Full Race: : Bank of America ROVAL 400 | NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Roval

Full Race: : Bank of America ROVAL 400 | NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Roval

pray for the tens of thousands of soldiers who are deployed all over the world and for
their families protection. We pray that you will protect those in today’s race. A man
once said that America was great because she is good and if she ever sees to be good, she
would cease to be great. Help our nation be known for her goodness. And as we bless others,
we ask that you bless North Carolina and the United States of America in your holy name,
we pray. Amen. Her current duet with Brantley Gilbert, What Happens in a Small Town is currently
a top 10 hit and rising here to perform our national anthem. Please welcome Stoney Creek
Recording Artists and C M A Awards nominee Lindsay L. Oh, you see, by the way, we held
at the Twilight’s last whose broad stripes and bright stars through the payroll, this
fight or the ramparts we watched were so gallant. Lee’s stream and the way she oh, through the
night that our flag Oh, wait, wait. It is an elimination race. One driver who doesn’t
have to worry about it. Martin Truex Jr. He’s won the 1st 2 races Kenny sweep the first
round, about to find out. And there right now. The monster. You know, you great street.
It’s crazy. Yeah, really right. Personals. It was beautiful. The sun beat down. I had
a our draft me that was singing. Yeah, I was Yeah, running NASCAR Monster Energy Company
Series. Bank of America Roble. 400 Day Burns. One driver in the playoffs must win situation.
Eric Jones, Rick. His team is so far below the playoff cut line. They’re not even worried
about the line. They’re worried about the Circle Victory circle, and Eric Jones believes
he can get there today from 15 starting position. You just gotta have a lot of things, and maybe
a lot of things go wrong in front of him. Kelly Safer Alex moment. He enters this race
just two points or two spots on track, away from advancing to the next round of the playoffs.
But he had his front row qualifying position vacated, sent to the back of the field when
he had that crash in practice, which sent him into a backup car. To make matters worse,
he’s been under the weather, Alex told me. He’s certainly not 100% today, but he knows
it’s going to take. Everything has got to make up that track position and ultimately
those points. Today. Marty area, like Erik al Merola is just three points above the cut
line and he told me a moment ago, playoff wise. Even though we come into the rubble
this year in a much worse position than we were last year, I’m a lot more comfortable.
I know the track much better. I vastly improved as a road course racer. If we could just not
hurt ourselves today, I’m confident we’ll be in a position to be able to make it to
the next round. Let’s get the Roble underway. Time to get the engines cranked at Charlotte.
And now for the most famous words and motor sports, please welcome your grand marshals.
The 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame class 123 drivers, start your wages. What an impressive 2020
class as Wow smoke coach. All part of that little body. Yeah, you know you refuse. And
that much you you’re not afraid more. There’s a playoff. Here are the point. Clint Boyer
like there, William firing Ernie. But they’re right Series in jeopardy. Ours. Look, hey,
to really be groundbreaking. It takes a lot more than just saying your groundbreaking
to really be remembered to truly be different, to be better to be more than everyone else,
you have to put in the work. You have to find out who you are and then find a way to make
sure the world knows, too. And after all that, you have to be so great over and over again
that when people hear your name and when they see your face way, can’t help but saving themselves.
I’m never, ever seen anything like that. I’m from a family of groundbreakers. It’s in our
blood to set our own standard for us. It all started right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Flare country. This town has always been a great home for racing in this Truck. Young
Well, it’s groundbreaking, but even more than that, it gives these drivers a chance to be
groundbreaking for all of them this time of the season, it’s the best time of the season
when you have to risk more to get more. When you have to go faster to earn something you’ll
have forever, you can’t settle. You can’t go halfway. No, it’s full throttle. Pedal
down, Head on straight to the finish because it’s the only way people are gonna talk about
gonna think about you. Gonna remember you otherwise. What’s the point? What’s the point
of competing of racing of living if you’re not trying to do it differently than anyone
else before you, That’s how a ground breaker thinks. That’s how a groundbreaker drives.
That’s how a ground breaker lives Now which one of you is going to make sure the world
knows who you are? W W E Superstar Charlotte Flare knows about taking risks. That’s what
these drivers will have to do for potentially will have to risk it all. They’ve got to make
it in advance into the second round of the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the starting
grid brought to you by Bank of America. A front 21 year old William Byron was able to
win with full Alex Bowman book those cars out of the motor sports stable to Johnson,
perhaps the most dangerous nonplayoff driver in this field. Clint Boyer finish your third
here last year and got points in both stages. That again today, but your last year. I’m
a Ryan Blaney, winner of the rival. A year ago, he’ll start side Road five, see if he
can like to strike twice. Six branches. Lasky on everybody’s radar is one of the best Eric
Jones back here in Rome. A Pasto win this race wants to advance deeper through the field.
You see Kyle Busch always good. Whatever race, Frank, go to Ricky’s house learning he’s not
going back to Rouse next year. Racing for a job. 12 2 Playoff drivers that’s deep in
the field. Start talking about starting outside. The top 20 is difficult anywhere but here
these first laps, I expect craziness in chaos. Chicanes very difficult in fields. Very difficult,
just not a lot of safe places on the road. Dillon brothers rode together back here to
me, Josh looking with tip back 18 field now all out on the road. Official pace car for
today’s Bank of America. Over 400 is the 200 or Excuse me, 2019 Toyota Camry. Guess who’s
behind the wheel? I tell you, I’m impressed. Mario Andretti is taking care of the pace
car duties in the driver’s meeting earlier today Mario Andretti received a standing ovation
from his peers. Really? I mean, Steve, you mentioned it earlier to really in Virginia.
In the United States, there’s maybe a handful of racers that the second you say their name,
you know they are the greatest of all time. He’s the patriarch Andretti family, right?
When you hear answers Andretti’s will Andretti Mario made it all famous. He’s the guy 111
wins. He’s won all the big races in Europe. Us. I tell you, it might be like the King.
He might need a black flag. I’m not sure that Mario is gonna wanna pull off. I’m gonna have
to shut the camera down to give a pull off. Just Newgarden take the TNT in TT Indy car
Around this Roble the other day, I wonder if Mario Andretti would like to do that same
thing. He takes a two seater around all the tracks. That Indy car runs out. We also have
another famous driver out there that we can communicate with. Yes, it’s joy ride with
Jeff and he’s got Toyota NBC car out on the track. Jeff, you ready to take a laugh? Man?
I have extremely ready. Take a lap. I’m gonna tell you before I start, though I cannot believe
how hot it is out here today. I mean, these drivers are gonna be tested big time. This
place is so treacherous. Rick, I couldn’t get a ride with me this week. So let me tell
you what that’s all about. First of all, that burnt one. I mean, it’s a heavy left hander
all over the turtles. Now is the time of the hill in this lower section. I cannot see anything
right here. Completely blind it downhill into this quarter. Have any people be seeing a
wreck right here over the last two days having to start before Lisa this back straight away.
They’ll use all the racetrack all way out into the grab this quarter. Jimmie Johnson
back there and over here. Did he handle it back? Bring it over here. I’m glad I did.
Over here. Right hand. Got a stain. This look, I can’t see a bleeding line. Really tight
left hander. That is not a solve. All right there. And then an extremely tight bird. I
cannot tell you that I’m very tough. Bills, bills, Wythe. I got a break. Really early.
Downshift. Second year that first year. Big curb. Another big herb use already cracked
runoff here straight. You guys This place. Remember this corner deep? Right here? No.
Leave it again. In trouble. Somebody of people poking a left front tire. Gotta make this
straight as you can, but what you’re doing. No, no, right. There’s trouble. He didn’t
stop. You know the penalty for that way on. By the way, did you notice? It’s 100. Almost
100 10 degrees saw thermometer in there. You know, I like to think you missed it on purpose
to show us how. But I don’t think so. Yeah, I think that’s just how difficult it is. Did
you notice his voice went up in Octave about halfway through that lab too? Did degrees
in that degree? Yeah, he mentioned the heat right away. That’s going to be something that
the drivers are gonna have to deal with. Well, that was fun. To be able to ride along with
Jeff around this racetrack in again. It’s just the second race on this configuration.
And even a little bit of a change has been made that we see the temperature 94 degrees.
These air record temperatures right now for Charlotte, Every word. The end of September.
It’s almost October and we’re already seeing mid nineties for the two were track where
you use a lot of breaks. Those break tips are gonna be in the 1500 degree range, and
that is gonna cook inside the cockpit of the race car. Really raise the temperature where
those drivers are very dangerous. There’s a new chicane. Morris. It’s the same location.
It’s just been moved deeper into what would have been the infield. We’re gonna ride along
with a few different drivers as well give you a different perspective. Yeah, we got
Denny Hamlin here with Coca Cola Cam 3 60 Camera moving thing around 95. Car Benedito
with the Bank of America Cam. He’s gonna be wearing a helmet cam. Amazing view to be ableto
get exactly that Drivers AB you 19 Car. Martin Truex Jr is carrying the Toyota Cam. He has
a side Panter and also a shifter camera, where we can see how he’s using that shifter. How
many times he’s shifting. We saw him make a mistake shifting and practicing today. There
it is so we can see him. Hopefully, mistake free. This afternoon, Kevin Harvick will be
carrying the Jimmy John’s cam. Careful with that side Panter. He’s having the side Pit
her again today, then Alex Bowman onto the back of the pack without backup car. He’s
got the nationwide cam, and he’s got an interesting shot of his feet so we can see how he uses
the throttle. And the brakes will watch that, particularly in the infield, part of the course
where he’s using sometimes both petals at the same time. Well, understood will help
you understand why he’s doing that race. All right, Steve. Time now for the subway Fresh
take. We saw Jeff Burton actually missed the chicane. Tell us what happens if you miss
either Max Truck or the front stretch. Well, this 17 turn road course does have a cane.
Both here on the back stretch in the front fence on the backstretch. Pain. If you do
not go through the curbs age, you’re supposed to come over here on the front stretch. Stop
in the restart zone and then continue as long as you stop. That would be your only penalty.
Don’t stop you have to come down pit road the same if I’ve to the front stretch. Can’t
remember the race a year ago. Johnson spins out because of this spin. He doesn’t go through
the chicane properly, so he wants to accelerate right there in front of a few 100 feet of
the race. Went. But he knows he has to stop Coming. Complete stop and then continue, for
that reason was not penalized. Defined going through a chicane, you basically see that
red and white curbing. You have to have at least two tires on that, so you could actually
get all the way kind of over it as long as the inside tires hit that carving that’s through
the chicane. If all four tires outside either side of that curbs, you’ve missed the chicane.
Stop, continue in. NASCAR said, Listen way don’t really care why you missed backwards.
If someone pushes you, it’s gonna be a very rare circumstance if ever that we allow you.
So if I’m a crew chief, I’m telling my driver you missed it. Just stop. Take a penalty and
continue. Steve, would it surprise you if somebody missed the very first chicane they
get to on the backstretch. No, I put the over under on yes, guarantee someone’s gonna miss
that. She came when they come in, they’re too wide at speed. And let’s go to Rutledge
Wood, Rick. One of the terms a lot of people are going to hear today are curbs and turtle,
sometimes even rumble strips. Let me show you the difference. The curbs and Steve was
just mentioning, are the red and white directional blocks that have ramped on one side. Drop
off on the other. That column rumble strips because when you go over them, you here by
about Baba Baba, that big blue mogul behind there, which is about five inches. That’s
what people are calling the turtles. When you hit one of those, it will literally launch
one side of the car up, sometimes as much as a foot. You’ll see drivers. You can kind
of get those a little bit, but we saw yesterday in the xfinity race. That’s where a lot of
damage could happen. So curbs are the red and white turtles or the big blue ones. But
anyway, you hit him, they change the car. And what’s happening gonna be a really exciting
one to watch the race today. Guys and Steve, Let’s give us race. Breakdown down the numbers
for this race. We talked about the difficulty of the racetrack. Click. It’s broken down
as always. A little over 2.2 road course. 109 laps, 17 quarters broken up. The stage
is the first and second stage, both 25 laps. Top 10 earn points at the end of the stage
is very important. That final stage. 59 laps. Fuel window. 35 to 37 laps. In the most important
part, the final race. The cut rate. 60 playoff guys enter 12 drivers still eligible for the
playoffs when they leave William Byron in the 24 Jimmie Johnson in the 48. When they
start or restart, they will not go through the chicane. They will come to the restart
area, the start of the race, about to get underway. Racing at the Mobile again. Wait
every single turn. A challenge. We saw that last year. Turn one was even a challenge on
the restart. Great addition start for William. Byron put some great distance between him
and his teammate Jimmie Johnson. Jimmy trying to settle into second place ahead of Logano
cars getting off the racetrack back there, like Daniels swore as dropping a tire tough
part of the racetrack ass of this. He’ll blind corner, especially when you’re behind cars.
Imagine not being able to see over the wheel, but also behind cars. I don’t know where the
asphalt goes. Back up onto the old going through Church one and two. Motor Speedway. Very narrow.
Getting up on that over. You think it open up, Open up. Horrible, but it’s very narrow.
Here’s the first trip into the newly designed rear chicane success at the front of field.
Everybody playing nice give and take a couple cars too wide behind gets turned around. We
have cars, Mr. Till She came to see how NASCAR reference in a little damage on the 88. All
right, he missed the chicane. They’re drove through it. There were two cars. At least
it went through. Now we’ve got another one. Smoking is a Coming turning. That was telling
Eric Jones, and we’ve got 88 Coming around Pit road. The 19 of Martin Truex Jr has stopped
on the front straightaway. He must have missed the backstretch McCain as well. It looked
like he went to the right and chose not to go through, which is his prerogative. Listen,
stop. It sounds bad, but he might say some other option was hitting the Spinning car
88. So I’m gonna skip that. She came to races this weekend two times. An incident in the
chicane on lap one started in the back of the pack. He’s our third from last Kelly,
and now Alex Bowman has had to come to Pit roads for some fresh Goodyear tires because,
he said, he flat spotted that set. And that’s exactly what his crew chief, Greg Eyes, was
worried about this opening lap. He didn’t want anyone to get over excited, including
his driver, and make any mistakes. Early in this, this one’s going to set him back from
the get go. You talk about it. This 88 car would have started on the front row if he
wouldn’t have had that accident in the last few seconds of practice because that he’s
all the way back here in traffic. You’re on board. Martin Truex Jr. The 88 goes to the
bottom of the racetrack just long. This judge is the speed of the cars in front of a basically
spends himself out. When there’s so many cars trying to go into this chicane side by side,
they all have to slow down. But before he gets in the back, Austin Dillon gets into
the leper court panel. 43 car Bubba Wise. He just didn’t understand how much those cars
were going to slow down and locked up the rear tires and spun himself out. Did a nice
job or got lucky, I would say, got lucky as the cars spin around them but missed the chicane
as well. But he didn’t stop. So I’m wondering if NASCAR is gonna make him do a pass through
because they had said, Hey, it doesn’t matter if you get hit whatever. If you miss that
chicane, you’ve got to come and serve your pedal. Doesn’t matter how you go through there.
You don’t make this cane Now. The advantage that 88 has if there is one, is because of
the length of this track. He’s able to prepare the racecar, not lose a lap. Let’s listen
in to what the idiot has to say. We still need to stop and go like the official appear,
even though we I think that’s accurate. So the issue is the 88 missed the chicane and
then came to Pit road. NASCAR is letting them know that. Listen, I know you came to payroll.
You still haven’t served your penalty for Miss English Kane. Well, listen to see if
NASCAR sticks with that call or if they feel a trip down pit road is enough of a penalty.
Big concern, though, is you see it on the bottom. Right track, man. They made in the
infield section the leader of the race. The 24 is back on the back straightaway. It’s
Steve. NASCAR told us that they would be told once and then if they didn’t abide by that,
they would do. It passed. So is that the next thing that will happen for Alex Bowman? I
would assume passer penalty would be the next issue. See, And you never know if it took
NASCAR time to communicate that they may give him one more time through because he had come
to Pit road, but they’re not gonna let him ride around there and wait. He’s gonna have
to make a decision on How about William Byron? Already two seconds on Jimmy Johnson. That’s
the gap between first and second. Leave Byron setting an amazing pace early in this race.
It’s exactly what we saw out of William. It’s a coma. I mean, he really surprised me there,
that race track with his, you know, being able to go out in a high pressure, tough race
track and not make mistakes. There’s so many mistakes to be made, its own, almost somebody
turn and he stretched yard in the field. It was amazing. They got so many points early
in that race. This is exactly what they’re trying to do. The plan is going perfectly
for these guys, Jack and trying to keep his driver out front, get them stage points early
in this race. Only tough part about it for a 1,000,000 Byron’s fans is he’s going to
call this race to maximize points, not necessarily maximized his finishing fish finishing position.
Barty, you’re looking at Kappa as you guys mentioned that William Byron has already built
up and chat Canals has already been on the radio, saying, Hey, once you take a deep breath,
you’ve got a nice lead here. Let’s make sure we save and conserve on tires. I asked William
before the race. I said, You feel like this is your best chance this year to get a win,
He said, Absolutely. I said, You’re nervous. He said no. Before the Coca Cola 600 I Wasi
thought we had a chance to win that day for some reason. Today, I’m calm. I feel good
about it. Very confident inside that 24 car with a nice lead here early on, morning talks
about it. Take a deep breath, but Steve, I’m asking you as a strategist in this race. He
finished in the other two road course race is 19 21st but they ran a different strategy
toe, working only to get points in those races. Can he run it differently because of how he’s
running A front down William Byron goal is to leave the Oval still in the playoffs. Chad
Canals knows that as much water win. A race goal is to advance. You take the points available,
so to try to win the race, you would wanna Pit before the end of the stage. William Byron
will not. He will run to the end of the stage. If it runs green and he stays in lead, that’ll
be 10 guarantee points there in his bum Pit. They can’t take away chaos already. You don’t
know how the second half this race is gonna go. So that’s what I think makes this race
so great as a cut rates is priorities All the drivers within the playoff. Yeah, We’re
gonna see the 43 to the right of the speed 88. You can see he gets lose, almost wrecked
himself. And then surprising to me, very clear. He missed the chicane. He absolutely mrs that
curb right there. Even though he missed the accident. That’s not excuse enough. 43 will
have to send a pedal. You heard right here. A pass through. Let’s go back and review the
rules. If you miss educated, you have the option to stop. But you have to do with the
next lap. Junior, you can’t ride three labs because the 43 didn’t stop. Now the penalty
has gone from a simple stop to a past Crew. So now the 43 comes down pit road Pit road
speed. He’s gonna have to do with 88 is, well, a concern for the 88. He’s already off Pit
road once. Let’s see if he could say the lab. But you know, Rick, a lot of people don’t
like this rule on the opposite. It’s clear in black and white as you can make it. If
I’m a race car driver today, Junior, I’m gonna tell you. But if you missed a curve, I don’t
care. Why stop. Just just pay the penalty. It’ll be the least amount of penalty, and
we’ll try to race from that wish. All the rules were this easy. Don’t break it. Don’t
break that rule. And right now, take a deep breath. That’s what Jack told race leader
William Byron. 18 laps still to go in the first stage. Monster Energy comes there is
racing from the Charlotte Rose Bowl aerial coverage brought to you by the bullet to a
50 electric automobile, a beautiful sight that is looking down on Charlotte Roble out
front, it’s still William Byron, and Alex Bowman has had to come to Pit road twice and
he’s still in the lead lap. Sting came to Pit road after the spin because he had a flat
spot is tired and had to serve a penalty. You saw the distance right there. Basically
567 seconds. A little bit of the infield section ahead of his teammate William Byron. It’s
still a little lap. Yeah, giving out these guys who were having stopped for missing the
back straight to the front straight. You came in the 19 guard mark tricks. Junior had to
stop to serve. Penalty is well, for a second time now, that’s kept him in 27 position.
I love this shot right here. You see the car on the bottom? Now it’s doing work on the
upper left. And then how about his feet on the bottom? Right, Right here. Wide open throttle.
As he climbs the banking. This is gonna head into the backstretch. Cain, watch out. Busy
his feet get during the downshifting In the breaking intothe battle, he pumps the brake
pedal to get it up. That pressure good and hard. So he knows exactly how much breaks
he has down into this very tricky braking zone. Daily taps the gas that matches the
rpms down ship without using the clutch. His left foot never goes to the clutch back around
to the front stretch, you build the brake and also grabbing the motor of to drop it.
In the next year, the lower here breaks. Pop it on top of the gas. Stop the gas dropping
downshifts. You don’t bring them ramps up high enough and get it in gear. That’s how
you do so well. Ha Pit. See you guys. Well hopping now shift it. A brand new motor to
how I got here Too high. That was all about shifting. Now are they? Field section, second
gear the whole way so his hands won’t come off. Well, look. Busiest feet already. Very
little wide open throttle. Lot of part throw. And Dale you mentioned earlier. Actually,
both pedals brake gas at the same time. Never heard of people use it. Breaking the gas.
Same time till somebody would tell me that something. Michael Schumacher was very common.
Do it in that one. A great battle right here. Just last year to just behind him And those
two fighting for the ninth position right now, Randall, bit quicker. Probably about
3/10 quicker. The last lap brand clothes again on the back of this 21 brother’s car.
Paul gonna be moving out that car a year trying to have a lot of fun. He’s a great road course
racer. Head some of the best runs on road courses. Party junior. A lot of people in
the garage area agreed with you. You said Brian Kozlowski, the guy to watch today, and
many people said he was the favorite here. Talk to Paul Wolf this morning, he said. You
got to remember last year. Here we write to race cars, direct one Friday and practice,
then wrecked the primary at the very end of the race, he said. Brad took a different approach
to practice this week, slowly working his way into it. And honestly, I don’t think he
was 100% until final practice at Happy Hour session. They really had a quick car showing
is so far trying to get ninth from his corporate teammate Paul Menard right here. Put pressure
on it and then breaking way deeper in the braking zone than 21 car. Now on the outside.
Coming around NASCAR three or four. Now, what is 21? Dude is just gonna let you go vision.
I like that let’s and 99 laps to go, not driving this front suspension cane. You don’t want
to wide going in there. We saw that didn’t work out so well a year ago. Junior. We talk
about how difficult this track is. March Rex has won three on the last six. Road course
race is about one a year ago, and this is his second trip chicane. No spin, no issue.
Just wheel on business. She came because of that. He has to have a penalty on the upset
about that. They’re a little bit too late in that down shift, or he didn’t get the revs
high enough for first gear. So when he went in the first year back in the rear and just
starts hopping because you didn’t raise the revs of the motor high enough to get into
that gear, you have to wonder if he’s comfortable with that shift. For the last time this car
was on the racetrack, he blew up the engine from a miss shift. He went in the second to
the wrong gear, broke the engine, so I don’t know. He’s just not comfortable with the 19
Marty, and remember, that’s exact spot where he made that miss shift in practice yesterday.
They did not get final practice in this 19 car, starting at the back. You right on board
with Martin direction. And there’s another thing toe at this other than these Mr Baxter
Cain twice. They also having radio issues issues. Listen, you’re going, You’re the one
in here. Coming. So before that radio was quote Squelch E. They couldn’t quite hear
Martin on back Truck. I’m sure that’s annoying as a driver Junior, when the team can’t quite
hear you as clear. Is that with light? That’s only adds to the frustration of weekend starting
in the rear, missing the chicane a couple times. Frustrations inside at 19 are really,
really hot onboard with Kevin Harvick, he works on Joey Logano. It’s a beef with third
position currently in third, Harvick and forth. It’s just a tough spot to try to make a pass.
Your Kevin Harvick right here, your China into a position to carry four. Bowman. A tornado
back onto the NASCAR Martian turns one or two of the oval. Try to carry moment in the
backstretch. Sees gotta time it right here. Try to get on the gas before the 22. You won’t
be gaining on that exit right there, so it continues to gain. They go through the years.
It puts you in position to challenge the braking zone, coming up on the back straightaway.
So I think that the only thing you really want to focus on doing in the field part of
the track is hassling somebody getting on their bumper, getting in their fear and force
them to make a mistake. And that’s one thing that Kevin Harvick could do because he knows
that he’s advancing into the second round. Already has enough points, he will advance
that second round. It has already been a problem for you. Multiple cards, including Daniel
hemorrhage. He misses the backstretch. Takeda’s well, grab an ice cold Coke and buckle up.
You’re watching NASCAR on NBC, and it’s a Charlotte Roe V Wade. See Denny Hamlin making
his way around the robot. Go inside the headset with access to NASCAR scanner all weekend
long. Listen in on the Pit strategy, which is going to become very important here soon.
Spotter communication. Visit nascar dot com slash scanner For all that spotters up there
on top of a press box. Those spotter’s gonna be important. Junior, you just talked about
this infield section, right? Harass the car in front of you. Get close. I think it’s really
important for the spotter to kind of set the tone. Look, Is he looking to make a move or
teaches back there kind of bothering you for the position. See it? Four. Car has changed
positions with Gano coming out the back straightaway chicane, he goes out and 22. Watch this here
point to limit losing the into the chicane. Put him in a bad situation. Lose a little
ground little momentum. And the four Harvick says. I have taken it spot 20 to try to block
in there a little bit. Harper wasn’t willing to give up that moment that he had great running
children. Crew chief on that number four car felt pretty comfortable with the equipment
they brought here today, he said. They show some good speed and practice, and that was
all well, Kevin Harvick simply wasn’t pushing it very hard. He was more focused on just
running good, steady lap times and taking care of equipment, which he did a good job.
Remember Harvick entered this race already advanced into the round of 12. Really not
much to lose, but they told me they’re still focused on regular season points. They don’t
want to give up all those stage points in case they don’t make it to the championship
before they said it’s still valuable collecting all these points they can along the way. Playoff
points will carry with you all the way through the playoffs around, around around. What she’s
saying right there is if you don’t invade Bucks, no other than the four that race in
Miami, those other guys all racing for the 57th 19 points. I wouldn’t even thought of
that. I’m so focused on the championship. I would have thought about regular season.
So it’s still William Byron out front. He has a 5.7 seconds lead. Now, up in the booth.
Jeff Burton has joined us once again after a joy ride, and it seemed like it was a joy
ride down there. Jeff, you seem like you’re having fun other than the heat. There’s no
fun out there, man, that I It’s just shocking to me out difficult. This racetrack is, I
think, right now early in this race for seeing drivers just race track. Be very respectful
of mistakes on that first land, but other than that, everybody’s been compensating for
detained. But is this race moves on? They’re not gonna be afforded To do that, you’re gonna
have to push the issue. And with that, we’ll see more mistakes under 10 laps to go now
in this first stage for some updates, let’s go back to Kelly. You see Kyle Larson there
in the 42 car trying to track down Joey Logano ahead of him entering this race. Kyle Larson
had a 25 point margin above the cut line, and that might seem comfortable. History chief
Chad Johnson told me that leaves them with no margin for error. Remember a year ago they
advanced by a single solitary point, and Dawson kind of blamed himself for the strategy because
they didn’t collect any state or many stage two points. So this time around, they wanna
collect as many points as they can in stages one and two hopefully locked themselves in,
and at that point in the final, states will give the go ahead to really race for the wind
Clint Boyer started below the cut line by four points. The good news. He had a really
good qualifying effort, starting fifth on the day, but he’s gotta watch what everyone
else is doing to try to gain the points. Listen, stage. Do you think that 23 behind Uh oh,
my God dealt Everybody’s gonna take their points today and that’s the problem. If he
only moves up one that he only gets that extra stage point, he needs as many guys to get
out of the way in front of him. It’s possible at the end of this stage, Marty. I don’t know
if that’s gonna happen. Dave. Remember when the playoff field was set at Indianapolis?
Ryan Newman with some late race heroics to pull it off and get himself in the 2019 playoffs.
He told me today probably gonna need some or her looks like that, he said. I’m not sure
we have the car, honestly, the driver to be able to do it today, but they have shown a
propensity to be able to pull it off right now, just plus six. As you see on the left
hand side of your screen about that cut line. We’re gonna have to watch those points all
afternoon long, Rick. They’re gonna get shuffle around as each stage ins they are. So when
they laps to go, just to understand the strategy to win the race, to become Pit road before
the end of the stage provide service to your race car, come back on the race track. Means
is that after stage and people Pit and you go back in front of us. But it’s all about
those points. William Byron, the leader playoff car. You will stay on the racetrack, but Jimmy
Johnson a second. I assume he will go ahead. Pit work. The strategy. The question is all
the way down around 10 12. Will Al Barolo stay out? Will he Pit the decision to be made
here in the next four or five laps? Pressure on the racetrack and on the Pit. Rutledge
Wood told us about him. The turtles look at that. Almost a foot off the ground, the right
side tires. Caution has just come out on the track. We see 47 a little bit slow. There’s
Ryan. Priests get back up to speed. Had trouble with the back chicane. So Steve, now with
six laps to go, caution comes out on the river. The 19 car bar tricks Junior. We’re gonna
see what happened. Real hops in their spins out. It’s just you’re going so fast. Get those
rear wheels hop and you just cannot get slowed down. It’s just we’ve seen it all weekend
long. Continue to be a problem. Aziz breaks get hotter and hotter. It’s gonna get worse
and worse getting into that corner. So Steve, I mentioned now strategy. We have a caution
Coming out with six to go in the stage way. Know that they were going to be drivers Coming
before the end of the States. This might be an opportunity, but at a road course you always
wanna Pit under dream to have an advantage. Bluff City Law is one of most inspiring shows.
The new fall season spits the they star in Bluff City Law, although tomorrow on NBC All
right, Steve, we mentioned strategy mention before he went to partial there. What’s the
decision? We talked about guys wanting to Pit before the end stage. You were right.
You would prefer to do that under green, but now that yellows out. You start to kind of
stick with your strategy. So William Buyer and I expect to stay on the race track because
he has to try to get those all important points. But right behind him, Kevin Harvick has advanced
to the round of 12. He’s locked in Jimmy Johnson. It’s winner on Lee. I expect them to come
up in road against much more difficult for cars like Kozlowski intent Al Merola and 12
current Bush and 50 What’s the path? Four points for Kurt Busch. Stay in the race shack
and try to get a good restart or come get some fresh tires. It’s decision time. Pit
road is open, and we’re gonna instantly see who wants points. And who wants tires? Those
staying out? They want those points, but quite a few are making their way onto Pit road.
Dave Jimmy Johnson gives him a good running spot right now to take on four Goodyear tires
in Sonoco Fuel. He called the balance respectable. It lacks some real grip, but it’s not lacking
Truck Griff it all, and that is a very good thing. Kelly. Kevin Harvick in the four car.
He gave up the position to come to Pit road. Haven’t really heard Kevin say much about
his car. He certainly looks fast. It’s for Goodyear tires. For Kevin Marty, Ryan Newman.
We talked about him being right on the cut line. Kelly. They come to Pit road here, he
said. I’m being fairly conservative. Long time there to get that right rear off. But
I’m way too loose off the corners. Make an air pressure adjustment, trying to tighten
him up. They’re gonna lose some positions here. Martin tracks Junior also kind of saying,
Hey, we’ll come down as well there car Too tight. Harvick won the race off pit road.
Why did you stay down on the track? The top 13 all stayed out just over six rows. Two
by two will be on the older tires. They stayed out wanting points at the end of this stage,
coming up on three laps to go. In the end of stage, one car made its way off. Tracked
William Byron, a Kyle Larson getting right a barrel into the tubs. Heartburn. Turn
and turn. One way. Heartburn turn going around. Alex Bowman is involved. 48 of Jimmy Johnson
had to stop the 11. Oh, Alex Bowman. He restarted there because they did not hit. He was in
line to get some stage points and got in that Rick Victory. Well, while this restart was
happening, there’s a car stopped over and turned three on the apron. I thought NASCAR
might abort the restart button, and some of the drivers probably wish they had. There’s
Ross Justine 15 car stop. Hey, sitting over on the turn three apron. Leslie, the restart.
Now all this carnage started happening here. Somebody got back. I think Jimmy Johnson maybe
even started beyond that problem back here. They start slowing down and you see right
there in the back of pusher than Bush got in the back of 48. And then it just started
from there. Keep in mind on this restart. This is probably the only racetrack all year
long where they drive into turn one going faster on a restart than they do under a regular
latte, because you don’t run the chicane. So the braking zone is completely different
than it would be under a green flag lap. It’s foreign to them. Yes, because they don’t do
it, you know, during green flag laps. So when they get into this part of the race track
going faster than they’ve been all day long, a lot of guys miss Judge, who’s gonna break,
how much they’re gonna break? It’s not. Kurt made a mistake. He just didn’t think everybody
was going to stop that suit. Same thing. This is no different than on Interstate. They started
slowing down in front of you, and then it just bought our next up. No different. Just
not anticipating. When people go to start slowing down a little bit of contact with
37 car, it’s like dominoes. Knows he’s in trouble right here. Get down, get down A little
contact with back in the car. But I’m more worried about 20 of Jones. He made contact
with the left front tire for you. See what he does here. I don’t think he had any contact
with anybody. Maybe a little little banging around a little bit there. But you’re pretty
lucky with everything in their back. So, guys, we saw the caution before this come out disappointment
of the 24th radio because they had about eight. Secondly, they were feeling pretty good, Jack
announced. Knows how tough these restarts are. We just saw it. Well, look it. Look at
the 24. He’s no longer at first to get passed by Larson and Boyer on this restart. So I
mentioned the radio. Let’s listen in. What check announced had to say caution ago. Sam,
I need that help. Support? Yeah. I mean, the guy everyone stopped with a conscience jet.
Disappointment is the decision of the yellow up with 47 I could see his disappointment.
40 Sevens in the paint doesn’t feel like it’s an issue. The reason that matters is because
if we come now to this late latest restart, way locked the accident in the back of the
field. But 20 for my lost two positions. Date. 20 on pit road now for Eric Jones, he radioed
immediately said. I slapped the left front pretty good against the tire barrier there,
but I think it’s mostly cosmetic. The cosmetic. No need to get pulled away from that left
Truck. Goodyear Tire that Make sure it doesn’t rub. They went ahead and Pit it, even though
the pits were closed. Pit clothes under two laps to go, and this is the way at least the
Beast and my Bank of America. What would you like power to do? Well, tonight’s Sunday Night
Football from the Big Easy, Prescott, undefeated Cowboy visit Romero and the two and one Saints
coverage beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern, with football night in America only on in BC. So
we covered all the ranking on the restart, but William Byron had to leave had a very
big lead to this restart. You can see there’s William, but on the inside, Kyle Larson, the
outside Kyle Larson with a really good launch on the restart, and it drives into turn one,
gets a big arc into the corner. William kind of pinched his off, and that allowed Kyle
Larson to get the lead. We thought boy would actually got by him as well, but the caution
came out before you got buying. So Byron actually is in second, not in third, but a great job
by Lawrence and using all of that race track to make the exit to turn one better. If you
watch the Xfinity race yesterday, A J. Allmendinger would restart the same way. We, um, Barry
Gibb with move to the right, get that turn and that angle for that Turn one on the inside,
and that’s something that I needed to do there. See, this is the final lap. We also saw the
drivers involved in the incident. Let’s go to Kelly’s. And just when Alex Bowman had
gotten a break, was back up into the top 10. He was involved in that. When he team asked
him how hard he hit, he said pretty hard, but they think he hit the barrier pretty square
on. So they think there is some damage. But Crew chief Brady, I’ve said they’re only get
a repair, anything that will prevent the tires from Coming on and off. They kept him out
there until Pit road is open. But obviously, this just gives up all that track position
that he had gained by staying out while others pitted under the previous caution, a huge
disappointment for Eric Jones. I have to go to the garage, came in this race with a must
win situation. He’s gotta be devastated. 1st 2 races of the playoffs ran very well and
just didn’t work out for him. What around around 16 is not good here. It will be a tough
day for Eric Jones remembers. There’s still three others that don’t want to have the same
fate. They want to make sure that the advance to the round of 12 that second round of the
playoffs right now. Eric Jones Not looking good. Three other still fighting for life
three. State. One complete. Kyle Larson has one state, one of the NASCAR NASCAR monster
Energy Cup Series. Bank of America Global 400. It’s a little bit of celebration takes
place there, but you can’t celebrate to our late because you got to come to Pit road and
put boy on pit road now and they will change four tires and make a chassis adjustment on
there. Clint wasn’t all that unhappy with his car. He is happy. They’ve gotten good
stage points here. Kelly. Just like a year ago. Kyle Larson is the winner of stage one.
He says it is cars a little bit tight on the exit of one, which carries to the entry of
To Forget your tires, Party canals told William Byron. Good job there. He gained nine points,
10 4 I learned meeting on that restart. He learned what not to do with getting. He was
very happy with Cobb led 21 left and wins the race off pit road of those who hit it.
Several ring did not Pit a little bit surprising. Their strategy. Play there by the Pinsky teams.
Yeah, it seems like something definitely worked on two and 20 to stay on the race track. Rod
presented by Toyota Where are you religious, Rick? I’m down here on pit road. I caught
up with Hall of Fame inductee and the Grand Marshall coach Joe Gibbs. Joe. It seemed like
a real heartbreak Crew. Their coach. What happened with the 20 car? Yeah, very. First.
Rick really wouldn’t. Eric didn’t have anything to do with it, but got shoved into it and
punched a hole in the radiator. And I hate it for Toyota. Hated for craftsman Stanley.
It’s just a heart break when you go through all this and get here, Eric. Two years and
row makes a chase and head things happened that were out of his control. It’s crazy.
See, in your experience, can you think of ah, harder track for drivers in this Roble?
I think this is a real challenge Yesterday and xfinity it was awhile. Race with a lot
happening. I think we’re headed for the same thing today. I think the fans were in for
a treat from If you like action, you’re probably going to get it here. Good luck today, Coach.
All right. Thank you, guys. Still got three more fighters in there. Let’s see what happens
at Rutledge. Remember you calling Hall of Famer, too? He’ll be inducted into the Hall
of Fame, one of those that gave the command earlier. All right, Steve. So with finish
of the first stage that now add some names in yellow that will advance to the second
round of the Forge of Eric Jones at the bottom and put his name in red 64 points in the garage,
he’s not going to advance. So basically, top six are now advanced, locked in its chase.
Elliott Kurt Busch, 7 15 It’s a points battle. It’s all about positions on the race check
and we talk about positions on the racetrack. The 42 is gonna have a little bit of trouble.
We’re here and they have a penalty hitting outside the booth outside the box. We’re gonna
see right here the gas man’s plugged in the taping on the front. You can’t be working
on the car, and he’s trying to get tape off front of car. Guess NASCAR’s gonna consider
that working, which is fair. He’s trying to provide work as the car leaves the front line.
So that’s good. Huge pillar. That is a big penalty, cause that’s a lap Coming Pit road
and give a lap. It’s like the worst penalty you can have. Almost all Pit road morning
to Team Penske cars up front. The key part. They just locked themselves into the next
round. So both All Wolf and Todd Gordon playing a little strategy for Joey Logano and Brad
Keselowski. The theory. Here, Steve. They’ll stay out until about 38 or so. That’s when
they’ll come down pit road. Then they’ll come down. Pit road, Atlanta 68 or so, and try
and do this race on two stops. Hey, you’re locked into the next round. Well, throw caution
to the wind as field now approaching the Geico restart zone. Again, it’s Pinsky. Drivers
llegado cancel out side by side. Here comes the four cabin. Harvey has a line on the inside
of two of his last three wide through heartburn turn. This is gonna be the struggle for those
two Penske cars. I understand what they’re trying to do all about. Track position with
drivers know tires on as valuable here is perhaps a noble, but I still think they matter.
They’re really far behind on. Tires will be hard to hold all these other cars on what
I saw on Xfinity, just they didn’t make a difference, especially later in the run on
older tires restarts. They seem to take off okay, but as a run went on, they seem to fall
off to see the booth, he says. Maybe go around another 10 laps before they come to Pit road.
How far will they fall In 10 laps, they fall outside the top 10. Gonna clean air. He’s
gotta feel good about it. I’m worried about Frank. Last was already back because, as you
get past, the farther you go back to air becomes more, more difficult to manage, See, always
gets nervous early. After a restart heading into the backstretch cane, go to the front
of field. Let’s see the back get better race progresses, getting better. Logano up front,
Harvick all over his back bumper. His last chase. Elliott Daniel Suarez in the top five.
Paul Menard. Also up there in six. Kyle Busch. Michael Tao, 34 currently running eight of
the top 10. What an amazing story Michael McDowell has been this weekend. Great to go
into heartburn. Turn that 34. Michael McDowell on Friday morning showed up to the racetrack
and was having severe abdominal pains, and actually, his back was hurting. Couldn’t figure
out what it was. It got so bad that he had to go to the emergency room. And while he
was there, he found out that he had kidney stones that were the problem. Well, Friday
morning, he passed kidney stones, came back to the racetrack, and Friday afternoon he
qualified that car. Think about how tough battle I think. Wait up with me and I wouldn’t
do it. Michael gets tough. Man. Award, for sure, has been a tough week for the driver
behind Michael McDowell. The driver of the 17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr found out on Wednesday
that his long time relationship with Jack Roush and Roush Fenway would be coming to
an end in 2019 season. It was announced. Chris Buscher will be driving the 17 starting in
2020. So I was emotional. Ricky Stenhouse here, Ricky Stenhouse until Friday after Paul
find where he addressed this and you could tell a little choked up times worked with
Jack Roush for a long time, I think almost feels like a family member to him. And sometimes
the business of racing could be very tough. You used the word emotional and business of
racing can be very tough, especially for the driver of the 20 Eric Jones he’s with. Yeah,
but he went in the infield care center just for a check over there. But just like that,
Eric, you’re playoffs are over. What are the emotions? Yeah, it’s unfortunate, you know,
we just had a really bad week. So our own doing today, not really of our own doing,
but, you know, it’s strange way got really fast cars, you know? I know we can probably
go out and win some more races this year, which is, I guess, the consolation prize.
You know, I’d love to be moving forward here and challenging for the championship. I thought
we could have went pretty deep this year It’s just the nature of the playoffs. You know?
Craftsman Camera. We’re struggling today early on, but, you know, we’re gonna fly all day,
and unfortunately, that opportunity. So we’ll keep racing all year and next year come back
and improve on what we can. And Rick, I don’t think we can overlook just how much this team
did in the last month and including the driver in the last two races. Remember, it was the
car that let them down. Eric Jones really did his job way. Just saw good pass there.
Like Celia, really able to get five Harvick for that second position, you go back to Eric
Jones. It was after his win late in the season when he was confirmed that he’d be coming
back to Joe Gibbs Racing. I think a lot of people were wondering, OK, well, that seat
being vacated and literal Christopher Bell take over. But I think the security of getting
his contract extended made it a little easier for Jerry Jones starting playoffs. Chase Elliott
carving his race track up right now. That was impressive. Pass in the infield exiting
the infield where we’ve not seen a past be made on Kevin Harvick. A very fast race car.
Now he’s closed in on the back of this leader, Joey Logano. Man, that night has got a lot
of speed. He’s flying. He’s just so much faster is gonna poke out right here. Show the guard
he wants it. Pull a gun on a position where he’s got to make a decision. No fight. This
nine car is just stuck to the racetrack. Bank of America lamps from above. I’m giving you
this opportunity to see that change lead, really taking advantage of those four tires.
Morning. Joey Logano being reminded by Todd Gordon. He’s been loose, this entire run loose
on exit and it kind of gets worse. The longer they run, you can see that coming to fruition
right here. Chase Elliott already by Kevin Harvick Trying to get second. Kelly. Yeah,
he said Chase Elliott, now running up front. His crew chief, Alan Gustafson, had a lot
of confidence when I talked to him this morning. He said Friday was sort of a disaster for
this team. Chase was not happy, but he said Chase as a calculated driver and he didn’t
really have a good game plan for the trek. But he came back Saturday with that game plan,
and Alice said he was motivated. When he’s motivated. Alan thinks he’s capable of anything,
including winning this race and a great move there to grab the lead. Chase Elliott out
front. Now he’s starting to expand that Lugano running 2nd 1.2 seconds back. Llegado now
has a problem with the four Kevin Harvick able to get by him as they went through heartburn.
Turn. See this panel right here? This to car holding up these cars? He’s got a problem,
and we think we know What’s this right here. Big big lock up on the right front Coming
into that break his own on the front straightaway. Chicane. He’s really out of these guys held
up here with that flat spotted right front cars, continuing to freight train by two of
Brad Keselowski. That strategy that they want to employ. He’s still about six laps away
from coming in. Take care of that right front tire, sliding it that long, put a big flat
spot on it, could blow that tire out. He’s gotta get four laps on it, really taking a
huge risk there and you say this pace isn’t there. He’s got an issue. I believe with that
for that car tire issue, maybe Coming Pit roads. That’s a word all day on that, the
banking of racetrack. That’s where he really had to watch a speed because of that high
speed. That’s where that flat spot really blow the tar out. So very smart, because louse
just recognizing the problem, trying not to make a bad situation worse, cannot be in the
Nile of the situation. Accept it and get it fixed. Coming this time. So now you make a
left hand turn. Get on to Pit road. Supposed going through the chicane morning. I just
couldn’t deal with that flat spot a tire any longer, this bite through out the window.
The strategy. They were going for 32 probably too early to make it connect to the end of
the race. Nothing has been bothering him is that he’s had trouble seeing out of the wind
show. You said early on. He just got some stuff on the windshield. Pull in here almost
immediately, they’re gonna give Brad a fresh bottle of water. Car’s been fairly good woman
to free that Kozlowski hitting here last 32. We’ll see if they can make it work for the
rest of race on one more stop like they originally planned. Bottled water. Remember? Heats upwards
of 94 2 graves here in Charlotte. Extremely warm. What a beautiful view of this facility.
The Charlotte Robles y two K 50 electric automobile. Next week in the playoffs, we’re gonna head
to Dover. Which 100 Series racing? Monster violence at Dover 50th anniversary celebration.
You know, it’s a weekend you don’t want to miss. So dot com slash tickets. Join us at
Dover. Take a look at the temperature here, Steve. Over 129 degrees warmer than I would
like. I mean, it’s almost October. I think it makes it worse middle this summer. I really
do think in July and August you could react. You know what? No, It’s gonna be hot. It’s
a suburb. Your mind gets the kids back in school. It’s the fall. We’re ready for it
to cool down perspective. If you go into a sauna, which normally you could sit in for
maybe 5 10 minutes max, those were about 150 degrees so very close to that. These guys
will be in the car for three hours. I just wonder, Jeff, you know who looked at the weather?
Who planned the hand. Like I said, I think it’s right in the front of your mind in the
summer. But at this point, the season just don’t think about that. This race track with
all the and heat from the transmission, the rear end, all of those things that you get
on a road course, the brake rotors, all that he gets inside the car. So, you know, 94 degree
day and one racetrack inside the cars of the same as another race track because of the
heat that gets radiated inside of that race car. Kelly Jeff just quickly touching base
with the two Chip Ganassi Racing drivers in the playoffs, starting with Kurt Busch, driver
of the number one car. He spent a considerable amount of time on pit road, and you can see
why they’re on the right front of this car. That was the damage that he sustained on that
restart that set of a big chain reaction crash, so that hasn’t right now mired back in the
32nd position right now, 39 points below the cut line. They’ve got a lot of work to do,
but so does his teammate Kyle Larson. In that 40 to call. Remember, there was the penalty
on pit road for pitting outside of his box. So when we win grain for stage two here, he
actually had to come back to Pit road and sit in his Pit box for what felt like an eternity
was in a Tiger lab. So he is being scored one lap down as you see the 32 with an issue.
Yeah, well, enjoy your run out. Good. Keep going. Joey Logano now Pit road. As that happens,
the Team Penske cars playing out their strategy. Todd Gordon calling Joey Logano down pit road.
He saw him be so free off a couple of spots held their ground where they thought they
would see a big wedge adjustment here, trying to tighten up that race car and four fresh
Goodyear tires for Joey Logano. Meanwhile, is he made all of that? That’s an uncontrolled
tire. His teammate Joey Brat is back and 33rd right now. I asked Paul Wolf for you. Still
gonna try and play that strategy of just one more stop, he said. Absolutely. I can make
it work for Joyce into the grass this way. Weekend 1st 1 to do it, one of the few not
hit anything. They’re very lucky to pull away unscathed with that issue. It’s been a pretty
good battle here. Watching the 48 trying to get by six of Ryan Newman finally made that
happen. Moment’s passed both these cars, the last couple of lamps currently running 16
Johnson back there in 17. Newman is 18. Jimmy It past Movinout Newman back pressuring the
48 of Johnson. Interesting line three and four for Newman. Marty. Joey Logano Left Pit
road. That’s one of the troubles is that you get in a traffic sometimes. Joey Logano. You
see that damage on the left front? He was in three wide. Here he comes back to Pit row.
Todd Gordon has called a back road, so they played the strategy they wanted, but they
put him out in traffic. He was in middle of three wide. There was contact in the left
front fender. And there you go. Look at that. So we were trying to avoid those guys. That’s
what that contact happened. Lagana Coming back down pit road right now to try and fix
that damage. But what looked like a potential waste winning strategy not gonna work out
for the 22. A lot of damage in a flat spot. Right front tire. See a lot of traffic. It
looked to me like overcooked quarter, maybe traffic earlier got him off line. Either way,
though. The damage on the left front very heavy for the 22 and back on his Pit stall.
So they’ll work on that car. You have to wonder if they watch a replay of that. Saul, how
long he slid that right front tire. They got bigger damage of trying to fix, but I don’t
know that they don’t need to change that tire. Go. Gotta go. Gotta go. Trying to stay in
the last years, they are trying to stay on the lead lap, 13 laps to go on the stage.
Let’s take another look, Marty. Traffic. So we come out here and the blend is very difficult,
but I don’t see any travel. It looks to me like cold tires. Not a lot of Gramm’s car.
Just go straight, guys. Whole tires leaving Pit road. Just carry a lot of speed. Hardison.
Make enough grip. Probably needed to a remote corners getting fire off much like these restarts
not using this chicane being unfamiliar. I think exiting Pit road under green flag conditions
is extremely unfamiliar for these drivers. Nobody’s really done any of that. You just
battle way of ironing lady. Remember, they Pit it’ll At 26 they both finished very well
in the first stage, along with Clint Boyer. Clipboard has made himself up. Tonight, these
two guys have made themselves 12 13. Lane E. Byron and Al Parola. They’re on the same
schedule. They’re running right now. 12 13 and 14. You mentioned Dale came to Pit stop
last 26? Well, a lawyer. He’s currently running nine side by side battle. There we go without
fight for Blaney and Virus. It’ll be 12 for William Byron. Go NASCAR Nonstop. NASCAR on
NBC is brought to you by Bank of America. What would you like power? The all new Ford
Explorer Bill Ford, proud and by subway. Make it what you want. Front. It’s Chase Elliott.
He has four and 1/2 2nd lead over Kevin Harvick back to Daniel Suarez. And then we see Kyle
Busch, Martin Truex Jr a little bit further back from them. It’s kind of closing in on
a decision. Time again. I laughed in this stage, much like stage 10 no. Bubble walls.
The 43 gets the wall. This may bring out the caution that the exit of the backstretch chicane
thing has got to bring out of yellows. Go right there in the wrong direction. I was
gonna say, just like the first, we’re gonna yellow. Maybe that’s maybe might Magic eight
ball. Talk to me. Let’s see what happened. Oh, got a little help getting down into the
break ins on there. Yeah, battle in the 43. For a woman just cleaning out. Yes, after
wonder You said it. Steven Balan. Last relapse. Like Bowman, right? Playing about running
15. Kelly Trouble had been brewing between these 24 laps. Alex Bowman. That bubble. Wallace
was flipping him off lap after lap, and he finally said if he doesn’t put that finger
away, he’s going to get one and he started playoff and nonplayoff drivers. Three races.
Three issues towards and Logano at Las Vegas. Alex Bowman and the three a week ago at Richmond.
And now Alex Bowman, again with the 43 at the Robles this season is unlike any other.
Everyone’s fuses seem to be shorter than ever. Alex Bowman sending Siegel. Don’t flip me
off. I mean, some people that will send you over the edge and makes you man, so we’ll
bubble. Wallis. Come back and do anything. We’ve seen it before with Kyle Busch. Yeah,
this was a week ago at Richmond. I mentioned. Start without racing very hard for the free
pass kind of dive bombs. The three. I think it’s a late move up to track. The three goes
in the three with damage chases 88 down the backstretch gets on the left rear quarter
panel. Send the best. Listen, I just can’t send me up the race track because I’m not
in the playoffs. Big break, though. Big break, though. This caution. 42 Larson Big big break
for the 42 of Larson. Get back on the lead lap. A big break for him, but frustrated now
for Bowman and Bubble Wallace Coming up just seven laps to go into Stage two watching NASCAR
monster Syrians, Bank of America Robo 400. You could get here for the playoffs, not the
greatest selection shirts die cast for all of your favorite drivers. Visit nascar dot
com slash shop today. What order a hood, but it’s gonna cool off number. Use it. Wait a
little bit. Temperatures still over 90 degrees in the car. 127 there, Max Benedetto and on
pit road. Here they come, Kelly, and you see Chase Elliott, who is leading this race. He’s
among those electing to come to Pit road. Chase has a really good racecar. Not any big
changes expected here. Just four fresh Goodyear tires that you see him topping him off with
Sunoco Fuel. Daniels Price. Eric Al Merola comes down pit road. They got four stage points
last state by staying out, but this time they come down pit road. But the car has been too
free off of exit most all day long. At the very front of the Pit road. William Byron
here He led 21 laps early on Carson. Pretty good. Too tight as he’s run throughout the
run. Four freshmen your tires for him Junior. Also on pit road. Ric filing off pit road.
We’ll be back for the restart. Evidence. Seven laps to go on stage to cut race for the round
of 16 at the rubble and a huge call. My crew chief. Allen Dustin for Chase Ellen leading
the race. The yellow comes out the easy call to stay on the racetrack and guarantee points
heap. It’s dragging almost the entire field. Rick. That is a huge call for the nine Coming
up on six to go states to the field approaching the Geico restart zone. It’s Blair and McDowell
put her on the inside. McDowell on the outside once again, diving into turn one Lane. He
locks him up a little bit there behind Kyle Busch, really wide, but it looks like everyone’s
gonna make it through. Lane wants to see right here. He wants to see these cars between heat
and the people that put all four tires. They need to kill the whole lot. Remember, he needs
these points. Stage points. Got seven points, eight points. Rather stage warning needs him
now to try and advance to the next round. Kozlowski, right behind, including a lot of
pressure on him. Lawyer Kozlowski, McDowell’s Warren Johnson. The top five changed Ellie,
Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard, Rex Jr. Stenhouse Jr. The top 10. Chase. Sally. Just pull that
move off between six and seven. The one you talk about. Now, I didn’t know that was a
passing zone, but that’s twice you’ve seen the nine successful. Yeah, you said it to
start the race tires. Gonna be a little bit of an advantage because he has a land New
retires. A boyar. Not a time, but a few don’t about Mike down back there. You told the whole
story is Chase. Alec continues to push pressure on Gets Daniels Source that two cars. I was
laughed with six laps to go. I’m like Chase Elliot’s odds of running down these front
three. Chase Elliott with this stage with five to go. Absolutely. I believe he can run.
He is putting on now one at Watkins Glen earlier this year to road course wins for Chase Elliott
Leader. Haven’t travel grand Little wide in the corner, on the infield and now our side
by side brackets. A Lasky. Clint Boyer much. He wants the battle for the winning. It might
need to concede the right. You have to get points at this part. Although he looks off
the pace now, he’s right on the bumper of the 34 McDowell all over him in that 34 McD
Alan established road course Racer just lost his rhythm a little bitty and get his rhythm
back. Now the nines going to catch it tonight is gonna running down is no doubt in my mind.
You catch him, He’s got just finishes. It is a big gap behind the night all the way
back to 48. Clipboard. Whole world is bob around points right now. Right there. You
saw it. You caught it, Miss turned three. Fortunate not to get in the wall. Close call
there but glancing to be fighting, not giving up on trying to win this stage. He’s thinking
about that night car. He’s trying to overcome that mistake and, technically, back from Brad
South gets into that front chicane. It’s crazy how much speedy Jerry’s into it. It still
makes the quarter. It’s got dominated. Walk ins. Win. Yeah, as a fancy car today, for
sure he does. He’s got those new tires as well. Well, you’re still having that two car
trying to stay tight. But again, Mrs the same corner loses a little bit of time to Brad.
We’ll see how aggressive chase Elliott gets now that he’s caught up to the back of the
14 of Clint Boyer. We’ve seen it make the past seven and eight when they’re exiting
this infield area right here, you gotta go to Driver’s left. That’s where he got the
48. He’s gonna try to do the same thing to the 14 he pokes down there. The 14 was gonna
squeeze issue that nine has got a jam his way in right now. Clint Lawyer, this go as
hard as you can, right? Right now. But glad you have this spot. Now maintain this position.
I think he’s fast enough to stay in third. If he doesn’t make a mistake under four laps
to go take a look at the Chevy on the move. Chase Elliott running in the second spot.
How far down is 22nd today? Started 19. Good strategy and a really good call here. Steve,
when I visit with Alan earlier today, I asked him how his day was. He had this just a bit
of confidence, not ego confidence. You know, cars, drivers. Good. I think we just do our
job and don’t get kind of somebody else mass. We should be okay. Currently in the third
position know Clint Boyer trying to get those valuable points date and, of course, frustrated
with himself right there but was reminded to, As you guys said, Let the nine go mainly
because the two cars right behind him. Michael McDowell in Jimmy Johnson. They’re both on
old tires as well. That gives him a buffer, then back to the next car with fresher tires.
41 of Suarez Talk about old tires or Michael McDowell said, You’re racing with Clint Boyer.
Jimmie Johnson, He Federal at 21. Johnson Boyer Pit Irvan, 26. Johnson, all 37. McDowell
doing an incredible job on older tires, So I have to ask our tires that valuable or is
the nine that good? I think you really know. I think it’s best are here, but and the answer
be, Yes, yes, yeah, We’ll see how aggressive he is here. Backstretch a cane. Now the gap
about 10 feet and closing another good run for the nine of Chase Elliott slip just a
little bit mill that she can’t give it up a little bit of room here. A little bit. Acceleration.
Watching this chicane, the watching this to car quarter speed he carries into this. He
got out of the last came game speed around the corner around the oval. I didn’t even
use the curbing. Two to go. Remember Chase? Elliott spun out. That’s changing qualifying
and didn’t scary many. We’ll attack in it. This is what you mentioned earlier. Well,
I don’t think he’s looking to pass him in the infield corners. He’s just looking to
be close enough like that and driving there. Feel that mirror a lot closer. He goes into
five, man. That’s a pass for position right there. Take Brad’s gonna find him. Brad knows
he has the inside line. The preferred line over here. Forget. Stay there. Cool, man.
It’s tough place for Brandy over. Spends the car and chase. Elliott has now taken the lead.
I recant my last statement. Chase L. A. Is looking to pass in every corner of the world.
Every corner here, you got a better tires and a better car. That makes it but try passing
all the other corners. Taste Elliot. He’s calm. A very, very good road racer. There’s
great speed in that whole organization. You see the 24 car while sign up front, running
up front of Sonoma and here today, that car winning races and walk ins. Lynn running up
front here today, Coming upon one lap to go in stage one and hard into the cane and around
goes the 11 of dating him. Looks like he made it, though, so I don’t believe he’ll have
a penalty here. Got a little bit of damage to the right rear. I wouldn’t have to go for
Chase. Elliott. Look, look where everybody’s running and look remember where everybody
was in point. So here you are, Clint Boyer points. He’s running third, right? And then
the old. The other person and he’s really racing for those points is William Byron.
He’s intent now, rolling 11. So a big game possibility here for Clint Boyer. Back up,
they came. That’s a spotter as bread griffin say, man, just stay on the blacktop, get these
points. It’s so important. This will be the last time that they will receive points at
the end of the stage in this elimination race you mentioned, he’s raising 1,000,000 firing
Jimmie Johnson Will environ teammates next car behind Clint Boyer, So I’m not suggesting
you do something aggressive. But if you could pass him, that’s helping your teammate by
a boy doesn’t look like it’s gonna be close enough to attack final time backstretch cane
for the nine of Chase Elliott here in States going. I love that you love that room from
his spotter this great. Remember Cliff, right? But sometimes you gotta bring it down a little
bit. What’s the goal here? Takes? Elliot has won five races. He’s one States two and three
of those five. He’ll win states to here. Can you go on win at Charlotte Robo? That will
be the goal as Stage two has come to an end. It was Chase Ellie getting the wind right.
Kozlowski held on for second. Boyer was third, those valuable points that was looking for
Jimmie Johnson. Kevin Harvick. In the top five, we saw 11 of Denny Hamlin. He was around
the backstretch cane. That is why I’m trying to go back to the right spot around. That’s
what it felt like to ride with him. Chase Elliott went stage two Pit stop coming.
NASCAR on NBC is brought to you by Sonic This How you saw it? Toyota Let’s go places and
by Coca Cola Jericho Deceiving Monster Energy Cup Series racing from Charlotte Robles Never
disappoints. Just this second race on this configuration. Rutledge. Rick. You know, we
had the cow Petty Charity ride re union on Friday night. A bunch of the members made
it here on top of this awesome school bus right here having a good time. You might be
wondering Hey, one of these two guys doing in the pink Harvick shirts. Well, to be totally
fair, they lost a bet. We gotta Kozlowski, Phanor Jones fan. But being here in the infield,
you get such a great view of this track because of all the crazy elevation changes. One of
things we’ve got to do is when you spin around to see the backstretch. We saw that wreck
Coming with the 43 in the 88. What felt like a mile way? Because it happened right over
our shoulder. But, man, kudos to Marcus Smith and everybody that puts this robo together.
Things about where can we get fans up close and personal right here, Going into Turn two.
I don’t know if there’s a better spot than this guy’s. You’re right. No better place.
Guess what? That guy right there has gotta be happy Chase Elliott. He’s locked into the
next round. So now another driver that has solidified a position in the round of 12 done
it on points after getting that win. Two more points in the stage. And, of course, a playoff
point, which will carry on over into the next round with him, 900 motor sports has clinched
the 88. You had your motor sports on Alex Bowman, currently below the gun line, and
it has been an eventful day. Let’s listen in some of the comments he had about racing
the 43. That little part of me doesn’t put his finger away. We’re gonna get one only
let me on so many times the lab for not doing anything. Wow, this race card will handle
it today. All right, They have my interest. So you’re saying that we should watch the
43 88 anytime, there near each other on the track there, near each other. Make sure we
put a camera on it because You could hear the disappointed from Bubba Wallace, but this
goes way back. Remember the first lap down the back straight. She’s too kind of big Bang
about one another. And then they raced on the Robles lap after lap. Finally, they just
turned 43 around. Received 14 more mission accomplished points awarded. But see all the
cars on the racetrack day, this is gonna cost a lot of spots. Yeah, they’re gonna put a
little tape off the front end. For part of that, they’re gonna put four fresh Goodyear
tires and snow go fuel. But you’re right. 16 stage points heard on the day they told
me it before the race started. Points all day. They’ve got to get him. They’ve gotten
a bucket full of so far Party. Ryan Newman, currently below the cut line days to a critical
Pit stop here for this racing. They set minus seven, and they are struggling with the race
car infected a moment ago. Newman said on the radio, I can’t be this bad of a road course
racer. They talked about going back to how the car waas at the beginning of the race.
We’re gonna do that a terrible for Newman. Big changes. Trying to get the car better,
they desperately need some spots in this final stage. In recent Pit road brought to you by
Kroger, we see mcdow gaining a spot over foyer but couple positions again. Not many came
to Pit road. A lot of commotion already today and the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series,
Bank of America Global 400 we haven’t got to the final state coming up. Next. Let’s
go first, go to the Mobile one Peacock Pit box and Krista Voda. We’ll record the start
of the day. We told you this could be the toughest race of the year. Let me sum it up
like this. A driver who 48 hours ago passed a kidney stone just finished that stage in
the top 10 story lines to follow in these closing 50 laps or so. Jimmy Johnson. Could
he be on the verge of his first win in over two years? If he does, you’ll want to be here
for the celebration. Right now, they’re all chasing Chase the winner. Only one of the
stories at the end of the day, the bottom four in the playoffs their title hopes are
done. We will see you after the race from Victory Lane with the winner. Yeah. Thanks,
Krista. And we know that Eric Jones, He’s out. Hey, will not be going on to the second
round, but only seven are locked in. That means five spots. Still available for guys.
They’re fighting for those positions. Yeah, Clipboard did a nice job end stage two by
scoring some points, but because of that, it be deep in the field for this final stage.
You mentioned it a lot of chaos, a lot of hurt feelings, hot tempers. And we still have
an entire state to go. This stage is gonna set that playoff. All right, let’s bring the
drivers in it. Apparently, hand signals not good when you’re on the road, course guys
have known that several drivers in my career me included. But, you know, that’s pretty
interesting to see around noon and sort of be under the radar. That’s his motto. That’s
maybe not how he preferred to go, But don’t write him off just yet. We’re gonna have some
wild restarts late in this race is going to change the lineup of this field. Multiple
times, and he could take advantage of those opportunities and leap frog. Some of these
guys get a great finish. With 36 cars still in the lead lap, you can still have a problem
here. Be in really good shape right now, but find yourself in bad shape because we’re gonna
have wild restarts. Things are gonna happen. So this many cars and lead lap makes it that
much more difficult. All right, so stages are over the 1st 2nd stage last points today.
No one perhaps needed more than Clint Boyer. 16 points were fired. Larson. It’s a lot of
happy drivers, but on the opposite side. No points for Kurt Busch. Ryan Newman, who desperately
need him as well as Alex Bowman. And right now, Ryan Newman is one point behind that
cut up line. No more stages, no more breaks. Every position is a boy. That’s where they
stand 54 laps to decide who moves out of the round of 16. All right, another time that
they will go into heartburn. Turn on how well they knew four wide contact again. 42. Kyle
Larson got into the 12 of Ryan Newman. They made it through the heartburn turn
Now Chase. Ellie searched ahead of Brad Kozlowski, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick. Truck. Junior
time farming. Trying to find for that spot as he goes to the inside of
Truck, Jr. Takes the position away. Paul Menard had a good day all day. Seen him up in the
top 10 a lot. Max wrenched a cane. Krista mentioned Jimmy Johnson. Keep your eye on
him. Running in the third position. Better tires on that car in front of a bracket. Lasting.
Trying to put pressure on in that braking zone, Backstretch tries again. Not quite close
enough. Damn it! Don’t. Jimmy Johnson car is not any favors. I know it doesn’t look
too bad, but it even been a loss of front. Now for us, that hurts. Your braking power
are Will not slow down Quite as well without it. A lot of people have asked. Well, getting
up there in age, you’ve got seven championships. Why are you doing this? Why? You’re staying
out there. I wanna win. I am competitive. I know I could be competitive. And I am not
going out of this sport like this. I won’t go out when I’m struggling. to try to find
Win. So he is determined that he will get another win in the Cup series and hopefully,
he’s thinking that he could run for a championship. This is Kyle Larson. Three wide C Ty Dillon
making four Vigano with an issue he’s going to cover. It’s just crazy. Restart again.
Everybody slows. Look at they’re going, the guys behind on their just stallion. Demented,
Don’t beat about the outside four wide. I mean, it’s just some of its survival. Someone
was just trying to find a place where you’re not gonna get run into. Yeah, they’re just
getting out of everybody’s way. They’re not, they’re not. They’re no option to jump to
an outside later inside Lane and gain a bunch of spots like you might have another road.
Courses like not to get wrecked was going to say, Look at the points right here. Smoke
out of the 43. The 14 point above six point below and their nose to tail on the racetrack
is trying to work through traffic. A big crossover with 14 that was really smart. He actually
had an opportunity to challenge into the braking zone and Scott South Bucks I want 43 Buddy
Waited, allowed that cross overto happen and play out. What a great move by the 14 and
he is One of the better road course racers has been. This year is well, they knew their
car was fast, but they’ve had to play the points game all day. Now, as you guys have
referred to, it is pretty much reset its finishing position. He’s got to stay ahead of that six.
He’s got to make sure that he gains points over Newman and the others that are right
around in Marty. Ryan Newman knows exactly what’s going on. He asked under last caution
to his crew chief Scott Raise. What’s the point? Situation? Here’s what they said on
the radio. Way behind number 10 12 is the next way ahead of him. The 14 playoff. So
we’re gonna Ryan Newman knows what he has to do with a car that has struggled all day
long. Numinous made magic in these playoffs just getting into the playoffs, and he knows
he’s got to get more points right now, one below the cut line. With every point or position
picked up. We get a little closer to it situation coming up, which we’ve had before, where people
could be tied for that last transfer spot and it goes back to the best finish in the
ground by that driver. 14 dove into the inside of 43 way that allows us cross over because
they say the 43 is out of position for that interests of the chicane past you. They’re
trying passion there. Things could get ugly. Speaking of ugly, look at this. It’s back
here. But boy are trying to be aggressive to work himself up through, but afraid he’s
gonna get a read. I am too wide going into Turn one. This is just crazy races. I think
he wants these guys to be battling and slowing themselves down. Easy pickings, I believe
once it gets to you, he’s just has to do the same thing he didn’t That chicane is positioned
himself off line trying to do that right now to get inside of 37 he’s gonna be able to
do it as they run 14 of Clint Boyer, two points above the cut off line. Just remind everyone
stop still requires all of these guys while we’re talking about positions gained. Everyone
will stop Coming road at least once for 14 games spots. You can see Newman in the background
furiously trying to game. Well, He knows things are dire. He has to go forward in this stage.
For every car that Clint Boyer passes, Ryan Newman will have to pass. Also, Mike looked
down in front of moment. Now the ace goes by, Well, Daniels hemorrhage. Also clearing
this day just for this 88 car. No speed. It’s kind of a kind of a poor decision right there.
Pushing the issue. Trying to make a man actually cost him a spot moment, struggling to stay
up inside the top 10 20 actually, 24th right now. Aerial coverage brought to you by the
pulling down to 50 electric automobile shots working their way through the infield portion
of Charlotte Roble. 12. Ryan Blaney Still having some issues? It looks like Steve. Yeah,
a little bit of contact with the wall of the right side right here. Look, I think what’s
broke loose and he’s obviously dragging something, Dave. Well, he said, I hit the wall very hard,
didn’t say exactly where, and he’s had smoke coming into the 12 card has Ryan Blaney ever
since then, but it hasn’t gotten any worse. Jerry Bones Crew Decebal Pit you and not take
a chance, but they decided, for the moment to leave him out. You can see the damage on
the right side of car right from the left or the right front on the right rear, and
it’s moved the rear in housing over. Oh, look out the 88 43 nose wail. 12 to stay out of
yellow. I want outside. Probably. Steve, you asked me, What do you do? All the cautions
out? Caution has come out a spin in the middle of three and four. That’s Daniel him, Rick
in the eight. That’s interesting. Places. Spin. Have heads. Nobody around. David left.
Quarter panel. Daniels. He won’t be back with Richard Childress Racing in 2020. It is a
big break for 12. Let’s what happened, You mentioned it’s not spot where his backwards
on April, those other two cars way up the racetrack? No, the You think they had something
to do with it, but looks like all four tires were up to. I mentioned a swell. We heard
the David David give us a report. He’s only eight points above. So we focused a lot on
Ryan Newman. Clint Boyer. Not more concerned. Not so much with body damage. What is dragging
underneath that car? Looks like the rear and have been moved over. You see the damage to
left quarter panel done. Five tire in the rear in moving over. Look at the points. He’s
only eight points to the good right now. Clip or acclimate himself up through the field.
He’s been running. Well, listen, this right here, they’re gonna have to get this big.
Steve, I don’t know what the problem is, but they are not locked in. They are in a battle.
This is the time. You know there’s still 48 laps to go. Don’t worry about losing time
on the racetrack or positions. Just staring. Coming Pit road. Try to find out what the
issue is here. I would even come. Perhaps the first time even a Pit road is closed because
what if it’s something I’m not prepared for? Maybe I could come up with a little bit of
a plan, Hit him the second time way going on here. Ready to take that about a strut
I’m thinking struck. That’s a brace for the track bar Mount. Yeah, Jeremy Bullets, I believe,
was Crew chief here in there. So Pit road is open. Stay out somewhere around 14 15 someone’s
gonna come get some fresh tires. We know Blake. He’s Coming, blending cups, and we’re also
seeing a couple. Others decide. Ty Dillon and 13 comes the 43. And look who’s following
the 43 on pit row. That’s Alex Bowman. And part of the significance Rick is that he gave
up 11 position. Did Ryan Blaney so obviously the problem? They had to come to Pit road,
but they were in a good spot. Decent strategy wise. Up to this point, I’ll goto work back
there, see if they can fix it. Kelly and Alex. Moment in that 88 car, they didn’t really
have much to give up. They were running in the 23rd position. So, you see, they’ve brought
Alex to Pit road and you’ll get some fresh Goodyear tires as well. Right side of the
12 pretty standard. To me, it’s just a body clean up. Let’s see, we go with this left
side underneath the car go Mechanic has found an issue. Stand underneath there to try to
be careful. You could say it looks like you mentioned that strut left side of the housing,
maybe to the Truck arm will come back and commercial check on Ryan Blake. This NASCAR
playoffs for drivers are racing for your chance to win. Enter at nascar dot com slash ford
Playoffs Promo for a shot at high performance prizes that will unlock when four drivers
crush it on the track. Plus get an entry for a 2019 Ford Mustang GT. When you register,
it’s a home game for NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway. When you’re ready, racing at the
Roebling behind gets turned around, market down part of her left ear Lane sliding on
the front burner. Turn around. Alex Bowman is involved in 48 of Jimmy Johnson Had to
stop frustration now for Bowman and Bubble Wallace. The lab are not leaving anything,
Don’t do anything. And remember, it is just the second race at the Charlotte Robles for
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, and it looks as though Rutledge has found a little more
comfortable area to hang out. Rick, you know, I try to find a little something every place
I can. Nobody. Christian invited me to come up and check out his condo. He’s got a bunch
of his friends here, man. Last year you guys had such an incredible view for that. Finished.
Do you think this is the best place to watch the race? Hands down. My parents. They’re
over there in the corner over there. They just got this condo a year ago, right before
last year’s Roseau Bowl, and everyone knows that race was insane more than insane. So
we’re kind of hoping for the same today, But, I mean, it’s the best place to watch, I think,
and they all love it. So it’s a good time. It’s great. I love seeing that reaction from
everybody in their last year. Who’s your money on this year? I said Kyle Larson before the
race, I don’t really know why. I just said Kyle Larson, but Chase seems pretty strong
to so yeah, good luck. Hopefully we’ll be seeing somebody but a bunch of us, for instance.
You can watch people get so close. That last little berry there before you get on the front
stretch at Big Las Vegas when I can’t believe nobody’s hitting yet. Guys. Rutledge, Will
we see you anywhere other than that sweet. You know, they have a lot of refreshments
of here, Rick. I’m undecided yet. Enjoy yourself. It looks like they’re having fun as well.
Getting ready for the restart. It’ll be 45 laps to go. Quick. 12 of Ryan Blaney. They
were not able to get that struck back on Steve the Struck. That is the one that goes from
the rear end housing to the left Truck arm. So hey was told it’s gonna beat that Truck
arm up pretty good. Can you describe it? So basically, we’ve seen how just aggressive
curving, and everything is so there is a strong. It’s just straight Truck. Aaron hasn’t keep
everything from stretching. Well, there is about three inches of the strongest, probably
a foot long broken half, which tells me it’s trying to bed. That street was being used
so much that it actually broke. Be interesting to see with 46 laps to go, that parka mechanically
stay together without that struck or if they try to repair it. If we get another yellow
and it’s staying together, Steve and have enough space to get itself back into this
playoff right now, 19 points below the cut off line for Ryan through the gears they go
chase Elliott, Brad Keselowski and another great restart for the four of Kevin Harvick
later on the wall in the caution will come out. Unbelievable. I cannot believe that two
years in a row, we’ve seen drivers overrun that imported boys in the race with real.
Remember, he launches right here. He’s going faster right now on the restart that he isn’t
any other point in the race and just gets into the corner too deep as the front tires
locked up. It’s never gonna turn with the front tires locked up. Major impact. It’s
just such a foreign thing for these drivers to be carrying, carrying more speed on a restart.
Then you are a normal lab is so lucky they just clenched into the ground. Next round,
the playoffs and the into stage two two years in a row, the race leader has dove into turn
number one. It slammed into the last year, and I think deep issue this year. You can’t
tell me this isn’t the most challenging racetrack. There’s No way you could make the argument
for anything else, right? Straight like that. Curveballs for these pros trying to navigate
through carrying so much more speed into that corner on these restarts that you do all day
long, running a typical lap. So wine. So here you go. So the chicane you see the skin where
it says Toyota, That’s where they run. They run through there on a normal lap, but right
above it is the restart zone. So they actually launched out of that restart zone and carry
more speed than they do when they come out of that shit. So every other race track going
slower when they approached her, want to restart here, you’re going faster. And also, I don’t
know anywhere where there’s a corner that’s this tight and this slit You said it. This
was the oddest thing you have seen in raising. This is a year ago. That’s why I mentioned
Crack House because it was him a year ago. Accelerates gets on the brakes completely.
Strength brings the 40 to 21. You see, the 42 isn’t gonna make 1/4 regardless of the
two makes it. I had never seen anything like that here ago, and I just convinced myself
we wouldn’t see it this year, right? They had learned it’s the second time Chase El.
It is an outstanding race car driver. You heard the radio. He couldn’t believe he did
it. Unfortunately, it is true. But you mentioned. Locked in that effort in the second stage
has made this be more of an embarrassment that cost 30 racetrack. But he wasn’t cart
Bush there in the number one car Coming for four tires and feel he was in the 11th position.
I’m not sure, Steve, if it puts him in the window to go to the end of the race, but it’s
gonna be four Goodyear tires nonetheless for her Bush Dave and another chance to make a
speedy repair on the 12. Here’s the deal, he was asked. The mechanic was asked, If you
don’t get both boats started, don’t start tightening. What if you can’t get him both?
Just take the whole thing back off so they try to do it here, see if they can make it
happen. Kelly. All right, so now you see Chase Ellie and that nine. You heard him say I can’t
believe I did that. Well, Kevin Harvick, behind him, said that it’s so easy to do because
you’re looking in your rearview mirror and you miss your mark toe break. Their plan is
to just push that hood down, get some tape on it. They think they stand still. Might
be okay on clearance on the tires, but they gave him or we’ll give him four fresh Goodyear
tires. Nonetheless, it’s really just the hood damage that they’re most concerned with now.
Miracle radiators still in it. I’m guessing that there’s an executive with Tubbs right
now saying I told you guys, that would be a good read by this year. All back. Go back.
We’ll take that every year. Monster Energy Cup Series racing from Charlotte Roble under
44 laps to go. Guess what? You guys are gonna give you another research? I don’t know they
want. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to watch the front row are about the eighth row because
the front row, I’m not sure they’re gonna make the corner and the eight throws and only
four wide, so I’m not sure if they’re gonna make the corner such a difficult situation
for these drivers. We’ve seen it well. Now, two years in a row. Now you wonder. Somebody’s
going hungry and then stack the field up because they were trying to make sure they make. This
time. It’s Harvick and Keselowski making up roll. One great lawns for Harvey Johnson,
the inside of his last. It can last. Just not a great start that Ryan Newman. Negative.
Three. White on the inside by Boy, you’re now trying to get by Lawrence and a lot of
spots right there. About six showing up in stage three damage today. He’s got a problem
with the left front flat on the 18. Yeah, is off base. It is a long way around this
racetrack with a flat tire. He’s just entered the flat left right here. Got 3/4 to get
around. There was contact between the 42 the 18 could have been the issue there. They were
three wide going into turn one that you see before pulling away from the 19. But remember,
19 has won the 1st 2 races of this round. Can they make it a clean sweep? Here’s that
restart. Yeah, I think they were three wide, but Newman was down underneath the 42. He
did not know that turned down in there, thinking he only had large intothe 19. Martin director.
Your battle for the lead memory, Mr Skate Twice early in the race at the Serviceability
twice, and now he is Balan for the lead there in the corner that perhaps cost him the race
a year ago when Jimmy John’s spun out trying to pass him looking, having Harvard working
inside the four car out the rear bumper of the 19 Harvick and True Exxon even tires his
last tires a little older behind these guys, this is my motto. Crew X versus Harvard. It’s
deep once again. Pit went around. 36 laps were still outside. Nobody could go all the
way to the Kelly mentioned it. That was inside the window. No, they Pit it outside the window.
It would take a rash of yellows for these guys to save it, so save enough fuel to make
it. His pressure with 19 on the floor is remarkable. How close is safe in the infield section,
trying to set him up to this turning, get a better run off, turning like four car moving
around a little bit through that infield. But he gets that infield section rather rather
well and stretched out that just a little bit. You want that much confidence, part two
extra hands this far in this game, I had so much trouble there at frank, troubling practices.
Well, who sees a cop in there? But, you know, I have to second guess myself. You know, I
made a mistake in there twice. Can I drive it there again and not get a real office?
19. Got into the break. His own party. I could tell you got a lot of confidence in the backstretch
cane, but he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in turn. A guest mentioned a moment ago that’s
Coming in a NASCAR turn. One that to accept Harvick is much better than him. But they
had a very good car all day long. Pope Ernie, today, if we can track position, I think we
can win this thing. Here we are with 41 to go to exiting in second road. Course Master,
deliver another, win a car. How Bush has Coming Pit road to get a new tire. I know this is
gonna sound crazy. After the accident, Chase Elliott has passed 12 cars sent to restart.
So we saw them come in and make repairs. I thought the car was killed. It was questioned
up here. How much damage? He puts a tape on that nine. He’s always back in the 19th position,
running lap times that would easily put him in the top 10. That’s a great shot right here
to show you different ways. Guys were attacked in this race track of what lies they’re running.
It’s so new to the entire Series that you’ll see a lot of various between how guys are
approaching and hard. It really did an amazing job in the infield course there. Put a lot
of time between drinks. That gap increasing now received. Two coming up behind our tricks.
Junior. We take a look at the Toyota driver. Update for Martin, started in the 34th position
today was running up front, currently in the second spot. Farther back, he has been was
37. But pretty incredible run right now is he’s in that second position. Road courses
have been amazing for him. Last six. He’s won three. The one time that he didn’t finish
second. It was last year here when he was leading, and that last lap spin took place.
You just haven’t seen him up front all day long. Really know exactly what kind of car
Pacey has. He’s lost a little bit of time on that four, but started to back away from
the two part in Alaska. Maybe he had a couple back corners Series the corners in the field
now trying to make it back up. He works his way, trying to catch up to Kevin Harvick.
We go NASCAR not stop just up to 38 laps to go. Monster Energy Cup Series. Bank of America
Robo 400. Let’s go through the field Brought to you by Bank of America Kelly and Kevin
Harvick leads this race. Remember, he came into this race already locked into the round
of 12 so I asked him how much fun it was to race here. Not having any of that pressure,
he said, Well, I love this event, but he basically said, Don’t get me wrong. The race is still
very stressful. This track is treacherous, but a good side of relief, knowing that their
spot a secure. Now they can simply go after this win and five more playoff bonus points.
Marty Kelly. How good is around a 60 minute from Martin Truck shooter and his race team?
Well, to this point, they aren’t all but four of the playoff points available to make changes
to make a car better at the end of the run. They’re trying to hang on to Kevin Harvick
there a moment ago. It’s great wall off of Ternate in a NASCAR one behind Brad Keselowski,
who impressively, has done the race so far on just one stop saying yes, no drive off
the quarters Right now. They have 11 lap older tires that pretty much everybody else in the
field day when they’re hanging their third on them. Brad, are William Byron. They have
done a fantastic job. They chanted House coaching him through everything. And he said, You’re
making a part of this race track work that I didn’t think you could make passes in. William
Byron having a very nice run. And for Erica Merola, he told me before he got in the car.
Today, listen, we’ve been a 7 to 10 place road course car all year long. If we can finish
there today, we will advance to the next round. Right now, they’re six and they’re in. Dave.
All right, kids, you’re listening. One of the reasons why Clint Boyer is doing so well
today. Homework. His Crew CI told me he did his homework very well this week. Going I
racing and also watching last year’s race, which he said, I think that was a first. It’s
been a nice recovery for Kyle Larson in this 42 team. Remember, they won stage one but
then had a penalty that put them a lap down. Will they work to get that lap back? He’s
now running inside the top 10 and has a nice point cushion over the playoff cut Lane. Marty
Kelly. How many times has Ryan Newman been counted out in the playoffs in 2019? For much
of the day today, they were below the cut line, but here he is, running 11th with the
race car. They have struggled with the handling all day long and guess what, plus 12 about
the couple on Newman in a position with one more stop to go to a dance. Kelly taste Elliot.
The 19 gotta check one big box today. That stage to win those points locked them into
the round of 12. But remember, he was leading when he made that mistake getting into turn
one. They prepared that car, and now he has been back on the move forward, turning some
of the fastest lap times on track 13. Right now, Dave Helling on road now the last of
the first car to Pit last, perhaps. Will this put him in good position? Strategy, wise strategy.
You have to get to Pit road before yellow comes out. That would be the big break the
11 is looking for. You don’t think anyone in the league is concerned with the 11 but
next time bye with 35 laps ago should open up the Pit window. William Byron makes a move
of Brad Kozlowski for third and another little update. Jimmie Johnson has missed the backstretch
shaking Once. I lost a few spots. What? He had to stop on the front straightaway. Steve,
you mentioned guys. We’re gonna start pitting right now. Let’s take another look at the
playoffs and how they run where they are in points. Kyle Larson comfortable. 35 points
above William firing 16 now 17 above. Clint Boyer, 16 above, Ryan Newman, 11 above. And
Eric Al Merola, 10 above everybody. Still fighting with 12 of Ryan Blaney. Alex Bowman
in the 88 1 of Kurt Busch, 36 cars on the lead lap. You cannot have a penalty. Can I
have a loose wheel? Can’t speed on pit road Pit to their party, hitting with us at 75
35 to go very comfortable in time, Almost window to make it to the end, even with a
green white checkered again. Just a second South for this to team all day long, saying,
I have no drive off the corners of the car, just hook up and get traction off the corners.
Big air pressure adjustment here for 35 laps ago. We’ll see if getting a little bit earlier
than everybody else gains in the track position. Coming Pit road. The right front of the two
was shaking. I don’t know if that’s castor shape, which is kind of like you’re shopping
car when the wheels start shaking on the shopping cart. But look at the right front quarter.
If that’s cast shake. He’s not hope that steering wheel it all with this castor shakes Eve.
He’s been complaining about it all day long. Now you can see why he’s complaining about
it right when you push your shopping cart and you have, ah, shopping car front wheel
that shakes every time you push around that area. That’s castor shake. That means you
have something set Rome and it is really wrong in a two car. I’ve never I’ve never seen that.
Wow, a race car. I take my cart back. Jimmy Johnson. You said it. He blew through the
rear chicane Smart move. He knew it was gonna blow through it and just in trouble right
now that you just drove through it and then Coming front straightaway and stop. But a
smart move. It’s gonna make that mistake. Just keep going. Started penalty, anyway.
He’s made his stop to your point. We’ve seen a lot of race cars in our life, and I have
seen him shake a little, but it looked like something was broken on the car. Kelly Alex
moment in the 88 on pit road. What an adventurous date he has had literally from last one has
put him in a point deficit. He’s gonna get new Goodyear tires. You see the one there.
Kurt Busch. Remember, he came to Pit road just about 10 laps ago, so that was fuel only
for Kurt Busch. Gordon on pit road. They laugh. 65 4 tires for Joey Logano’s Steve. I kind
of like this call by Todd Gordon. They’ve been stuck in the back that accidentally on.
They pulled out the right front fender. You see him leaving Pit row with Kurt Busch fuel
on Lee for Logano here on pit road. We’ll see if that helps him engaged. Track position.
Definitely blend much further up in the field. And they were running, running short track
with all saved up. Vendors here damaged one names to the 20 to damage to the 48. It just
came to screen. Now start a wonderful night of Chase out, perhaps lament that same strategy
60 seconds behind the leaders. And here comes Leaders for Kevin Harvick has peeled off the
bank as well as 19. Kelly leader Kevin Harvick has come to Pit road. He’s really been pretty
happy with this car throughout the day, really saying he needed the rear end of that car
to be a little bit more stable. But he has a good front turn in there. And so he’ll get
four fresh Goodyear tires and a clean windscreen. Marty Treasure in your Pit from second position.
He fits with Kevin Harvick. You see top of your screen. We’ll see in the 19 containing
your dressing and hang on a little bit longer into the run. They have really made their
money in these playoffs. In the long run, we’ll see if they can get his car better.
Meanwhile, Eric Al Merola, also on the road carpet to free for much of the day for that
10 car. He has said that they need to make some changes here, but they’re doing what
they need to do. And speaking of doing what you need to do, give a tip of the cap to Ryan
Newman. We’ve talked about it. They’re in a spot here, making their final stop of the
day to advance on. Looks like they might kill me. And that’s the 42 of Kyle Larson. He has
completed his Pit stop. That car’s good. He’s just so hot. He wanted some water to dump
on himself inside the cockpit there, but a good car for the 42. Right now, you see William
Byron Clinton or sell it still in the race track. Jack and House Crew chief for the 24
14 damn of pit of the stomach feel right now because of caution would be so costly. All
these cards have already Coming Pit road. They would stay out. You Would you give up
a lot of track position? I really expect to see 24 Coming Pit road soon. There he is.
He’ll turn left. Bill. Clint Boyer. Follow him. It looks like he will. So is these two
cars Coming? Pit road? How about Chase, Ellie? He’s gonna stay on the racetrack and trying
something a little different date. So Clint Boyer will come in for four Goodyear tires
and Sunoco Fuel giving up his position. They’ve done what they need to do all day. And in
fact, the 14 car has gotten better and better. It was really turning that last time. Very
critical for Clint Marty. They did not leave William Byron in the danger zone for too long.
He hits Pit, rode here with four fresh Goodyear time has actually been pretty good. It is
so tough to pass for the 24. And that’s what Chad was saying about finding a good spot
to make passes. Dave desperate for any positions they could get the 12 car called the Audible.
They can no fresh Goodyear rubber fuel, only their only option. They have to find some
spots on the race check. Currently, they are right on the edge of missing the playoffs
as the cars were running. So with that repair, they got behind. You have to do something,
Rick. With only 32 laps to go. Just do what everyone else does. You see a blend on the
racetrack, right in front of one of her. Bush was also, if you will, only call 22 of Joe
Lagana was the same. Bush are still out there. He came to Pit road and laughed. 43. He’s
running second. Right now. Chris Butcher will be going to Roush. Fenway Racing, 2020 will
take over the 17 ride 32 laps to go change that land currently on the racetrack, but
still has to make the final stop of the day. We’ll see what happens. You watch along and
that star nonstop Coming Pit rode his service. Let’s take a look now and Ram Trucks, built
to serve, be really careful as a driver not to make a mistake. This is the artist track
NASCAR runs on, and then the Crew. Cheap points. Make sure you have right whatever information
given to drag her double check and make sure he has the right. Getting restarts restart
down into turn one’s gonna be a lot of phone for all of us to watch. Has definitely been
entertaining up to this point, right? Trying to stay in front of the four of Kevin Harvick.
That’s race lead. Daniel Henrik came to Pit road on Lap 62. Well, he’ll have to be back
on pit road at some point time. Harvey’s gonna get frustrated here because any battles Daniels
hemorrhage that’s gonna allow the 19 of tricks. Junior, who lost a little time on the Pit
sequence. It kind of came back on the racetrack on two different side of lap traffic. Now
Harvick’s catching lab traffic tricks is trying to run a nail. This is what he needs to make
it work right here. Yeah, that was the place. I think he just really patient Crew, that
field section of the racetrack, knowing the opportunity was Coming just behind them. The
other two cars Austin Dillon and more Tricks Jr. So Austin Dillon will also be another
one that will have to come to Pit road tricks. Junior has already had his stock date from
the ramp built to serve point number two. Do your math. Here’s 14 team. A little more
detailed report, but we are good. How many ways I’m working on? Give me some time. Do
your math. But don’t get mad at each other about it. Stressful. I don’t need something.
Looking over my shoulder. Yeah, the smoke coming out of the years right now trying to
crunch the numbers. Good job, David are right in front of these. Are always talked about
much at all. Throughout this playoff changed. They’re gonna solid, solid job today. He’s
had great speed. His paces brought him up to the back of a crack. Is lassie car position
finally going about his way of trying to transfer into the next round? Doing a good job here?
Yeah, those three cars, right there right now above the cut off line. 14 12 10. All
above. Cut off line. Newman is below it. The 88 Bowman is blow it, and so is the one of
Kurt Busch. 12 car. They were in trouble. Jerry. Jeremy Bolan’s a crew chief on this
race car. Put this in his driver’s hand. I didn’t give him tires. When he Pit, I’m gonna
put you out there. Just put gas in that car, and I’m going to need you to carry it. I’m
gonna need you to keep this track position. If you can weigh will not make the playoffs.
That is a lot of confidence in his drive challenge right now. By Alex Bowman. Came out right
in front of Kurt Busch. Pull away. Kurt Busch. Woman doesn’t challenge in the braking zone.
There have a little bit of a run here. What he does with it? Not a real good ship. Their
lost that moment of material gonna go. Hi. Here you go. By Lane. He knows he’s faster.
Knows he’s in pretty good shape in the points right now. Give the spot up. Don’t put outs
in a position where he overdrive Truck and part of that discussion on leaving the 12
out there on old tires is you have a good race car. You don’t do it. If you’re racecars
horrible, it needs something. Well, they’ve been very good with this car all weekend.
Affect your bones Told me it has not been a real challenge getting that car where Ryan
needed it to be remembering last year’s winner right here. So it’s only concern I have is
that I kind of feel like all the Pit ski cars aren’t very good on long runs kind of fall.
So, yes, they’ve had good speed. But I don’t think that long runs with 27 laps to go. The
entire complexion of this race could change with the yellow. You have to decide when to
come. If you come, the other guy that’s gonna be back in it is a night of Chase Elliott.
It’s hard to believe this is the same car that went straight into the tire barrier.
On that restart. He is up to nine, running the fastest lance of race. It’s right here,
the car inside, defensive, I believe 14 teammate Clint Boyars close that gap. It’s starting
car got Merola. Interesting to see him go off line and the braking zone. A tough spot
for both of them, both silently in the points. But you never know what’s gonna happen. I
know, Clay. He does it again. I wonder if he’s trying to get some air to the brain.
Surgeries tryingto throw off the two car like this now. 14 translators gonna get to the
inside, too. Grand battles back on the outside. I’m a rolling thinking All three Fords fighting
for position, boy. Right in the middle, right now. So, now Clint lawyer needs to back up
this little Pit. Get ready to come into this part of the racetrack. Where? Prom. This.
He’ll make this right now. It’s all about setting up return eight. You’re right, Jeff.
Paste these cars. Just not great on the long run. Brands back on even tires with all these
guys have been given a few laps on tires for most of the race. The stage 23 and now even
tires are closing in this battle. Look who joined the battle. That nine car. Oh, man.
What? Around right in the field. And it’s the 36 of tips gonna go uncharted waters here.
Back out onto the track. Here’s what happened right in front of Ryan Newman. Basic maneuver.
You guys were showing that battle with Clint Born Erica Merola. Well, it’s this guy Ryan
Newman that I think cares the most about that Val. He avoids the 36. Does he avoid the grass?
Real there party. They are worried about the grass on the grill for Ryan Newman. The other
thing that we can’t lose sight of guys Newman before that round stops was easily. And I
just checked in with Scott. Gravest. How did you lose so many spots? He said. I honestly
don’t know. We’re checking the S and T David to see if Ryan lost Coming. Pit road Pit stop
wasn’t bad, but a number of cars in front of Steve went fuel on Lee, And that’s really
put Ryan Newman in the spot where, all of a sudden a moment ago he was above now, with
suddenly below the cut line, my or you mentioned is the positions of the racetrack or just
points way. No, the 12 gamble Jeff documented it. So a couple guys gambling, getting conservative,
25 to go not time to be conserved next Sunday on Nbcsn around Too Far come playoff starts
with Dover International Speedway that race coverage Monster Mile begin. Join us, and
that’s the start of round 2 12 Drivers will be fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive.
Kevin Harvick, still leading and now has a seven second lead over Martin Truex Jr. Is
quite a bit of distance between himself and that 19 game a couple seconds on the Pit cycle.
But since they rejoin the race check, just call off the race track with great lap times.
You see Clint Boyer here trying to get by with three of Dylan, that is for position.
Dylan is currently in fifth, Clint Boyer six. Chase out seventh. It’s going to try to gain
that spot, but he knows he’s gonna lose one of us that are very quickly. There you go,
Laz Decision by Alison. Deal into Move that away. Both of those gas. And I think it’s
a wise decision. You want back, back, back. I’d like to see that at 14 right? Just don’t
chase doesn’t want to hit you, but if you force him to drive in next to you What if
he makes a mistake right? In the end, it’s gonna cost you points. It’s teamwork. That’s
your spotter. Understanding the situation. They got that information from the crew chief
just related to Clint. Right now, it’s about coms. It’s just you’re doing everything you
need to do And that laugh out of Chase. Ln the fastest one on the racetrack. Currently
see the playoff leaderboard, the left side. William Byron quietly running of the third
position of plus 1918 12. You said that That kind of working right, Jeff? 12. Looking decent.
Yeah, while this is going on, Kevin Harvick has yard. It’s true that he’s seven seconds
in the lead. I I’m impressed by that. Kevin Harvick, That team they came over here last
year. They ran back. They did not run well at all. That shocked me. I thought this would
suit this team and they just ran poorly. And I told the rotting children some 17 around
as your caution caution has come out now with under 21 laps ago, which means another restart,
and those have been heartburn for a lot of drivers. Let’s see what happened here. It
gets into there locked up the rear tires spins out harmlessly. Here s it up. It’s going the
end of a bad one at the end yet, But just been a bad week for Stenhouse Jr losing his
ride. Not being very competitive here this weekend with Speed Stenhouse, Jr falls out
of the top 25. Right now with running water, they will line back up for another restart.
So we see Ryan Blaney on pit road here, Steve. So the decision really starts in front of
Ryan Blaney. I go all the way up to the eighth place car. Aaron Pal Merola. You would think
he’s fine. He’s currently in with eight points to the good. But can you afford to be the
last car on the racetrack with 20 laps to go on old tires? So the first decision has
to happen there. Then the pressure instantly moves back in the field. You mentioned blaming
in the 12 15. I think he must come to Pit road. I don’t believe you can leave your guy
out there on old tires. Ryan Newman all way back 23rd. I would do whatever they don’t
do. Jeff, if they all plan on staying out and let my guy try to defend the best defender
in s car has got to be Ryan Newman. Johnny Classifier, Crew chief for Erica Merola. He’ll
be the first. It has to make that big decision. Burn connection. Just moments ago that Harvick
had yard it. Martin Truex Jr. After the green flag runs while that all disappeared when
the caution came out. And so now Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr will be side by side for
the next restart, the question will be. Who will come to Pit road? How far down this list
will we see someone come to Pit road to get fresh tires? Still 19 laps to go when they
come back around? I assume the fourth place running driver of Daniels hemorrhage was last
up Pit road. Elam 62. I just I don’t believe there’s any way that he could make it on fuel.
I think the strategy was to do exactly there’s run very long, put fresh tires on and then
have the best tires to come through the field because his defense, I expect 0 10 12 41 back
to come to Pit road, take a look attempts. This is Matt Benedetto’s car 127 over 127
degrees. Remember, This race started about three hours ago, so they have been in that
temperature for three hours now and then on. And on top of that, you get a little upset
with somebody that I think that a recipe. So you see, it’s a lot of things here. First
Crew, cheap ass inside. You have to come to Pit road or not. And then the pressure is
squarely on the picker guys. They have to execute. Whatever that strategy, that plan.
Maybe I’d be shocked if we see Harvick Tru X com. I expect to see William Byron and Chase
Elliott stay on the racetrack. I think Clint Boyer and six has to stay on the racetrack.
I think the pressure really picks up around Alma Roller in eighth. What will he do? Does
he think he needs tires? I was you mentioned. There’s Hamburg, There’s Dylan. We knew they
were gonna come practice. Lawsky comes way. See the 88 Coming Pit road Lane. He comes
to Pit road and he drags everyone behind him to Pit road. Kelly and you mentioned the 88
of Alex Bowman as he works his way down. Remember, he also came to Pit road on lap 75 just 15
laps on these tires. But I guess they feel like their best bet at this point is to games
of fresh Goodyear rubber and see what he could do with Ryan Lane position to come down to
put up four Goodyear tires and full of Sunoco fuel. He had to be freed up just a little
bit as well, party from the caution came out, Ryan Newman said, Thank you, Ricky to a CNN
Ricky Neuman, who brought Ricky up. Ricky Stenhouse, who brought out the caution, Newman,
saying, I just have nothing left at the end. These ones and they stall it here on pit road.
They’ll have to push Newman’s cars. Look at all that track position Ryan Newman is losing.
A moment ago, they were in the playoffs, Rick and all of a sudden all going wrong for the
16 and right there, driver mistakes. I think Bert, you brought it up. It shows you the
importance of pit stops and how important and what a big role they play in this sport.
And it’s not just the guys changing the tires and Jack in the car put fuel in. It is also
the driver. Now we’re gonna have a restart with Ryan Newman desperate at the very back
of that field. But watch what he’s gonna try to do. Most tracks. I would say his goose
is cooked, but restarts today, I might say, You know what? Maybe that’s better than five
or six spots up. You’ll be the only one that gets through. Might be holding that. Let’s
dig into that. They are here. I’d be selling right. Well, why? Ryan Newman, do you have
a shot? Well, we just saw Chase Elliott run off. The end of the race track we talked about
is going faster at any point that he is on a regular lack. Here he is. On one side of
screen is in the restart zone already 70 miles per hour on the other side, 65 mile an hour
on a normal lab. We’ll look at what they are at the start. Finish line, You know they are.
Start finish line. Chase Elliott. 109 on a restart in 91 on a normal lap, so that is
a huge difference in speed. And as they move into the corner, you can see 1 24 1 13 It’s
about, on average, 50 mile an hour faster going into turn one. And that’s why you misjudged
this corner. And not just for the leaf, but the braking zone In the fifth row in the sixth
row in the seventh row, It’s so easy to miss. Judge it and get into the back of the guy
in front of you 19. Go. It’s gonna be excited. Kelly Quick update on the number one car of
Kurt Busch. They had another lengthy Pit stop as they worked to fix some of the damage on
the right front. So they took their time working on that and also set her up with some four
fresh Goodyear tires. But a lengthy stuff he’s trying to catch up to the back of the
field now is going to sound silly. I was kind of joking about the restart, but I’m the one
of Kurt Busch. I just stay out of the mess. The only path for him is a big wreck. I mean,
he’s not gonna make up all these points. We rode off Alex Bowman earlier in the race,
but here he is. 13 points out with tires. Not out of this just yet. Article. True ex
making up the first row. Our vic is handsome. Great restarts already. We’ll see how he does
this time. They come out of the restart zone, Harvey again. Another good restart. Now Martin
Truex Jr ships over the inside line boy or what he makes. And everybody on this box held
their breath with that move. You made it work, boy. Aggressively. Now he’s moved up to third.
William Byron running fourth Chase. Elliot’s is fit. Boy. Steve McGarrett, Merola under
attack from the outside from inside. He knows he can’t give up points there. Look at the
moment of Lost about a 10 car now, man trying to take advantage of it. Every position. A
point on the left side, you see? 10 only seven points above the six car, seven points below
that seven spots on the racetrack. Bolin has made up a lot of ground on this restart. This
is gonna get tight going out of this chicane. Nobody’s gonna lift at this point in the race.
Oh, there you see it? 12 Lady spoke entire sing big lock up. That could be a flat spot.
Huge lockup and a great job. Not the wreck. With that much lock up. He’s only eight points
above the cut off line. That could be a season change and save right there. Or a season changing
mistake. Agree with Dale that long? That tire was locked up. It’s gonna show him it gets
shoved into the home and just barely saved it right there. You gotta shove into that.
She came about 21 car really close to missing the chicane. Chicanes. Full contact, aren’t
they? They have been today. There’s only two points out right now. Bowman. Five points
out. See, right here. Ryan Blaney Exiting the banking of turn two on the oval down the
straightaway. Larson takes him three wide and then right here. Look how long that tires
walked up. And that’s a long time. 11 way tracks. A big, big problem over here in the
field trying to come out of six and caution comes out again. Ryan Priest in the 47 also
involved not a damage to the six of Newman. The right rear quarter panel. Look at how
aggressive now Newman is coming back up is their frustration here. Danny was turned around
and Newman checked up. Nobody could really get through that particular part of the track.
When when did he got sideways and watch? On top of the proof of the Atlantic are the inside
of a three year lose behind? Hard to see, but he’s sad ways in the track right here.
And a lot of these guys had nowhere to go several times a day. We’ve seen 11 car around.
Yeah, just very loose. Get in the corner. 21 6 pack of 66 runs in 47. A lot of impact
with the car. Nobody knew where to go. How durable can these cars be running over the
turtles? We’ve seen Hearts break. Ryan Blaney had a piece break on his car. They fixed it.
He’s now currently above that playoff cutline damage. Six Does 21. When 21 comes, badges
destroys the right side of car. All these other cars out. We’ll have a party. I gotta
tell you know, real panic on the six radio while you can see that right rear fender there
for 16. Not to pull that out, fixing the best that they can get. Four fresh Goodyear tires
on as mentioned. Scott Grace. Very calm on the radio. Ryan Newman. Very calm on the radio.
They’ll see what they can do Here, currently minus five below the cut line may not be out
the ballgame yet. We’ll see what happens in those new tires. They were Coming quick through
the field. Everybody up front was talking about how quickly Brad last use Coming through
the field. Following this impact, Ryan knew that all the work he’s gonna have to do to
get back through. But this battle that’s brewing between Eric and Roller and Alex Bowman, you
said, and we had written Alex going off. Look at the screen. Two points right now. Merola.
He’s sitting there. He did not Pit. Now Merola back and 13. Every car but one behind him,
has fresher tires and he has been under attack. Kelly and Alex Bowman knows the situation.
The team has told them they told him who he is racing with for that final playoff spot,
remember, qualified on the front row, had to start from the rear after He crashed with
a minute to go and final practice in a backup car, and it just might make it in Marty. And
they know the situation they’re in for Eric Al Merola, 16 to go. Here they are, plus two
about the cut line. You mentioned everyone behind them pretty much as fresher tires.
They told Eric do the best you can. They also updated him about the 88. He made his way
through the field. He is ahead of them right now. They’re the ones below them on the cut
line. So if a 88 gain any more spots, 10 could be in trouble again. If it’s a tie, the advancement
goes to the one with the better finish in the ground right now. Alex Bowman has 1/6
place finish. That was the Las Vegas finish, so he is better than the 10 best finish for
Eric out. Merola was 13 or 16. Let’s take a look at today’s lap leaders brought to you
by Symbicort. See Chase Elliott, 29 laps led. Harvick, 24 laps, let William by 23 laps,
led already so at 88 that needs to gain a couple points not only is in the eighth position,
but look at this last on pit road, lap 90. Fresher tires and swore is fresh tires and
Elliot firing Boyer? Not to mention a couple teammates up there with Elliot and Byron that
I don’t think would hold him up if he could advance versus Al Merola. You drop all the
way down and 13 he has last time at last. 76 will have a behind him most sure Dylan
Lagana there going to be coming on fresh tires. We’ll try it again. Carving on the inside
Truck Junior on the outside, Boyer at Byron behind them. Group makes it through aggressive
move by Kurt Busch. Gains a couple spots. Turn one. Harvick trying to pull away. Now
bar tricks. Junior running second, Clint Boyer again up to third, and Chase Elliott has moved
up to fourth ahead of the 24. See Alex Bowman’s on a nice job on this restart. Merola. Not
quite as good of a job right now. I think they are essentially tied. Ernie Carolina
Erica role has lost a few spots. Bowman’s done a really nice job and in good position
down here in this rich? Kate, you’re the tiebreaker right now. We go to Alex Bowman. They are
time right in the cut line. It’s gonna get tying. Somebody’s gotta lift right here. William
Byron, Young driver decided to lift wisely. William Byers. 14 points to the good. He needs
that information, right? With 15 laps to go, 14 points, it’s gonna give a spot up here.
They’re gonna protect. Stay going in the right direction. 88. He’s gonna have to push the
issue a little bit more. Let him go by, and they work through the front stretch now down
to 14 laps to go from the Robles. It’s the same information I would be given the 14 of
Clipboard nine of Chase. Elliott is on his rear bumper. He has more to gain. You have
more to lose. Let him go to the third position. Nowhere in the shot is a 10 car market. Merola.
He has fallen all the way back to 17. Joey Logano just got by her. Bush got by. Bush
got by. Marty, just so help us for this 10 team sitting there. They now know they’re
minus four. And actually, Ryan Newman, you see, they’re just moves ahead of them by one
spot. See what a helpless feeling that must be. Not only for the driver, for Johnny Class,
my on time for the box. They couldn’t pin it there. Spin on the way around. Somewhere
over in the infield, I think. Somewhere around turn six, he slid all the way over to the
area. The track that’s not used. And you mentioned you heard Marty mentioned six of Ryan Newman.
Well, chaos in front of him. He’s got a driving. He has no choice. He has to drive off in here
and he does into the chicane. They’re too wide. Three wide. Dylan’s Coming across somehow
doesn’t get run over from behind. Caution has come out now 41 could not get that car
re fired. He’s still sitting over in this section of the race track. I think you’re
really gonna come down Rodeo. You’re bleeding. Why? You didn’t do that at the time before
you would only about eight or 10 spots. You’re bleeding points. At this point. The only chance
to 10 has is to come get some tires and put your driver back on offense. With 14 points
ago, he could have won. 40 more Rex pretty easy. All right, Now, at least for at least
14. 13 more tips now in turn one. So the caution has come out. It’s the night. Caution. Already
here in the mobile. Listen to the urgency in Eric Al Barolos voice. Okay, You’re about
four tires getting eaten alive by everybody. I meet all day. Yeah, but calm down. We’re
gonna put tires on here. So you have 13 left. Plenty of time. So fair assessment that he
doesn’t have the grip because he does have the oldest tires of the cars around him. Concern
is just what you said. Dale Jr. They needed to do it. Caution before I love the idea of
pitting. It’s their only option, but there are 34 cars on the lead lap. Merola running
16. I don’t think everyone behind him going toe Pit, he’s gonna give up 10 or 15 spots.
It’s their only choice, but it is gonna be a tough road on these restarts on fresh tires
trying to make up those punks. Course he might Pit be behind the rex. You know, that’s another.
You know, you didn’t want to do it now, But maybe this puts you buy in the incidence.
So here’s the thing. He’s gonna take the left hand turn on the Pit road. A couple takers
behind him, looking all the car, staying on the race track that’s gonna bury him deep,
deep in the fields. Marty. Well, Steve, your point. The only card that Johnny Kloss Mayer
really had to play Eric Alma role. You heard the desperation on the radio. They need to
do something here, So they’re gonna put four fresh Goodyear tires on, and with all the
parts, it did not come down. They’re gonna be You’re right back in the thirties on this
restart will see what a game for tracks. Addition. For what it’s worth, Ryan Newman. The guy’s
fighting for for that last one in the playoffs. Six spots in one loud. When he put on fresh
good years. We’ll see what happens here. Will restart with about 10 or 11 to go. Rick in
the 88 6 separated by one point with a final. Durant’s 1st 5 back to restart Kevin Harvick
leading Ask our Monster Cup Series. Bank of America Global 400 is we’re getting ready
for a restart, and now the focus goes to that cut line. Who’s going to advance in the playoffs?
Starts with 88 of Alex Bowman, currently in the sixth position. Good news. A point above
bad news Already running. Six. Not sure how much better he could approve Jeff. Then we
go down to the six of Ryan Newman. Ryan Newman, although normally and running back where he’s
running 21st would be a bad thing. But that means he has a lot of opportunity to pass
cars. Alex Bowman. It’s gonna be much tap tougher to pass quality cars in front of the
field. Then you have air camera rolling 29th place. He’s 16 points out. He just needs to
pass cars and passed as fast as you can with those new tires. Watch those points. They’re
gonna change quick, Rick, they are. And keep your eye on turn one. It’s been tricky. Come
back, Restart. 11 laps to go. Harvick. Tru X. Back in the gas Contact Bay does it go
toe one writhe back of the screen. He drove it in three wide That yellow. A black car.
Four spots right there. Now back Even sounds gonna be for the next 11. Lance Bowman Trying
not to give up the spot to 24. William Byron. Does it run up there? Almost side by side?
Here comes Byron. Booth was tough right there. Hi, Bang! One spends the 37 off Ternate spoke
everywhere. Does everyone get through 13 years? Newman cautioned against Crew. Wow Way mentioned
it at the beginning of the show. Anywhere on the race track was a difficult part of
the track. 14 Rex and 14 laps. And we only need 13. Like someone’s talking about no water
pressure there. Okay, Damage to the front of the six. More damage twice now. Rick, They
had it on the restart earlier, he said, I hit the nose again. He said, I still have
water pressure. I mean, this literally is a race of survival, Steve, for the six. Right
now they’re minus four. It is gaining spots. Almost every restart. This is crazy. He’s
getting spots, but he better understand that the front bumper doesn’t have really any more
impacts in it. He’s gonna have to protect it for the last 11. Lance, you may still have
water pressure, but it doesn’t look like it would take too much of a hit to knock the
radiator out. If there’s one positive for the six of Ryan Newman, his car looks better
than what Kyle Larson’s car looked like last year. Trying to stay alive as we see the 32nd
or 37 go around a butcher. But you see it back in the smoke. One of Kurt Busch was there
contact there, something Coming on that transition upon to mask our one. There’s a six trying
to avoid all this. He’s gonna get in the back 47. You hard. You can see those cars in front
of him at all, has no idea where they are. Siegel, 11 and 10 got together as well. Further
back in the so much smoke drivers have no idea what’s going on around him. Buscher do
spin all that damage to cars. That was an advantage. Derrick on roll. Some of those
cars gotta come down pit road, and that will be cards that he can pass. Marty Guys, this
is where it’s tough on NASCAR. Ryan Newman is saying he should be in front of a few cars
in front of him, obviously, he’s going to say that, but he said, I honestly was in front
of them, so if they go back to the last group, does Newman, then maybe gain a spot or two?
Right now, he’s minus two below the cut line, but he’s saying I should be in front of some
of these cars. That’s what NASCAR will do. They will go back to the last loop when the
caution came out where they were running, don’t forget about that Around the track,
they’ve been organ about that since For 75 years of data Car I was here. I was the beginning
of time. And what is this? We’re gonna bump the ate a little bit here, A little grass
on the grill still from the 17 car Rick. So he thought he would take that opportunity
to use the bumper from him. Rick to try and get along pretty good. Eric Kabarole here.
Try to get through this extent. You see Eric’s car spinning out there in front of him slows
down because of the half sod. Is that what guard Let’s go low? Almost gets into the last
car? Plenty time to react for all that I don’t think he saw that one car initially. So much
smoke. I don’t think he knew he was there. It’s your dad say way. Need to be with 88
right now, having a nine and 11 point way right now. Tough part about it is outs, moments
running in six. I mean, he’s more boys. Can he gain? He’s gonna have to really work hard
about some very, very fast cars. Just gain a couple points. Allah, Rolla, 24th dimension.
22nd. They could gain a lot of positions and really easily not Bowman out. I think Solmonese
understand? Boy or situation boy doesn’t want a part of it, right? He’ll give you the spot.
He does not want to put in a bad position. I’d be sending that message to boy right now.
Listen, I gotta go. I’m gonna be pushing the issue. If I get there, you better not hold
me up. Restart when we come back. No, Been a very busy Pit road Mobile. One peacock Pit
box today Coming up right after the race will be except on the West Coast. Of course, you
will hear race winner’s interview here and then we’re more post race coverage over the
BCS Pit playoff information. With 12 drivers that are fighting for that championship, it’s
out in front of Victory Lamp also later tonight, adding a laugh. Sounds like trying to make
sure that everyone is in their proper positions were coming up eight to go. What a concern
for all of these drivers all the way up. Clint Boyer, 16. Above is the number of the cars
on the lead lap. The reason. I mentioned that with over 30 cars on the lead lap, you take
the white flag in the white flag. Think you’re home free. Flat tire, Mrs Kane. Get run over.
Anything happens last two and 1/2 miles could eliminate you from the playoffs. It really
good. And that all of these caution lasts. Hurting Eric Cameron. He needs to say to go
green. He’s got to go pick up a tone of spots you need every lap he could get. So continued
to be under. Caution is hurting. Till morning, Jeff. When we went to commercial break, you
noticed Ryan Newman was below the cut line. He’s all of a sudden above the cut line. They
won their protests extra gained four spots in that when NASCAR reordered the field, they
moved from 21st to 17th and went from one below the cut line toe plus three. So they
were correct. He was not in the right spot. And also look on this restart, who’s right
in front of them. His teammate Ricky Stenhouse Jr. I’m quite sure he’ll play nice to his
teammate and maybe help him get another point as well. And I think Newman has a great shot,
not holding that position, gaining a few spots, and Bolin. I’m not as confident that he can
gain the positions he needs and how critical now is that mistaking practice spinning out
late. I’m going to a backup car, losing that front row spot, not gaining any stage points.
Even if he has a great finish, he’s not gonna be able to move forward. If they maintain
this track position, you’re 17 mentioned great finish last 65. Chase Elliott at the league,
took the restart and went straight into the barriers. Old Tom’s heart for corner of turned
one. Well, he has driven completely back to the field. No strategy call here. Just a fast
race car all the way to the third position. He’s gaining on every restart, and now he
will have that preferred inside laid into turn one. Now we’re talking a lot about playoffs,
I think. Chase Elliott thinking Victory Lane playoff points solo Badham into the round
of 12. Clint Boyer Worst nightmare right now is Alex Bowman. And here’s why Clint Boyer
has done his job today. He’s gotten stage points. He’s the highest onstage points. He’s
done everything you need to do. Very, very calm. But he’s got a guy behind this desperate.
He knows Alex. Moment knows that. He’s got to go find spots he lose. The six is in position
to go get four spots and a 10 car back. There is a position to get more spot. So Alex Bowman
has a completely different mindset that Clint Boyer Victoria wants. Calm easy. Let’s get
this thing done. Alex Bowman needs about four spots. He’s gonna transfer me sitting there
in six places, and I think he needs more than four. I think you know it s race because these
games response with Sand of Al Barolo and Newman are gonna gain. Not believing are gonna
be too much. We’re hearing that there is some fluid on the backstretch. And so this definitely
not good for Eric Alma roll. It’s another lap, at least that he won’t be able to fight
for more positions. Four points. I would be furious. Yeah, I would advise Eric to be calm
on the radio. That sounded like a guy from various. I’ve got loud over the radio over
these lone costumes late in the race and drag you. They’ll drag in the trailer for that
There. There they are. There it is, putting the speedy drive down and NASCAR turned one.
So they will put the speedy dry down that they’ll blow that off and we’ll have another
race Start with the fluid being put down and the cleanup have take place. NASCAR has red
flag, the rain so that no more laps are run off and so they will clean that track up.
We’re hearing that 52 Garret Smith Lee had an issue and a rear axle or something that
he had a problem with it. So maybe some rare in Greece that was down on the train to see
the right right? Retired, all shiny, so fluid coming off that car accident cap looks like
it was missing. Next we’re in Greece. So you mentioned how hot it is today. Drivers, you’ve
always told me as absolute worst time on a hot day is a red flag. Sitting in the car
with no air to move. 118 is what I’m seeing on the thermometer here inside the car for
Matt De Benedetti, you seem take a really big, deep breath right there. We’re not on
Lee the Heat, but you guys know that with that, he and the stress that many of these
drivers are under that makes it even that much hotter. They they don’t want to sit here
and think about it. They want to go do it. And now they’re having to sit in this hot
race car seven laps ago, a season on the line and without being able to do anything about
it. It’s just horrible. It’s a horrible position of the end. They just want to go drop the
green flag and do what it is they need to do. Let’s go to Mardi, and Ricky can kind
of get the sense that this red flag kind of gets even the crew chiefs who have been under
pressure all day long. Like Scott Graves. A moment to kind of decompress healthy blood
pressure. Right now, it’s settled a little bit, man. It’s been up and down all day. It’s
crazy day here, the way this is gone. Unfortunately, we haven’t been as good as we need to be.
So we’re putting it all on Ryan right now here till the end. So he’s done a done a good
job, obviously keeping up there. We got caught in a couple little Rex. Looks like everything’s
clear. Tires are clear and we’re just gonna give it a go. Here we got glad we’re you guys
that you persisted that we’re not. We weren’t the right spot there for this restart because
it gave me four spots. Yeah, for sure. I mean, everything is close. It is, obviously, is
we need every spot we can get. So you got to do that. When way. Don’t think you’re in
the right spot and likely that one. We got a couple back where we put back in place where
we needed to be, and it’s gonna help here. How worrier to you about the damage Ryan mentioned
he still has water pressure. So you think it will live for the rest of the race? Yeah.
I mean, it’s, uh it is what it is. Now it’s ah, way looking at the damage here. We got
the labs, we got left. It’s got what we got here way. No. If we come in and work on it,
it’s gonna be over four. So we’ll make it work here. That work for I might have a little
bit of a rabbit. I think we’ll be all right. Have done a fantastic job, Ryan. The entire
team. Kelly there in a spot now to advance, we’ll see if they can follow through. And
Marty has been a remarkable recovery for Alex Bowman. Crew chief Craig lives in this 88
team to even get back into a spot where you can content to move forward in the playoffs.
But you’ve got three more spots to make up. He’s running six. That is not an easy task.
What do you want to see out of them? These last seven lamps way haven’t done a really
good job picking up the easy points today. So we tried to do all the hard way. We’re
looking at passing five really fast race cars and I felt feel with the fresher tires we
have and determination. Hopefully, we can go out there and get it. Six cars, not in
a great spot with damage. And, you know, I hate micromanaging what other people’s points
are on. I rather go after, get what I can s. So that’s what we’re focused on. How have
you guys been able to maintain your composure so well? Because at times it looked like you
guys were really out of this. I think that’s one of my, uh, my key traits as a crew chief
is just trying to stay calm. And when emotions start to get high and you know it’s just,
you know, it’s tough racing in this board already. You don’t want to make it tougher
on yourself by getting yourself mentally out of shape. Right, Dave? Seven laps to go. They’re
hoping the fresher tires on the 88 will pay dividends. Close this out. We’ll check in
with a 14 camp now with Mike Bugger ravaged. First of all, you guys been sporting today.
How impressed are you with what he’s done? Yeah. I mean, we’ve had a great rush Truck
centers, Ford Mustang all weekend long? No, it started all with good qualifying effort,
boys to put in a lot of effort on the car and went on a great job all day. Stuck to
our plan, Got two stages, got a bunch of points, so I kind of kept the sitting pretty here.
And things have worked out for us in the end. Here, we’re up front so way. Just want to
play it smart and finish it out. Here were plenty to the good right now, so long as we
can finish it out here. We should be in good shape. Get very hungry. 88 Restarting behind
you. What does he do with him? I just gotta be smart with him there. You know, if if he’s
hungry and going for you, just let him go. Giving up that one spot isn’t gonna take us
out of it. And he obviously knows he needs a couple points to get in. So just got a raise
him smart here and take care of the car. Thanks. Mike Ravitch, Restart. Coming up, Rick. Interesting
turn of events under the red flag 18 of Kyle Busch. He decided that he wasn’t going to
sit there on the track anymore. He’s three laps down and he decide I’ll just bring it
into the ground. So we turned around and went backwards down pit road, pulled it into the
garage, and now he’s out of the car. We’ll be watching into this race. You can gain or
lose, so get out of town. Pit four way Talked about the hot day. How Bush you get out of
his race car would look how warm it is. 116 degrees now, with no air Movement 95 race
leader Kevin Harvick jump a little bit fluid from his drink, shakes around that sad feeling
when there’s nothing left in, it would be creative, says. I think there’s some ice in
here. I feel pretty good. So hey, whatever it takes at this point to kind of get ready,
cool yourself down. It sounds, you know, driver comfort is not just to help their comfort.
It’s to help the improvement of the race card. A comfortable driver is gonna do a better
job party, and there you see officials taking water bottles to the drivers who are on the
racetrack under this red flag with seven ago. Ryan Newman, obviously fighting for his season
in 2019 but says, I’m gonna need some help after the race. Here’s what he told the team
a moment ago on the radio. Guess they run out of water today. Need a whole bunch of
ice water, and I made a whole bunch of my body off after again. This car. Jeff, When
you sit under a red flag like this, it’s almost worse as a driver, right? All that heat just
kind of billows up in the car. There’s no air moving in the car and Ryan Newman certainly
feeling that right now. He’s been battling for the playoffs all afternoon long, But you
feel it a lot more when you sit under a red flag like this and nothing to take your mind
off of it. Marty, that’s the thing. You know when you’re driving a race car, you get into
that rhythm and it’s competition. But when you’re just sitting there, it’s, you know
you’re sitting in that car that’s that hot. We just show that the amount of how hot it
is inside those race cars, and there’s nothing to take your mind off of it. You just cannot
find a way to get away from Coming up on six o’clock here on the East Coast and rely on
her. We will hear from race winner and then NBC. It’ll be local news except on the West
Coast. There, firemen back up post race coverage interviews with playoff drivers. That’ll be
on NBC s in as well as victory lap. We will give you all the information. What is taking
place in this? The elimination race. Around one. Only 12 drivers advance. You said it
the best. The elimination race. It has been two other races where you could’ve got a position.
Could have got a point. They’ll you brought up the 80 Eights mistake that put him behind.
Miss. Those easy points is Greg. I’ve just mentioned no easy stage points. They’re trying
to do it the hard way. Well, now six for Bowman. Can he find a way to go up and maybe even
win the race guaranteed way through? We’ve seen crazier things happen. Here is the Robles.
It’s been a while. Bowman hits issues, obviously have to go to the back field put in this position,
locked up the rear brakes, getting that chicane fun out. These guys, all these playoff drivers
on this restart, lot of collected each other have damage. Now it’s open again. One of those
guys were troubled. Eric Jones that ended. His playoff opportunities are someone’s first
stage, and it has a penalty on pit road. Work on cars pulling out of the stall. Not allowed
to do that. Just battle. Wait, Little Wallace. Now Alex. Alex was tired of being told he
was number one out sitting around. I’m blaming the wall broke career. Ian mounts. Car Coming,
Pit road. Make some of those repairs and get that fixed. Very good job by the team to do
that. Chase Elliott, as the leader, drives into deep into turn one nose first into the
Barriers Way Thought his day was always running third, by the way, Now, Ron, it has been the
show purpose. Coming. Rex here really used up that race car. He’s been our deal. Here’s
another issue back in 47 trying to go with this crash. Still in one piece, tryingto got
six cards closer to the front. I bet this guy’s but, you know, is that right? It is.
You need a little bit north of here. There is rain, generate boat, but the sun is still
shining here on the oval. You mentioned the issues that Ryan Newman has been in today
and still in it. Yeah. Three points to the good. He is three points above the cutoff
line. That red flag took eight minutes, 22 seconds as they come up. Now we’re getting
ready for the restart. It will be six laps to go. Listeninto, Alex. Moments communications,
everybody. Wherever you go, you gotta go get money. Probably kids. That’s all we can do.
Um, you know, 24 gotta maintain is wrong. Knight has a fast car to go win way. Always
wanted, right. So? So not only is it on you what happens when rain gets in the area and
you gotta make something happen right now? Reigns right there often. Turn 34 We don’t
know if it’s coming, but it’s it’s really, really close. I just like the what weather
reports that five minutes away. So you have to relay that information to your driver and
say, Hey, we might have rain. You’re gonna have to push the issue here. I think Creature
with 88 I’m telling outspoken It’s time to put all your chips in. Second ain’t gonna
do it In these last few restarts, he’s not been able to really gain any positions. Restart
Sixth Again. He’s got to make something happen if he wants to go into the next round the
playoffs. But something happens to win the race. You gotta win the race. We’re about
to see how aggressive Alex Bowman will get Mobile Clint Boyer do. He’s running up. Here
is well, Harvick Mart treks. Junior great flag back in the air. Six laps to go. Brandenburg
under the middle on this restart, trying to get as many positions can. Three wide. I’m
coming through boys, raising his teammate. But now a little bit slower. Is Ricky Stenhouse
Jr. Able to surge ahead of Newman? Knew that, Miss that corner a little bit gathered a backup.
Now back behind. Sin House 88 takes a spot here from the two Brax Lasky. Now put, Boyd
needs recognizing what it’s about right now. Back to the outside. Just not aggressive enough
on the idiot. I don’t know what tires were sort of neutral, asking a little bit. The
lead is heated up. Chase, Ellie and the nine has got to the rear. Bumper of Harbin is aired.
Can he recover from the earlier mistake? And amazing. We have seen J selling very aggressive
in these chicanes. He has out broken or numbers driver’s today. Let’s see what he does here
on the backstretch. Chicane. Put pressure on that four. Look who’s in 4th 88 amounts.
Moment. No one could use the wind more. The night’s all over four. This will be the inside
of the chicane Coming up. What a move by the car. He’s gonna take the lead for the race.
Lied Chase. Silly. It doesn’t get it through. The chicane goes Chase. Elliot’s up front.
Five laps to go. Amazing Chase Sailing in the wall on a restart now driven back to the
lead Here comes true and fighting for you’re gonna make it Three wives gotta do is gonna
make it work. Alex Bowman showing right there. That pants got him two points behind Bowman
running in the third position. You gotta get aggressive. He’s gotta run here. He’s gonna
die, man. in there. Gotta take it. You can’t worry about force feelings here. You know
you’re gonna upset him. But you’ve got a race for the wing can beat him off the quarter.
I should have a lot of available corner exit. There you go. You’re not. That’s a position
and a 0.1 point now, separating for that playoff position. Like I said, he has to win this
race. Now, can he catch the night car? That’s been the fastest car on the racetrack. And
that’s how far it is in front for Alex Bowman. Is he dives into the backstretch chicane,
closing the gap on the nine of Chase. Elliott. Look at the bottom of your screen. Ryan Newman.
He’s trying to pass positions, but the 10 American role has got to his rear bumper.
Now he’s to his outside. Ryan trying to manage both positions. No one runs him off the race
track side by side. They’re going to the front stretch cane. That’s a preferred position
to be on his right as they go into the front stretch. Okay, let’s see what he does with
it. Wow. These guys, 10 has to be aggressive. Contact made 20 says they go through the chicane
one 0.6 cards, one point for the good right now, and a Merola has a lot of ground. He’s
gotta make up. He’s gotta get by Newman and in some. But Newman can give up a position
because I would put him in a time. And where Bowman is running, that would be the tiebreaker.
Oh, hey, Since Bowman is running right now in second, that would be the highest finishing
position in this round for a time. 40. Remember Eric Alma role, last, much fresher tires and
Ryan Newman. Now they may have equalized a little bit with that red flag, but Al Merola
feels like they can get past Newman. And that would put Newman into a tie situation. As
you guys mentioned with the 88. A beat up race car. 48 maybe Dead Award. Jimmie Johnson
Chicane. Bring 10 of our drama roller right back to the bumper off a steak by. The 10
loses some ground on quarter exit. He was right to the bumper, Coming three todo and
he’s got a pickup spots. Now he needs eight positions. Just gonna be impossible to do
without some major. Some sort of major incident, 1.5 seconds separating one and two under.
Three laps to go. This was that mistake by the 10 of Eric Alva. Rolla hit the wall there
in that booth, giving it everything he’s got, but he’s right back to him. He does have a
better car, those fresher tires. Marty reported on our paying dividends. You mentioned erect
under three to go. He’s closing into a car length in the slow infield section, slipping
and sliding. Can Ryan Newman protect the front? End’s looked the same. It looks like Erik
al Barolo has gotten into back of another car as well. So the 10 of the six front end’s
look the same six cannot let anyone passing moment cannot catch the leader still a second
half back, but their their team is watching this battle right here, hoping that Tan could
get by this six car home in the second half behind that leader’s convention. But how about
nine in the evening? Both a second faster than everyone in the field? But it might be
too late for that. His hopes land in the hands of Eric on a roll, and Kent Heat pass. Ryan
Newman. That’s the battle for the transfer spot. All tires absolutely missed. It looked
like all four tires missed the red and white. We’ll see what NASCAR has to say. What is
Newman do Did decide to stop. Put it in the hands of ask. Our definition of Mrs Kane is
having all four tires on the non racetrack sign of that red curve. The tent slash the
tires. Pretty big right there. Stop it! Go! That’s it, he’s been told. Stop and go. But
he didn’t This slap by. So that means you’ll probably have to do a pass through wonder.
Two laps to go. Dale Jr. Jeff Burton. You talked about the chicanes and how tough they
weren’t. You look right here. Look at the left side’s clearly inside the white and red.
Curbing. That is the definition. As you just said, a Miss Alicia came a huge mistake from
Ryan Newman. Just pushing so hard. Six Gonna have to serve a passing ability right here.
Six out of it. All right. Out of the car. Yes, 10 cars a car. We need to pay attention
to these six by 88. Can he get six spots in the last two laps. Doesn’t 88 not make a mistake?
Stay up there in second. He had such a lead on the car behind him. There’s just no need
for him to make a mistake right here. So it doesn’t know if you’re the crew chief for
spotter for that 88 telling. Look, you can’t catch the leader. Just don’t. It’s a chicane.
Cannot make a mistake. Just you’re in a good spot here. Once six services penalty, you’re
gonna be in good shape. And I am surprised by the inability of this tank car to make
up the ground with these new tires. I really anticipated the speed to come back to this
team. He’s had it all day. White flag has been displayed for the nine of Chase Elliott.
Crash swore a lot of damage, and he keeps rolling again. Race leader has already seen
the white flag as Warren’s will go around again. That should be a spot. Grab a roll,
right? Is he gonna be able to keep rolling? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Get eggs!
Elliot, with a 2.9 2nd lead over Alex Bowman, they keep rolling shakes. Elliot back up onto
the violent have goes into Turn one here at Charlotte Motor Speedway. One. A recovery
rate in 65 9 goes straight into the barriers the team takes up the hood. No gimmicks, no
strategy. He tried all the way through the field, passing every car on the racetrack.
Take the lead in the closing lines. It. Steve, I’m gonna tell everybody listening during
a commercial break, you looked over here and said, Sit with this race. We all said You
were crazy. You’re right. That car looks so good through traffic. Chase Elliott, Turn
four. He’ll make the last chicane chase. Elliott put on a dominating performance today. He’ll
win at Charlotte. No Booth And that fight for the last position, it’s gonna goto Alex
Bowman. Momon, with his second place finish, looks as though he’ll have enough points to
advance to the round of 12. Chase Elliott wins in the Monster Energy Cup Series playoffs.
It’s his third win of 2019 to road course wins for Chase Elliott, Watkins Glen and now
the oval. Really, probably, what a car Can you walk us through? What a day it wasthe
for Chase Elliott. I made the comment on the restart. That’s my fault. It was a mistake.
I ran right into the turn One barrier we’re gonna hear from Chase Ellen. But again, Reminder
coming up next to the local news except on the West Coast here on NBC for post race coverage,
including interviews with playoff drivers will be on NBC, I said. And well, if that’s
where you’ll hear Victory lamp way watching that battle drivers trying to make the playoffs
next round of the playoffs, you’re watching these races. You think that a bad Pit stop
doesn’t matter or that a bad restart doesn’t matter. These things are decided by one or
two positions. It’s crazy. How tight is every pressure so high right now in this sport,
because 1.2 points can make a difference with the opportunity to move on and have a shot
to win a championship or not. Impressive as the run was for Chase Elliott today and it
was impressive, I have to hand it to Ryan Newman. I didn’t think this team had anything
for the playoffs. They showed up. They fell a little short today, but Richmond they were
good. They had speed that they hadn’t had all year long. But that’s it. There’s the
unofficial 12. The reset totals Kyle Busch, Max Hamlin up top with all those points. Chase
Elliott gets a little bit more with today’s win. Bowman. Think about that. Alex Bowman.
You said we junior. You said it. We counted him out with all those early troubles. But
think about this. Move into the next round over Talladega can. He was second in all three
of those races earlier this year. South Boldin is going to racetracks. He’s been very successful.
And remember, with you advance, he might be low points with you. How about this one? Perfect.
Place your partner right where you crashed earlier on a restart. We’ll burn it down.
This’ll Victory fueled by Sunoco Fuel your best. Well, if you can’t laugh at yourself,
Look at that. He’s out of the car and there goes the O and it’s gonna hit the inside wall.
Well, it has enough day majority. It’s gonna be my goodness. Remember why he did it? Why
didn’t you do it there? Because he was leading the race on the restart and did this aboutthe
guitar barriers. Yeah, like any other wall he’s done, they over Tire barrier, Lenny,
Continual. Let’s hear from me, guys. He’s got a dent in roof. A massive burnout from
the tyre wall that got him And the fans are going crazy. Proven why this guy keeps getting
voted the most popular driver in the sport. Chase that. Restart the tires Got up on you.
You never checked up. Congratulations. How did you do that? Oh, I’m only I don’t like
that. Oh, my God. What? A uh, what a mistake. Going nowhere. You talk about messing something
up right here. Don’t do that. Uh, what a day. Such a fast Knapp. A Camaro 01 And honestly,
that was the only reason we were able to to get back in, and I pretty well blew it. And,
uh, I got the costumes at the right time and brought it home. Thank you, guys. Hell of
a lot of noise right there. Chase. Elliott, your winner. Here. It’s Charlotte. Congratulations.
A lot of performance. Remember, Continued post race coverage from Charlotte. Next on
nbcsn Coming upon NBC local news, except on the West Coast. Later Sunday night. Football.
Get cowboys and the Saints coverage, starting with football night in America and 7 p.m.
Eastern. J. Celia third win of the season wins here with Robles Post race coverage from
Charlotte continuing here on NBC s and you see the thumbs up. He’s gonna pull that car
back around Victory Lane. But what an eventful day it was, even for Chief Celia. The race
started on Friday. Practice was chaotic, Wall mindless, chaotic. The oval Dale Jr sent in
is the toughest racetrack with these drivers in the entire circuit. It claimed the nine
of Chase Alley at one time in the barrier on a restart, but he said it fast. Fast number
nine Chevrolet drove back up through the field. Treat him going for the win. Bowman’s drive
all the way back to second after starting in the back with a backup car, climbs out
to get that Checkered flag. What an amazing place track. It’s awesome during the summer
when you come here and you got a 600 mile race. But how about in the fall when you come
here for the oval race and the chaos that we’ve seen? Start trying to do everything
you can and makes a big move there, but call the 41 by surprise every nowhere to go big
contact they talked about. This warrant is trying to figure out what happened. Newman
explaining himself Alex Bowman. Bubba had a conversation race.
Oh, no, not only communication, but over throwing water. Home was down by a car, obviously was
so hot today we talked about hot. It was he was hailed by his car, were trying to help
getting pulled off. It’s gonna get a little help. Feeling off here is, well disappointed
from this team, but see right there with that’s kind of stuff to make you feel better on a
bad day. Inside these race cars, you can’t take a break now. It’s working really, really
hard on this condition. You don’t know right has that work. Is that what prevailed today?
Is that how he found those five points to outrun Eric on role of that conditioning to
stay sharp when it mattered most of those closing laps and see in that condition he
was in after the race makes you realize what a great job he did, like right? He’s able
to find a way to your point Steve to make it happen so much, you can’t go back and take
part effort. Whether it’s the car Pit stops the strategy, the race car drivers, conditioning.
It’s all in total toe. What we’ve seen. Ryan Newman right here should be commended. Point,
Roush. Fenway in the playoffs, he put them in position to get out of the round of 60.
Blue collar Ryan Newman once again put in the blue collar effort. That car itself. Six
cars, 10 spots better this year, all year because, you know, with this addition goes
up. But with this addition of Ron Newman, Crew chief, a lot of changes. You’re the mistake
of missing. The chicane was made because that’s already had to push. And after some work,
Jase Elliot has been able to find Victory Lane and his crew is there to celebrate this
win and the advancement into the round of 12. The playoffs continue for Chase Elliott.
Mr H. Rick Hendrick right there to celebrate with Thanks celebration coming on the heels
of the epic burn out. And I can tell you that the team loved that one taste from the moment,
he said. I can’t believe I did that putting it into turn one to this. How much redemption
is this win? I don’t even know. I mean, I can’t believe I did that. I mean, I was just
so stupid. I mean, if you could I don’t know that you could have done anything more stupid
leading this race than what I did right there. Obviously, I was just really pissed off. And
luckily, our car wouldn’t do bad. And our Anapa Camaro was fast enough to drive back
up through there, got the cautions at the right time, and, uh, just didn’t quit. If
there’s ever a lesson to not quit, today was the example. All right. So what does this
send the message to the competition as fast as this hot rod was today and picking up that
win here in the first round of the playoffs? Yeah, well, it’s our last year, of course.
So the biggest thing I think is we have six more bonus points. Thio continue forward with
so wins. Awesome. It doesn’t get any better than that. There’s no feeling like like winning
one of these races. Appreciate our partners, everybody that helps us on this car. Hooters,
Mountain Dew Kelley Blue Book. Valvoline Chevrolet obviously had a great power today to drive
back up through there. So what today, Um, somebody meeting the other day asked me that
this would be like a, you know, like upset if a guy from Georgia came up here in North
Carolina and one and I never really thought about that, But, uh, now that he says that,
um, I kind of like it. So we’ll take this one back to Georgia for me, and all my guys
here are going to celebrate and enjoy. These winds are too hard to get not to enjoy and
just happy we could overcome a lot of adversity. We know they’ll be blaring that siren down
in Dawsonville, Georgia. Congratulations to chase Elliott. Really? You were down there.
You were able to pick out of food. Cool room, Love. Georgia. Loved ever. You heard the fans
here shock most driver and let’s take a look. Now it’s playoff grid. 12 drivers that will
advance into the second round lie. Rick. I’m a little concerned trying to hail a cab around
12. After what I saw around 16. Surprise performance is not a lot of surprises. The top. Maybe
a little bit That mark tricks. Jr went on that win two races. How Bush had a decent
round. Not the best day to day, but Dover, Talladega, Kansas. Three. Very tough racetrack.
Still Coming around 12. First guy that is out of the closest to being a part of the
top 12. Ended up being Eric Album Roller. Marty caught up with him. End of the day.
Erica Merola out by five points and how help us is that feeling, Eric sitting there when
you realized on that restart everybody behind you had better tires and you were almost in
essence of sitting duck. Yeah, it’s part of it. Um, you win and lose together as a team,
and, uh, you know, it’s part of it. So I just I didn’t do a good job on the restart, and
I started getting swarmed and just couldn’t fight off all those guys. So it’s thinks for
sure, but still really blessed and fortunate to be in this position with everybody at super
hot stories and really thankful for Smithfield and everybody at Ford Motor Company. Uh, the
sun’s gonna come up tomorrow, and I’m still gonna be Eric I’m rolling. They’re not gonna
take my birthday away. Um, but it’s gonna staying. It’s it’s Ah. Last year we came out
on the good side, leaving the Roebling went on to, ah, have a great rest of the playoffs
and finished fifth in the points. Um, I’m still really proud of this race team. We’ve,
you know, we’ve We’ve achieved a lot. Uh, certainly not the way we wanted to go out
of the playoffs, but it’s part of it sometimes. So we’ll move on and we got the rest of the
season. We could still go run out front and try and win some races, and we can still try
and finish fifth and the points. You know, we, uh, we left here tied in the points in
at the end of the season. We finished fifth, so I think that’s still very feasible. Um,
and we’ll go from there. Another been ups and downs this year, and there been frustrating
moments this year as well. What do you use the next few races to do? Tow, learn. So it
could be better next year. Just build when I think about. You know, when I think about
this year. And you know the disappointment from missing the cut. Ah, I can’t help but
think about the 22 missing the playoffs entirely on. Then they come back the very next year
and win the championship. So, um, you know, we’re certainly gonna go home and be disappointed
tonight, but we can’t let this define us. Um, you know, we’re a great race team. We’ve
got a lot of great people at Sewer House. Riesen got great sponsors and partners. Ah,
like a said Smithfield, Ford Motor Company, Mobile one, go Bowling Valley Tech. Everybody
that supports our program. Um, so just excited about the rest of the year. Disappointed about,
you know, not being able to continue on in the playoffs. But we’ve got a lot to accomplish
the rest of the year, and we’ll move forward and try and just continue to build for next
year. I believe we’re still gonna have a Ford Mustang next year. We’re still gonna have
ah, same rules package from what I understand. So we can use these necks. Aah! Seven weeks
to really build and get ready for next year. Look for to seeing you, Dover. Thanks. And
that’s where the head. Next is the Monster Mile and Steve, you know, we watch this first
round, and it was Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr. And now Chase Elliott. Uh, does
that give them a little bit of an advantage as we get ready to start second round? I do
think that any time you can run well and win races, that is mo mentum. That will be an
advantage, not just in riel points that they a crude, but just a moment, um, of it. But
I think you have to look at who was unsuccessful. Eric and Roll. We just talked to him. His
three finishes 13th 14th and 60. So no top tens in the first round and he was eliminated.
That was a round of 16. I would imagine. When it goes to the round of 12 you need a looking
at running closer into the top five. So I expect as the numbers dwindle, the performance
is required. It’s going to get you to see who steps up to try to compete with Tru X
and Elliot, and the guys were winning. The race is don’t look over your shoulder, Steve,
but there’s actually a big sign there. This is severe weather in the area, So the timing
worked out pretty well, Obviously getting this one and let’s bring in the drivers. Jeff
Jr. That was interesting finish. I think. Now we’ve seen two races here at the row vel,
and neither one is disappointed. Not at all, man. I mean, this is all you could ask for
as, Ah, the NASCAR fan. What we saw today, I’ll take five more minutes of that anytime.
Just a lot of fun, a lot of action. And just when you think you kind of know who’s in and
who’s out or what’s about to happen, Thanks change. It turned completely upside down.
That 88 carve Alex Bowman was couldn’t get anything right all day long. Then suddenly,
in the third stage, they got speed in the car and then they put him on new tires to
be able to be on the offense and drive his car up in the second place. I thought I’d
take a win to get him in, but then the mistake by Newman on the back straightaway really
delivered that team are sealed. The fate of that team to be able to move in the next round.
They’ve got some great results that the racetracks, they’re going thio in the next round as well.
So the compass, Thank you. They you know the emotions in this day, you here without Erica
Merola, the emotions, the highs, the lows, ups and downs. I don’t know if it can get
any tougher on these guys, these drivers going through these playoffs. It is fun for us to
watch. But, man, does it work on the nerves of these teams. You know, I you and I have
both been in the situations of being the guy that moves to the next round or not. And it’s,
you know, you put your heart and soul into it. Put so much effort, so much desire. And
it’s heartbreaking when your season ends without an opportunity with the chairmanship. But
now for everybody. Some people came into this race right with the pressure off because they
knew they were in it all starts again next week, and that’s what this that’s what’s awesome
about these playoffs, is it? Now It goes again and we saw today 1.1 position in a stage one.
Position it into the race. All that matters, and these drivers know that. Going to Dover,
man, it’s just pressure pack. I love this point system because it puts so much pressure
on these drivers and that guy right there. He deserves an award, man, that is awesome.
To drive that thing in the wall head first and then come back and win a race. That is
a great comeback story. Incredible drive. I hated this format as a driver, but man,
do I love it as a race fan because it’s been nothing but exciting from the booth and this
year’s no dip. Well, the 88 of Alex Bowman, 24. William Byron Crying Lane But lawyer Kyle
Larson, all guys that we didn’t talk a lot about throughout the first race because they
were in jeopardy not in jeopardy anymore. They’re on to the round of 12 so they keep
fighting for a championship along with Chase Elliott, who wins at the Oval. Now let’s go
to Christa Kyle. This copyrighted telecast may not be reproduced. Retransmitted were
used in any form without the authorized written consent of NASCAR broadcasting. Master would
like to thank all of our fans for your support, and we hope you enjoy today’s broadcast

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