Free climbing in Colombia – Red Bull Psicobloc

Free climbing in Colombia – Red Bull Psicobloc

Psicobloc is a discipline that I think was born in the late 70s, early 80s. One of the major places was Mallorca, Baleares Islands, in Spain. It is a very psychological activity where you normally are many meters up high, but the difference is if you fall, you fall into water. Often falls are not as good as they should be right? It is impressing don?t you think? The wall, more than psicoblocing. The word itself comes from physiologic and blocs and small rocks. Here it would be psico big wall, that is the way I would call it because it is a very big wall behind us and the truth is that it impresses a lot. When it comes to the route?s design I can say it was something new. The rock was the location called to attention. A bit unstable but it was perfect for the event we all wanted to have. We had to work very hard on the routs. The route is very technical. It has some small strips on the route and you can grab. Once you enter the desplomito at the end, you can reach a good one and put your foot very high, then you turn around and there is s strip where you can place three fingers into it very nicely. It?s good, but small. The Prado?s dam is a fantastic place for psicobloc especially because it is beautiful. It is a tropical place with lots of vegetation, and a lot of wildlife. I think the problem for all boys and girls will be that they will certainly are going to come very strong, with good training, but what will solve everything here is that your head is strong enough to face it The rock had the features for participants to climb it, there have been some participants who have climbed the routes well so everybody was very happy For sure, we are convinced that the winner won?t be the person the most muscles. The winner will be a strong one who knows what his head is for because for sure they are going to be afraid They have done a great job because most of them had never practiced psicobloc and they have made a good effort. They reached the top, the truth is that they did a great job. They impressed us.

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  2. @eLLriDe420 Yet again you've spelt it as 'its'… Deary me. Also you're just plain old wrong, it's 'yeah', not 'yea'… Unless you were attempting to be pretentiously formal/classical, which judging from the rest of your writing, I very much doubt.

    Try again.


  3. @SymAmineC8H11N dynamic rope. you shouldnt climb with a static rope because of the shock load it puts on your gear and pro and body when you fall.

  4. i just wanna be one of those dude, stretching on the boat getting ready to climb 🙁
    too bad im in freaking anthropology class rt now

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