From Olympic Champion to President of the Olympic Movement | Olympic Rewind with Thomas Bach

From Olympic Champion to President of the Olympic Movement | Olympic Rewind with Thomas Bach

It was of course an overwhelming moment to
be among all these athletes and as a fencer who’s not use to big stadiums in front of
60-70 thousand, to enter such a stadium with all the athletes from all over the world this
was overwhelming. We were really highly motivated on one hand
we had high expectations, on the other hand extremely focused on the competition. We were slightly outsiders I think the experts and also outside they thought we may win a medal if everything is going well. I was with my closest friend and teammate,
we looked into each other’s eyes and said ‘Ok, today we’re going to make it, today is our day’. You want to do your personal best and you want to contribute the most you can to the success of the team this is how you approach it and then you are extremely focused and waiting to take this step by step This as a match against one of the strongest Italians called Montano. I always had problems because he was a left hander this was very difficult. I always tried to keep him on the move. This time we were not trained against left handers and maybe for myself in particular because I do not know, to this days whether I am I left or a right hander. I had him and an opponent I always regretted this decision at the time and I would have liked to be a
left hander myself. Here we go again its always very special in
a team because they…everyone is winning and everybody is losing and this bring everyone
together very closely and it even more important in a sport like fencing which is in original and individual sport so I always loved the team competitions. It was a final with high tension with a good result. The moment when it happened I think was a strange one on the one hand it is a absolute joy, in the other hand you are tired that it feel a little bit like falling in to a black hole. Then all of the tension is going away in one moment and this tension, you realise has not been built just before the final it is tension that has been building for months. I think we realised only that we won gold
when we were at home again. We came home and we were coming from a little town of then 11,000 inhabitants and when we came home 30,00 people were waiting for us. At that moment I had to make a speech, and then I told the public you have showed us what it is to be an Olympic champion. At this moment we had realised what we had done. Until now even when I tell it, it gives me goosebumps, and this is want make the Olympic Games and Olympic
gold so unique.

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  1. The Olympic games are a contest of the Golden billion, that is, only one West. This game Catholics. Competitors from a different faith are eliminated physically.

  2. Томас Бах Опозорил спорт и мир. Пусть природа воздаст этому……

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