FULL MATCH – Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Night of Champions 2014

FULL MATCH – Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Night of Champions 2014

>>It’s electric in Nashville. And Brock Lesnar goes right
out at Cena out of the box. And Lesnar, put the shoulders to Cena. And will it be a repeat? Will it be a rerun? Will it be more of the same?>>Well, right now from the get
go it looks like the rout is on. But please don’t count Cena out yet.>>Lesnar going for a suplex. Cena looking to block,
Cena trying to block. Lesnar going for
the first suplex of the night. Cena is holding and Brock Lesnar releases. And now John Cena with a close line. Lesnar is stunned. Cena again, that’s. And John Cena going for the AA. Cena with Lesnar up. The AA, AA! Cena for the title, and Lesnar kicks out.>>Not even a two count.>>I don’t even know
if he got a one count.>>It doesn’t matter. Lesnar is stunned, Lesnar is hurt.>>Of John Cena’s 15 championships,
most of them won with that AA.>>And now look at this,
John going for the kimura lock.>>No.
>>It is locked in. John Cena, what is Cena going to do? Is Cena going to tap out here? Is Cena going to tap out to Lesnar? Lesnar trying to break Cena’s arm.>>He may break Cena’s shoulder.>>Cena trying to somehow get to
the bottom rope and survive here. Because just like that Lensar locked
it in and Cena forces the break.>>I don’t care how tough you are. I don’t care how you never give up,
that can break your arm.>>Lesnar has got a five pound,
he used almost all of it. And now knee to the midsection.>>Those vicious knees that
we talked about earlier.>>Listen to this place!>>This is a the big. This is what you live for. Cena with a flurry in
the beginning of the match. And now Lesnar looks to buckle down. Knee again to the ribs of Cena. We don’t even know, guys, if Cena is completely recuperated from
the butt whooping he got at Summer Slam.>>Yeah, but I’ll tell you one thing,
we’ve almost already seen more offense from Cena tonight then
we saw at Summer Slam.>>Yeah, but it may not matter because
now The Beast is again in control. Brock Lesnar is scary. No, no, no!.>>And now going with the German suplex. And there it is. Suplex to Cena, number one. 16 of those at Summer Slam.>>Brock Lesnar is a scary man.>>John I sat in a, look at Cena. Cena fighting back,
Brock Lesnar is stunned again. He wasn’t expecting Cena. And now right back to the arm of Cena,
Cena wraps in the ropes. Gonna force a break here. But Lesnar has got a five coun. And Lesnar is so quick,
attacking from any direction.>>And he’s merciless.>>He is a machine.>>Especially when it comes to John Cena.>>I’ll tell you what.
I was scared half to death in our interview last week,
sitting a few feet away from this man, looking at this man in the eyes. Seeing the intensity, the passion, the emotion that Brock Lesnar
brings to the table. Cena looked to be a lock to tie Rick Flair
for the most number of championships.>>Again now, Brock Lesnar
looking to get Cena to tap out. Break the arm in the process. Lesnar, so devastating with this move. Cena again makes it to the bottom rope.>>Right now, Cena doesn’t even
look like a lock to survive.>>Yeah, you gotta get out of there, John.>>And how frustrating for Cena, guys? Every time he tries to mount a little bit
of offense Brock Lesnar is right there to turn it around.>>Brock Lesnar is just dangerous.>>And notice,
Lesnar didn’t even do this at Summer Slam. He didn’t even go for a submission move. He didn’t even try to
injure the arm of Cena. Completely changing strategy tonight. And Cena fighting back with a right hand. Cena now, again, like you guys said,
more offense that we saw last month.>>Lesnar ducks underneath,
and now the suplex to Cena.>>And again Cena with a flurry,
flushed out by Lesnar. Cover on Cena who gets the shoulder up.>>Yeah and
just two of those devastating suplexes. Then we’re gonna see the second one again.>>My God, did you see-
>>That would ordinarily be enough to beat any super star right there.>>Folded him up like an accordion.>>Yeah, his neck folding under,
his head hitting hard. Cena is still trying to
get some blood flowing back to the left arm
focused on Lesnar tonight. And Brock Lesnar again
targeting the arm of Cena. Great strategy.>>The damage to the neck of John Cena-
>>Another suplex.>>Will become apparent.>>Lesnar not releasing, Lesnar again,
gonna go for a third perhaps to Cena.>>No.
>>Triple verticals, Brock Lesnar, cover.>>Float over.>>Shoulders are not down.>>Watch this devastating suplex, King.>>He just folds John Cena,
watch the back of John’s head. Wow.
>>Hey guys, think about what type of man John Cena is. The fact that he’s still going in this
match after getting dropped on his head like that.>>Yeah, but you have to wonder
about his health at some point. John Cena is not gonna give up,
we know that. You call it stubborn, you call it tough. It’s one of the reasons people love him so
much. But for his own sake that referee at some
point may have to step into this match if what we saw at Summer Slam
starts happening here tonight.>>Yeah, I think you’re right.>>Cuz you know Cena is
not going to give up.>>Yeah, referree Chad Patton with
a huge weight on his shoulder tonight.>>I think the referee is
cognizant of that fact.>>And Lesnar again rolling Cena up. Hooks the leg,
Cena tried to make it to the rope.>>And not only do you know
Cena is not gonna give up, you know Brock Lesnar is not gonna let up. Brock Lesnar wants to torture John Cena.>>You’re speaking to the fact
about John Cena not giving up. There’s been two opportunities that John
could have gone under that bottom rope, out to the floor and bought himself
a little time, time to rest for a second. But he didn’t do it. He rolled back into the ring and
back into this.>>John, we followed Brock Lesnar’s
carer for the better part of a decade. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lesnar
as dominated as he’s been this year. The best shape of his life,
the most physical he has ever been. The man has been a machine,
he has been a monster.>>He’s done everything,
he has won his entire life.>>And Cena,
right hands to the face of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar trying to cover up,
Cena on offense again. Right, lefts, Lesnar is stunned,
Lesnar is stunned.>>Cena is rocking him.>>Lesnar is back against the rope. Lesnar in trouble here.>>No, look at this strength.
Look at this power of Lesnar.>>Man!>>Brock just cleaning Cena’s clock.>>Good grief.>>Brock Lesnar took up MMA. In his third UFC defeated legendary
Randy Couture for the heavyweight title. UFC 116 he became the united undisputed
heavyweight champion against Shane Carwin.>>Watch the force of this impact.>>Man.>>He’s a four time all
American in college. And now The Beast is
just stalking his prey. Cena trying to do what he can
to get Lesnar off his feet and Lesnar is just toying with Cena.>>Yeah he’s toying with him,
you’re right. This has just been, again,
a relentless beat down. Back to the arm Lesnar injured earlier. Cena wisely continues to get to the ropes. Lesnar using nearly the full five again.>>Michael this has been
pretty much exactly what, unfortunately what Lesnar
said it was gonna be.>>And Cena has done what he can,
he’s had more offense tonight. He has done what he could, but Brock
Lesnar just shuts him down at every turn. And we’re talking about a man in Cena
that’s a 15 time world champion. What a throw by Lesnar.>>That is just God given strength.>>This is a clinic. Lesnar cover, Cena gets the shoulder up. And Lesnar into the cover
again almost saying, just stay down John, just stay down.>>That strength you talked about, JBL.>>Wow.
>>Ooh.>>It’s not like Cena has lost a step. We’re talking about the best champion for
sure of our generation. We’re just talking about Brock Lesnar
who is on a complete different level than I think anybody else on the planet.>>John Cena hasn’t lost a step.>>Brock Lesnar is
a perfect fighting machine.>>And Cena with a right again. Exploding out of the corner. Trying to drive Lesnar back to-
>>Did he catch him? Did Cena catch him good
with that first right hand?>>I thought Cena caught
him right on the chin and now-
>>Looks like Lesnar trying to hang on here.>>Yeah but Lesnar has got
Cena right back in position. You notice how Lesnar, the way he
positions his body, quickly moves around. One step puts Cena back in the corner and
Lesnar on offense. Just one step.>>Let’s go back here and look. Guys, I think Cena got him right there. Boy, with those forearms, I think that
first one jacked the jaw of Lesnar.>>The look of Cena again
just punished by Lesnar. And Lesnar just stalking John Cena.>>Watch it! Knees to the back.>>[INAUDIBLE].>>I just don’t know what
else John Cena can do. We saw John Cena dominate people just
a couple of weeks ago on the road to Night of Champions. But Brock Lesnar isn’t just any superstar.>>Boy.
>>Cena again with elbow. John Cena, never give up. That’s the mantra he lives by.>>He has got Lesnar reeling here.>>Cena trying to get Lesnar off his feet. Lesnar again stunned,
again back on the ropes. Cena on the attack.>>Cena gotta be careful not
to punch himself out here. Has he got the strength?>>He’s trying to go for the, and again-
>>No, no!>>Brock Lesnar from behind. Cena went for the AA. Again, Lesnar just dropped down
underneath, delivered the suplex again.>>It’s no doubt Cena caught
him right there, look at that. And watch this back elbow. Yes.
>>Cena is doing everything he can. He’s throwing rights, left, elbows. But Cena would go for the AA and Lesnar
then would counter with that suplex. Lesnar has been busted open. It could have been the elbow
from Cena earlier.>>You got a bloody nose, that’s for sure.>>I’m not sure it matters but I don’t
think I want to anger Brock Lesnar.>>Guys, look at the welt, left kidney
area of John Cena that has developed. No doubt from the knees from Lesnar. Look at that bruise. That’s the bruise we’re talking about
right there from the knees of Lesnar.>>Right in that spot just below the ribs.>>Guys.>>Brock Lesnar, very different. Yeah, bare knuckle now. The gloves are off,
Brock Lesnar bare knuckle. And Lensar driving Cena into
the far turnbuckle again. And The Beast Incarnate.>>Cena, gosh, it looks like that when-
>>Cena, Cena has got him! AA!>>Can he do it again?>>Cena, for the title, for the title. Lesnar at two.>>Was that the last gasp for John Cena? We said-
>>It had an effect on, that had an effect on Lesnar.>>And we did say, guys,
that it might take a miracle tonight for Cena to pull it off. Was the start of a miracle?>>Or was that his last hope?>>It could’ve been the last
gasp as you say, JBL. But it may be the start of a downhill
slide for Lesnar, if Cena gets, no.>>No, Brock Lesnar going for the F5. John Cena though, from behind. Hooks the leg, Cena, STF, STF! Is Lesnar gonna tap! Is Lesnar gonna tap! Is the champ gonna tap! Lesnar trying to counter, trying to
fight out of this, create separation.>>And he has done it.>>Lesnar counters. And Lesnar right back into it again,
the kimura again. Is he gonna break the arm of Cena?>>John gonna have to get to those
ropes once again to save himself.>>He has done it to some of the greats. Is it gonna be Cena next? Is Cena gonna tap out?>>And see how Lesnar’s positioned himself
this time between the ropes and Cena.>>Yeah Cena is in trouble.>>Not allowing Cena to get there.>>He is in trouble now, big trouble.>>Cena, we said he’s not gonna
tap out but he could fade. But Cena hanging on here. Trying to somehow hang on. What is John Cena gonna be able to do? John Cena,
is he gonna be able to power out of this?>>Are you kidding me?
>>My G-d, the strength of Cena.>>Look at the strength.>>The power of Cena.
>>Look at the strength!>>John Cena, trying to power out! But Brock has still got it locked in,
guys. Brock still has the kimura locked in. John Cena trying to break the hold.>>Guys, as much as we talk
about the strength of Lesnar, don’t underestimate
the strength of John Cena.>>And John Cena going for a third AA!>>He got him again.>>For the third time in this match, the
Attitude Adjustment, for the championship. Now he’s gonna go for the STF. He wants to make Lesnar tap out. He wants to make Lesnar tap out.>>Cena has hit him with his very best. Is it enough?>>Brock trying to make it to the rope. Will the champion tap out or
will he force the break?>>Critical moment in the match up. And Cena gonna drag back
into the middle of the ring.>>Again, what is Lesnar going to do?>>Heyman screaming at
Lesnar from the left side. Lesnar trying to drag himself to the rope. Gets to the rope.
>>No, no, no, no, he’s on the ropes.>>Yeah, but Cena pulls him back
to the middle of the ring again. Locks it in again, for a third time. The Beast in trouble.>>Brock can do it, Brock wants out.>>The Beast is in trouble.>>Can you imagine if you’re John Cena,
you’ve hit him with your best, your best submission, your best move.>>For the fourth time,
four AAs, four AAs. My G-d! Seth Rollins, Mr. Money in the Bank. What the hell?>>Well, we”ll never know if Brock was
gonna tap out, if Cena had him beat.>>Yeah, but more importantly that’s Mr.
Money the Bank. That’s Mr. Money the bank. And he just took out Cena. What the hell is Rollins gonna do? Is Rollins gonna cash in? Is Rollins gonna cash in?>>This is his opportunity.>>Lesnar has suffered four AAs. He was in the STF for a long time. Is Rollins going to do it here.>>We are about to see a new
WWE world heavyweight champion. And it’s not going to be John Cena. It’s going to be Seth Rollins.>>Rollins better do it quick because
Lesnar is making it back to his feet. Now guys, the match hasn’t started. Rollins hasn’t cashed in yet.>>I’m cashing in,
I’m cashing in, I’m cashing in!>>He says he is cashing in.>>I’m cashing in on
Brock Lesnar right now.>>My God, Rollins is gonna cash in.>>Seth Rollins is cashing in
his Money In The Bank contract.>>Seth Rollins has gotta
take advantage now. Lesnar is out. Seth Rollins has gotta take advantage now. And now John Cena, John Cena,
Cena going after Rollins. Guys, Cena and Rollins,
I don’t think the bell rang. Did the bell ring to start this thing?>>I don’t know, I don’t know.>>I don’t know if the bell
rang to start this.>>The bell never rang.>>So Rollins never cashed in. Rollins never cashed in,
but this match is over.>>The winner there, it is Seth Rollins.>>Look out John, look out John!>>[CROSSTALK].>>The F5, vicious F5.>>Brock Lesnar is inhuman. He has taken several F5s. He set there in that STF for
good part of five minutes. Then this beast is still on his feet.>>Guys, let’s reset though. Was Brock Lesnar going
to tap out to John Cena?>>I say yes.>>Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match as a result
of a disqualification, John Cena.>>I think Seth Rollins cost
John Cena the championship.>>I agree.>>The point here is, look at this. That guy is not human. That is not human.>>He’s not human but
he’s still the world champion.>>Guys, we need to reset for
just a moment.>>However, still your WWE world
heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.>>Guys, we need to reset everything
that happened for just a moment. John Cena may have been closing
in on the WWE world title. In the STF on Lesnar was
Brock gonna tap out? We’ll never know because
Seth Rollins came in and he knocked out Cena with the briefcase. Rollins told the official that he was
gonna cash in his Money in the Bank contract. And just right before the match
up started the bell never rang. John Cena attacked Seth Rollins. The cash in never happened.>>What!
>>All I can say is we saw a different John Cena tonight. We saw a different match than Summer Slam. [MUSIC]

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