100 Replies to “Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions – E3 2019 – Launch Trailer”

  1. Was seid ihr für dreißte Wixxer…. Eine ingame Werbung die man nicht überspringen kann … Dreißter geht's nicht

  2. Couldn't even add the mini games in the expansion when there are CLEARLY some good spots to add them! Shall I list them?

  3. I can just picture the guy in the Senna tripping when he saw lego

    He just wanted to join the others Lmaaooo

  4. 1:04 “yknow what’s awesome!?”
    broken suspension

    Edit: can we just appreciate the amount of skill involved to time this scene THAT perfectly at 0:59

  5. Can you please make the game called horizon five for the horizon five please and And please make it in Boston Mass even other cities and towns of Massachusetts can you please make the game Forza horizon five

  6. how do i remove this lego ad from the middle of the main menue screen? i do not want this or any other form of dlc right in my face when scrolling through the menue

  7. 2015: Fast And Fuirious
    2017: Hot Wheels
    2019: Lego
    2022: Disney Pixar Cars.
    2024: French Car
    2026: Nascar
    2028: idk
    3019: LegoFuture.

  8. This makes me wish that lego would've made their own racing game where most things can be destroyed including parts of your car

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