From fleeing South Sudan to running at Rio 2016 | Refugee Olympic Team

From fleeing South Sudan to running at Rio 2016 | Refugee Olympic Team

I left Sudan in 2005. At that
time we had conflict. At that time I was 9 years old. First of all my father was soldier and my mother was the one who would take care of us. The soldiers are looking for people and children. Even if you are 10 years old they can recruit you to join them. So I saw that I was not well enough to join them, so it was better that I look for somewhere else. The fighting started in our village then they
ran away letting us go to another town. That’s where we got the vehicle, and the vehicle took us off to Kenya. Here in Nairobi our training is very good, we have 2 stages. Firstly in the morning and then in the afternoon. You have 3 coaches. There is a coach for short races, long distance and sprint. Between these coaches, all of them are different; they train us in a good way. Sometimes we go for a long run, sometimes they are long distance: maybe we go for an hour 30. In the middle distance they go for 1 hour and then they sprint and maybe they go for 5 minutes. These training hours, they are so good. The people are just proud to run. I say these people they bring something, of course you bring something. For me, I’m happy for it because it will be the first time for refugees to be represented in the Olympics. And since I will be one of them, I will be very happy. For travel also and to be among the guys there. This idea was very good for us as refugees. You know because being a refugee is only a name. It actually gives us hope, because when you go and carry the flag for refugees, everywhere you go you are talking about the refugees. It means you tell the world that being a refugee we are humans beings to us like other people, you see. So going to Rio might enable me to mix with different people, interacting with them, learning many skills, and see different places I have never been to before. It will be very good for us to live as a family in that village, because the more you live in that village the more you interact with other people you see, to see how they are
living to see how they are living with other people, then when you come back to your country,
to Kenya, you tell other people they are living like this, then this becomes a great thing
to other people. I want to break the world record I want to win gold. I want to win the medals or the gold, it’s my dream. As a human being you might have something you are grateful for in your life. First of all, from being a refugee it gave me hope in my life. If I had money after Brazil, it would be great for my life and be a story for my children and even my grandchildren.

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  1. I mean I know i'm Australian, but theres a small part of me the wants ROT (Refugee Olympic Team) to hopefully achieve a few Golds…….

  2. Discover more about the Refugee Olympic Team here:

  3. they are very inspiring, I hope many of them will be shining on the podium this summer. it's an incredibly beautiful organisation, the ROT. it gives people like them a way out and a future.

  4. There is no limitation for the dreamers, this is year gonna be fun, my fellow #Jamaicans and Kenyans use to break Marathon World records, South Sudanese didn't had a chance to participate that much in the past now it our turn to tell the world "we are here" Best of luck to all of them,.


  5. Thankful to have ROT training on our high altitude track at our Gichagi center. Blessed to play a small part in the big dreams of these precious people.

  6. This is a great video, it gives people hopes that no matter how hard life becomes, anybody can make it and be somebody. Just never give up, that goes for anyone who is living in hardships.

  7. I'm so proud of all the athletes on the Refugee Team and I wish they could all take home a medal! I will be cheering for you from my couch in California!

  8. people can say what they want about refugees but nothings wrong with including them to peacefully participate in a sport

  9. I hope they do well. They are amazing and do not deserve all the racist bullshit they are receiving. Best of luck to the ROT from Australia!

  10. I'm so happy that south Sudanese made to Olympic ?☺
    i will love to see that again next year. ???

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