Forza Motorsport 7: Built for Xbox One X

Forza Motorsport 7: Built for Xbox One X

[XBOX SOUND]>>Forza Motorsport
7 on the Xbox One X is the ultimate
racing experience.>>Turn 10 and Forza has been
with us from the beginning, building the game
to take advantage of all the power and performance that the Xbox One X has to offer. It’s the world most
powerful console. A six teraflop GPU, 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory.>>The Xbox One X has unlocked the ability for our team to re-imagine the
racing experience.>>Native 4K resolution,
high dynamic range, 60 frames per second. That is the dream
that every gamer has, is I want to see 4K 60 HDR
in my living room.>>Well, it allows us to
have high resolution assets. We can push out draw distances.
Incredible modelling.>>Photogrammetry, which actually uses
our photo reference to build the materials
that you see in the game.>>All of that comes together to make the game more
than enhanced. This game is reborn,
in the Xbox One X.>>As a race car driver, it comes down to details. Getting to play
Forza Motorsport 7 in 4K, now that resolution really takes everything
into the next level.>>Especially native 4K, where the cars,
they just sparkle.>>Things like the Alcantara
that you see to the machine scratches on
the insides of the wheel wells.>>A candy apple paint job
where there’s metal fleck, the details is insane.>>When you see
this beautiful sky, such depth in
the clouds and the sun, it never looked so
real as it does in HDR.>>One of the tenets
of Turn 10 Studios is, every game that we make it has to be at 60 frames per second.>>You just can’t get
crisper than that. It really feels real
when you are playing.>>It gives you
a level of detail that makes you lose
your surroundings.>>I’m not in my living room
anymore, I’m there.>>Forza Motorsport 7
is so much more human. We want to capture the thrill, the excitement, the
danger of racing. In some ways it’s violence. Get the violence of racing.>>Feeling the vibrations,
hearing the sounds. The visual of it when
your are at speed.>>You can actually hear
the drive line flex.>>The windshield wipers
are rattling.>>The rain is pounding
on the windshield and I’m all tense about it.>>210 miles per hour. It’s flying down
the Moulston straight.>>I have goosebumps. [XBOX SOUND].

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  1. yeah yeah yeah but you know what is the problme with Xbox one X ? they made the xbox one x smaller and that mean 100% it will overheating a lot be sure of that .

  2. At least Forza runs at 60FPS and looks incredible on XBOX ONE X. NFS: Payback meanwhile runs at 30FPS and boasts a more "cinematic" experience which is not what videogames need to be at all. Forza has been at the peak of racing game innovation for 12 years because they know what makes racing enthralling and immersive and can represent that uncannily in videogame design.

  3. The ine thing I really want in a racing game is say I crash the front right corner of the car I want to see real damage like a busted tie rod so they tire is sideways and effects the driving,or crash the front and bust radiator so car overheats.I would love to see this in depth with unlimited possabilitys.Also would like to see realistic tuning like dyno tuning full standalone.

  4. What controller do you all use to play this? I am looking for something like a steering wheel which can be use in both xbox one and pc.

  5. Ok. Microsoft and Xboz plz read this and others. When you guys make Forza Horizon 4 can you please make it multiplayer. You may wonder why. But im sure others experienced this … (example) Hey want to play Forza Horizon 4 with me. Ya sure, is there two players. No sorry but we can take turns. Im alright thankyou though. It would be fun with multiplayer please. Like if you agree .

  6. aeeeeeeeeeee brasileiro na aréae eu estou torcendo pelo xbox one x esse é o melhor console de todos meu sonho é ter um

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