Free Live Tv 2018 -(Sports Edition) -Watch Any Game on Any Device for Free. (Sports are Free Again)

Free Live Tv 2018 -(Sports Edition) -Watch Any Game on Any Device for Free. (Sports are Free Again)

and they go for it and folds under
pressure throws corn shucks take to Austin fires ever-changing streaming world you’re
always trying to find where you can see college football NFL WWE and basketball
and I found a site for you guys to use in this video and y’all know I had to
pick on the Cowboys and show I highlighted them getting bused in the
head to the white meat if you’re finding me for the first time please go ahead
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over there let’s jump into the video see how you can get this football for free
this year what’s good YouTube returning life gain
is you in the building with old uncle Mont and we’ve got another cord cutting
video to help you get all the lob sports you want it’s almost football season and
we know you guys want to get all the best you can in football games for those
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link below now let’s jump into this but first y’all know I got to put on my plus
seven glasses of sexy as hell work on skilling up this crap giving you
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inada you want to see him be president you want to get hats you want to get a
bag this is the Hat I got two shirts go to shop life Gamescom look around there
read a blog buy the shirt so I am really a fire TV stick and it’s just a regular
stick and what you have to do if you don’t have it down here where you see
apps you’re gonna need to go ahead and download the silk browser I’ve already
got it so we’re gonna go ahead and open it but if you don’t have it it’s right
there in the app store just search for it and download it so let’s open it once
you get it open in the search bar you’re gonna want to put in 720p stream dot me
shouts out to the subscriber that turned me on to this
I’ve got his name Willie do thank you and if you guys know about any other
site that can help the community just leave it in my comment section so that
we can share with everybody so that everybody can benefit from core cut and
save that money one special note so it I can save you people time if you don’t
have a VPN this is the screen you’re gonna see I’m running this with the VPN and it
works fine if you don’t have a VPN video-description
get my link get a discount code get ipvanish let’s click in here and after
your search comes up you’re gonna see this what you want the very one on the
top and it loads just like that and if you come up here to the very top and you
scroll to that menu bar and click on it it’ll let you search these things now
every time you see one of these ads come up just click one time stay here because
if you get bit clicking too much it might take you to the filthy McNasty
layer that you don’t want to go to and fellas I’m always trying to save
marriages don’t get too filthy McNasty on me and then you can come over here
and pick what you like MLB NBA NFL whatever for the purposes of this video
I’m clicking on NFL because it’s about to be Miami Dolphin season so let’s
click NFL stream and here we are and this is going to be a list of all the
upcoming games and if they’re available for that moment it’s going to have a
play button next to it but at the time of this recording there are no games
going on but the NFL network is on so let me go ahead and click this so that
y’all can see the clarity but y’all know it’s going to be real quick because
YouTube ain’t playing scroll down and then all you do from
there is click on the big play button there you have it 720p and ladies and
gentlemen that’s it that’s the video I’m gonna start doing a little bit more core
cutting outside of Kodi to help you guys keep saving that money keep making those
life gains and again if you like me for what I do with fitness and Finance go
down there and subscribe to the life gays fitness and Finance channel and
share share share this video so that everybody can see the football games
they want and everybody can get their asses beat by the Miami Dolphins and
hear me cheer this year that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to
like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a life game go subscribe to
life games finance & fitness channel check my video description box see all
my links down there there’s something for everybody to help you make those
life gains and until the next sex is hell video I’ll see you

43 Replies to “Free Live Tv 2018 -(Sports Edition) -Watch Any Game on Any Device for Free. (Sports are Free Again)”

  1. ( ) is another good one brother man I had this one you talking about now for a couple weeks now is great but thanks for sharing I'll find something next time I'll hit you up peace out .ps they not going to beat my (Detroit Lions all the way)

  2. Hey great vid. You can also set it up as a bookmark on the stick, download bookmark and once set up you don't even have to open silk.

  3. Hi Lamont awesome video.
    Used this on and off last year but always seemed to be offline on Sundays when the games were on.

    But many thanks for bringing this to us again and a whole list of other links as well.

    Thank you again Lamont
    God Bless

  4. Lamont hey just wanted to let u know that there is a website called tv4 u should check out it's an iptv but also has all your sports also. see what you think about it? you can get it on any browser weather it's chrome, or silk.

  5. Well done buddy i can see the UFC schedule so brilliant!Thx to whoever pointed you in the right direction too 🙂

  6. lamont just wanted you to check this website also? this is a radio APK and there is an app on the play store for it also? want to know what it is? well here it is radio or radio you can listen to music around the world? it will pop up a big world and you hit on any little green dots say your in Miami Florida it will play the radio station there? if u hit on a green dot in Mississippi it will play that station to. please check it out. don't know how many folks know about it.?

  7. Yo, Big homie! Big ups to both you and tha homie who, passed this info. I am on and most definitely ready for this season! #Phins_up!

  8. Great site, but am looking for a site to watch college football and this one doesnt offer it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance…

  9. saw a few people ask so i will post it here.
    You can get many college football games on yoursports do stream Which you will need to put directly into your
    web browser address bar as opposed to trying to google it

  10. I need your help I had silk browser on my fire stick how do I get it back on my fire stick and working again when I click on it it's telling me no app found can you help me please

  11. Once I typed in the web address and tried to view the pistons game I got a virus. Please do NOT go to this site.

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