Freefly BASE jump in Norway – Red Bull Soul Flyers

Freefly BASE jump in Norway – Red Bull Soul Flyers

So I will end up above and I will be in a seated position, and at that moment we can release. Then I just have to position myself flat and go.

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  1. are they wearing some kind of special suit, it seemed like they were tracking rather fast for not wearing wingsuits.

  2. at 1;08 the jumper on top saves the other jumpeers life by waving his arms telling the other jumper that hes getting pretty close. man you really gotta hand it to these guys they make skydiving look like a walk in the park

  3. Apart from the fact that some people can't pull their main day after half an hour in a wind tunnel, you friends probably wouldn't be very efficient in some kinds of skydiving, like acrobatics, tracking and wingsuit flying (because of belly, size to weight ratio and maybe muscle fatigue). And I'm sure – haven't checked it myself yet, though – that you would appreciate your fitness when the landing goes not as expected, be it B.A.S.E. or skydiving. Some gimp away, some need to be taken away.

  4. This is a great partnership where they trust each other fully. You can see in the tracking dive where the guy facing the ground waves the other one that its time to turn around and track away at 1:07. Thats trusting someone for their life!

  5. you made my day hahaha 😀 okay well 😀 cmon let's jump 🙂 i tell you how you have to pull the parachute okay? 😀 cya or maybe.. i think after exit i will see you never again 😛

  6. you must not have watched the entire video or something. did you see the proximity flying with no wingsuit after 2:03? One degree off and you wouldnt be simmon park anymore.. youd be 100 different scattered body parts.

  7. Simmon, it does require immense training. Not jerk/press typical muscular strength, no, but incredible body awareness and knowledge/technique. Think of dance training more than pro team sports training.
    Most importantly however, there is a staggeringly high experience requisite to BASE jump many objects to begin with, let alone fly relative to another person with precision, let alone, do it vertical head-down, let alone achieve these formations. Does that make sense?

  8. Sometimes training for something is not only refered to building muscle; you have to train also your brain to get used to do certain things your body is not used to (or made for). For example playing an instrument: you have to train the muscles of your hands but also train your mind to learn the movements, etc.

  9. I've been watching them for the last 30 minutes at the moment, and yeah, I also know I'll never do this yet am desperate to 🙂

  10. Sponsors are the coolest guys in the world!
    They sponsor young people to make billions and after the inevitable, they take the next one!

  11. @sgredtampon: you have no idea how hard this is.
    go to ur local dropzone and find out for yourself, youll be kartwheeling and spinning like a lunatic, and theres no time for instability like that on a basr jump.

  12. well you can do you B.a.s.e course after 100 skydives. and as for wind tunes in B.a.s.e. you need to track.. a lot.. you can;t track in a wind tunel.

  13. its for person to person contact, last thing you want is to be nocked out by your friend's foot in free-fall because you weren't wearing your helmet.

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  15. I wonder if LloydieP knows or cares that they are number 666 because I would have made a comment about this just to be the 666 comment, numbers do not scare Me But the Powers that Be Do.! 🙂 

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