FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins the 24/7 Championship

FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins the 24/7 Championship

Seriously, what kind of year
has UFC been having this year?>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Hey, they’re gonna score a lot of points.>>All right.>>They’re gonna be better.>>[CROSSTALK] Should have used the homer.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>What’s up, man?>>I know you guys, man. I know who you all are. What up man? [INAUDIBLE]
>>Hey, you’re looking good, bro.>>How you doing, man?>>[INAUDIBLE] How you been?>>What’s up, baby? You smell good. You’re a good hugger.>>Thank you, man.
It’s cool down here. For spring sport in my [INAUDIBLE].>>Yeah, you’re good.>>I’m running around outside being
chased by a lot of foxes man. A lot of foxes and
foxes chasing me all for my baby. This 48/7, 24/7,
7/11 European TV championship.>>Yeah, it says European you can tell.>>Yeah, European gold, too,
you know what I’m saying? [CROSSTALK] But see the thing about
this though dog, anytime, anywhere, any place, 24/7 [CROSSTALK] somebody
can defend it, they can take it. They can snatch it. All they gotta have is a referee. One two three. I can’t eat, I can’t eat no breakfast.>>You’re always watching your back.>>Dinner, supper.>>Even the bathroom?>>Bathroom, picnics, church.>>In church?>>Honeymoon.>>In God’s house?>>In God’s house. Amen.
>>[LAUGH]>>You’re safe, you’re safe here. This is a safe haven.>>Bro, my nerves is bad right now,
you know what I’m saying? I like meeting you guys but
did you hear that?>>No, no, no.>>No, you’re good.>>I think that’s Elias coming man. I think that’s Elias. [CROSSTALK] Hey,
it’s nice meeting you guys. I gotta go, okay?>>Are you alright? [CROSSTALK]
>>You okay, man? Your head?>>[CROSSTALK] Can we get a doctor? Yeah.>>Forget the doctor. We need a ref. We need a ref!>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Where’s the belt? Where’s the belt? See that, baby, 24/7 right here! Right here. Put it around the waist. Put it around the waist! Sorry, troops. Around the, whoa!>>One, two, three. New champ! New champ! New champ?>>No Elias!>>Shut your mouth, Phil.>>This ain’t over, Elias. This ain’t over.>>[LAUGH]
>>You don’t need to be the champion.>>Tell me about it, man.>>Uh-huh.

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  1. 24/7 championship has no value … This goes on to prove that wwe doesnt value its universal and wwe championship belts …

  2. Shepramsey: That is an incredible catch! Especially since WWE Entertainment Wing Hall Of Famer Bob Uecker was the costar of that show. 👍B.W.

  3. In 1983 Harley Race put out a bounty of 25 grand on Ric Flair to keep him away from The NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Harley later adjusted his legendary Promo from "anyone in the world" to "any wrestler in the world" because well just imagine. WWE definitely thought up a new variation on this one.B.W.

  4. It crazy to see that even Rob Stone has more main roster titles than Sami Zayn!

    I wouldn't be surprised if a ref wins the title!

  5. This really made my day! The 24/7 title just never stops being boring! Elias responds to the host "Shut your mouth, Rob Stone" and R- Truth respons to the host "It ain't easy being champ, is it? Uh huh!" 😅😅😅

  6. That was funny hahah wrestling was my first love, wrestlmenia 9 I believe. Back when kids can go outside and play. ( :

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