Fortnite Reloaded (Real Life Fortnite Gameplay)

[Assorted Grunts] Get to cover! We are pinned down, dude! There. What. We have to go there. The roof? What are you talking about, we can’t jump
over there! You have to let it all go, Freddie. Fear. Doubt. Disbelief. Free your mind. Whoa. Oh boy. Okay. Alright, come on. You got this. Free my mind. That’s all you gotta do. Free my mind. So like… what if he makes it? Nobody makes their first build. Okay. No brick!? What!? So… what does that mean? It means he’s a noob. Thank you everybody for watching this Fortnite
video. Cam directed it. Cam, how’d you like this video? It has Freddie and guns in it! [Freddie laughs maniacally] So while that video was a feast for the eyes, why not treat your ears right to our podcast? It’s called Story Break – it’s a writer’s room
podcast where me, Matt, and Will break stories every week. I’m not in it! [Freddie cackles like a medieval witch]

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