Freestyle soccer workshop – Red Bull Street Style

Freestyle soccer workshop – Red Bull Street Style

Red Bull Street Style has changed my life. It has made freestyle more professional. Before Red Bull Street Style existed, I used to do demos and go to all the events I possibly could to get exposure. There was no such a thing as the world champions’ title. Now, Red Bull is doing this contest all over the world and thus helps our sport to get a more professional image I can market myself to the entire world now thanks to Red Bull. To freestyle means that you can be good with nothing but a ball, no field is necessary. It’s just like poker: There are rules you play by… The true magician takes the whole deck of cards, eliminates all the rules and starts doing something entirely new. We do just the same, except we do it with soccer. Today we are in Lausanne for a workshop with the participants of the Red Bull Street Style. The national qualifiers will be held next year. The winner will represent Switzerland in September 2012 at the world finals in Italy. So, we were in Zurich yesterday, and today, we are in Lausanne. We let the kids discover freestyle, and we helped the participants get better according to the three Red Bull Street Style criteria – style, creativity, and control. Sean is a good coach, he’s a world champion and has done a great job coaching us today. In order to win the 2012 qualifier, you have to develop your own style and to be able to showcase your personality. If you show the same moves as everybody else, you won’t win. You have to know new tricks if you want to stand out from all the rest. You need a battle spirit to keep your opponents at bay. I will definitely be at the next Red Bull Street Style qualifier in Switzerland, because it’s a great opportunity to compete. The vibes are always great, and there’s a lot of emotions. I can’t wait for it to start.

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  1. @skiboy224 You can also just ask for help in a nice a friendly way. You don't have to be such a douche… And since Red Bull has subtitles, it would be nice you say sorry and thank you.

  2. This is english hypocrycy at it's greatest.
    It is not because english is a global language, everything should be english
    hell, even i know 4 languages

  3. Non sono d'accordo con lui dicendo "giocoleria è uno sport" giocoleria stile libero è come gettare passi nel mondo del calcio, la sua pratica per il gioco effettivo, non il proprio sport. Faccio giocoleria freestyle, ma solo per praticare calcio.

    I disagree with him saying "juggling is a sport" freestyle juggling is like throwing passes in football, its practice for the actual game, not its own sport. I do freestyle juggling but only for practicing soccer.

  4. @redbull you guys make everything look so epic 🙂 It would be awsome if you started a big league of legends tournament , it would be epic as always .

  5. @olpoziVids Whoa there buddy. Just stating my opinion. No need to get bent out of shape. I actually play on an indoor soccer team. I'm just not a big fan of the whole freestyle thing.

  6. @skiboy224 redbull isn't even an american company and yet you feel entitled to their videos being in a language you understand.

  7. @skiboy224 Ummmmm I'm American but you have to realize a smaaaalllll part of the world is American so it would be selfish for a worldwide company to put it in only English. Thats why Youtube has CC

  8. dam redbull is the shit soccer is the shit any one that thinks there not talented is lam an should try it themsevles. respect gets respect basic redbull terms!

  9. @caliwowie I didnt say that americans are not as other people so i cant understand your reaction my friend. Try to see the other side of it. Its just a stereotype and i used it as a joke 😀 the author understud that you did not 😀

  10. nice, and btw i'm french and you don't see me complaining about no subtitles on english videos .. arrogant fool @skiboy224

  11. Ok for all the people out there trying to be witty or smart correct americans saying its soccer or what have you, the english originally called it soccer in the 1800s when they invented it formally. When it spread across europe people adapted football because it makes more sense. So soccer is not an incorrect term by any means

  12. @kev15311 That's a lot of hatred coming from someone who clearly can't be more than 13 years old. Did your parents approve of you fiddling with their computer?

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