From Biltong To Bungee Jumping To An Epic Freesurf, This Is The Other Side Of J-Bay | No Contest Ep6

From Biltong To Bungee Jumping To An Epic Freesurf, This Is The Other Side Of J-Bay | No Contest Ep6

welcome back to no contest more than just a behind the scenes series it’s stab and Red Bulls deep dive into the cultural richness the unique charm and the radical local character is to make each of the eleven stops and the world championship tour special welcome back to no contest we’re here in South Africa we’re gonna go see Jeffrey’s Bay as good as it gets on the day of the year we’re gonna go see some wildlife with Allan van Giessen and Frank Solomon we’re gonna go eat biltong with Mikey February and we’re gonna jump off the world’s tallest bungee jumping this is no contest South Africa from Rio de Janeiro the trip to South Africa is surprisingly painless a short connection through South Paulo and a tower hop across the Atlantic to Johannesburg and a two-hour flight to Port Elizabeth just an hour’s drive and perhaps the most iconic right point in the world Jeffrey’s Bay of course you can’t come to Africa without getting a close look at some wildlife and we had two of the best guys that any surfer could ask for a couple of South Africa’s most beloved explorers international heavyweight playboy Frank Solomon and one of surfing’s most decorated adventure photographers a man known formally is a VG no Tuesday purrs are the same they scratch like a child for a cheetah oh they’ll go for a line like this whole herd cutest baby elephants you’ve ever seen in your life yeah I’m in South Africa is as you know on the bottom of the continent of Africa and you know you’ve got your waist in north western boundary with Namibia and as you coming down that whole section of the waist goes it’s pretty barren and just empty much like way stars and then the first major city really theirs is Cape Town but it’s like right on the bottom left corner yeah so literally Cape Town if you keep going south if you’re at a point you’re just gonna hit that’s the next Landmaster that straight is enought okay yeah that’s great I need about the swell window and that’s why we could summon swell year round his waves and JP’s Bay the best on these waves is when these big storms are coming from Antarctica yeah the Cape Town was originally it was called the Cape of storms like it was the most dangerous place to come around I mean when the guys would have him to come around the Cape to go to get away spices it was the most dangerous place and since then has become like the you know the Cape of Good Hope because people would make it run there and BMO word and made it into false bay and like they could actually drop me around the corner you know and then from Cape Town if you go out the East Coast Jeffy’s Bay’s pretty much in the middle from Cape Town all the way up to get to Durban and then those are your two major big coastal I mean coastal towns I mean it’s quite far but it’s not yeah I mean it’ll take you two days to get across South Africa like long would you say that Jeffers Bay is the best right point in the world you guys have booked traveled all over the place push the right hand points of South Africa have been the benchmark by which all waves are judged ever since Bruce Brown Mike Hynson and Robert August walked over the dunes at Cape st. Francis almost 60 years ago South Africa is no question a top five destination for any surfer it’s a desperate point oh I think it might be a close second behind snap oh you know I’m from Ventura right it’s one of them yeah having seen today it’s gonna be right up there I won’t tell you it’s my first one I don’t know there’s something special about flying down the line here like just you go so far it’s definitely the fastest have been this year until fastest as a slow surfer it’s the fastest I’ve ever gone Hudson yeah but if you take the right line yourself you can make it it’s the fastest I have to pan on – that’s for sure my filming sucks and it gets exposed here it’s funny here everyone out in the lineup and they’re all just talking about how I did nothing on that last wave look i just raced the whole wave but oh my god it felt so good yeah just fast and straight if you don’t turn you don’t risk anything and then therefore you don’t lose anything so yeah just nice and fast and down the line otherwise the way if we bypass you I feel like it’s hypnotic you can just watch it all day and look at bletchley is don’t stop it hasn’t slept all day my legs a jelly I’m so tired [Music] there we go yonder on the double up what no what a look he just got it that thing that was sick [Music] baby [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I love the way you DJ [Applause] these dies and July as you lie [Music] I won’t be [Music] you fine [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] fastest wave fastest surfers gnarliest rocks tiniest keyhole it’s all happening this is the hardest place to paddle in and out when it’s big it’s really tricky I mean a lot of places off but yeah just because there’s like mussels and barnacles and oysters and yeah not easy look at this guy that’s actually kind of heavy you know what you don’t want to do is you just want to get your leggy tangled turn around just hope for the best you can time it it’s sort of actually no I still get pretty lit up every single time it’s actually really hard to find the keyhole right now duodai if you don’t make it in this section here like you’re done and it’s got power to smash eternally droughts and coming in then it’s like I’m sitting right at the keyhole and every single person is missed the keyhole since I’ve been here except Yago he made it he deserves a little golf clap keep him paddling out this morning I was staying there I couldn’t even find the keyhole to paddle out there’s so much water over it that’s embarrassing Oh see right now point nine five just then Hawaii if you’re coming to South Africa you better like meet the place two carnivores dream and these days one of the country’s most exported delicacies is called biltong an indigenous style of cured meat often ostrich kudu antelope and of course beef and pork that’s cut into long strips salted and hung out to cure while African tribes relied on it for centuries to get them through long migratory ‘el trips out of the Cape colonies these days it’s the perfect snack to get you through a marathon Jeffrey’s session it’s a late and Jeffrey’s Bay and we’re gonna go grab my key February we’re gonna go see a local biltong maker just down the street from bone yarns and find out about one of the delicacies of South Africa he’s born here yeah drive it on the left side tasted random Africa okay what can I do for you so we want to do like a good sample I think mikey has some record what’s your fave maybe love it of everything but I’m Johanna listen I’ve been here for 23 years I’ve been to 23 years in Jeffrey’s Bay as well we started off as a small business very small business and by the christ we managed to crowd same supplier yeah thank us Thanks this place gets trains every second week it’s gotta be very tight because if this comes open the door you can it take it doctor the state’s no forget about those same you can try but I won’t advise it okay what do we have free 500 okay you guys thanks very much thank you so much you guys [Music] it’s really easy to just keep snacking on it that’s hard to stop there so growing up as a South African what did Jeffrey’s Bay represent to you just like it is today it’s just the best wave in South Africa and one of the best waves in the world but it’s just the most beautiful and like scenic line up at the top of the points by now it’s just pretty fun most days it’s probably the one place in JB that gets the most well because it’s just like right at the tip of the point kind of feel sketchy at times but it’s alright the way it’s fun and then you get the super section that is just a little bit more racy a little bit more hollow it kind of kind of get something like the rocks a little bit more and that’s what like people think of as like classic j-bay like that section is that super section yeah that’s the one that’s the one you see in all the photos that’s the one that the cornice is that it pretty much just runs into I’d say Impossibles coins and then a bunch of little spots and points like all the way down to a point and albatross mmm they’re so growing up is that like a day like just eating biltong all day and in the water for eight hours pretty much yeah yeah it’s not a bad way to spend a day oh yeah and when it’s not six footing perfect it’s still a pretty rippable wave like I feel like people underestimate how fun this place can be when it’s not perfect Oh even when it’s small you can pretty much just either surf up the topic buying yards and there’s like and I like a little two feet Peaks coming through and still pretty rapid roll out the back should we go get away yeah yeah sunny warm waves [Music] no I have not done the bungee jump and I will not do the bungee jump I’ll bungee but not there nothing I value my life I got three kids i bungee jump last year I did the bungee jump last year and I saw the tree that I was gonna die on not really I’m pretty scared of heights of the other I feel like I’m on borrowed time now it’s great I’ll definitely try and dodge that one I’m not really an adrenaline junkie in there done that no I Drive up to you should there we go just an hour and a half’s drive from Jeffrey’s Bay as the blue krons bridge and the world’s highest bungee jump over the beautiful blue Cron’s River which separates the Western and Eastern capes of South Africa at 260 metres or a little over 700 feet there’s five to six seconds of free fall on each jump it’s a rite of passage for any of the surfers on tour once they’ve finished the event and you’re going like a little slack line thing the scale of that is next-level in the moment and you’re just like it’s the last day of our trip and Jeffrey’s Bay we’re at the Blu Krantz I think it’s the way you pronounce the Afrikaans name of the bridge if the tallest bungee jump in the world and it’s my absolute nightmare a bunch of the local girls just went and jumped off surfed all morning and then jumped off the bridge finished off their trip and everyone’s been going as they get knocked out of the event everyone goes and jumps off a bridge while you’re here so that’s what we’re here to do and I am so absolutely not psyched on this like fully like no this is terrifying yeah no more excuses we’re supposed to go with Steph she backed out and Caroline I see both of you then you get fitted and strapped up they put a helmet on your head and fling you down a zipline to the platform at the top [Music] oh that was hectic there’s techno music playing all the Bungie guides are dancing and all you can do is wait anxiously for your number to come up this is no contest South Africa thanks for watching this is the scariest thing I’ve done in my entire life this makes going through the keyhole at Jeffrey’s baited like a joke we’ll see you in Tahiti oh yes that you have a secret what are we into what it’s not right hey guys this is kanoa Igarashi welcome to Red Bull servings new YouTube channel where you can find all the behind the scenes action from all in 21 days no contest and Red Bull airborne click up here to subscribe and you can find plenty of more content on this side of the page

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  1. Great video 👌
    I'm so stoked… finally it's my turn to surf J-bay again 🤙,I'm soooo counting the days down,
    Its gonna be a long week 🤨

  2. Coolest surf video i’ve seen in awhile, but what is a keyhole?! They keep mentioning it around 8:30

  3. What about Tom Currens first wave there & why did it take so long for him to surf it. A clip from the film Zulu, some more Jordy, occy in 84 & some vegan options . Other wise unreal. Also watch sea of darkness un edited version (nothing to do with SA. But watch it any way)

  4. Great vid. Should have also gone for a skydive at Skydive Jeffreys Bay! Seeing that coastline from the air is a real treat.

  5. My dream was to go to Jeffrey's Bay and my mother promised need a trip I was 15 years old Huntington Beach High School surfing at the pier every day and that I would dream of Jeffrey's Bay all my life I'm 60 years old now and still dream Jeffrey's Bay.

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