freekickerz ft. Ronaldinho vs All Star Legends (Real Football Match)

freekickerz ft. Ronaldinho vs All Star Legends (Real Football Match)

When Ronaldinho makes an invite, of course everyone’s willing to come Today is no different. Ronaldinho & Friends vs. Adler All Stars Well known faces from Eintracht Frankfurt’s history Hey guys, welcome to a new video. Today it’s a bit different a different format Today I’ll react to our video from the Ronaldinho benefit match in Frankfurt Luckily I was invited to the event and I was honoured by playing on the same pitch as Ronaldinho We’ll take a look at that in a bit So let’s start with the match I’ll tell you what my impressions were and how I perceived the whole event The atmosphere in the stadium was great Everyone was happy and there wasn’t anything on the line It was all about fun and the good cause We raised money for disadvantaged children And it was noticeable from the beginning. The atmosphere was great Just showing of a few skills Here we have the first goal already. Rafael van der Vaart with a back-heel I was still on the bench But I could see everything. And even though these pros don’t play actively anymore, they were all like 30, 40, 50 years old you can still see why they used to be pros. They still got that class. And Rafael van der Vaart shows this at the 1:0 Here come the Adlers with Kevin Prince Boateng Nice no look pass! He was in a good mood and he actually raised the standard on the pitch by a lot We’ll he’s still an active player Here come the Adlers Good! Uwe Bein With the 1:1 I think he was one of the oldest players on the pitch Cool volley, which was still deflected Good one Yeah, it was deflected Nothing to save for Duda Good shot, and no chance to save it Nice Btw Dida was cheered on a lot by the whole stadium He had huge amounts of fans Wow, Ronaldinho Again he dribbles past two opponents and this is his moment where he’s free on goal and smashes it in Everyone was happy for him The crowd loved him, but he deserved that He made it all look so easy Incredible For the pros it was different but it was indescribable to warm up in front of 30.000 people Somehow it was a weird moment for me I don’t play in front of this many people on a daily basis But it’s incredible how easy it all looks Simply amazing Here we see a nice pass to Ailton. He ran like a mad man and treats himself Scores the 3:1 And takes in the cheers from the crowd. Such a funny guy He ran like… Here you can see my besides Caiuby and Jannik Pehlivan We had a laugh on the bench. He ran to save his life and even though this isn’t shown here, he had many chances but didn’t score Here he’s in full sprint. I always had to laugh seeing him running Treats himself And scores in the far corner Cool guy! Also super down to earth in the dressing room Here hw runs again. Number 31, Ailton On his left foot What’s he doing? crosses it in And something like this eventually happens No-one rushes into the tackling because no-one want’s to get injured So goals like this happen where you just slide home But again Ailton was involved in the goal, he worked a lot in the first half Ah, there also was a fault in the defence Then the score was 4:1, which on paper looks decisively Again a great pass by Ailton Here is Kevin Kevin Kuranyi Stops the ball and looks for his teammates Ronaldinho on the lefthand side Shows of some skills crosses it and Kuranyi scores with a header He didn’t forget his instincts After a cross by Ronaldinho The two are good friends Had a lot of fun in the dressing room and joked around It was great Cool goal I was happy for him Well, I sat on the bench most of the game I didn’t expect to play during the first half but in the second half we were eager to play But we weren’t subbed on There’s Ronaldinho Want’s a penalty I’m not sure but as a ref I would have considered giving it At a game like this it’s all fun. But the ref took his task quiet seriously And didn’t give a penalty It was no foul at all Would’ve been funny to decide on penalty but the ref goes up to Ronaldinho and they high five Here’s Ioannis Amanatidis. I didn’t recognise him at first back when I collected the football collector cards he had long hair maybe some of you remember Now he has short hair. Almost didn’t recognise him Another striker who hasn’t forgot how to score Who scored the, I think 4:2 yeah, 4:2 Here we see Jannik He gets subbed on He played like 10 minutes and he did good as a right back I was very happy for him Now here’s the moment when I thought I would get subbed on I’m at the sideline I was joking with Ailton who asked me if I didnt want to play. And I stood there like But first there is the next attack by the Adler All Stars Ronaldinho changed teams and now played for them And then there’s Patrick Ochs Ochs scored the 5:3 After a deflected shot by Ronaldinho It was great to see the players I I remember from back then when my interest in football started I knew all of the players like Benjamin Köhler, Patrick Ochs etc. It was great to know them and play football Even though I didn’t play much I wasn’t mad at all Jannik on the ball, almost breaks both his legs slips on the ball They taped R10 on his back. And I think now comes the moment when he gets supped off First there’s Jannik with the cross doesn’t make it in the box Now the counter attack by Frankfurt Good pass! Playing that 30m pass is great, considering his age And Benni Köhler doesn’t give Dida a chance and scores the 5:4 end result Good goal, which we see from a different perspective here Good positioning by Dida in the right corner But he still scores in the near corner Even from Dida’s perspective it’s a great goal No-one wanted to get subbed off And then I thought here comes the moment which I trained for during the last 2 years But it didn’t Now Ronaldinho get’s subbed off And the stadium exploded The whole game was dedicated to him and he was cheered on intensively He was super happy. He’s no player who simply accepts it He really took in this moment Get’s subbed off for Chris and goes to the interview right away During this interview, I was subbed on but here the next scene is after the game Due to Ronaldinho being subbed off and giving the interview to Sport1 they focussed the broadcast on him and changed to the sideline So you didn’t see the broadcast of me on the pitch. But this were only 2-3 moments I didnt make any faults. I think I was the best player on the pitch Well’I only played like 2 mins but that doesn’t matter Rafael van der Vaart said the same to me after the game. Flawless match No, but that didn’t matter for this game The focus was set to different things I think I can say that I will always be thankful for being given this opportunity I think back a lot and I also took my signed jersey and my boots home Just an overall great experience for a football crazy boy like me I learned a lot about the insight of football and the stars who are just normal human beings when you sit besides Ronaldinho, Kuranyi or van der Vaart in the dressing room The approach you the same way you approach them and you talk about several things I’m really thankful and I hope you enjoyed the video! Please leave a like! I really enjoyed commenting the game for you If we get a similar opportunity in the future we will do this again for you Leave a like if you enjoyed the video. See you next time. Bye!

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  2. 5:10 "Er ist auch bodenständig in der Kabine ", schon klar dass der Bodenständig ist, so wie der ausschaut, hebt er nich ab. ??
    NO HATE ? , war nur Spaß ? 🙂

  3. Schade Felix, dassmDu nicht mehr spielen durftest. Aber es zählt was Du gesagt hast, bei solch einem Starauftritt nah dabei gewesen sein zu dürfen ist was wirklich zählt.

  4. Ich fand den Tag mega bis auf das eine das ich mit niemand von den Fußballern ein Bild machen konnte oder mit ViscaBarca oder Farid Bang oder mit euch ich wusste das da so viel e Leute waren aber habe natürlich keinen gesehen wow beste Leben

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