and I fall into the back. I don’t
know how many times and have to jump in the outside lane to get myself back up to the
front. So it’s been, uh, back and forth. But, you know, I think everybody is kind of doing
the same. One of your crew chief told me is how well you’ve been taking care of the car
lately, really working on finishing this season strong after the announcement that you wouldn’t
be back in this car, What did you kind of do to get over the shock and kind of move
on? Well, I think just getting in the car. Charlotte was nice toe strap the helmet on.
Go run the race and we had a solid weekend it. Charlotte, we uh, we had I think we missed
the back bus stop chicane. You know, one time throughout the whole weekend, which is, uh,
you know, a lot less than other people did. So that track is so treacherous. So we just
want to have a smooth right there at Charlotte. Came home 16th or 17th and kind of did the
same thing, it over. I felt like we had better speed than where we finished. But those top
four cars were so fast, they put us lap down early and kind of trapped us. But, you know,
all in all, we had a lot of confidence Coming into Talladega, and I think it shows how well
we qualified. Everybody on the 17 team works so hard. And Brian Pattie looking at the details
and making sure that, you know, they’re doing everything they can. And Doug told me he’s
got some good horsepower underneath the hood of our sunny D Ford. So it’s been a good weekend
so far. And, you know, looking, uh, you know, I guess we gotta finish this off tomorrow,
but happy with our stage one for sure. How busy have your people been And what’s the
future look like for you? Well, uh, you know, the near future is I get to go, maybe hang
out in the infield, see some fans and been out here this weekend, just kind of England
throughout. And it’s been cool to see the encouragement of, you know, the fans that
I do have here, especially at Talladega. It’s close to my home track, and it is my home
try, but close to my home in Mississippi and just having all that support. But like like
I’ve been telling people, you know, my team on off the track side of things is working
hard, um, talking to different teams, just tryingto figure out our best plan and, you
know, best route to G. O. You know, for next year. It was so late in the game. I feel like
we’re playing catch up on, you know, people that were already looking for rods, and there’s
not many seats out there, so my guys are working hard on it. Got a lot of good people in our
corner that it’s working hard on it, and I feel confident that you know they’ll get the
job done and we’ll be somewhere that we need to be next year and, um, finish this year.
Old strong. Okay. Boulevard. Be aware he’s in a bright orange sonny T T shirt and cap.
Ricky might be on his way to see you. Kelly Coming to see Parker and I. We’ll go hang
out at Talladega Boulevard. Came to find Parker Kligerman not just because he’s a two time
Truck Series winner here at Talladega, but of course, he’s our good friend and colleague
as well. So you could give us a good perspective of what the racing was like out there in stage
one. Yeah, it was. It was exciting. It was interesting. I felt like a lot of handling
was involved there. It was really loose. I saw a lot of cars getting really sideways,
and we got up in the like the top 15 I’d say even close the top 10 at one point, and I
was like in a good group of cars. Felt pretty good, like things were starting to be handling
asked and I got super loose in the turned three and my heart rate hit like 1 85 cry,
and I just decided discretion is better part of valor at that time, so I sort of went back
a little bit. But, um, yeah, I think it’s It’s been interesting. I think you get big
runs. That’s been fun. It’s honestly interesting trying to go up against that Corvette juggernaut
wherever they are with a sales guys or something. They’re selling cars to us. I guess now, I
just left the Toyota, uh, g b our teammate meeting, and it was just me. So, um, you know,
we don’t really have that many friends, but I was talking to a couples out there. It looks
like we could maybe link up. So if we get that chance, linkups mothers will definitely
that we had a great car are 90 sixes awesome. I could get up to the front if I wanted to,
but we have that caution and were like 15 to go. I just have one on new tires. They’re
fighting for stage points that someone like you guys go do that and I’ll see you later
when it matters more. We talked about you don’t have any actual teammates, and the Toyota’s
as a whole are down on car account. So how is it trying to find other people to work
with out there. One time I was trying to push Matt D a little bit, and then we got, like,
put up by Ford’s and then they wouldn’t let us in and they were trying to block us. They
were trying to dump him, and it’s just it’s annoying because it’s not fighting one or
two guys. It’s fighting 568 that are all working in connection to each other, so it just becomes
frustrating. But it’s fun. I actually like our position because you just play spoiler
like you just go up in there. You make moves, you annoy them. You get in, you know, shove
in your way and they don’t want you there. And it’s like, All right, cool. But I’m gonna
make make my way in there. So let me in. So I think I like it. I like our position. I
saw Denny said, You know, we’re open for business. Anyone wants work so well, absolutely plot
in any time you’re running a limited schedule here with God brothers racing in this Toyota,
Just give me an idea of what it would mean to this team. It seems like when you come
to the super speedways, You guys really shine. You’ve had some good runs. Would it mean to
them to come away with the top 10 or even grab that top step of the podium? Be huge.
I mean, I entertained the thought here, you know, before the race, I told that one. Hey,
look, opportunity on offer like that’s what these races are for a smaller team like us
part time team, you know, we have the opportunity to have an incredible run or an incredible
day. And you know, when you get in that first stage and you’re sticking with the front pack
and you find yourself comfortable to feel like you can run the top 15 top 10 that sort
of opens. Drives to be like Okay, there’s there’s an opportunity here if we just play
our cards right. If we’re smart, we make the right moves. And part of that is sometimes,
you know, sort of going towards the back like we did at the end of stage one and just ride
it out till the end of that. That caution, because we’re playing it smart. We’re playing
the long game to say we have a chance, An incredible day, and we’ve just got to play,
you know, play conservative. But at same time, when there is that up to an offer, take the
chance. And I think our best position is whatever reason our Toyota Camry handles amazing. So
when we get you know later in the run, 20 laps, entire 25 laps and tires, we can really
pick. Some cars often get up there. It was the same thing at Daytona in July, so if we
could just do that or have a nice long run tomorrow at the end, I think we could definitely
be a factor. All right, Rick, You heard the words there from Parker. Opportunity on offering.
Feels really optimistic about his Toyota. And how cool. If we could go celebrate with
our NBC sports colleague in Victory Lane, my teammates, which he’ll go in there by himself.
All right. How do you feel after sleeping on one stage? Are you ready to come out there
and race right now? I feel lucky. No Rex in the first stage. So surprising. I don’t stay
that way. Yeah, no, Too chaotic. Too much on the line, too. much pressure, too much
pressure. It is on the line. It’s the second race of the playoffs of the second round.
It’s timeto fire the engines. Let’s go trackside for the command. And now for the most famous
words in motor sports track chairman of Talladega Superspeedway, Grant Lynch, Oken Trophy and
I have some friends down here with me to help me get this started or you already. 123 Driver
start You heard on the communication. Fire it back up. That’s right. 57 laps of the 188
laps are complete. That means only 131 laps to go way will have the engines fired. They’ll
roll around the race track and come back on pit road just like it was the end of stage
one, and they could come in for their servants. So no matter how they come off pit road, that’s
the way they will line up. When we get ready for the restart, we’ll get a few updates from
Pit road. We’ll start with Dave and Rick. Yesterday started as an adventure for Ryan
Blaney. First of all, his car was very, very fast, but then Coming Pit road as the leader
under green flag, We talked about how difficult it waas. Well, he told us later, during the
rain delay, I well hopped it. I made a mistake, and obviously that sent 12 car around. He
served the penalty for obviously getting into faster Pit Lane. That done, they’re now going
to be ableto Pit and get 12 car, four fresh Goodyear tires of Philosophy Nokko Fuel and
get him back on his way. Perspective for Blaney is that now he knows where the limit is because
he stepped over it. And when you do that at Talladega, you’re lucky to have your car in
one piece. And Ryan Blaney has a very fast Ford party. Well, Dave, the winner of stage
one was William Byron cattle with him a moment ago, he said, I’m honestly surprised we were
able to win stage one because we’re a much better pusher than we were out front. And
it’s interesting because these Chevrolets come to a point at the very front of race
car, and you can see a little crack in the front of point for William Byron and that
Chevrolet Camaro in the number 24 exalted colors for him. He also said, At the end of
Stage one, we took on tires and I feel like that was an advantage that allowed the car
to maneuver. Ah, lot easier and we were able to get the front because of those tires. That
check announced, decided to put on. I said, Will you take on tires again here when you
come down pit road in a moment, he said. I believe we will. I think we’ve locked onto
something there. Kelly, Travis, Marty. When the race started some 23 hours ago, Denny
Hamlin had to start his 11 car from the back of the field because of an engine change following
qualifying on Saturday. But it only took a handful of laps before he was able to work
his way up well inside the top 10. And he had to do without any real help from teammates.
Remember, the Toyota’s represent the smallest car count in the field and as all these manufacturers
have been mandated to work together, Danny made one thing very clear to me yesterday
following state one. There are no team orders within Joe Gibbs rating or Toyota as ah hold
the way he put it. We are open for business. Are willing to work with anyone who will work
with them now. His crew chief Chris gave heart told me just a moment ago to watch out for
mistakes early on this restart because that Monday afternoon race that doesn’t have quite
the buildup, that it had the start yesterday. He said, What for? People to be kind of off
their game when this thing gets going, Rick and we’re seeing right now the two of Brad
Keselowski did not fire up, so they’re gonna have to bring one of the vehicles over to
push him started and he’ll blend back in where he blends in. So that’s just unfortunate that
the car wouldn’t fire up and we’re seeing Also, this is early on early Pit stop. So
probably a penalty here for six of Ryan Newman. Hey, went ahead and stopped on pit road before
he is coming off. So they’re gonna push start. Brad Keselowski six is going to be penalized
for pitting too soon. But obviously something was wrong with that car that they needed to
make that decision as the cars come off pit road and start working
their way around this 2.66 files. Superspeedway will be looking down on the track, our aerial
coverage brought to you by Coca Cola, giving us a great vantage point. And when the pack
starts working and everyone’s moving from lying toe line, that’s also a great perspective.
And see the push Truck is gonna make its way up to the back of the two Brad Kozlowski to
get him fired up. So, Steve, I would ask you right away. Do you have a fear of? We’ve got
a battery issue here. Your biggest concern is why didn’t it crank to will get his position
back when NASCAR causes a red flag. If you can’t fire at that point, you’re allowed to
be pushed off and not have any penalties. Go back to the same position within the field.
The question is what you just asked. Why didn’t it crank the stalls in all Pit road? Will
it not crank again? So I have to check in with two to see if this is a lingering issue,
and NASCAR just confirmed that they told us that once they get fired back up, they’ll
be able to get their position back, just like in the red red flight, assuming it fires,
pushing it off a long ways that things should fire off easily by now. Now, the question
is, what is wrong with Brad Kozlowski? You would’ve thought by now he’s got it in here
with the ignition switch on this. It doesn’t fire. Tells me there’s just no fire going,
even with the switch up, normally would have fired by now. What’s interesting is we got
the approved list of adjustments from NASCAR from overnight there. He’s got nothing right
now. Still trying. You heard in there cycling switches, Steve. So they’re all standing up
here. Paul Wolf, everybody. All the engineers were all standing up here. I think they’re
getting a little concerned. This is a long push. It should have fired way by now. Kelly
And now, with the 88 of Alex Bowman making his way to Pit road, he started off this race
just a little bit too loose. But an adjustment help get the car better. He felt the vibration
in the last That attire said will make four Goodyear tire change the Nokko fuel. Joey
Logano Coming in here interesting because Logano took no tires in that first aid. They’re
gonna go with four fresh Goodyear tires. Meanwhile, can’t help making the call for William Byron
bottom of your screen to go with four fresh Goodyear tires as well. So tires might be
a little more important than my thought guys way. Race off pit road brought to you by Kroger
positions gained by Ryan Blaney. A to tire Pit stop for the 12. He comes on pit road
first and still issues for the two of us. Lasky back in Talladega, about to go green
here in Stage two here. In a moment, they’ll get one to go when they come back to the start.
Finish line. Brad, you can see finally fired up, but it took a long time. That is, the
middle of the backstretch. They literally pushed him all the way from Pit row to the
middle of the back stretch before it finally got fired up. According to Brad, they had
to be on the apron to do that, but they pushed him around the apron for the most of that
lap, and interesting to note, Kelly. They took the least amount of fuel of anybody at
the end of stage one there, Only four seconds of fuel. So yet I don’t wonder. Something
like that had something to do with Marty before the break. We also saw the six of Ryan Newman
Pit too soon, which means he’ll be penalized and sent to the back of the field. Well, this
was simply by design. Ryan wanted to be at the back of the field, so they pitted him
early. They brought him down a second time just to top him off with fuel cells. Like
his game plan. If they hang back early days and Kelly, they may come back in again. I
just heard the 19 of Tru X say they’re gonna come in and top off the 20. His teammate Erik
Jones. Remember? He had the flat right rear tire early in stage one and did some damage
back there. They came down pit road, cut away about a 14 inch offender brace from the right
rear fender will have to keep an eye on that seat. That has any effect. The team didn’t
think it would, and now he’ll rejoin it back and maybe come back and top off. Well, fuel.
Very important here, Rick. Yes, it is. But the fuel window. 38 laps so they can’t go
all the way. There. Still 50 todo in stage two. Take a look at stage one results again
with stage ended, William Byron got the win and you look top 10 received stage points.
And right there. You see, there are six of the playoff drivers that we’re able to at
least get one point in the first stage. What that did look at points. And these points
air after those points rewarded at the end of stage one. This is not projected it all
the way through the end of the race. But this is after stage one point paid. Ryan Blaney
came in 22 points back. Now he’s 31. Elliot, the guy we thought they could win this race.
He came in seven points back. Now he’s 17 back. So not getting stage points put these
guys in a difficult spot aren’t correct, Junior on pit road for that top up. And remember,
Truex is one of the drivers who have chosen to kind of ride around near the back of the
field. So this is there doesn’t hurt them in terms of track position here does put them
a little bit further down in the fuel window. Talk to Martin just before he got in his race
car today, everything’s working well for him. Just have to pick the right time and some
friends to go with all this conversation. Fuel rig’s really about time on pit road under
Green The idea is that you want to spend the least amount of time in your Pit stall, especially
if we have a green light Pit stops. Just try to make sure you have much fuel on board as
possible. And the 47 we’re hearing an uncontrolled tire for that team living this Pit stop. This
rule has changed. Basically, it’s no longer an arm’s length. It’s a safety issue. Or perhaps
if you get in the other way of a pit stop that right there would be a safety issue rolling
back towards the live side of the road. No harm, no foul. This point. You’ve seen how
many guys have pitted on a turn Pit twice. If you aren’t on the front two or three rose,
I’m not sure track position matters if you are on the front two or three rows. You do
not want to give that up when you say that Denny Hamlin yesterday started the back of
the field, was already up into the fourth or fifth position after about four laps. Wanna
listen into Ryan Blaney’s radio just moments ago looking like, uh, Max? So 24 88 and then
in 17 20 to 42 you chose that bottom group to be able to do that. There’s a Ford on the
outside way. Talked about breaking up the field manufacturers. They have been working
together. The boards with Fords, Chevys, Chevys and Toyota says don’t jump in wherever they
can field approaching the guy code. We start zone about ready to get underway with Stage
two from Talladega. A couple cars jumping out of line, one of those being to Brad Kozlowski
back there. White number two. Even more cars going to the top. Larson Coming in front of
trains. Middle 31 already down the back straightaway. Very similar stage one. I thought I might
take it easy, but looks like the race is gonna be the same as it was yesterday. I’ve been
thinking all night about what they could’ve done different. They could’ve done better
what they learned. Now they’re ready to go. Oh, Byron, in front of a team, Make it out
of the bottom groove to go pick up his teammate. Where you, Byron, Alex Bowman, decided to
get out of that low line, and now it’s four Ford. Ford lined up 123 on the bottom. Jelly
came very quickly. Alex Bowman. Before the start of that, he was to move as 88 car up
to the middle of the 42 Chevy teammate Kyle Larson was trying to leave him a whole 20
to 4 of Joey Logano, pushing them too hard. It kept closing that whole Alex moment, finally
able to work his way up to get with the others, working 3/4 of the bottom Lane to make that
work yesterday. That bottom Lane, once he got double wide, was not as good as the outside
Lane. If that continues part about being in the middle three y you’re getting fat draft
from both sides and it tends to suck you back. Now, did you see the Austin Dillon goes out
17 car breaks up the moment on that outside line, and they’re able to bring that center
Lane forward, Byron Bowman going to top there. It’s a tough situation for them right now.
They could drop down to B that second Lane, but they’re trying to stay in the third length
because in the third Lane, it’s all Chevrolets. Look at all them. They don’t want to separate
those Chevrolets, but he could have dropped down and become the leader of the second Lane.
Marty and the Chevy’s going to the top. Jeff, that’s by design. For all the bow ties to
be together, and just to reiterate, we talked about the manufacturer alliances. Chevrolet
had a driver and crew chief meeting on Saturday and then unprecedented at the end of stage
one. When the rain came yesterday, they all got together again and we reminded Wayne work
Together. We want a 70 win. But more importantly, pair of the Chevy playoff drivers. I think
you could get it to work, to get to the front right now, falling back to create a little
memento side draft a little bit on that 17 car, get himself move forward. They got chased.
Elliot up here on the bottom proved to be able to jump out. Help them once they get
that far, far up here with the other Chevrolets of brick and so forth. 13 of dealing. They’re
gonna hit that bottom Crew until that outside line of Chevrolet was able to get up through
there. Let that moment way. Continue to talk about manufacturers. One manufacturer that
leased cars on the track or Toyota. They only have 77 Toyotas in the field, compared to
18 Chevys and 15 fours where they’re running right now. Way. Look at it. The Toyota Driver
update. The highest running one is Denny Hamlin running in the fourth position. Here’s what
he had to say about that. The number of Toyota’s against the field. This was yesterday. If
everyone wants to get up front, you’re gonna have to use other guys a certain times to
do that. So we’re not too particular. There are no team orders over on the other side,
so if you want to work with us, we’re open for business. Open for business on right now.
Denny Hamlin on that bottom line behind 3/4 killing running in the fourth position, but
Denny Hamlin talking about things breaking on his race car for, he said, There’s something
wrong with the brace under the cowl. Now, he says, the roof flap is broken. Now you
can see there the hood clap but rather lapped up on the windshield. They were looking, waiting
for pictures, but then it completely blew up into the windshield. There of the 11th
waiting hood actually Coming up, can’t you? Yeah, it’s bumping quite a bit, obviously,
Steve, when you when you have something like that, it affects all the hair on that hood.
So the pan is completely gone now. So those openings air required by NASCAR there a way
to keep the car on the ground in case it spins out. The rule is you don’t have to have the
actual panel opening just must not be blocked by any damage, so it’s not. Nothing will have
to repair the question I have it. If they were the lead car with that air dump down,
and what with the air be doing would be a disadvantage? We’ll have to wait and see later
in the race. We see everybody’s good bumping around those flats continue to open here is
finally blows off. 11. A lot of turbulence to these patents. It’s almost a problem they
can’t fix, even if it hurts the car. It’s really not something. They picked it because
the whole hands assemblies probably broken. Yeah, you saw the hinges are on the panels
that blew off. We’ll see where that ends up in NASCAR. Think we’re gonna have to call
a caution? That’s a portion of it right here. Way, that hood bumping around to their four
pins at the front of it. And then it also has tenders at the back of a game. Leader
moves up to throw a block Ryan Blaney looks like he may not be able to keep that lead
with sport friends. Clint Boyer, the high side. Now remember, One of the reasons why
Blaney was the restart leader was because he only took right side tires on that pissed
off why they were able to take four on that spin to Pit road that Blaney had when he was
leading the race. So in stage one, so interesting how sometimes bad luck actually work to their
favor here. They got off a Pit road first with just two tire change Ford side by side
up front of Talladega. Gonna get blocked by Joey Logano. But Chase puts the 11 and Denny
Hamlin in the middle, and he’s gonna drop back. He has no help. Boyer was up there,
but it’s still a lady up front of Talladega. Don’t miss your chance to hit the road in
a 2019 Ford Mustang GT. Plus, you could win other awesome prices throughout the NASCAR
playoffs. Head nascar dot com slash board playoffs Promo today to interview your chance
to win big 37 laps to go in States to 1000 bulbs dot com 500 Cup Series playoffs continuing.
Joey Logano is out front. Ryan Blaney got shuffled back. He is all the way out of the
top 10 now with what just happened there. Joe is trying to get this outside line to
stay up here. He’s trying to take control the entire race, to put this whole field in
single file. That’s what he loved. He happened. He creates more, more momentum of high. It
seems to be that inside line, middle line losing ground to out that line. More cars
in and out that line also organize morning Jeff, have you been watching the in car camera?
You may have noticed. Joey Logano looks a little bit different this weekend. Yes, indeed.
Wearing glasses for the first time ever in a race here. You see him putting him on as
he climbed in the car for the start today. And the reason he’s put on glasses because
his PR man, Kyle Zimmerman, wear glasses full time. So about four weeks ago in the hall,
he said, Wear those glasses on. He put him on. He said, Man, I see so much better further
away. He’s nearsighted, doing needed glasses until he tried on those glasses. You know
what? I’m gonna try it for Talladega. Maybe it makes him 5% better, Jeff. But you’ll take
anything if you get a rival, right? He told me it worked wonders in state when I could
be much further down the road than I could before. Anything more he think’s gonna help
you. That’s what you try to do. God knows that inside line Coming jumped in the bottom.
Slow down. The 14 car Ricky sent out trying to move that outside line. Now, the joy that
God was gonna block it and lead. You have one of the most aggressive blockers on the
racetrack. He’s gonna go where every needs to go. You’re trying run behind. Gonna be
more aggressive now. The bulls on the cars, they get really, really a big run to be ableto
try to take that lead. Bigger runs and they had the past. You have to be a lot more aggressive
to try to control this. Leave like you used to. So maintain that position then and control.
But those last keep working against each other. I think one day, no helping that. They stayed
three wide, a few rows back to be hard to get a lot of energy. See that Ford Mustang
on the left now behind the 22? That’s 17 of Ricky Stenhouse Jr Not unusual to see him
up front at race like this. Talking Crew chief Brian Pattie yesterday said the car draws
up well and recovers well. Important right here is he gets put to the middle. Watch that
17 does not drop all the way back through the field. So I checked in with him this morning,
he said everything we talked about Crew yesterday in stage one. We think the 17 of the straddled,
that bullshit bullshit, controlling it now I think one of the better plate races in the
Chevy camp out there doesn’t do. He tried to go up there, slow down, that actually going
in the middle, he thought, You gotta slow it down and get back in front of a lawyer.
Couldn’t do it out in the back of the 22. And Joey got lose twice there from pushes
from Stenhouse Jr. So now that bottom Lane separated and it’s three wide this pop Lane,
very top plays will be a big night and right here for just a few laps until they get this
sorted out. Chevys working well together Now they have been able to take over and lead
here in Talladega. They’re just like it was for Joey. Earlier is to try to keep everybody
in the top Crew not allowed that bottom. It’ll prove to be a draft up running through the
middle of travel here, running through the middle of a race track here. You may go to
the bottom, get down to the bottom of the quarter, working both crews, allowing everyone
to get a little bit of a draft. Some of these cars that helped the bottom Lane, they hit
bottom and then moved to the top in the middle of racetrack. That really help the bottom
Lane gets a moment. I’m going. Sure why? They did that very aggressively pushing of Joey
Logano right here. These guys hooked up right now. 22. They got separated. The racetrack.
The 17 goes really, really quick. Something’s gonna have a choice here to continue to push
it and make a move. He’s gonna push him here. Would be better off just dragging the break
a little bit. Keep the 17 hooked up doing. There you go. They locked up no rules against
being locked up in this Series. Now they’re separated. A huge difference being locked
up. Not now. The two cars moved down to help Joey. He got out of that outside lines, cracking
down in front of his teammate of all the boards on the inside. So now it’s Brad last being
chased and pushed by 22 of Joey Logano again Moments ago, it was 17 Wednesday night hockey
nbcsn Nathan McKinnon in the Colorado Avalanche, Sidney Crosby and the Penguin coverage starting
at 7 p.m. Eastern on NBC. Bubble Wallace with helmet cam here that is still a rough rider
on this track. Kelly. What’s going on with Denny Hamlin Now? Let’s check in with Ricky
with five back to 30 position. One point. He got kind of shuffled out and he said, This
car just doesn’t have any speed in it right on someone’s career. He eventually got to
the lower Lane, but they did not like what was happening around him. He said, We’ve got
to get out the back of the pack and remember the issues with that hood flat. Well, he has
said, I’m very concerned about this hood. Making it through the rates will keep an eye
on the 11 keeping out front 20 to 2. Great great security Talladega. Great play traitors
working together out front. I think you put those two guys together. They can be hard
to be today, and you see why working that tandem transit can track when you pushed through
the corner, they feel comfortable to do that way bottom. They don’t figure out how to do
that. I think that 22 2 could use that to win this race. Incredible drive on that bottom
Crew. And to be honest, Joey Logano wasn’t very happy yesterday with a teammate. Brad,
you kind of ditched him and a lot of other Fords and went to work with Clint Boyer Tandem
draft. So they made it very clear. Hey, let’s work together today. Clearly, they have been
able to do that up front, right here and using the tandem when they need to. They’ve shown
speed. You wonderful to use it later in the race as well. You mentioned the fact that
Penske guys have so much success. It’s surprising that back in 2009 Brad Keselowski had never
led a lap in the Cup series and killed this race, and it was the very last lap of the
race. He was driving from James Finch at the time, and James Bench. The owner, had actually
left the racetrack and was trying to beat the traffic, and he was on his way out the
traffic out of the track when all of a sudden he heard Wait a second. Brad Keselowski is
gonna win this race. He wins the race for James. Bitch turns back around and comes back
to celebrate Victory Lane. That was the first time Brad Kozlowski had ever let a lap and
his first win in the Cup series right here at this racetrack. Explain to me what just
happened. They had so much organization down the back stretch. You’re going to turn three,
and they broke all up. Now they’re organized together. Share Lane here. Chased Elliot.
Really become great Last couple of years. Got a great Crew from his teammate. Now it’s
holding Your bumper Got separated. He’s gonna move away to camp, that draft
trying to get up there to get a little side draft. But tight together along the opportunity
of feeling hold. So you’re in the bottom Lane, you jump up and grab, somebody could drive
underneath you, Jimmie Johnson hoping nose out just a little bit. Oh, maybe a little
contact with the 18 Larson and Lane ae Bogle Little Lane. They both quarter to go behind
the one car Curtis did. Something has spotted Really didn’t want him to do. When the Chevy’s
air in the high line they called Kurt Busch. Protect that highlight. He got moved to the
middle there, lost a couple of spots, but that one car is a very good racecar. Talked
to Kourt right before he fired the engine today, said I could do everything I wanted
to with it. Let 12 laps in Stage one. He’s not even had to rein it back a little bit.
So very confident with his Camaro 48 Johnson line there in the middle. One user. We’re
just trying to get a barrel that car. Get a drive, better clean and moving in line there,
and it broke up just a little bit. Car put a little bit out there. That line is a little
more organized, a little tighter. I’m gonna put the car out front just for the time being.
Way saw the outside line surgeon, and it looked as though they’re pulling away from that inside
line. Then the board on the inside line came back. Way, way. Chevys work their way to the
bottom line. Is that because they were making the green flag Pit? 88 of Alex Bowman. You’ll
only Marty all the Chevy’s Hendrick motor sports cars going fuel on Lee. Interesting
because in Stage one they went with four Goodyear tires at this point and one the same time
they go fuel on Lee. We’ll see how it plays out the board to becoming this last college.
They’re all single file, very organized South hands on the back stretch as the only a couple
out of the back and 18 fours. Single file. Big one. Slide the tires on the road. Maybe
a fake there by the boards to shake the Toyota’s out of the middle of that Crew. Kelly 11 There
of Denny Hamlin, who had hung back. And you see they’re gonna attend that hood. Left.
They came apart and give him some fuel. Marty board with a bit of a fake there. Some of
them have their signed out. If they were Coming. Toyota Zone coming down. Pit road. Kyle Busch
having to dodge Daniels Limerick. There. He did mention you guys mentioned Car’s picking
out once in a while, Kyle said, I’m overheating at times that maybe it’s why you see these
cars picking out much warmer today than it was yesterday. We’ll see how these cars blend
in. Now. The Fords complete another lap. 32 32 quarts of joy. One. Smoking tires on pit
road had to change tires. That’s gonna cost him the draft. They really wanted to see these
cars all lined up there no longer wait. No longer see inside by five single file with
this line Red and single vow. This could be a way to get track position. Get ahead of
that double file. Yeah, it’s hard to take the car to get organized. You don’t How fast?
Basically there straightaway behind what I like about the Ford pack right here is super
efficient. Those details. No. One side by side, and I actually think with fewer cars
you might go to attack Pit road. Better run each other over Ray. Way Rather Pit with less
cars. It’s much easier to get on pit road, but you don’t want attack and go too fast.
And that’s exactly what happened with Denny Hamlin. Martin Truex Jr. As well is the 32
of Korea Joy, all three speeding on pit road. It’s a huge penalty, and you should be able
to recover. He gets a caution for right now. Is green Flag racing continues to lead? Having
a Pit in extra time will definitely put those guys are behind on their own. When you come
to Pit road is only a couple of three car speeding. So for the joys on pit road serving
his penalty. All right, Look out the window. You could barely see it last year. I think
they’re all gonna come this time. I agree with you. They got two cars on the bottom
of the racetrack. I have to go around. Matt’s gonna mess him up. I’m gonna make it challenging
one through 12 right now on the race track. Coming. Telling and telling. Clint Boyer,
driver, driver of the number 14. And a lot of guys were getting busted for Speedy Soto.
Want his speed? He started off a little bit. But by the end of this run anyway, with getting
a little bit tight, it’s going to be fueled. Only I believe it will be for the 14. Marty
Gordon told Joey Logano makes you your brake bias is correct. What happened? Teammate Ryan
Blaney Coming on pit road. Fuel on Lee For all these $4 who led much of that stage? You’ll
only for him as well. Eric Al Merola of the board, though the road. All right, Who did
it matter? We’re getting ready to find out. You see the board’s blending into turn one
in the distance. Here comes the rest of the field, led by the Chevrolets. Jimmie Johnson,
the nine of Chase Elliott. It’s gonna be about more, Madam. I think the Chevrolets gonna
have momentum as they come off turn two. They are working together high line, and they’re
gonna go right on by Chevys on a roll. A freight train out there. But up to speed that 10 of
Eric. Well, quite a few of the boards were able to stay up front, and now we’re hearing
the 21 too fast. I think these 1st 3 cars these 1st 3 Fords, they’re gonna have to block
pretty hard right here didn’t do it. I would rather stay in line. Put that block. All this
works out outside Lane Coming pretty hard. Yeah, there’s just not enough numbers down
there in that bottom, bruv. I think Ford on the inside here, Ricky Stenhouse Jr just came
down pit road. Remember talking about on that when all the boards were Coming? Well, Ricky
was the last one to go around one of those cars that shuffle them up, and he got stuck
on the outside Lane did not make his Pit stall just came in. Now alone. And so after shuffling
green flag pit stops Johnson up front. NASCAR not stop Pit Just 14 laps to go in Stage two
of the non NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series playoffs from Talladega telecast presented
by Applebee’s and NASCAR driver could be her live race day companion. Select up to eight
different cameras or you can watch four at one time with multi camera view. Visit nascar
dot com slash dr things getting I think the word was chaotic, like the wedge up here.
He keeps trying to pry in between with 88 Carve Alex moment. Now you see that shuffled
out 48 Jimmy Johnson, four Fords and Toyotas behind Coming to 12 to go in this state. So
points that first day could boy to get the stage points of boat running right here. And
now you’re a Ford pushing a Chevy that left front fender directly on the right
rear quarter panel. That 14 that slowed the 14 down separated the 14 in the 88 that lost
energy from that entire inside line. When that happened, when these two packs came together
after a brand that here Pit stops shuffled apart Brand to the out that lead. There was
a lot of organization. Now Brad, on his own, has a car link between itself. Jimmie Johnson
trying to get up front. He’s gonna need some help. Bill, What is that? Jimmy Johnson behind
him. How much Jimmy gonna help me? Like, just now. But here comes that out. That group they’re
and they’re falling back that middle line where Brad looks so strong. Not now. Here
comes Kyle Busch with outside line. Look at Clint Boyer and you want to go the middle,
if you can. It’s gonna block that. Here comes Brad Keselowski. We thought he was going backwards.
Regained movement grand when I have more energy on the bottom, he could have made it three
right there, but didn’t make it because there just wasn’t energy. Johnson. He did make it
three wide, but nobody goes with you, Marty. 11 to go on stage to hear Jeff Coming. Finish
line and imagine being chased. Elliot Position. They came into the race minus seven and you
guys mentioned it in st one. They got zero points. Jeff, how critical. Is it right here
that Kelly gets points in this state considering their plan position? It’s huge. And Clint
Boyer also Clint Boyer just hung a left on out teammate behind a poor teammate behind
him. Knew he would go with him. That got him bleeding. This inside line now tell you up
front, still leading in Talladega. But will that inside line work together and get the
boards up front? So far, every time they have been able to work their way back to be inside
the leader, the top line has not worked, like has passed here where it gets everybody single
file. And you see, it’s still the 14 all working really hard on in that line. Maintain a position.
It’s only it’s only four cars, so they’re really close together. Alex Bowman. Well,
joining Johnson. They’re just back there pushing. Well, Lugano, dive down here. That’s what
I do here. You go to the bottom and get in front of the other board. Jumps out of live,
man. We’re gonna invite you to share a cocotte. We go nonstop brought to you by Coca Cola.
Now, where will the nine go? That inside line has already started the moment. Um, Joey Logano
leading the inside line Llegado has taken the lead. That inside line is work. Logano
out front. He’s got Clint Boyer behind him. Shoving, going hand Boy we saw yesterday he
knew how to get that tandem working. Now the two car pushing the 14 right here. Eight to
go in stage two and listen to the watch. You gotta listen to the rpm on his hands moving.
He’s got his hands full. That 14 car pushing into the corner like that. Clint Boyer is
the guy you want pushing. He knows how to do it. I’m telling you, he put me here for
three and 1/2 hours one day everybody apart. Aboutthe only issue they have right here is
how long can he do it without overheating? That’s something we don’t know. Clint Boyer.
It’s going to get ready to learn right now. He’s paying attention. 100% to exactly that
was my water 10. That’s wise. Off to the right. You got a lot of static are to the right,
so that air goes into the grill to cool that engine off. How long can he do it? We’re about
to find out. Junior, we’re calling this tandem, right? Right. That’s what everybody watching
right now in the field. They know that this is what’s gonna happen in the end of the race,
how this race is going to get one more than likely. But what I find it is I am doing this
early. We could do it right? Like he always did it too early because it starts overheating.
Now comes the pat. Now they’re separated. Look what’s gonna happen now. They’re getting
eaten up by all these cars for him. But that’s a bad time to test. You got to get the point,
man. You’re saying, Clint Boyer, you gotta have you know where you are in points. Not
a great time to test that big push from the car behind. Clinton went down to the back
of the 22 again. Has he allowed that board to cool off the other tandem again? Go to
go rather with pay off the front of a packed but rick way up in front. It looks like a
long distance, but catching of tooth back in the lap of the 11 and the 19 the 11. 19
to make extra trip down pit road eventually by themselves to the front of the pack to
go a lap down and it’ll stir up the pack completely. When they get caught. You’re definitely gonna
get gone. Then what happens when they catch it right here too wide at the front, Right.
If you’re in this bag, Dale, you see those cars up there? If you’re the second or third
Lane, do you want to know you’re catching those cars? You know what opportunity? That
guy’s gonna probably stay on the bottom. I don’t want to go to the top. Wow. They got
the bottom in that that potentially is going to put someone behind them and force that
pushed him to top. The whole pack goes by. That little Lane got a serious energy right
there. That is separated 14 and 22. Do we talk to push and make a way to win this days?
But now they got separated now. Good boy, that 14 car. He is neither position he needs
to be making it happen in the middle way. Look here of the Coca Cola driver update where
they are running as we’re coming down now to the final four laps. Man, he’s thinking
those runs and using every opportunity you can to make a make a move. Jimmy Johnson behind
me. That’s the problem. There’s just not a lot of help that’s gonna come from there It
comes Quick boy and Branca’s Lau’s killing outside. You’re going up there separating
line for the nine of Chase. Elliott tried to block the 22 run by the board. Great job
there, brakes on their hands themselves out of trouble. That was a really late block from
Chase Elliott, I think. Fortunate to get away with way. He got a big job right into the
front of the pack. The 42 of Kyle Larson he is. Their 11 has caught up Flames coming out
underneath the 48 of Jimmy Johnson. Alex Bowman, up front blocking trying to stay up front,
got a huge shove, and it sent him down low and then right up in front of the pack. Martin
Truex Jr also caught up. Aren’t you acting? And then ride around all day trying toe? Wait,
this Rick, enough getting in it, We obviously Alex Bowman talking about all the guys that
need points, huge playoff implications. We knew it was gonna happen at Talladega. It
was gonna stir up the playoffs. We didn’t know when way. Didn’t know how, but we were
all sure there was gonna be a moment looking. How much damage? The 19. Let’s look again.
What happened? There was a 42 destroyed. Wait, Push Trying to block, make contact. Wait.
One of things you have to do. You also have to know when you can do it. But you don’t
block. You’re not gonna win this race. It’s just a difficult decision to make. You have
to be a aggressive and walk. But you also have to realize, I guess when the run is so
massive behind Just not gonna win. Damn it, Chase Elliott, get right here aren’t goes
around. Not sure he ever hit anything. They’re coming to the line with him to go. States
won’t restart but Pit role yet. And I did get hit that road closed when caution came
out there again to hit by the 22 in 88 it was down low and then he’s along for the ride.
And what a horrible feeling. You know when you’re blaming your chase Elliott. You seem
Coming right at the racetrack and he chased it. 48 of Jimmy Johnson just couldn’t get
slowed down. Nor could Kurt Busch, and they just all pile in each other. Kyle Larson,
fortunate to get that win last week. What do you What do you do? Oh, he’ll drive it
by the 47. Right Priest, this is Harvey. Brother Cam. He came through. Not bad. I don’t think
it’s harmless. Slid into their right. Blame me. Sneak through right here. The cross is
right in front of the 12. 12 goes to the apron. Oh, lookit. Collar’s not do blocks that Brad
Kozlowski was talking about in Daytona that, you know, driver’s air heavy blocking. And
that’s just one of those one of those difficult decisions drivers have to make. I’m not gonna
fall Alex Bowman. I’ve been in that situation. It’s really hard to judge how fast that run
is coming from behind. You know, you gotta try to do something to keep getting value.
Marty and Chase Elliott looked like he was clear of that until that contact for Martin
Truex Jr and it really hit the right rear heart. This is a team in a desperate situation
right now. They finish last at Dover last week because of mechanical issue. And today,
in a wreck here at Talladega, they could go toe in a must win situation. They’re trying
to get that fixed. They have stayed on the lead lap thus far. But you could see that,
right? Rear a lot of damage on the nine. Heard Barty. Say Standley Lab, that is goal of the
nine car. The other goal is to continue in the race. Remember a few years back, Master,
put in a damaged vehicle policy. Basically, when you’re in an accident, you then go on
a clock. Six total minutes. Pit road. It can be in multiple stops. Six total minutes at
that time expires. You are out of the race. You’re gonna have to repair everything NASCAR
said. You have to have Declan tails. You can’t add anything else, any offenders or anything
like that. And then once you get back on the track and run a lap, a minimum speed, none
of that matters anymore. You treat like everyone else in the field and you’re fine. Steve.
How is this going to work, though? In the situation right now where he won’t be able
to find out if you stuff to minimum speed until the final stage start. So will he be
able to come back on pit road once they have all the minute stuff done? Six minutes goes
to your point with this extended yellow. Be very careful. If you Pit every time around,
it could easily be a minute, minute, half, two minutes so you could easily run out of
time because you have so many opportunities to come down pit road again that Onley resets
after he has reached minimum speed. You look at the cars that were involved, 10 of them
in total hurt Bush. But look at all of the yellow, the names and yellow. Those were the
playoff drivers. So that’s how many playoff drivers are involved in this. The big one
that has taken place here on Latin 108 of 188 laps from Talladega winners in that Rick,
there’s always winners and losers, right? Clint Boyer. He’s gonna win this stage. 10
points for him. Joey Logano gonna finish second. That’s good. Field Lane ng six. Firing nine.
All those guys getting points they needed. You see where they put the speedy dry down.
We’ll be working on cleaning the track off as they will come to the end of this stage
two and let’s go. Morning. And Steve mentioned that the biggest concern for Alan Gustafson
right now they’re about two minutes and 30 seconds left on the crash clock. So, Alan
telling them this is going to be it. There you go to 40 or 2 37 left for Chase Elliott,
the 19 to get it fixed. And thieves that time starts from the moment they hit Pit road to
when they leave Pit road. And you mentioned it. It doesn’t clear until they meet minimum
speed on the race track. You gotta be careful, Rick, because they’re also penalties. Too
many men too fast. Take a little extra time. So if you cut it right to zero and you have
a penalty that can eliminate you from the race in the field Coming through, the trial
will again under caution. But that will end stage two. And as you mentioned, Boyer is
goingto win the state. That’s just first stage win. 2019. He needed the point. She got 10
for winning that state and a playoff point able to you know that. ”you know, give your
breakfast a tune up with delicious egg McMuffin, made with a fresh cracked egg and sizzling
Canadian bacon. Wake up breakfast with McDonald’s and right before and after that incident took
place, the 14 was the heavy pusher there. Of the 22 of Lagana, let’s listen in to the
14 radio like a pick him up. Look at just how much faster the 22 car was when he was
catching 88 down the back straightaway is gonna be roughly about the same speed and
then all of a sudden 20 to get that momentum from the 14 Clint Boyer. And it increases
while Bowman stayed the same and right around the time they make the contact, it’s almost
eight miles an hour faster. You almost saw the speed of the 22 drop right before contact.
Either had a gas or touching the brakes like you’re blocking bad Bowman. That’s the hard
part of battle. You don’t know. They’re going three miles an hour a 20 mile an hour faster
than you, and that’s clearly golden moment black that called this red. But it’s not an
easy decision to make, like I don’t have the best view, and he knew it was gonna be bad.
He was did the same thing here on the front straightaway. Got by with it right. That road
is open. And here comes race leader Clint Boyer leading the field. So he wins that stage
and picks up 10 valuable points that Clint Boyer sustained. A little bit of damage there
and that big. They’re going to take their time and look at that damage on the 14. Meanwhile,
he said he was just way too tight in front tires. Just couldn’t keep up with him when
they’re in the draft. Four tires for the 14 Marty, Joey Logano said. Man Cliff Boyars,
an amazing pusher. I’m wondering if we have rear bumper damage. He’s been pushing me so
hard, but it’s working. Car was lose very good on that run. No changes here for him
as he made brackets. Same story. Four fresh Goodyear tires. No changes on that two car
who has looked dominant at times himself. Race off pit road. Four. Tire change for everybody
in the top 10 coming off. Dylan losing six spots. You see the nine still on there. He’s
on the clock. You gotta be careful of that. The big one taking place. Bowman. He was running
up front, gets tagged by the 22 of Joey Logano, slides all the way down the racetrack and
then back up again, right in front. Off the field. Okay, two stages complete NASCAR Monster
Energy Cup series playoffs is telecast presented by Applebee’s. And it has been a monster of
a race track I have seen with not only the parts falling off of the 11 of Denny Hamlin,
but way racing has been up front yelling, and Rick, Kyle Larson and Alex Bowman have
both been released from the infield care center. I’ll start with Kyle Larson because he has
the benefit of the wind last week that the authority guaranteed your spot into the round
of eight. So what was your viewpoint of the big one? Yeah, I’ve gotten up to the third
lane there some point in the backstretch and saw a little bit of smoke at the end of straight
away and was, you know, in the records coming. And it was just trying to hope that Elaine
opened up 88. You know, I’ve seen his door numbers and clobbered in there. So, yeah,
that hit her. But, you know, I think I’m all right. And you think we’ve got the win last
week and don’t really gotta wear about points racing, but, um, you are McDonald. Chevy was
good. The Chevy’s did a really good job working well together. You run up front and things
like that. So hopefully Kyle, thank you so much. And, Alex, I’ll turn to, you know, this
is much more consequence for you in your playoff hopes. You were at the lead of all that. So
what do you think happened? Um, yeah. I mean, it’s hard to have it completely seen it, but
my guess is just I throw a block that I should have blocked. I got shoved away out there,
and, um knew the 22 was coming and just tried to move down just a little bit and assume
they touched me. It just turned us sideways and kind of went from there, so they just
had a bigger run. Then I realized I should have let him go to block that I apologize
to all the cars I got torn up. That’s on me. Um, how they could happen. So hate it for,
Ah, Amazon Echo Auto Nationwide Team way had a really good car and had a good point. They
go on obviously, stage points meant a lot. So just trying to be aggressive but didn’t
need to go and do that. Give me a sense of how difficult that is to judge those speeds
as a line really gets moving. Yeah. I mean, the spoilers air so big now, even though they’re
clear, the car shakes so much you really can’t see so, um rightly so I couldn’t I mean, my
mirrors. Super shaky and trying to look through a thing. Alexis and stuff. So I just didn’t
do a very good job of judging it right there. That’s all that’s on me, Alex. Thank you for
your time. Alex will move on to Kansas, where he was the runner runner up finish in the
spring rain. 26 year old Alex Bowman saying that one’s on May. Sorry, guys. Yeah, wait.
With two stage is complete. Now we look at the most points earned in those 1st 2 stages.
Logano, 18 points last Byron lawyer, all capitalizing on the stages to get points. But then there
are others that did not capitalize on Kevin Harvick. Not a big deal for him. Denny Hamlin.
Also not too bad. He’s got playoff points. Martin Truex Jr does but Chase Elliott. He
needed points. He was below the cut line when he came here. No points and not involved and
caught up in this most recent big one worked really hard on this car. You wonder how much
speed left in that car was really interesting. What Alice Bowman said. You can see that that
clear aerial top of that schooler NASCAR made that bigger, so the drivers had better, better
visibility out of the rear view mirror. But he said, the car is vibrating. Shake so much,
it’s really hard to see out of them. And I think that’s that makes that decision that
much more difficult about how fast guys coming from behind. Morning. Officially, Jeff on
the crash clock only 46 seconds left, Chase Elliott and Alan Guth isn’t gonna leave it
on the racetrack here. You also saw him kind of dropped to the back of the pack. There
he was in 14th actually, but they made a decision to drop to the back. You’re Alan telling him
after Chase said, Is this all I’ve got left? He said, Yep, for right now, nothing to gain
here. Let’s just finish it off in this stage will go hard later if we have that opportunity
and look at that car, don’t you? They’re going. It’s obviously got rear suspension damage.
He can’t even maintain any reasonable speed in the draft. They get cardboard field approaching.
Makiko Restart zone. It’s Kozlowski and boy are one and two. They made up front row and
blame behind the tubes of teammates working together on that high line
boards all fall into line. Way. Byron, right in the middle of that 24. A lot of working
together with a lot of Bowman, Johnson. Larson. Of course, we don’t know the damage yet. Joey
Logano continuing to push and he shoves 24. Well, you’re firing cars going to speedy dry
there. Waver. Now, right is the lone Chevrolet Jilin. And if you have the car’s out back,
his teammates in that crash concerned Junior. I’m gonna go back to something you said Maybe
at the start of the weekend, how will wire William Byron raced with how? Because he’s
so young. 21 years old, really the youngest in the playoffs with veterans race with him,
or will they let him hang out? Earned their respect. Has a fast car that helps. I’d be
going like Denny Hamlin. Stay still for business. That’s one of the perils of manufacturers.
Families were altogether Iraq happens. It’s easy to take them all out. Speaking to the
William Byron Point, I asked him about that earlier this week. I said, Do you feel like
you have to respect at restrictor plate races? I was maybe too aggressive, but I had to show
that one, like our heads stability and two, you could trust me out there. He has certainly
earned that respect. Number one Stage one is still in a spot to win this race as well.
Chevrolet and one of the cars on the move will grow back paint scheme. There. Ty Dillon
Way saw his grandfather calling pop pop Richard Childress and three out on the track yesterday.
But that is the first paint scheme that was four Richard shows, he said. I’m gonna go
against all of the superstitions are gonna have a green car. I’m gonna use the number
13. I’m going against them all to see if my luck will change. Sure enough did the most
successful owners in NASCAR and a part of the whole way with Grand won the stage here,
winning when the first stage here in race, confidence in himself, at least trying to
get up there, makes moves. Three was involved in that wreck that was able to stay on the
racetrack has all that minimum speed, so there’s no more clocks, no more anything. They prepared
as much as they need when they come to pit road. Even if they have to go to the garage,
they’re allowed to do that now. No more restrictions or rules now that everybody’s got all the
stage points. We’re trying to settle it down a little bit. Actually, get everybody in the
top line. No more, more battle. Muchas Chevy versus Ford. Like we had for the 1st 2 stages.
Why was the top line? Why why are they able to go up there and not be challenged down
low? Because there’s three boards up front that I have no interest in passing one another.
I believe Kyle Busch probably happy to be in fourth. So when you get the front four
or five, happy to still be rolling in one direction and they just commit the following,
I think the overall speed just fast, Junior. That’s what I’ve always seen from the bog
and the bottom when you run on the bottom, going down low and turning the wheel just
a little more creates a little bit of a recording that, according to push, push cars away and
they back up to the pack. So there’s a lot of accordion going on the top. No cars. I’ll
get a pretty face between them in the moment of just continue to appeal and everyone first
and fifth pretty much wide open when you run on the bottom. Only the leaders wide open
with that accordion effect. Bottom proof right here, above a lot group behind that single
power, they’re all double foul. While that’s going on that single file line, I’ll just
drive away from him. Oh, those are their bubble while it gets into the wall around 77 also
around like Jones behind the wheel of that one landing castle, that in front of 43 when
all this started. Somebody either got into the back of the 43 he got into the wall. Take
a look at it. This replay Shannon. Now the 43 comes up the race track. It’s not clear
or contact with. Right front tired. Parker snuck through the way. 43 trying to get into
a spot. What’s there essentially a big break for the nine car chase? Elliott. This caution
allowed them to come down pit road. Now they worked all they want, right? Yeah, way when
you’re in the back, I mean, obviously sore should bubble up when he zero and three miles
a little bit when you’re in the back right around. Just trying to get in the race sometimes
you don’t quite attention is much about who’s around you, where cars are. You feel like
everybody’s back there to take care of each other and one little things like that through
things off. So now the 43 is actually on the damaged vehicle. Don’t hit the wall pretty
hard for that. Right for it. All the others that were involved in the Big One That clock
is now off. Alan, this is a beautiful opportunity for the nine to come. Repair his car tip top
shape. Sit there as long as you want. Just don’t lose a lap. 19. Well, true actions currently.
Lap down. Try to stay only one lap down. I expect most of the leaders with only a clam
run. They’re going to stay on the race track. Right here is the past interest pit road somewhere
in the middle of the pack that probably come for fuel and handling. See, right here. Looks
like William Byron might be the first guy he’s gonna take a left hand turn. Bring a
few cars with fields aboutthe pushes. Team will take an opportunity here to get some
left side tires and damage on the one card. It was unscathed in that first big one there
little damage on the front end, but just something not quite right in the left. One of the race
car for Kurt on Lee for to a stall chat canal. They stopped several times. They finally get
that sorted out again. You’re only here with five to go from 24 car. And you’re talking
about the night mark getting all that damage fix Alan Gustafson saying they’re gonna take
a time. What time is that? Can you see? The right rear is really the issue Chase. And
it feels like the front of the car is completely pushed to the right as well. We saw very skewed
as it was running down the track. So fourth caution out here in Talladega, right? Wait.
Okay. Sunday night football will be in Dallas. Carson Wentz. The Eagles will visit his rival
Prescott and the Cowboy. That coverage beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern Football night in America
only on NBC and after the big one took place, they’ve caught up with Jimmy Johnson. You
see it as I was looking at, it looked like you were slowing down or everyone was just
waste beating up heading into three. Well, we’re all busy side drafting kind of do what
we do down the back straightaway. And then I just noticed out of the left side of the
windshield, 88 car was down there by himself. Something happened up there, got him pitched
out of line. And, hey, unfortunately, slid right back up in front of myself and chase.
And I hope I didn’t not chase into the 88. I feel like I may have fortunately turned
him away from. So we can stay on track and hopefully get some points in advance here.
But just, uh, just one of those plate racing incidents I hate it for Alex made it inside
for a couple guards still left in the race. But the chef is great. I was just being a
great ally out there to my friends, and I had a really was the energy like Jimmy working
together as a manufacturer and working high, working low. Where was the best energy? I
mean, we’ve we’ve worked the other well over the years. I think we’re just getting better
and it’s really all what it’s about. And for myself not having the playoff pressure. It
was nice to have a purpose. It was nice to be out there helping my teammates try to collect
points and do it. They could. So all in all, a good day, just a short one, heading back
strong. Thank you. Glad you’re okay. 19 of Martin Truex Jr. When they came to pit Road,
most recently had too many men over the wall. So you’ll have served that penalty getting
ready to go back to green flag racing. It’s boy and kids allows one to blaming Kyle Busch,
Austin Dillon, Eric Jones, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Matt Benedetto, Daniel Suarez.
All part of the top 10 right now. Way through. Restart Zone and Boy are back into the gas
first, pulling a little bit away from the 18 Kyle Busch, but he’s able to get in front
of the two of Brad Keselowski. Those boards will work together, stay together, been productive
so far. But on the outside of Toyota’s teamed up accomplished Eric Jones on that outside,
making it work. So they’re pushing their outnumbered, but they’re pushing. It looks like that the
20 able to push pretty comfortably down the back straightaway. I wondered if the Toyota’s
put pushes well, they could stand up. The gun is gonna do back there behind that 20.
Going on inside here. Get the lead of that inside line. That’s gonna do a lot of Ford’s
lined up on what you gonna do. He’s got a great run on this 18 41 with Torres also was
able to get that inside line. Now lookit all fours lined up. It wasn’t that long ago. They
were all running up against the wall, and now it’s three wide. Once again, you can’t.
Joey, if you gotta run on you and you’re not afford going around, you’re gonna try to make
a move here. He goes outside of a complex tried to block. You can’t block now. 20 of
Eric Jones behind 22. So Joe Gibbs Racing leading the lower line and running second
in the higher line. Joey do almost cleared the 18. It was so much fun to watch on the
plate races. He’s so aggressive. I just like drivers. Take everyone they get and do something
with it. Three wives line is forming William Byron in the front of it. Crafted. Now, Paul
Menard out with some neck pain crafted, caught earlier for speeding when he came on to pit
road. But you can’t fault him. You probably didn’t know he didn’t know exactly what light
toe look at what? Madonna? Dude. Right here. He’s got that lane clear. He done got that
that line clear. He’s gonna go down in the middle, actually straddle the line. Not really
helping one being ready to take either choice that he wants to make lower 20 car clear behind
him. He knows that his spotter’s telling him the 20 clear now spotters tell him tens about
clear that they’re organized up high behind time. Dinner. That 13 car about 45 rows back.
He decided to jump up and make it three wide. Now he’s going back to the bottom. Engaged.
Better leg gets going. He won’t be leading that third line. Great run, Eric Abaroa. What
you gonna do? We’ll stay behind the 22. Betty is going to give them a little shove. That
line lost energy. The 41 store has had trouble off turn to have a lift back. Everybody up
on that second lane. Didn’t tithe. 22 spotter here with four in the second lane. I’m gonna
be it for now. They’re right behind you. Okay? Does that help accomplish with a little more
17? Clear enough to get his other teammates Didn’t handle it at 4 17 18 Now clear up 11.
14 and you’re in mine up there. Well, a couple behind that got a lot of good help around
the top gear with 17 back there. Got the man on the floor with you. Gotta be dependent
on the outside here, middle getting bad images, sporting. I’ll let you know in the middle
way before tries anything. He’s got 11 with them. If you don’t try anything. Joey Joey
A lot of information and does ask for that. Teacher told me that Joey wants more information
than even I wanted. I told TJ just to keep talking. You were never gonna play too much
more. I knew about what was happening behind. The better. Joey asked me before. Information
that even in all the racetracks, new rules, they need that information. Llegado has drug
the field up against the wall, and so will go NASCAR not stop. Wait the way the remnants
of the 19 left front tire. And so the caution has come out for debris. It’s the fifth time
the caution has come out today. 38 Lead changes between 19 different drivers. It’s been a
pretty amazing start to this race already. And now, 55 laps to go and caution right there.
A huge break for Danny Hamlin, even in the free pass position. Running 28 1st car one
last but stuck more point. When this caution came out here, I hear the left running exploded
shred on the 19 car that Denny Hamlin back on the lead lap. 10 2025 points. Now available
for Denny throughout the rest of the day. So good news for you, Jenny Hamlet and the
Monster Energy Cup series is gonna have the Kansas next week where that is an elimination
race. Playoffs. Definitely heating up. Getting ready for the third round. Four more drivers
are gonna be eliminated. You could visit nascar dot com slash tickets get tickets to that
race today. So now another restart Logano and grabbed the field and was trying to pull
it up against the wall. But now this restart will put it side by side again. Well, first
thing we need to do is get the road open, get leaders right here to come to pit road.
You’re looking at 55 laps to go. They said they could go 38 laps on fuel Last year, guys
tried to run 52 laps there, right on the edge. I expect everybody to pit here and fill the
fuel tanks up. You don’t have to have a quick yellow. How many yellows can you save? Gonna
always be rolling the dice. And Steve, one of the reasons that the four team is gonna
put four fresh Goodyear tires on Kevin Harvick’s car is because there was so much debris on
the backstretch, Kevin said. That’s a good idea. Plus, next time Marty, they could make
just a quick splash for fuel and out of change tires. Stevens told Kyle Busch on the radio.
I have a feeling the entire field is gonna come here, and I’m not sure that’s the right
movie. He left side tires only for the 18 car and you’ll as well. And Joey Logano, right
side tires, only Grams, a lot of tragedy and played out here on pit road and Dave Kevin
Harvick backing into a stall once again, something with the left front. They’ll get it fixed
now. Race off pit road Stenhouse Jr. No tires Didn’t change for fresh tires. Five spots.
Game No. What? Evolves dot com 500 aerial coverage brought to you by Coca Cola. Yeah,
and we want to take you through the field. Brought to you by Applebee’s. We’re going
to start with Marty. That’s what do that here at Talladega Rickets to do it under caution.
Can things change quickly here? Kyle Busch, Like this call by Adam Stephen’s going left
side tires here on Lee on this? Stop thinking they’ll have to stop one more time in that
they do. They could put on right time tires, which is a little bit quicker. Joy. The guy
on his team going with right side tires on this stop Logano saying the car was really
good. He wanted no adjustments to it. Dave Ryan Blaney. Such a nice recovery for him.
The 12 car. Very, very fast. Remember the spin in Stage one? Coming to pit road Now
the 12 has been good out front and good as a pusher as well. Marty, Hey, Brad Kozlowski
back there in 13 there was a lot of debris on the backstretch. Paul Wolf asked him. Did
you go through any of it? And would you like me to change tires? And Rat said quote would
hurt my feelings if you change tires and he also has a plan for the restart. Listen to
this like we need to be any more aggressive or you’re saying he’s gonna take the top one
of them, like right on the wall there. I think we’re pretty unreadable there. So Brad, think
of the Fords are unbeatable when they’re up in that high group. We’ll see if that plays
out. Chase Elliott, meanwhile, is in 50. Yes, damaged race car is sitting in 15 talent,
guts, unhappy with what they’ve been able to do. And you see that right there. Damage
sort of limping around. Boy thinking out here with a top 15 Kelly that would be big for
the nine. After Clint Boyer picked up his first stage win of the year, he said he thought
about heading out to the back and the hiding out. I should say, and taking things till
he was in the thick of it. You see him topping him off with fuel. Now he wants to do just
that, go to the back of the field and play it safe for a while. Marty Way M. Byron among
those Kelly that took four fresh Goodyear tires on this most recent stop sitting in
the 16th position. Canals told me yesterday before the race started, he said, You know,
it’s maybe most proud of William is how he’s grown and learned to run up front. It’s a
much different discipline and what had been used to in the past. Eight. Marty. Last time
you spoke with me, we were watching. The four have issues on pit road, and it was a front
tire changer. Shane pimple right in the middle of his pattern. That’s what the call going
around the lug nuts on the wheel gun switched directions. You’re supposed to do that for
taking it off. Digging on. He waves, he says. Well, we never got the tire changed. They
back the four car up and into the pit box and change that left front Tyre Kevin radio
the team and said that was exactly the right move. Gotta take care of their no problem.
Kelly Denny Hamlin had just gone a lap down when the big one happened. They had a little
bit of damage. Have been able to take the time on pit road to repair it. Now this caution
help Denny Hamlin because it has put him back on the lead lap. So if you can get back with
the pack, you’ll actually be able to make a move and make up some points. Dave Ryan,
Martin Truex involved in the big one, and they’ve been working on that car ever since.
He got back to minimum speed and turned off, if you will, the that The penalty clock. And
so we’ll work on it now to try to get back out there with that last caution was caused
with the left front tire on the 19 came apart and left debris on the backstretch. Rick,
thank you guys. All right, we’re going to see the green flag with 51 lap to go. Clint
Boyer just reported, came down pit road and topped off between that. And if he does cruise
around in the back part throttle, maybe a little strategy here. You could make it to
the end without coming to pit road again. It’s not the play offs that are running a
front. Running at the number one position is Ricky Stenhouse Jr. He’s been good at the’s
superspeedways. Can he stay up there? Matt Crafton Subbing Right now Paul Menard is fourth,
Michael McDowell running six. Eric Jones is seven. David Ragan eight DiBenedetto night.
Matt Tip is 10 back to restart zone and back up through the gears they go Now. We’ll see
who will work with who that looked a little bit to the outside, their thinking he might
go to the high line. Great job. 17 Car 22 to work together time when they got on the
throttle. Accelerate 18 Car. Kyle Busch. Now the run. That way, I think that runs to Big.
Moved over. Got it from the 18 lives to fight another day, even take the lead back. That
was a key. He was able to jump up in front of a lane rather than putting himself in the
middle. He jumped all the way to the top. May calm. Bush Pushing smart, smooth bottom.
How long can you block? How long do you go from line to line? Try to keep the momentum
of those cars behind you and they. But when they get big runs, a big piece of debris flying
up there. There, right back here with Benedetto two weeks ago, he doesn’t have a job next
year. He’s looking for a job. Wouldn’t hurt his case in it to win this race today. Way.
No, how aggressive he is. Anyway, I don’t know if he ratcheted aggressive at all. He’s
already on edge. All the time. Cool, but watch. You gotta win this race because he doesn’t
have actual teammates behind him. If he tried to pull this line up to the top, would they
leave him hanging? Right now? What they want to do is just stay on the bottom. From the
moment you see Clint Boyer trying down working, trying to get away from there too many cars
right now, I think to drag it to the top. Dave 17. Ricky stand out as a board, obviously
wants help boards where he can crew chief Brian Pattie telling me that one of our goals,
but also finishing where we’ve been running ever since he announced that Ricky wouldn’t
be back. They had a lot of things go their way except finishing where they’ve been running.
They know they can run up front here in Talladega. They want to finish up front, perhaps even
win. Marty. Dave, Did you see the top line in the middle of that mess? Yes, that’s Chase
Elliott a moment ago. He’s running right now. He’s still fit for all that damage. Stay.
In fact, their teammate William Byron notice at 20 four’s pretty good or the night’s pretty
good. Listen on the radio drove up there. A couple of other guys. Dyson everywhere.
The nine not out of the mix. Remember the global then and still won the race. We’ve
seen crazier things to Talladega, Rick. It’s three lines and Ricky Stenhouse Jr trying
to block all three of us trying to stay in front, each one having its own momentum. Joey
Logano now with Ryan Blaney behind him, trying to make that high line work. Nine. Car alien
jumps out into the inside line. Can’t look that car skewed out. How much A leopard? It’s
a race track right there. That’s gonna help that car go down to straightaway just well.
It’s gonna drive comfortable enough for him to mix it up right here in the middle of draft.
New tires on it later on with were now 18 published left his teammates opportunity there
that he wanted to take. I think numbers you have to take every opportunity can gently
sort of similar. In that regard, they have to work with whoever they can to try to stay
up front of the board numbers. Now, Ricky, sit down right here, that 18 car get a run
doesn’t seem to be able to, but I can promise you, Ricky, you’re looking at the left side
trying to gauge that run on the inside. He is not afraid to block Big push in Lugano.
Ghana’s usually not patient enough to stay behind if he gets run. Big One shows him out
here. If he gets around big enough, Joey to be patient, but he’s got a teammate right
behind him. Those two were able to work together, and that gives him more confidence to move.
He wants to go. The insider take the lead. You know somebody’s going to go with that
car behind. But that inside line stay in their way in this video goes Ricky, he’s gonna block.
He’s so good at that line now. When he did that, it also packed him up. Those So they’re
gonna have a great run down the back straightaway. Got to go down there again. Just try to stop
him. It’s down in front of him, and now he’s on the inside. And here comes a 22 in the
12 llegado and Blaney making that outside line work, trying to get the lead away about
Daniel him again that blue number eight car. He also was told if you re school, he’d never
ride for next year’s 131 You gave him opportunity. Thio put him on the high side, and Daniel
took it still, side by side for the weed. Lagana running outside Stenhouse on the inside.
Here comes some help from the 12 of blaming that outside line. I got a great pusher behind.
Clint Boyer is going to give him a push like his third lane. Get rolling. Really lose right
there. I don’t think you want to push Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Staying right in front of the
18 down by the double yellow line. The inside line once again is coming back up front. You’re
not gonna best thing. We’ll go. NASCAR not stop. You see it all just 41 laps to go. The
NASCAR Monster Energy Cup series playoffs from Talladega. That’s telecast presented
by Applebee’s. Take a look at Ram trucks built to serve guys who’s gonna be a friend when
you make a move like we just saw right there with Eric Am Roller jumped in the middle.
Who is gonna be a friend and go with you? The next Big. One way they’re racing today.
We’re probably gonna have one. You don’t want to be Hit it. You told me this time after
time, take every run you get. If you have momento, pull out of line, take the run. Improve
your position, Kelly boy On that 14 car, right in the thick of things that he’s been animated
on the radio. He got into the wall of minute ago. Have a listen. Hey. And this spotter,
Brett Griffin reassuring him. I don’t see any smoke. They think you might be okay. His
pit crew kind of sprung into action for a minute, but they seem a little bit more relaxed
here. There you see him getting into the wall. He almost sounds out of breath. When he was
saying that under green flag conditions, you’re going 200 miles an hour. Three wives holding
his breath in this action. Me, I’m telling you, Jumped in the middle, went with their
camera rolling into the middle. And that move is not working for Clint Boyer. Race hard.
That’s much through each state’s 1st 2nd way. Rarely ever have seen the teams race to three
wide the entire day before taking top right to the wall. But Chevys with 18 leading the
pack. They refuse to be bullied. We’re not going to the cops to follow. You were gonna
stick with the bottom. People are gonna jump down here. You get a time and time again when
it’s the 20 from absolutely done that laps ago, he would be out in front. Almost battling
for the lead comes, though. That inside line has momentum now. And it’s something I don’t
know what it is about the baggage, but it’s something about it. It is allowing that inside
line, not to be dominated by the top. I love it typically when the car’s getting, we’ve
been out. Single file Not happen today in the league. Ka Bush Bottom Brew had a great
run down the front straightaway to turn one. Marty Boy. Kyle Busch has just made it work
today. Another Toyota Cars a cover for Gotten Manufacturer Group. They talked about them
as Denny Hamlin. Today we’re open for business. Kyle Busch is open it up to lead so far, but
it’s about knowing who’s around you. He wanted to know about the nine damage he knew he was
in the wreck earlier to Junior. How critical is it that you know about the cars, even behind
you, that maybe you and how their car is handling in what situation it’s in? We’re seeing that
high line and try to get a little bit of a little side draft a little bit. There. Hit
the panic button because four cars just went by. Everything’s working so well now why?
Well, they they organized trying back up there toward the front. Chris Bush right now, running
in the fourth position. In that 37 Chris Buscher will be going back to around Fenway Racing.
He’s leaving Jordan Jaye, Majority 95 grand gardening to be only runs a few races. He
loves action, though behind the other 95. Benedetto having a great run. We’ve seen him
up front of the plate races before, leading a lot of laps at Daytona in February. Those
cars will spice it up because they have nothing to lose. I don’t wanna hear about points of
playoffs that could care less. Trying to win a race. 15 car behind Manda Benedetto running
well, Chastain in that car with great news this week. He’s gonna be in a second car next
year. Colleague. Great in theory, Full time and expense. Siri’s for him. News. Come out.
So the caution has come out with 36 laps to go. Everyone catching your breath there. 14.
A boyar. He is high centered. It’s huge. Blow it up. I can see that. They’re going to push
it. The wheels are off the ground. You see his head moving inside the car on the stereo
Really does not need it. Right here Towards the back of the pack. A little bit loose.
Early thought. Well, going down. We’re going down a bit But he was complaining about the
right front, wasn’t it? Could have been the right front had. Meanwhile, the rear tires
failed, I think lifter. And that’s why I thought of it. Quite left rear. Unfortunately, he’s
allowed to get assistance to get pushed off from here. Used truck stuck vehicle. Do it.
I concur. Bushing use that record. It’s not over. They just needed They gotta get him
moving now before he loses more additional and other bringing right here. Bring the truck
around. Hook up to it. I’m gonna hook up doing hook up. He doesn’t have to go to the garage.
Yeah, Steve, isn’t it the rule? If they hook up to him, he has to go to the garage. You’re
supposed to be given assistance. If you are stuck in the mud, hook it to the wheel. They
need to hurry. The fields come down the back straightaway to put him two laps down. He
could have stayed just one lap down. Get this car to the pit road, Get it repaired. That’s
not gonna happen. Where I see the field is right now with the safety worker. Now he’s
gonna have to strap on the right front. So 14 is definitely gonna hurt a lot of pull
in this suspension. Out front, it’s Kyle Busch, J Celie, William Byron. Begin, Chris Buscher
up there. Brendan gone mad. Benedetto Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Hamlin, Logano, Kurt Busch
on the top 10 right behind them. And 11. Ty Dillon is 12 there. It’s not centered anymore.
Don’t back up. And I wasn’t gonna say, but I was thinking it was He’s trying to get on
stuck. Here comes everyone on pit road inside the final duel window. Everyone will be topping
off those tanks. Party just safest plane. You’re gonna see a lot of people take fuel
on Lee here. I believe Kyle Busch will do that as well. Chased Elliot with some very
interesting comments. He said the car is so tight right now. If we were at any other racetrack,
I would say this right front would not make it to the end of the race. But Kyle Busch
going right side tires here, William Byron. You gonna go fuel on Lee here and you’re gonna
see Chase Elliott his team go with four fresh Goodyear tires. Taste it. I know it’s a conservative
call, but I don’t wanna chance it with that right front. You’ll only for the top four.
Coming off pit road gaining spots. Get up to speed. Victory. Get redemption on the body.
Win in dominating fashion on Sunday on NBC. It’s an elimination race. Yeah, that means
with drama in the action will get even higher with our monster. Help Syrians continue for
Kansas Speedway and that coverage will begin at 2:30 p.m. Eastern guys, what can we expect
when we head to the mile and 1/2 way there before, but never under the stress and intensity
that these guys will be under several drivers, especially the idiot about Bowman. Other guys
that are gonna have to go in there and make some hot winter rate, they’re going to go
win the race, take a big risk with their strategy. Steve, that’s the biggest thing I see is the
guys that are in trouble currently on the points here, I think can win. Can’t that makes
it even more stressful for everyone else takes an automatic berth. So I think that it’s gonna
be packed racing. I think there’s gonna be a ton of grip. The car’s gonna have a ton
of downforce, a lot of wide open problem. That’s what was holding the 14 upon the track.
Kelly, the second time for Clint Boyer on pit road. Hey, got direct, and they repaired
all the damage. They put four fresh Goodyear tires on it. I should say they repaired all
of it. Obviously, they brought him back down to continue to work on the right side of that
car. Clint was able to catch up to the field at one point, which is why they’ve made that
second pit stop. We’ll see what he could do after that. So this NASCAR requirement, not
the upper bumper with lower. If you look always bottom that shiny air that is a tale extension.
NASCAR requires every car to run. It affects the aerodynamics effectively. You wouldn’t
want that. You like to cut that off your race team. You’re not allowed. That’s why when
they see a car like the 14 that damaged it because of the banking, they’re requiring
the team to make sure that air is reinforced. It’s Steve. He’s on the clock, right? I mean,
he brought out the caution. Yeah, he was on the clock, but six minutes. You should be
buying couple times down that road. You don’t lose a lap. I think you should be all right.
So Clint Boyer will take the 14 back out onto the track. He has been one of the best pushers.
Parker’s digging today. The problem right now is to last down. So how does he get out
of that situation? And after the race today, a special NASCAR America, it’ll be motor mouths
deejay Kyle and Mates will be taking calls before NASCAR in BC. They will be with you
until six Eastern so that should be a lot of fun. Fans would be able to call and talk
about race today. Rick. A couple things to clean up from pit Road Rat came down, topped
off with fuel. Most everybody there was one lap to the good. He’s riding on board. Would
chase Elliott right here. They took four tires, and Chase is very confident that they can
get the group organized once again. On the bottom, they will be strong. How strong? Listen,
our that way on their spotter. Any hot busy on the roof trying to say, Hey, let’s get
reorganized on the bottom. Once again, we’ll see if those four fresh tires allow Chase
Elliott, who’s restarting 14 to get back up there and contend for the wind. Interesting.
A 23 year old chase, Elliott is saying that as forcefully as he did there, almost sounding
like a long time veteran. He looks around and everyone he’s racing with trying to take
control, trying to be the guy, right? Hey, all of it I could do. This is what we need
to do. I mean, someone has to be the voice. Never remember the role he drove that thing
into Turn one of those. First. I was already drove that thing back through the lot through
the hole, filled and won that race. So no need for this team to quit now. Dave four
team Not quitting as well. Kevin Harvick with a whole race car at this point. The number
four and four fresh Goodyear tires. Rodney Childress saying his driver, You know, we
don’t do something different than them. Then how are we gonna beat them? Steve, How often
do you talk about that? Somebody just do something different for lost track position, but has
four fresh tires tires Chris pusher up here in the front row. Chris pusher in the 37 William
Byron in 24 On the outside, they come back through the restart zone. Great flag Back
in the air, blocker. One car’s gonna pull down there in front of him, actually, and
lined up Chevrolets out front bushes. Teammate. Round 33 and 13 races. April. So this teams
have speed. And what an aggressive move by Ricky Stenhouse Jr moving in front of the
10 of Eric al Barolo driving a Ford. He drove up to do a line with four on the fourth jump
back to the bottom, just trying to get a moment. He has not got the momentum from this restart.
Just trying to get his car up to speed. Kind of pushing. Get right there. So now William
Byron in front, he has Kurt Busch behind him, as well as Bush or Al Merola Stenhouse Jr.
That car looks good earlier in the race, more aggressive in this race is going for it, trying
to get you guys to go with him out there on an island, dropping back with him, like 17.
That outside line he’s gonna jump to the outside, accomplish? Here comes the moment, um, Eric
Al Barolo in the 10 is gonna push Stenhouse Jr decision front here with $24 a fire. It
will try to block the momentum of the line or stay down there. Trust that inside line.
They organized a little side drafting out of Stenhouse Jr. Trying to take the lead back.
He’s back 24 gets wet. It’s clear. Intothe going. Cool block. Vote now together. Get
a big run. There he goes. He’s not gonna let that happen. Feels like the outside lane moment
went up there. Another name we don’t normally mention, but a lot of times on superspeedways.
David Ragan right here in the back as well. 38. Look out. He’s changed lanes probably
six times in the last half lap. How risky that is. We saw that record earlier. Alex
Bowman tried to put that block and it didn’t work. Called Big Wreck on the back straightaway.
A little run down house general. Stay in front of a car not quite back 24 years now close.
We’re getting closer to start to push that 24. They should start to build a little bit
of speed. Block, man. Huge run. Lugano shoving David Ragan. Stay behind his chin and help
that car Merola, lined with 17 in front of it, has been a total of 30 seconds. A little
tight there on the bottom and lift bottle that probable. He kind of put that trial was
a baking change right there. I got lose transition right there. Bill travel for that bottom group
job house. He was able to slow that metal down, and now it’s kind of calm. Now it’s
got a double wide, it’s gonna get together, shuffled out. Eric Alva. Roland, now ranking
in front contact with Tina, had to correct and got out of line. But David’s run was so
big, getting pushed about 22 he had to continue that momentum to the middle. Guys have mentioned
the drivers that have lost their rides. David Reagan stepped out. He said This is gonna
be his last year he didn’t lose it. He just said He’s gonna be all done racing woman and
get a win in his final leave. 20 To push it hard. Ricky Stenhouse Jr saw that 38 had some
momentum. With 22 pushing, he jumps up in front of the outside line. Now the inside
line falls back. Reports that man organized push help each other around 20 to buy it again.
41. Lagana was running in the second position up there on that outside line, like your tire
blew out on the 22 car. How fast things change here way backing out of the guy’s damage to
the 40 40 looking all this side. I am from the door and left rear tires trying to the
story. You look down at the bottom of the screen, retired pull out his bullets, ripping
away all of the panels, starting to tear into the fold in the left side door, looking forthe
entire look. Joey’s whole body shaking, trying to get back without doing more damage, using
that opening for the air duct to see where he’s going. The whole hood is off this car,
and you could see the top of that. Is that gray hair? I think it took the whole pin bar
and everything out. I’m not sure they have to take this all down, down, down. And he
came in last time on Lee Fuel. So didn’t change tires the last time he was on that road party.
Barely see through there. You see what the overhead camera looks like on the roof of
the carpet. Joey Logano. He shuts it off when he comes in here. Todd Gordon sent over his
car chief Raymond Fox. He’s gonna do all the damage repair here, Joey saying after the
Dover situation, where they finished 25 laps down, there wasn’t a month, not a must win
situation Talladega, but it was a must do well situation in Talladega. We’ll see what
happens here, but this is a team that almost won the regular season championship and could
go to Kansas the final race of this round in a must win scenario. So they’ve got a lot
of damage here on the 22. We’ll see what happens. Maybe they can limp at home and get a decent
finish out of it. But they were in the middle of that rig 25 laps to go in this race and
look a hole above left. Retire where the tire has just destroyed. Looks like a shark’s got
ahold of saying it’s gone, junior. Yeah, I mean, and you could see the foam flying around
the car as well. I don’t know how they’re gonna pick that left rear in any fashion for
Joey Logano in this team. Just cut away the driver. Please cut that. All. Yeah. You start
cutting items away. You cannot add another quarter panel. You can’t add pizzazz in parts
unless the required like this hood flap right here. Take a look at this from the outside.
Were on board when it happened. A flat tire at all. It was 24 spinning, catching the left
rear of 22. You guys talked about it yesterday. The point of the Chevrolet Noses. It looks
like a pretty straight push fromthe one square into the back of the 24. But looking instantly
Oh, it comes from like three cars back bounced off each other. Nothing Kurt could do about
that. He was getting pushed from behind firing. No idea that was coming. But were four of
them all together. Right? And look out. You almost went over. Yeah, it’s a moment that
all the safety of the roof flats in the hood claps definitely saved 22 car going over years
ago. I’m confident to say that car may have went airborne for sure. Sure, Brad, and just
sneaking by big for blaming even 22 is back in the pits to get tuned up hard. Hit that
leper tired, spit in there, looking around, trying to figure out who’s gonna hit him.
Wait, wait, that’s Talladega Nutshell. Right there. Think about that. Racing for the lead.
Doing something wrong. They cut off the fender on the left rear. He’s on the damage vehicle
policy clock doesn’t look better than I thought. It looked a hood for sure. So the second big
one has happened to Talladega this time it was an aggressive push with lower line around
goes Byron and he collects numerous cars. It’s Monster Energy Cup, Siri’s playoff, Talladega
Superspeedway and Crazy Once again, cars that were involved in the rec nine of them, some
with a little bit of damage and some with a lot of damage to the point where they’re
no longer would be able to continue in this race. 23 last still remain. As we see the
22 make another stop. Almost a completely silver hood on the 22 as he comes back out
on the racetrack and he has a minute 41 still to go on that D V P clock. All right, guys.
Well, Junior, you said it. I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything like this as far as aggressive
racing, right there were seeing everyone either having the block or get that mo mentum from
whatever line there in Well, plus, when they drop the green flag about 20 to go in this
race, we always know what late race restarts happened on plate races. It only gets wilder
finishes coming soon. What we’ve seen so far, I expect to see more. The teams have tried.
Joe Gunn has tried to get that high line working single file the entire field out like we’ve
done here in the past. It’s the safest thing to do to be able to get to the end. If you’re
leading that line, it feels great, but they haven’t been able to do it. Something about
this rule back into the spoilers allow that inside line to remain competitive and continue
to battle back and keep these people feel two and three wide all day long. I’m loving
it. It’s been a pretty awesome race, and what the horsepower and aero package does is create
runs, big runs and all day long you can choose to block or not block. You can choose the
lift or not lift. Well, whatever that threshold is, it’s going to continue to move as the
laps countdown. We’ve already had two big wrecks. It wouldn’t shock me to have another
one. Maybe a couple more, because the runs will come. The leader is gonna have to make
a decision, give up the lead or block the run. I don’t think anybody could just lied
on their own we see the 22 back on pit road, closing in on a minute left on the clock.
They need to make sure that doesn’t expire. Marty, you can see the time clicking down.
They had a chaotic five minutes. Thief. Actually, they did not get right. Time changing tires
changed after the first round of repairs. You see them hammering out. There was a point
there on the left rear that was pointing down that would have caught the left with Todd.
Gordon brought him back down pit road, but he has barely stayed on the lead lap twice
now, but been able to do that, so they’re on the lead lap. Meanwhile, for William Byron,
their day is done, Cat canals told him on the radio. Listen, we did what we needed to
do today. Stage points. They earned 13. That could prove critical after the cut off Kansas
next week. Yeah, everybody’s got to be looking ahead at the fact that it is an elimination
race at Kansas. So with only 23 laps to go, they’ve got to get everything here in Talladega.
Yeah, that just 20 laps remain the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup series playoffs from Talladega.
That’s telecast presented by Applebee’s and you see the points as they run right now.
Blaney, 15. Back, Boyar, 11. William Byron seven. That number probably will change a
little bit. It stays like that. Imagine the six car battle that we’re gonna add. A Kansas
Dave Williams. I walked from the care center under his own power. Why didn’t that push
from Kurt work? I don’t I don’t really know you. Obviously. Our nose there pointed. It.
Just jacked me right up and around. I gotta look at it a little bit. Yeah. Just turned
me to the inside first. And then Look, I don’t know what to do. Different thereto. Get the
push better. Um, it’s unfortunate for us. Way had a good run going. Felt like we’re
gonna at least finish Finish pretty solid. And our car was always good. Just trying to
buy their time and just kind of unfortunate for sure. Glad he’s OK again. Marty mentioned
the 13 stage points earned. That’s a big deal, Kelly. Denny Hamlin started this race with
a 48 point cushion, but a lot can happen here in Talladega. He’s been very interested in
his point situation now have a listen. You’re the reason why we should go. I mean, other
than like the last lap for Think of Mad Dash. I don’t think it’s all done. I think, when
they show the Checker about eight or nine good running cars. Denny Hamlin’s been asking
where all the other playoff competitors are running right now. He is showing 45 points
above the cut. Interesting to note. Before that last crash happened. Alex Bowman and
88 team. We’re showing 20 points below the cut line. Look where he is now. Seven points
above Field two by two. We’re getting ready for the restart. Ricky Stenhouse Jr and David
Ragan making up the front row. Good push bythe Ricky Stenhouse Jr out there in front and
back in control is way out there, though now both lines organized. You can’t block a vote.
They’re gonna have a pretty good run here. You get to the bottom top to maintain that
built up. I like him choosing the bottom because the chance to be picking three wide goes down.
You start moving up, Elaine. They split you when you go all the way to the bank way but
I don’t think that’s gonna work out for him. A much stronger line of the bottle carton
Kyle working together Two brothers. How long will they work together now? Just 19 laps
ago, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. On the high side, trying to take the lead back. He’s got help
from David Ragan right down the middle, Bush behind one. There was barely enough room for
a car, but he fit right in their luck of all there. But it worked out for booster Ricky
Stenhouse Jr. Back out front. Now the moment of on the bottom. Here comes the one of Kurt
Busch Never won in Talladega. Run is impressive. Way toward the front. 37 got pushed, and then
he slid right and throw the 18 of Kyle Busch that high line three guys that line don’t
have an agenda today, other than win aggressive, and we’re seeing it. And the 41 of Suarez
has spun around, and now the caution has come out again. Think Denny Hamlin was right before?
Let’s be clear. 45 points up. We see the 41 spinning through the grass right here. You
mentioned Denny Hamlin 45 points, but you can only lose about 55 the racetrack to go
to campus. 45 up. Why, that’s not a guarantee that would be a few good night’s sleep. You
would think you could go there, stay on the lead lap and just go ahead and move through
to the next round of small things that raise. I think that’s a break for Logano. That caution
we see out. Damn Salgado’s car is that gives him a few last run. A caution, right? There’s
only a few cars. One lap Dale Priest. Oh, God, Oh, it’s warts. It sorts. And so I think
that’s a huge break. He doesn’t have to push this car right here. How hard he got hit in
the left rear swore is I believe it’s at a time on the damaged clock, so he’s gonna go
to the garage and it gives something guys tricks. Suarez was running 29. There are a
lot of issues today. Guys starting with 11 of Denny Hamlin, flat moving around, ended
up breaking the engine with the right off the car straightaway. 22. Crash into turn
three, taking out a lot of Chevrolet cars working so well together throughout the day.
Normal chain reaction? No. Where to go for Kyle Larsen, 88 a moment. He was the one that
turned around that allowed. Then he got a little bit of that damage. He came in and
repaired in the 19 of correct. He continued on to tell Here the left front tire goes flat
with more damage. We’re in the wall of a turn to you. Tyr. Get spit out down here. Three
and Carl. Neighbor, we’ll help you get pushed now. Last down a big one right there. The
one in 24 just got this line. Big impact. A lot of cars before the left rear of 22.
Lagana cost allows a nano to ride around. You know that car’s gonna be hurt. You mentioned
41 that went to the garage in the clock. Make minimum speed. You went out there, tried car
was damaged, ended up spinning out again. So absolutely forced him to go to the garage.
Unlike the 22 he got minimum speed so he could keep working on his car under this yellow
aloud boyer position, he might not be able to get any of those labs back to be ableto
advance himself through a field. Clint Bowyer, Maybe two laps down in the end of this race,
you can’t get away around party. Junior needed caution for Joey Logano, and his team is.
You guys have mentioned, but maybe came a lap earlier than they would’ve liked. Todd
Gordon asked. Going to go out there, feel out the car for a couple of laps, which says,
extremely loose. And then they were gonna race for the free pass. Well, guess what happened.
The caution came right as they were about to start Racing Ryan priests and did not get
the free pass. So now there’s still one lap down that happened on the last set of pit
stops. They’re gonna come in here and make sure that left rear is fixed up. Kelly, Chris
Bush or in the 37 car had a great race going. Thought he might have a tire going down. They
brought him to pit road. They wanted to check for a rub potentially on the left rear, but
it sounds like that was okay. I think they gave him four fresh Goodyear tires and then
the left Talladega is always hectic But we knew that the playoffs, we’re gonna and everything
up. They seem to have done every year. Remember, we started with 16 drivers. The round of 16
March Rex. You knew it back to back Queen and Richmond. Then we went to the rover. Chief
Elliot wins after having an accident, and we cut to 12 drivers. We head to the monster.
Dover were Kyle Larson. One. He’s advanced to the Round eight. We’re here in Talladega,
then the cut rate next week in Kansas, and after Kansas, we will be down to eight drivers.
Three tracks. The short track at Martinsville High speed Texas, but one mile of Phoenix.
That will cut us to four drivers with a chance to win the championship down in Miami on November
17th. And B C is going to be a blast. No points. We get to my if you win or outrun the other
three, which is basically been a win every year. You are the champion. It has required
to win every single year to win the championship, but ultimately it is just finishing in front
of the other three competitors that you’re racing for that title for a few of the non
playoff driver updates would start with morning. It was 15 together. Let’s get some credit
to Daniel. Hear me the first set of stop today. They got the right rear damage with all the
cars going hit road at the same time, they really had to pick that damage. They have
clawed their way back up into the top 10. And remember yesterday before the rain came,
they were lead some laps, let one lap yesterday. So a nice run here for the eight car in seven
days. Marty. Brendan Gaughan doing what Brendan Gaughan does in that pink, black and white
number 62 on Lee runs a Talladega and Daytona for a boat. A small team that only runs at
Daytona and Talladega. He’s had good finishes before. Currently running 10. Kelly about
our embassy sports colleague Parker Kligerman running in the 14th position. That team had
one of the best here in Daytona July before getting caught up in the big one, so they
brought back that car, but with some updates on it. Parker was really optimistic, told
me he even gave himself the opportunity to dream about what it would be like toe win
here in the Cup series. Of course. Parker, a two time Talladega winner, and then ask
our truck series. He’s doing a great job. I was gonna say, You know, we always talk
about pick on Clint Boyer like his victory party would be the biggest Brendan Gaughan
might be. You know Las Vegas name is Brendan could win here. I think it would be a full
country East Coast, West Coast by party, career Cup series, winds of those in the top 10 right
now. Three that have never won at Benedetto. So close him, Rick as well. I imagine it.
Matt Benedetto today, that big story because how close He came at Bristol earlier this
year. He led Daytona 500 led all the laps really strong car. There’s only gonna be 13
laps to go in this race. The intensity we have already seen, I thought was at a peak.
Can it get even more intense? Late race restart of these racetracks, they are just your heart
rate gets through the roof because you know the things that you’re gonna have to do if
you’re gonna win this race. Trickiest parts about this racetrack probable there’s a transition
there proves a little bit flattered. We talked about it. Look, 37 car, go through their catches
himself. All that transition has to lift out of gas because he gets a little tight. Almost
hits the car in the outside line. Very, very uncomfortable coming to their. Do not stay
low, Grab that line or get hooked on that transition. Trouble there. Remember, fans?
You could be a part of NASCAR America today. It’s a special edition of motor mounts. Kyle
deejay Nate will be with you. You could call in. There’s the number and that’s after the
race. Listen into one radio. 95 behind US. 95. A job trying to back up. They could put
your heart on the way here to see hands out the window, especially the left side. There.
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Given away to the car behind it. Let me know he wants him to accelerate
first right now, once it gets his bumper. Yes, going away. But he’s going to wait to
throw love. He’s gonna wave to allow the guy behind it Go that he will go. Wait, wait.
Miss against what? He feels contact with 38 car and they work really well together. Anybody
back there don’t push him in the lead on these restarts, and it’s gonna happen again. See,
the one car was not able to do that now that inside line just got pushed by now they’re
getting hooked up to Brad Keselowski shuffled out into 1/3 leg out there pretty far. He’s
gonna stay in this bottom group, Steve. But the momentum coming from the outside, they’re
organized like patience on the bottom, though he knows the company line His friend. He saved
that. They have to push him. Big push from the nine hurt Bush Benedetto trying to help
Kurt Busch up to the front. Still organize together. Apart yet now the side draft 17
gonna put him back in position. They hooked up when your side by side with other cars,
cars tend to pull the second car all over the first car because of the side dram. Rewind
back for eight. Looks like the 95 was able to push through the corner way. Wondered about
that with Tonio does now Kurt Busch in front. He gets to choose which line he wants to block
95 same issue that Denny Hamlin had earlier in the race. That right side flat looks broken.
He’s right behind the one Matt Benedetto shoving one of Kurt Busch around Talladega. That’s
gotta be careful. Left the bottom of the racetrack and want to be careful to fill that hole day.
Talk to Matt. Before the resumption of the race today, he said. My car is really, really
good. All I need are some buddies. Well, right now he’s the body for the one car. Kurt Busch.
Kurt Busch. I was on the box yesterday during the rain delay we talked about last year.
This race dominated. Let 108 left. One has never one here in Talladega. This front lean
right now with all the chaos behind them. They’re gonna want to stay single file, separate
themselves from that. Welcome back and look at who’s in this line right now. Kurt Busch,
Benedetta Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. David Ragan, Kevin Harvick, Daniel Hemorrhage. Michael
McDowell. Seven. Right now, here in Talladega. Now there’s another car losing one of those
good flats, 38 grand, and they’re gonna be good. Everybody’s having trouble with those.
It looks like it’s connected with card and tender on it, trying to keep it on the race.
Star 95. Benedetto also has that same issue. Don’t give up a bracket last. Either he’s
back about eight or 10 cars. Work the top with 10 of our Merola behind them. You see
him back there, and that’s plenty of 12. Car Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch keeps looking outside.
He’s watching that car on the outside white car, planing the minute he gets moment, There
it goes, thinking he can lead it. Brandon Airborne. And then you mentioned Blaney jumped
up. Now the 18 up there, the numbers are increasing. Michael McDowell is not gonna go with board.
He did not really surprised. But here comes the 12 of Lainey behind 18 and look up. Benedetto
gets shuffled out. 17. He’s going for the lead. Ricky Stenhouse Jr surges to the front.
One car, now one. Getting one car, one around right there. David Ragan using a lot of patients
there to push the one car rather than jumping on the outside of the Carling clean. Now,
when they come back to him, how hard will the head be from De Benedetto? Or will he
leave them hanging will try to take the weight vacuum. Can Lasky That Car 31 way pushes our
intent to the outside of the 17 goes Ricky Stenhouse Jr States of the inside line. Now
Kurt Busch to the lead. Quite clear. Everyone out comes bringing gone leaning that jumps
up their takeover. It’ll take a little bit of energy at that. Enter in that middle group
for the lead. Here comes the 18 on the high side. 2nd 3rd lane, Ricky Stenhouse Jr On
the bottom 31 through the triable right here, he’s got a lead on the thing. You have to
look at the moment of their keep it out front. You can’t block three lanes when they catch
you. Car pushes all over the place right now. Now the 18 drops down to the bottom, blocked
the inside line. Tough, accomplished with Lane’s Gonna block that. Here comes the inside
line. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Back to the front. Another good plan flies off 40 to collect
levitated well, 62 upside down. Brendan Gaughan upside down as he went back in front of the
pack. We’re right here, and the big one happens right at the front of the field. Crazy Brendan
gone around fortunately, landed on his tires to major damage. That is why drivers heart
rates are through the roof on these late race restarts. Racetracks and bumpers just don’t
line up as well as they used to with old C O. T. But pushing is just aggressive. Ever
been and situations way you were calling the action two and three wide, the runs were so
big and three wide. You can’t move. If you want to avoid the run, you’re just going to
get hit. Morning. Just go back to what Kyle Busch told me before the motor mouth show
last Wednesday. Said, Man, I’ve been wrecked in the front, in the middle, in the back.
And he was leading there and got in this accident. Adam’s Even today, we’re gonna cut everything
off this car we can. And Kyle Busch that dude, I don’t think this thing is gonna roll straight.
He’s even more dissecting what’s going on there in the same thing for Brad Keselowski
trying to get his fits on. You see Brendan gone on the backstretch, man, what a crazy
crash. But good to see Brendan walking away from the car when you’re in these multi car
accidents. Even cutting stuff off and rolling around at 40 miles an hour is a lap that could
score you in front of other cars. Let’s check out the replay. Exactly. Kurt. Pushing. Kyle
knows that Chevrolet just can’t quite put him straight. I can’t do it. 17 goes up the
side draft. I don’t think that affects the 18. The one just pushing his brother. It peeled
the 80 off to the right. It looks a lot like the 24 accident. Look at the 62 full flip
back on its wheels. Thank goodness. Instantly stopped the flicking, flipping. Put the car
back in position, but a huge, huge accident. You wonder, though, if decide this aside.
Force, like right here beside force didn’t help push the car. Roll it off the front bumper,
Right? Just the air moved it. Pulling back. Yes, yes, it just moved it. And that helped
help with that pointed nose of the Chevrolet to the combination of the two. This shot right
here and right now you’re looking at 62. It looks like a toy car. What does it look really?
£3400. Remember that these things are almost two tons. Wait. You got your part now, people?
Hey, Airport for this race track where these drivers teams coming in and out of just all
turn to planes of their land. Take off a big a big jetliner that you fly on. It takes off
170 miles an hour. We’re seeing these guys at 200 miles an hour get airborne. That looks
like a toy car, but it doesn’t take much to get air under that car lifted up off the ground
red flag right here So nobody can work on these cars during the red flag way. Put all
the safety innovation we can in the car to try to keep moment. Ground situation is not
going to do it. Well, that’s the problem. Is one thing for a car to be sliding at that
speed. But you saw it wasn’t slide. Once that other car makes impact, it changes. All the
dynamic forces on the car puts a little bit of lift once an angle changes. But you saw
one flip right back down. You never want to see a car airborne. But you like for them
to get back on the ground soon as possible. Aggressive blocking up front and a wild ride
for Brendan Gaughan in the 62 upside down at Talladega. Hey. Yeah? Working. Yeah. Okay.
No way. That is unfortunate. Yeah, but wait. You know, Dr we’re serving the evil one, you
know? Yeah. So much to talk about after this one is over. NASCAR America Motor Mouse. A
special edition right after the race. You could call in fans. Be a part of it. What
an incredible accident that just took place. These are the cars that were involved in the
most recent big one. And now all of the playoff drivers haven’t have been involved in an incident
today. You see the 62 Brennan gone back on the roll back? Eric, we just saw this huge
act down the backstretch. Looked at from a few angles. But look right here. Look at the
gap between 18 and the 17 right? So there’s a leased a car with gap as we roll the Ford
watch 17 as he moved up. I ask you, Dale Jr, does that air get squeezed between the two
cars? You think that can affect the 18. Yeah, I think there’s so compressed coming off the
noses of these cars that getting next, that 18 car sort of shoved it to the right of setting
that car just enough. Or maybe just maybe 18. Solve that 17 Coming. Oh, yeah. Turn to
steer. Well, just ever so slightly and you can’t turn the wheel while you’re being pushed.
You see the four Kevin Harvick er there. We rode along with him and you thought he was
good, right? Kind of below the campers, right? There is a role sport you think he’s gonna
get doing at the last minute, connected in the right rear. You cannot discount the shape
of that Chevrolet nose and have an effect with that air pushing on the side of the car.
Being pushed off of a point knows the combination of those two things. You just can’t separate
them. I think that they are connected. We talked about Kevin Harvey a little while ago.
We talked her. Denny Hamlin’s say, Hey, we’re in pretty good shape with business, Rick.
I wondered if Kevin Harvick to play that game too right? Like really good, and it still
should be pretty good, but, you know, as good as you were a point. Maybe you just lay back
and watch this wreck happened. Tough call. Well, Denny Hamlin Strategy, perhaps, is gonna
lock him in leaving Talladega. He’s currently plus 53. We’re gonna have to see how these
last a few laps pan out. But it could take the Denny Hamlin’s focus completely off Kansas
and let him look forward to St Martin’s attract where he could go with Marty. See if a couple
things to chat about here first with Kyle Busch and his team. You see, the guys kind
of standing around Adam Stephen’s tryingto value until that damage. Man, that’s just
crazy. But what they’re talking about is maybe rolling around a couple of caution laps. They
could, in essence, passed a number of cars that were involved in this accident. They
sit 15th right now. There should be about 14 cars left running, at least here at the
end or on the lead lap. We should say so. That’s what they’re deciding right now in
the 18. Meanwhile, just in front of him on pit road is Brad Keselowski, and they are
done. You can see all that speedy dry going down in their pit stall. Paul will, saying
the track bars broken in half and a hole in the oil pan. He told Brad, Don’t crank it
up because you’re gonna blow the engine if you do that. So they’re gonna try and push
him back once a red flag is lifted here. But they’re done for Brad Keselowski and then
for Joey Logano. Out of all this, he’s the guy who gets the free pass, believe or not,
sitting in 26 right now, he’ll jump all the way to 14 the final carnally latte. But Joey
making the point. It’s a great point, Jeff to consider. He said. I don’t have a car that
really can contend. I don’t know that I need to be running with those guys up there. So
what do you do if he had that damage of a race car? Joey Logano and all you’re trying
to do in the final six laps is finished on the lead lap. Will you get back on the lead
lap for sure, you go ahead and get that and then you just have to do with your car. Allow
you right? If it. If he doesn’t feel safe, doesn’t feel like he could be in the middle
of it. He’s better off. Just get behind it, get back in the lead lap and get behind it
and kind of use Denny Hamlin’s logic and wait for other people to read. Look, look, look.
This opportunity that Michael McDowell, Al Merola Hibbert Awesome. Dylan Parker Kligerman
Ty Dillon Movement. I look at the opportunity. Korea. Joy. This is a huge opportunity for
one of these guys to get a win here. Go away a couple of Blaney while he has one. He came
in at the bottom of the playoff grid. He said, Hey, I don’t need to win it. I’m gonna have
to have a good day. Well, even running Where is still seven points out, right? He’s trying
to make up points. Take the pressure off campus by winning. So you mentioned these guys going
after their first win. Will Ryan Blaney. This would be his career win, right? This will
be the biggest win that golden ticket. Get him into the round of eight. That’s what everyone
whose name was in yellow. The playoff drivers. They’re wanting to advance to the next round.
Her Bush has made his way from the infield care center. Kurt what? What were you working
on there with your brother? And what do you think happened? I just trying to make the
Medellin work and I’ll help Recluse. We’re having a lot of fun today. Is trying to play
it steady, gain some points. I don’t even know who’s left, man. It’s pretty wild. The
car’s air so unstable when we’re in that big draft pushing hard, I just takes the smallest
little slip up. How good was your race car? I know it was good out front and a za pusher
as well. Yeah, it was a great monster. And the Chevy thanks to get nasty and all my guys
were preparing a good car. Just get finished. We wanted today. Kurt was in the middle of
it all day. Kelly finishes early. Unfortunately, Dan met Benedetto was in the middle of all
that carnage, and it looked like it was actually the nose of your car that helped the 62 of
Brendan gone. Flip around. What was your vantage point? Yeah, car go up in the air and over.
It’s just crazy I don’t know. Cars fast pushed. Great, obviously. And I really wanted to get
these guys one bite pizza car with me out there, that’s for sure. I wanted to get this
car to Victory Lane so bad for Toyota. Nella far just thinks being that close so much.
And that’s saying I was pushing Curt earlier before that don’t happen and just focused
on pushing ahead of me because my car did it so well, Lock on the guys in front of me,
but I don’t know. Seems like a dang routine and run run a Super Speedway race. And then
I meet you guys here for an interview after the care center says these races were crazy.
Yeah. How did you even bide your time to be in a position there at the end? Relatively
unscathed at that point? Yeah. Way did it right up until then. We’re just race and smart.
And at the end of stage two, I was like, Man, they’re getting racy, and I felt like a wreck
was gonna happen and I backed off. Boom, Big wreck. I’m like, All right, we’re doing doing
good. And then out here we go. I don’t know, unless you just ride around in the back and
take the stuff in it. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to do. It’s just everyone gets
so aggressive at the end. It’s a game of survival. I mean, I’d love to be a fan watching that
counts for anything. Definitely entertaining, but man irritating, then interview. No offense,
Kelly, but interviewing you after after the care center all the time right now. Thank
you for your time, Dave. Well, with Brendan Gaughan, who, thankfully, is laughing, coming
out, he heard what Matt said, Kelly. So that’s why he’s in a good mood here, but not in a
good mood for losing that race car. How close were you? Maybe picking up the W here today?
Listen, I’ve said for years that an off road we flip a lot, the easiest thing you could
do on race cars go upside down. Nothing hits hard, so that’s the nicest thing about on.
Uh oh. Here we go. I don’t know what happened that Brad was pushing the crap out of me and
I loved it. Yeah, except landing. Russian judge talked me a little bit. I didn’t keep
it straight. No, I mean, look, the barrel Chevy, man. We ran a great strategy. Daron
Shaw. Ron Lewis, my spotter. Everybody. It was awesome. I mean, 62 was in front for a
split second. And let’s see, like, together. I mean, didn’t really stick it. Well, no,
I said it. I’m just so proud of. Thank you. Too easy on Richard Childress and those guys
Chevrolet they gave me. Thank you. Dam and Ron and all the guys in this teeming with
your family. I love them, Mother. It’s okay. It’s just a flip. It didn’t hurt. I promise.
And I have nothing upstairs anyway, So they locked me in there. I did want to verify that
when these cars come down at funny angles for race cars, like flat like that Backs Okay,
everything you know, because you’re still going to 100 hours that way, so it never,
like, just drops out of the sky. So it was okay. It was just one easy quick flip and
put it down. The only thing you worry about that somebody hitting you, that’s what you
don’t want. That’s where the fear comes in. But other than that, I’m fine. And like I
said some people would argue if I have anything up there to hurt. But thank you, Chevrolet.
Thank you. To the beard family. I love you guys. And yes, I will see in the Daytona 500.
Mom. Sorry. February. It’s coming, Kelly. A really good opportunity for David Ragan
gonna ride there and it. Man, it looks like you’re almost ahead of that crash. What happened
are envisioned us. A Ford Mustang was pretty good at it. Drove really good all day and
I saw Brendan get turned in front of us and I think I kind of went under more behind them
and I could see clean air. I’d already thought about cruel, you know, hitting my button and
saying We’re good to go and yeah, I think someone just clipped me in the left rear way.
We had a great day. We play our cards right. Mike Kelly, in the front room of sports team,
made good adjustments all day, and that’s just Talladega race and everyone race is extremely
hard, and that’s guys being really aggressive toward the end of the race. So hopefully all
the fans that stuck around enjoyed it to national TV had fun. I’m sure it’s gonna be more excitement.
Last few laps. I’ll get back in the pool for my two teammates up there. All right. David
Ragan, A former winner here at Talladega. But not gonna happen today, Marty, You want
to know how important one point is Kelly Brad Keselowski tried to crank up his car and make
it around on the apron for one lap. Didn’t get very far, and that’s as far as they got.
They were trying those TV just to gain two more spots, and in essence, by doing that
by leaving Pit Road, they passed Brendan Gaughan and Kurt Busch. And here he is at the end
of pit road. By doing that, they gained two spots. Two points in that. Amazing. You never
know. Next week. What points points, right? And so we’re seeing Brad Keselowski is climbing
out of his car. One playoff driver, driver of the 12 Ryan Blaney. He had a spin at the
front of the field when he came to pit road now is leading. All right, let’s see if we
could dial up Driver 10 Eric al Barolo. Running second boys, you got Yeah, I got two boys.
You have a little two lap shootout coming. What you’re playing Try and win way more bacon.
So how do you do that? But what you gonna kind of work with the guy behind you Get a
good push. What? What? Communication, Like in there right now? I just gotta see how it
develops. I mean, I always wait the speedway races, like walking up to the line of scrimmage.
The quarterback. And you’re just constantly calling audibles. Everything around changes.
You gotta adapt. I don’t know. I got a few things in my head that, uh I feel like if
it goes, the planet get a victory length. But a lot of lot of Eric strategy that you
can’t control everybody else. So that’s a hard thing Way. All love making up here for
you, man. Bacon plane, Victory Lane. He’s done it before. We’ll see if we could do it
again. All right, let’s flashback. You mentioned you did it. It was a year ago. His teammate,
41 of Kurt Busch let 108 laps run short on fuel. That last lap race was dominated by
Stewart Haas Racing before, namely 10 American Merola. That beautiful. Smithfield went to
Victory Lane. You see the excitement with family. Here we are a year later with same
opportunity. Guys, this is amazing. Look at the top 10 right now. Look at the 10 that
are going to start this race with two laps to go. Ryan Blaney, Erica Merola, Ty Dillon,
Ryan Newman, Michael McDowell, Austin Dillon, Denny Hamlin, Ross Chastain, Ricky Stenhouse
Jr. Crafted filling in right now for Paul, But I think that makes decision. What plane?
He’s gonna pick. What Lane you’re gonna pick that makes it more difficult. Like which car
you want behind you. I don’t think you race with these guys enough to really know which
car can push you very well. I think you have to pull into the inside line using hand like
mostly driving doing and you’re in the outside mine. You’re all you’re singling to the inside
line as well. They can see when you’re gonna go. So you have to be on inside mind that
I was with you. I like the inside line because I have the double yellow line forced the guy
behind me to stay on my bumper in the outside. That guy has a lane. If he gets a better start
than you give to your quarter Pale, it’s game over. Handful of cars pitted their guys, including
Chase Elliott. He’s flat spot of the tires, trying to avoid all that mess, but he has
four fresh Goodyear tires restarting in ninth year, the first of those with new tires. That
should be interesting with three to go. I guess my question is taking me outside and
he had some sort of agreement with the right three to go. I doubt that. But it could be
possible. We’ve heard a lot of talk about manufacturers working together, right? Could
there be a plan for blaming to accelerate? Get in front of the 10 car? I’m am a role.
I’m having a hard time right now behind blaming. How about the brothers? We talked so much
about Jewish brothers? Well, here we have the Melon brothers tie in that paint scheme
that his grandfather ran here. Go. So what? Or when it would be the time. Yet in both
Ty Dillon and his brother, Austin Dillon, that drives that three car there independently.
Being told it is Ricky Stenhouse Jr that they should be trying to hook up with. They are.
Their spotters were communicating for them. Toe hold back until Ricky, who’s in the 17
car, can catch up to him. They think that’s gonna be the key to winning this race. You
only have two laps that makes no sense at all to lapse. They want to do that. You know,
with the green flag, waves would be wide open trying to win the race going forward when
you mentioned the tandem you’ve mentioned, it mentioned it on the bottom. We’re gonna
see to Ford’s. They seem to line up the best. Will they be able to connect? Erica Merola.
Keep that 34 on his bumper for two laps. Can they run Tandem Damage only. Douse car. How
much damage? Have Kenny push. Well, two laps remaining. Back into the restart zone. Planet
Back in the air. Ryan Blaney. A grave restart. All right, Clear the 10 Blue moves down and
Brother Jin put the village boys, Can they get together? That’s the problem right now.
It’s just too against the field problem. Brainy help did not get clear, but now that 34 gets
a great push to the chin intothe. Here comes the 11 of Denny Hamlin as well the Daytona
500 winner. All right, we know the fourth in tandem. We’ll try to get that going here.
Ty Dillon dropping back in the 13 coming back on one to go. Brought to you by credit one
and a lot of questions about what position do you want to be and do you wanna be leading?
Or you have to be lean. There’s always a wreck. One to go, and then the race is over something.
That line that was hit likely his only opportunity is gonna get almost three wives. They were
the 13. Help trying to get that help Ty Dillon. Now, everyone fighting for every position
down the back stretch for the final time. Newman, get 12 guardians to get another round
of Newman way out front. They’re gonna have a big run coming up on the six car down the
front straightaway. You block. Coming right here. Blaney, as they go around the 37 almost
upside down 96. Kligerman. Here they come, living contact. There’s a photo finish at
the line Blade. Ian Newman were by side when they crossed the line. Unbelievable. Finish.
Wait, Blaney. Bite. Just a foot is gonna get the win over Newman. Brian Blaney came here
in almost a must win situation. May have pulled it off. Heartbreak a week Go running so well.
That mechanical failure. Nothing you could do. We talk to him in the garage and look
at this. How many times has that finish line come into play later out past the trial. But
once again we see in the tribal. It was definitely the sixth leading, but the 12 still had time
and made that move. Ryan Blaney Go is winning in the Monster Energy Cup series for the first
time in 2019 and that win moves him on. He will lock into the round of a I think you’ll
buy Sunoco Fuel your best. Look at the damage. Right front tire. You gonna make another lamp?
Six months. That door’s always to the line with Fans have stuck around here. On a Monday
afternoon, I got an absolute treat of a show. Ryan Blaney, right on the start, finish line,
able to get back by six. Newman had been pushed down so far in front he didn’t have any help
behind him. He was trying to block. There was no way he could block everyone that’s
coming from Blaney. Lenny grabs that checkered flag. Look at the right time. That’s the race
winning car. It’s hard to believe that here in Talladega, that’s what Ryan Blaney has
left. Old school ring. Don’t burn out. Grab a flag. All drivers that were involved have
been able to get out of their cars. Get care center 71 Thousands of a second separated
the top two. That’s the six closest finish of all time in NASCAR, Marty 7 1000 to the
second. That may have saved Ryan Blaney season. The six plus is finished in Talladega history.
Ryan, How in the world did you? Eh? See the moment, um and B block it. Well, there was
no block in the 6 to 11. They were coming so fast, and I figured I’d give up the bottom
and there was gonna believe me in the middle. So I just tried to stay with Eric. He was
a great pusher all day, and I kind of went up and pulled the 11 off the six. And then
he was so far out in front? Um, yeah. Then we kind of get on the front. You know, he
kind of pushed me below the yellow line. I want to go below there after what happened
in the truck race and forced down and just worked out so proud. His team man just survived
last couple days and hopefully exciting finish. Thank you guys for sticking around. Appreciate
it. Treat these fans to an awesome finish. These playoffs are all about these big moments,
Ryan talking about just the adrenaline in the final few laps because you guys came in
and almost a must win situation. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I know a lot of guys have their
problems today and way had a problem last week, A bad problem. And Wayne Ooh, wee stay
in a week. We’ve been wanna win races all year, and you know, I have any different mindset.
So no matter what spot we’re in, but yeah, this was a huge, huge race for us. I’m pumped
up, man. I don’t know what to say, but thank you, Dent. Wizard. Thank you. Bernard’s everything.
These guys do it, Cole. Removing on falling onto the round the rate. How about that. Talladega
race fans deliver the six closest finished ever today. Ryan Blaney is moving on. Rick,
we just heard. Here you go. Oh, yeah. Look at that too quick. Only one flag. Oh, hey,
look at that. All right. So you heard Ryan Blaney mentioned the double yellow line. The
truck race was ruled the winner with below it to advance position. We’re right here.
12 pulls the inside of the six and he said he wasn’t gonna go below. It’s like he’s holding
the wheel straight. But then there’s some contact. Dale seems like the quarter panel
runs into the 12 gets loose and ends up below, Actually in contact right there. Turns the
12 sideways, his opponent, apron Correcting. NASCAR has viewed this official Kelly’s with
Ryan Newman. Yeah, the difference being seven thousands of a second there. Ryan Newman.
You came out smiling. So if you will take me through the phone final moments of this
one I mean, just close. I told Eric I said they spent $50 million for rebuilding this
place. That could’ve should’ve threw 50 bucks for the move. The start finish line. Repainted
it or something. It was a great run for our Windham rewards forward everybody Roush Eights,
Roush, Fenway Racing and all The American that went into it was good. I mean, we just
came up with a little bit short. I mean, I don’t know what else to say. It was just I
could have pinched him some more. I probably could have took their or didn’t want it. You
could go back and venturing out three weeks from now, but it was a good race into the
end. I saw the guy spending in the back. I was hoping there’s going to be yellow, but
there wasn’t What’s the feeling at the end of this one? Your playoff came to an end after
the first round and you told me earlier that it would be such a big deal for you guys to
grab a win to close out the season. Well, that that’s that’s special. Thio just have
a good run. I mean, we had a good team effort today. We overcame a lot of obstacles Carse
lying on top of us and everyone all that stuff. So this proud of the team, upset, obviously
disappointed that we didn’t close it out, but we survived it, and that’s a big part
of this deal. Thank you, Rain fans. Make sure to remember you could be a part of the post
race NASCAR America Motor Mouse will be coming up next. Ryan blading. He’s headed to the
new victory lane here, and we heard Ryan Newman make the comment. Boy, I wish in one of those
renovations I could have moved that start finished and a little bit closer to the trial
of where I was in front of a car with a huge bush. I thought Ryan Newman was going around
right there, but a great save they were. I don’t think he ever lived it. Just say it
again is going to push It wants to continue pushing a six car, Didn’t think pushing six
out here in the front. And then I will go around him right there when it gets lose.
Didn’t have to live. Did he have to die in the gas? And that creates no more moment for
him. Now the six is out there by himself. Here comes the big run of the 12 and 10 our
master 12 committing to the bottom contact right here. I really like that. Call my darling
Ryan Blaney to left side tires barely below fading. Great car. No intent to go down there,
That’s what Raping a talented all about. Another great minutes. He was holding his line and
his lying got taken up by Ryan Newman. But that was it right there. One foot 71 thousands
of a second. Anyway, in Talladega Superspeedway, New Victory Lane, it is Ryan Blaney emerging
from his Ford Mustang. About the only thing missing from this throwback look would be
the team riding through all the way from victory all way from the start. Finish line here.
What a team You had a day. What an effort they put together with you today. I just I
mean, an amazing effort last two days. To be honest with you spinning out early yesterday
and missing Mrs Big ones today, even we were way through When I can’t think I’m rolling
up for helping me out there at the end. And that big push that Newman in the 11 God, I
knew I wouldn’t be able to block it. They were coming so fast, it just would’ve split
me aside, is wanted stay to the bottom, and then I kind of pulled the 11 off of the six
there. I just had a big enough to get to the six, and we kind of hit above the line, and
it kind of pushed me below the line. That’s a big judgment call. You never know. I definitely
want to go below the line before we hit make contact. But I can’t say enough about the
debt. Was a team Superfund last couple days and moving on, man. Pretty cool. Yes, you
are moving on. Martin will be next in your mind. Obviously, Kansas. You could pick up
a win if you want, but Talladega so historic. What does it mean? Ryan to win here just in
time? You have been coming here ever since I was really young and watching Dad run here
a lot, Watching him run pretty good here a lot. And drive for the Wood Brothers here,
man. Just a cool feeling. This new infield so special in this new victory lane. And I
love coming here and love anymore. Now, Ryan Blaney, he’s the winner and the new most relaxed
guy heading to the round of eight mentioned in that new victory lane in the sixties and
69 through the seventies and eighties. When they built this race track town cars pulled
in straight in and they would obviously wouldn’t have interviews for TV. But they would take
all the pictures of the driver with trophy and the team off the grill of the car. Pretty
cool. Bring that back. Great visual. So after the second race of the second round, two drivers
have solidified their positions in the round of eight. That’s Kyle Larson with wind for
a week ago and now Ryan lady here at Talladega, below the cut off line again after Kansas
four, lowest in points will be eliminated. Bowman, Elliot Boyer and Byron all below that
line. And just moments ago, Kelly caught up with Denny Hamlin, 1/3 place finish in the
end for Denny Hamlin. But that doesn’t tell the full story, because then the problems
started early with the hood issue, then some crash damage. You went a lap down at that
point. How did the agenda kind of change for you in this team? It changed with every caution
and changed with every car that fell out. I mean, it’s just a game of chess all day.
I mean, sure, we gotta went up there and raised and got in the middle right there. What would
have been all those wrecks? So it just didn’t make sense to me. Toe. I just knew statistics
and the odds and the chances looked at how many cars were on the lead lap If we were
to crash at that point in the race, and it just wasn’t worth the risk, there was enough
to gain with car still crashing. So we wait until the bulk of them got out, and then we
went up there and try to win. We always said so I think we play the races goods we could,
given all the issues that we did have and then just a great, great job on my FedEx team
getting moved on here. This is typical Talladega and the Rex that we saw her. Was it a little
bit different this time around? I think it’s typical with this package. I mean, close race
just so big on this that holds closed quicker. You’re not able to really block. But, I mean,
we didn’t do a good job blocking when we had lower closing right, much less this big one
with the spoiler. So I think that’s just everyone has taken some time to get in adjusting to.
But from our standpoint, we knew we knew the odds. We knew the statistics and we played
that game right now. Denny Hamlin goes to Kansas with 56 points above the playoff cut
line. There were nine cautions today and last lap, actually, probably the last 400 yards.
Probably one of the bigger hits that took place as they were coming through the trial
will take a look at this. First, it’s the 37 of Buscher heavy into the inside wall cargo
they’re born. And then the 96 joins him, another big hit there by the 96. And so both of those
drivers were able to get out of the car, and they were sent to the infield care center.
Big hits by one of those drivers, but ultimately, in the end, it was Ryan Blaney who was able
to just nose out the six of Ryan Newman. So it was a good day to be named Ryan at Talladega
Superspeedway. But we didn’t expect this type of chaos. I think we expected that was gonna
be pretty crazy. But not to this level. Talladega. You’d never know it to expect. You deserved
any Hammond talking about closure rate and how hard it is the block. And then you put
on top of that the pressure that all these drivers are under trying to make the next
round of playoffs trying to have a ride for next year. There’s a lot of things going on
on that racetrack, and it just all adds up to this crazy race we just saw. Yeah, I mean,
all the drivers really concerned about coming to Talladega and rightfully so by the end.
This race. A lot of these guys were in the worst position points wise to get into the
next round. Ryan Blaney able to come in here and get a win, propel himself really from
the back of that playoff field all the way into the next round. Pretty incredible, But
no, no surprise. I mean, Talladega. We see a little bit of everything. I was just really
impressed by how active and how hard the drivers race today. Typically, when there’s so much
on the line, they don’t quite race that intensively throughout the entire visit. I mean, from
stage 1 to 3, it was just wild to three wide action. All day long, you couldn’t have asked
for more action. Yeah, there’s all this conversation coming in about manufacturers and alliances.
In the end, I saw a bunch of selfish race car drivers doing what they do best, which
is score points for themselves. Try to score the wind for themselves, which is what makes
racing great. The other thing that we may not run restrictive plate in the Talladega.
Any more than 80 tapered spacers. But the great equalizer is still there. We have names
up inside the top 10 and we perhaps wouldn’t be. We have McDowell, Cory Lovejoy. Upside
upsets. Really. Everyone runs seven here in Talladega. Gives these teams that are out
budgeted at some of the downforce. Tracked a real chance to come and race for win. Always
exciting. What a great win for Ryan Blaney, as he was able to hold on and out. Do Ryan
Newman at the end. Coming up. Next on nbcsn. A special edition of NASCAR American Motor
Mouse with Nate Ryan, Kyle Petty and Jerry Wait this copyrighted telecast may not be
reproduced, retransmitted or used in any form without the authorized written consent of
NASCAR Broadcasting. Master would like to thank all of our fans for your support, and
we hope you enjoy today’s broadcast.”

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