Freestyle Soccer on a Heliport – Red Bull Street Style Qualifiers 2012

Freestyle Soccer on a Heliport – Red Bull Street Style Qualifiers 2012

Red Bull Street Style gives freestyle football players the opportunity to show off their skills on an international level. I’ll be judging style today. I want to see how they perform to music and maybe mix freestyle with dancing. I was judging creativity. I wanted to see diversity, different tricks and moves. To me it was also important that they didn’t use their hands too much and kept the ball in the air, controlling it. You have to train hard and also have some talent. The more you practice, the more you feel one with the ball. The control gets better and better. It was really good the last time I was here, so I wanted to win this time and go to the finals in Italy. I was a little nervous at the beginning, but it’s been an easy way to the finals. It hasn’t been too difficult, and I haven’t made any mistakes, so I won. Well, the others were simply better. It was a deserving victory for Zlatko. He didn’t make any mistakes and was simply more complete. The conditions were a little difficult, but he didn’t have any problems with it. I think he was the only one who asked the DJ to play specific music. I think that was also a big plus for him. He clearly wasn’t nervous, which could have been a factor. The other kids were all nervous and made mistakes. You could tell he has more experience in competitions and has simply shown more then the others. The location was different from what I’m used to, so I was kind of stressed, and I didn’t show all my creativity. I wasn’t expecting to win. I’ll have to practice even more now. I only practiced about two hours daily for this competition, but I’ll have to do better then that now.

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  2. Svaka cast momci! Language they speak is Bosnian. It's somewhere in between Croatian and Serbian as is the country on the map. I think this location is just astonishing for this! I wonder what would happen if ball would fall off.

  3. redbull you set the mic volumes to low and the music to high. this is the first bad video you made in terms of audio

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