FULL MATCH – Roman Reigns vs. Rusev – WWE U.S. Title Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2016

FULL MATCH – Roman Reigns vs. Rusev – WWE U.S. Title Hell in a Cell Match: Hell in a Cell 2016

[SOUND] And Reigns and Rusev start things off for
the United States title. It was 1997 at the Bad Blood
pay-per-view event where the very first Hell in a Cell match was held,
The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. The night where we would see
the introduction of the Undertaker’s brother Kane. And here’s Roman Reigns looking for
the upper hand early on in the match-up.>>Remember it was Reigns who wanted this. Rusev wanted another opportunity
at the United States championship. Roman said let’s do it
inside Hell in a Cell.>>Roman Reigns may rue that
decision in the upcoming moments.>>These two men have been battling for
months, very aggressive, very vicious battles. As Reigns fires back with a right hand.>>So much contempt, so much disdain,
scorn between these two.>>Rusev, first cover of the matchup,
and a kick out.>>[NOISE]
>>And now Reigns sent outside the ring and
Rusev will be in pursuit. Extremely dangerous out there. Only a few feet separating the ring
from the cell, and Romain Reigns blocks.>>Which man’s gonna be able to
utilize this cell as a weapon first.>>Doh!>>And
Rusev backing Reigns into the corner. Was so upset losing the United States
Championship at Clash of Champions last month. Has not forgotten that night and
has vowed to win the title back.>>Rusev had that
United States Championship. He had developed a newfound aggression. He was able to hit the restart
button on his career.>>[NOISE]
>>Kick right to the rib cage.>>Yeah, you heard that, Roman felt it.>>[NOISE]
>>And now it’s Rusev sent out of the ring.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah wasting little time. Now and Rusev the first man in
the matchup to collide with the cell.>>That’s exactly why Rusev was rushing to
get back in the ring in the first place trying to avoid that collision.>>Throughout history,
Hell in a Cell has shortened careers. Just ask Raw’s general manager,
Mick Foley.>>And Roman described it as such, said
the cell is a nightmare you just can’t wake-
>>The cell’s a nightmare you just can’t wake up from.>>That’s almost 300 pounds of Rusev, just being launched
unceremoniously into that steel.>>[NOISE]
>>And Roman continues the attack.>>Come on, Roman!>>That’s one of the things,
Corey, In this type of match-up. Once you get the upper hand, you have
to be relentless about the attack.>>Yeah, and
this is exactly Roman Reigns’ mindset. I actually spoke to him earlier. He said, it’s funny, this all started
about their wedding celebration. Tonight’s gonna look more like
a wedding from Game of Thrones.>>Again, again, do it again!>>And Roman has not been shy about how
much the United States Championship means to him, means to his family’s legacy. And for that,
it’s become just as personal.>>Man! And The Big Dog’s hunting tonight.>>[APPLAUSE].>>Rusev’s stunned.>>You know what? Get out of here. You all wanna get out the way.>>What Roman Reigns has in mind here.>>Whatever it is,
I’m sure it’s not gonna be good for Rusev.>>Smart strategy by Rusev. Desperation, raking
the eyes of Roman Reigns.>>And again, rake in the eyes,
legal in the matchup. No disqualifications, no count outs. Do as much damage as you
can inside the cell. And Rusev driven shoulder
first into the steps.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rusev’s body’s pinned between the cell and
the staircase. A bad, bad place to be.>>Listen. [NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>What is Reigns looking for here? Boy.>>Table time. And it’s Rusev driving
Reigns into the cell.>>At least temporarily Rusev
saving himself from the destructive intentions of Roman Reigns.>>My goodness. Big splash, sandwiching Reigns
between himself and the cell. And the United States
champion Reigns in trouble.>>We spent so much time talking
about how dangerous the cell is. How about two heavyweights crashing
into the side of the cell. These two might damage the cell.>>Yeah, and two heavyweights
who can’t stand each other.>>Reigns bounced off the ring post. And now Rusev. We talk a lot Corey about the just
the bitterness of this man, disdain that this man has for
Roman Reigns.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>There’s no better place on the planet to let it out than inside this cell. Rusev is free to do as he pleases
to the United States champion.>>Just like a well placed
kick to the back of the neck. And Rusev looks to continue
to inflict damage.>>[NOISE]
>>And bounced off the ring post, Roman Reigns. And we caught just a look
at it a moment ago, but Rusev’s arm has been
lacerated in this matchup.>>One, two!
>>Here’s the cover by Rusev and a kick-out. And this is where we
think Rusev hurt his arm.>>See Rusev crashing into the steel. That mesh will tear flesh apart.>>Tell you what, that laceration may have
been a blessing in disguise for Rusev because now he’s been able to control
the tempo of this match ever since.>>[NOISE]
>>Maybe sort of a wake up call.>>I wouldn’t say anything that occurs
inside that cell is a blessing, Saxton.>>Well, to Rusev.>>USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!>>Cell is 20 feet tall and
weighs five tons, engulfing the ring, as Roman Reigns tries
to get back into this. Reversal whip into the corner,
shoulder first goes Reigns. Rusev, looking to win the championship,
hooks the leg. Can he do it here? And a power out by Reigns. Only a one count.>>Saw the impact with which Reigns crashed into the top turnbuckle might
have damaged his shoulder, separated it.>>It seems like, Corey, the pace of this match will favor Rusev
right now as we take another look. Boom, and that’s what Corey was talking
about, shoulder right in the turnbuckle.>>[NOISE]
>>It could certainly affect the offense of Roman as this match goes on
particularly trying to deliver that spear.>>Rusev determined right now.>>Absolutely methodical.>>Yeah.>>Except Roman Reigns sidesteps. Reigns buys himself a little bit
of time and hip toss by Rusev. And the 300-pounder went for the headbutt
and Roman rolled out of the way.>>Quick reaction time from Reigns now
buys him a little window of recovery.>>If you’re both of these superstars
you have to ask yourself at what point does it stop being about
the United States Champion and start being about unleashing
contempt on your opponent?>>I think that’s where Rusev is at.>>And I think we’re getting
that from Reigns at the moment.>>And Roman, clothesline Corner,
he’s got Rusev pinned!>>Five, six, seven, eight, nine! [NOISE]
>>And Roman building momentum, with a boot to the face! And the United States Champion
is starting to feel it. That is bad news for Rusev.>>[NOISE]
>>Uh-oh, lock and load.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Rusev, he felt it coming, he turned around and he decided it’s
best to move out of harm’s way. But Roman Reigns is gonna
continue the pursuit.>>When you’re inside the cell is there
any such thing out of harm’s way?>>Man, he went for the drive-by, and Reigns caught him with
a clothesline to the chest.>>Looks like Rusev was
playing possum there for a moment, suckered Reigns in.>>Yeah, these men know each other so
well, so many battles. As Reigns has been driven into the steps,
>>He’s felt that on a number of occasions at the hands of Rusev. Not much room there in
the corner of the cell. Roman’s surrounded by steel.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now Roman drives Reigns. I should say Rusev drives Reigns
into the side of the cell.>>And again impacting
the shoulder of Roman Reigns.>>Now we know what Rusev’s capable
of with those stairs in his hands.>>Yeah, I mentioned it earlier. Been really a story of this rivalry. And Rusev with those steel stairs.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Right into the face of Reigns and that drops the champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Bulgarian Brute living up to his nickname.>>[NOISE]
>>Roman Reigns may leave the cell with a diamond plate tattoo on his head. [SOUND]
>>Again!>>And Reigns driven down yet again. The impact of the steps.>>Rusev almost as if he’s surveying
the carcass of his damaged prey. [NOISE]
>>Hell in a Cell!>>Remember what Rusev did with those
steps to Reigns a few weeks ago. He had Roman Reigns on the steel
steps with the Accolade locked In. Can Rusev do that tonight, and get Reigns
to tap out and win the championship?>>[NOISE]
>>[NOISE]>>That may be what Roman has in mind. Or not.>>What the? [SOUND] Rusev putting the steel
steps on the top rope.>>My goodness,
this could be devastating for Roman.>>Rusev looking to drive Reigns
face-first into the steps, but Roman able to block!>>[NOISE]
>>And again able to block!>>[NOISE]
>>Reigns is able to hit that panic button. He knew what Rusev had in mind.>>And Rusev driven over the top ropes. Wicked clothesline by Roman.>>[NOISE]
>>Reigns trying to get the feeling back in his right arm.>>[NOISE]>>[NOISE]>>Just imagine the welts and the bruises.>>You don’t have imagine it,
look at Roman Reigns, his right arm is barely functional. Trying to get the feeling back into
it just finish the competition.>>And again, look at this. Man! Right off the support post,
shoulder first went Rusev.>>And now Rusev looks to
launch Roman Reigns now. Roman right into the cell.>>And now Rusev right now is
just trying to systematically dismantle the United States Champion.>>Yeah, this is the pace I believe,
Corey, Rusev wants this match at.>>Rusev has to be careful not to spend
too much time just inflicting punishment, like this. Ram-rodding the United States Champion
skull-first into the steel.>>And Rusev is bringing out the lumber.>>[NOISE]
>>Looks like, uh-oh.>>[NOISE]
>>Rusev opting for the Kendo stick!>>And Roman Reigns!>>Rusev took too much time.>>And Roman’s got Kendo stick in hand. Man.>>[NOISE]
>>Reigns just striking at will!>>Like Roman Reigns trying
to chop down a redwood tree.>>My gosh!
>>Well, he did. Rusev’s screaming in agony.>>And it’s all legal.>>Lets go Roman.>>[NOISE]
>>You can hear that echo.>>And Roman Reigns now in control
defending his United States Championship inside Hell In The Cell,
momentarily though!>>And
Rusev used the ropes to his advantage.>>Great ring awareness.>>Unique low blow.>>[NOISE]
>>Rusev trying to->>No, he’s locking Reigns up, He’s got Roman caught.>>No.
>>Roman’s helpless! Roman is helpless, and
Rusev’s got the Kendo stick!>>This is gonna be bad. [SOUND]
>>Roman can’t defend himself! [SOUND]
>>This is gonna shatter Roman’s ribs. [SOUND]
>>Rusev unloading on the champion. All legal! The referee can’t do anything,
he can’t help Reigns get out those ropes.>>[NOISE]
>>And Rusev could be closing in on his third
United States championship.>>You better believe that’s
what Rusev is thinking.>>[NOISE]
>>Reigns!>>How did Reigns break out?>>Exploding out of the ropes,
cover by the champion!>>One, two!>>Near fall, kick out by Rusev.>>Take a look at this. The Bulgarian Brute, full head of steam,
right into a massive Roman Reigns lariat.>>Yeah, Rusev was not expecting that!>>Reigns hit him from out of nowhere!>>Was that the last-ditch bit of energy
that Reigns had to expend in this match? You can see him still favoring
the ribs after all those Kendo shots.>>[NOISE]
>>Both of these gladiators have given it their all, all for the right
to be the United States Champion. Who can make it to their feet first?>>[NOISE]>>Critical point in the matchup! Looking for the advantage,
challenger Rusev, champion Reigns!>>[NOISE]
>>Both these men just trading hard,
vicious shots.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just total disdain for each other.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rapid fire from the Bulgarian Brute. The Big Dog’s got to feel like
he’s trading with paws with a Begal Tiger right now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Reigns, was looking for the Samoan drop. Dropped him all right, into a right hand. Went for the Superman Punch, Rusev
countered, drives him into the corner. Now he got him! He got him that time,
Superman Punch by Reigns, inside leg hook to retain the title! Kck-out at two!>>[NOISE]
>>Watch this sequence here, as Roman Reigns with a big Superman Punch.>>All part of that explosive offense
that Reigns has been so successful with.>>Yeah, but Rusev was still able to stay
alive kicking out off the Superman Punch.>>No such thing as air breaks or
else Rusev would have used them.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now you see the expression on Reigns like,
I got him! I got Rusev right where I want him.>>[NOISE]
>>Rusev, I don’t think he knows where he’s at.>>Yeah, but Roman does!>>[NOISE]
>>Went for a spear and rand into a kick!>>Head-first, goodness.>>On the steps, for the championship,
to crown a new champion! And Roman Reigns kicks out!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just when you, Byron, and the entire WWE Universe thought Roman
Reigns had Rusev where he wanted him. Rusev turns the tides and launches
the Big Dog skull-first into the stairs.>>Yeah, but look at Rusev,
Rusev thought he had Reigns beat!>>Yeah, Roman Reigns was still
able to kick out, watch this!>>[NOISE]
>>The impact driving the steps out of the ring-
>>One, two!>>But Roman Reigns still able to
kick out before a count of three.>>But it could just be instinct as
Rusev’s looking to finish the deed.>>Uh-oh, Reigns is on his stomach, you know what that means.>>[NOISE]
>>Rusev looking to crush Roman Reigns, foot to the spine, Accolade time,
submission manuever. Is Reigns gonna tap out with the United
States Championship up for grabs? The Accolade is in deep. Reigns has got nowhere to go.>>Rusev with all his weight.>>The squeezing and wrenching back.>>He’s got his weight planted in
the small of the back of Roman Reigns. He’s got this locked in, Corey,
Reigns has got nowhere to go.>>Look at the extension
of Roman Reigns shoulders. His shoulders are about to
burst through their sockets.>>He can’t still be.>>Reigns is still fighting. Reigns is still.>>He’s trying to fight
to the bottom rope, but the situation here is not going to matter. Ropes can’t break In Hell in a Cell!>>Rusev right back-
>>Went for the Accolade again, Roman Reigns.>>Whoa, whoa, whoa!>>Man!>>Lights out!>>Kick right on the temple!>>Reigns thought he escaped danger,
Rusev cut him off in his tracks.>>Rusev, the super athlete,
so deceptively agile, a big boot right to the temple
of the United States champion.>>[NOISE]
>>And Roman Reigns may start to
rue the decision to ask for this match inside Hell in a Cell
because that chain is perfectly legal.>>And may be Rusev’s ticket to
the United States championship.>>Rusev is like a shark smelling blood.>>[NOISE]
>>Measuring. And caught him with a right! The chain went flying. Roman Reigns unloading on Rusev.>>Where’s Roman getting
this energy burst from?>>Second wind for Reigns,
he’s the champion. Rusev’s got the chain again. Right to the midsection.>>Ooh.>>Now the small of the back. Dangerous situation for the champion. With Rusev with that chain in hand.>>The weight from that chain can
crack a rib, fracture a vertabrae.>>Ow!>>We’ve seen Rusev
utilize the steel steps, a Kendo stick, and now that chain.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What is Rusev planning to do now?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thinking of the steel steps.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Rusev again going to bring
the steel steps into play.>>[NOISE]
>>Reigns has just been beaten with the chain.>>[NOISE]
>>After the mauling we’ve seen from the Bulgarian Brute, Roman Reigns
has gotta be running on instinct alone!>>Yeah, well instinct alone is helping
Rusev here, right-hand, then a headbutt! And now Roman Reigns fighting back. Bounced off the steps though
by the Bulgarian Brute. Shoulder first into the steps. The assault continues,
to win the United States Championship.>>One, two!>>Kick out again by Reigns!>>Still in it,
Reigns is still in this match.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Take another look at this, Reigns shoulder first, bang,
into that kick right on the jaw.>>And
how does Roman Reigns continue to survive?>>All these high impact blows that Rusev
has been able to deliver to Roman Reigns. Look at Reigns, he’s lifeless.>>I’ll tell you what, Roman Reigns at
this point he’s got to be thinking, Rusev is not just gonna end my United States
Championship reign, he may end my career.>>On the steps.>>[NOISE]
>>And now Rusev looking for the Accolade again on the steel steps and this time gonna legally use the chain.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Cold steel tearing away at the jaw of Roman Reigns,
the Accolade locked in.>>Reigns is gonna have to tap. What else can he do?>>This is the epitome
of barbaric by Rusev.>>He might not tap, but he may pass out.>>What do you say, Roman?>>The Bulgarian Brute.>>Look at the position of Roman’s body.>>It may be time for Roman to swallow his
pride before Rusev makes him swallow his chain
>>And he is trying and Reigns is trying to hold
on as much as he can>>Reigns is gonna tap. How much does Roman Reigns have left? Rusev with the Accolade locked in good,
Roman Reigns trying to somehow fight back.>>Wait, wait, wait.>>Roman showing signs of life.>>No way.>>He’s got Rusev up on his his shoulders!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Samoan drop on to the steps!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How did Reigns pull that off?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Divine Intervention, I have no idea. He delivered an earth shattering
Samoan drop to the Bulgarian Brute.>>There is something in the spirit of
Roman Reigns right now that is just driving him to do anything to survive.>>Yeah, but
again it’s Rusev back to his feet first. Steel steps, still favoring the lower
back after the Samoan drop.>>And now Roman Reigns,
spear off the steps! Cover!>>One, two, three!>>Roman Reigns retains
the United States title!>>Here is your winner, and still
the United States Champion, Roman Reigns! [MUSIC]>>Roman Reigns wins his
second Hell in a Cell match!>>He retains
the United States Championship tonight. But what a brutal match, Corey,
that lived up to the billing.>>Yeah, Roman Reigns paid for it. The physical toll taken on both of
these superstars was next level. [MUSIC]

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