Free Online Movies For TV Streaming ► The Deal Guy

Free Online Movies For TV Streaming ► The Deal Guy

Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite.
You may know me from USA Today or your local TV station and you may know that every day
I find huge deals right here on Beats, Tech, Apple, Laptops, stereos – whatever it is you’re
looking for. Today though,I don’t think I’m going to do a deal. Because I’ve received
a lot of requests from may of you amazing subscribers – thank you for subscribing – asking
for great free content. And I have all different profiles of ways you can watch TV online and
ways you can enjoy other content but there is one service I want to focus on that’s constantly
improving and then I’ll show you how it works. If you haven’t heard of Crackle or if you’ve
used it, and has recently enjoyed an update. Crackle is now my favorite ways to get movies…
with an updated free app to bring big screen magic to whatever screen you choose.
The free app brings recent releases and to your smartphone… tablet.. apple … android…
roku and amazon devices. Like Netflix without the cost… and not nearly
the same selection… you can easily scroll through a nicely growing selection of tv shows
or movies. Supported by one commercial that plays at
the beginning of a movie or show of your choice… you can watch crackle…
On the go… and while this is by no means a huge collection of brand new movies. There’s
a great list of growing films for anyone and family friendly options as well. Now this
doesn’t compete with Amazon Prime or Netflix but it is free and believe it or not, I have
found movies on here that aren’t even available on Netflix. Let me show you how it works.
Olympus Has Fallen – let me show you in real time how long it takes for this movie to load.
First you get a Mike’s Hard ad, this is what makes the movie free, and we’ll watch through
this ad so you can see how long it actually takes for the movie to start. I always find
this is the only pain but at the end of the day, this is a free service, it’s legal. Let’s
count. Count down going on. You get HD quality, let’s make it fullscreen and yes you will
encounter a few ads along the way but I am a big fan of how easy this is in terms of
free content. And at the same time, while I’m not even logged in, I have another movie
playing on my smartphone. Again, no log-in, they don’t even know who i am. No email address
and I’m already enjoying the content on two platforms. I forgot to add, none of these
are paid products. Crackle did not pay me to talk about them. Sometimes when I don’t
say that, people assume I’m making money off this, I’m not! So there you have it and if
you want items that are almost free, or great tech savings, I’d be more than happy to hook
you up. If you like what you saw, feel free to give this a thumbs up. If you have any
comments or there’s something you want to save money on, you can just post it below.
That’s how I sort of remain employed. And as promised, just click that subscribe button
and you’ll get
all of my big deals moving forward.

36 Replies to “Free Online Movies For TV Streaming ► The Deal Guy”

  1. Just found you through our local TV website (KINGTV Seattle).  You have lots of videos – wow!  We have AT&T cell service and looking to upgrade old Android phones to Apple 5s or 6 – any deals for those?

  2. Thanks Matt! I likely would have never returned to investigate Crackle on my own. I installed the app a while back, found next to nothing and left. We've already enjoyed several great movies!

  3. Thank you for bringing such amazing deals and great information! There are products and services I never knew existed before I subscribed to your channel and watched your videos! You aren't JUST "The Deal Guy"! You're "The One & Only, Super Amazing, Captain America of Deals Guy" !! Thanks again and I am looking forward to the next incredible deal! Til next time……

  4. Just to update on this, it does not work overseas. im spending Christmas time in Asia and the web link does not let you watch movies or tv shows.

  5. Thanks, after watching you demo the Amazon 🔥 8, I ordered it and should get it today. I'll let you know what I think. Thanks again, Michelle D.

  6. Bummer, just watching this video ( 20190103)and went to crackle…guess they no longer provide a service. Any other such things that provide being able to watch 'free' movies/shows? Thank you.

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