Ford VS Chevy: The Worst Racing Game Ever Made? (No. It’s Not. What a Stupid Title.) – valeforXD

Ford VS Chevy: The Worst Racing Game Ever Made? (No. It’s Not. What a Stupid Title.) – valeforXD

*DUNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnn* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *High Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* When gamer dudes figured out of to make things move forward racing games have pretty muched move as far as they have ever gone in the inderstre to sum x-tent sure there was the odd “Copyrigthed Title” or “Copyrigthed Title” but most games in the gender felt like rehashes of previous titles 1 that did “RASICTS” so much better than they ever
could became a awfully sarcastic unfortunately I had no idea how to tell your mario kart
from your pac-man rallies as a (KID) and that is where my horrible tale
begins *derrrr derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* *CRINGE* First off, hi im Cringe otherwise known as XxxValeforeXDxxX VALE ; ) or get in my van you hunky pig First off, I’m a bit of a dissapointment at heart. I mean… Loo…. look look at all the stuffffff ive aquired over the years I like to write a bit of fiction on occasion but the day that i actually publish
something is the day hell gets a ice cream maker. oh and I’m also learning guitar I guess (No one cares) fuckn cant at the moment though, look at this fuckn shit I cant really play chords because of my FUCKING SAUSAGE FINGERS (yumm) LUK AT THEM LUUK AT THEM what else… i like uhhhh… long walks on the beach the ocasional penis-a-clada at sunset and also suffer from chronic
masturbation but let’s not get into details how about that story that I promised you ok it was my 14th birthday and iris a
fifty dollars Australian has a gift for my grandmother
alongside generous helping oversized shirts together and that’s
being look at me I’m wearing anti-perspirant deodorant naturally
after these clothes were sent to South Bay the outer was like cinema capsized came
to the big deal a bill in my hands and decided to put it towards a new
camel tapir mustache covered but serviceable PlayStation take I went to two shops the
first better electrical Luke you cookin in there and again called v8 supercars 3
had been a massive racing game fan as a kid in between gramm treatment for me Speed Most Wanted and even joost I
haven’t found a single racing game they’re disappointed me in the slightest my instinct told me to get this gem
again immediately even at purchasing it would have left me broke it then now something that is very there are fucking
being the flat anti-rust I was I vowed to at least at my local the warehouse for obvious reasons for
other games my search revealed three games then
treat my naive underdeveloped not going to the brain
for racing free Skylar and Ford versus shitty all of
which were manageable 20 dole’s I decided to buy back Ford
Racing 3 and for best Chevy watch the racing
action I suppose now some he might not see the difference
first I mean all these games good games beyond why it seems like they’re all the
same games Sep it’s because three which is a little bit
more expensive and even as I do this review some you might think more heck man for
greater share it doesn’t look too bad you pick it up primary bag como mean I’m sure of Sr are two things up for stuff
for your accent is incredibly fucking retarded and the second thing and bach year your mileage may vary but to me
this is one of the most putrid watchin best thing aspin possible the
world has ever seen and whether this comes from high
expectations or simply because the game is she on a quiet night but my personal
experience is the average game fuck have for are my personal
experience as the average gamer tells me that this game is gas bad to
elaborate I don’t mean that it work and to the
extent games like be great so ride to hell sonic 06 full of no cops something like that I mean that
the developers just made so many fucking stupid design
choices that hi times found this to be almost completely
unbearable games like need for speed and burnout and Project Gotham which are all in the same John robach
eight races for a any feeling realism so that you get the
most enjoyment out of them that’s the point at this genre racing
census be or some commas fun narc former sherry despite being what I
would think to Berk racing pedigree seems to suck the fun
out of the genre there’s no sense in Spain the cops the
most part fucking stock and in almost no way is this game on do you want to see it I’m you doing well come on in of a body are expressed polled I’m I’m as embarrassing on with the shop before
even stop the game though I get a pretty good chuckle out of this
game experience may change during online play I yes it well because you might be gaining any mock
living that was that was pretty are hi global stock software the prestigious
developer such world-renown titles as I let me look this up right he week I Deal or No Deal Dora journey to the purple planet and about
1,776 different subway tiles right I’m not bat support I cannot for the life of me figure out
what that hideous thing what is that mysterious machine perhaps
we’ll find out over the course of the game I like that reason to stop playing part
of the back people so after creating a profile on
wanting to cut off my is an account the Super repetitive Rock Live we get to pick up rent and almost
immediately I hate this fucking game no matter which manufacture you choose
just stuck with it but the rest of the gang cont use the
Posey Brian Scott at all on that site file effectively
locking you out of the content ironies site and because
you have to fight through the whole game 10 all the parts that means but paper
what sticks period all the game has to offer and according to talk about listed pick
for wanna at least then we’ll be meeting for the
first time and now it’s time for a cut Saint
Bonaventure has neons in at a logical leaders on this down Olson before your be him start knocking came 0 GS because you know list damage is gonna
kick your forward love and won’t be I’m really
digging the ps1 stalin the action here it’s really quite
something also those children have neons and that’s a logical who designed this all play Jesse colony and guys Hooksett well we got no great shock because it doesn’t help
much you got oh my god not only do this I’ll kurds
look like dead smiles under attack by salt shaker their lips thinking is inexcusably
horrible this is like fun affinity 10 bad almost conned out the sending takes them to the
fire plane with any rest in peace summoners to this but that have an excuse it was japanese
this is American most American speak English as a second language attacking you lockneys op gonna watch it
on TV with us boys come on it’ll be fun come off how can yup hi mom just as bored as you kids no
really knows why workers should be right which is hard Wessington Cup really start its bank TV mouthpiece we all know it started
when that foo lady Olson said he Chevrolet 490 was faster Tyrone bakers model table
of don’t go mission Rampal maker kit sir okay out it he also said he said before
Nani was fostered entire in bakers Ford Model
T that’s it that’s the story for visionary have a
lot so it would be so that five minutes I swear locum a hard to
stop girls I’m gonna take my suicide girls look I government your pocket although
I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again know it’s and wasn’t that exciting so now you’ve got
westhampton cop I K the Korean I challenge might balk we
Christ multi-player and so you can bring a
friend and with you and that login what is there an avid community up for best
Chevy pi is to get to get it is a to discuss the game where they talk
about how any also an empire and make it came to being in possession and the
cause tonight do like liking night hand them fanfiction what alright let’s go westinghouse seems
like the most much the whole its economic collapse late I’m guessing had a clergyman was
involved in this somehow go the whole hot day at year nope pay book their start ok take huh Holly crap that was the most
all good thing I wasn’t upside let’s pick up this car and hang
on I actually like to point out that the
common laws actually not that bad bring enough
really if they’re not the grantor’s min or standards or something like that but common they will kinda nice okay I’ll
give them credit for a few a given credit floodlights take I
I get that one thing absolutely have to get lot price gotta
have that I could yesterday arts account but I J bears are only five cars at a pretty his poor selection bedrock
stolen such great selections as the Thunderbird ok yes vanity tables ever appealing weak on foreign sources get the most
bang for now yeah I get it I know how walking right
he fucking velvet peanut alright this is it time for the right
this is the month with open minded people ages debt 3 third one guy why %uh in No ok no make of lost repost boss a botched let me paraphrase my friend
and fellow Atlantans Dylan here upon taking off from the spot
on for the first time said I feel like a slug feel like a slug yep I think that pretty accurate no
matter which guy driving the center speed is practically non-existent did the census p are from whole and
travel to an alternate universe never to be seen again third-graders run
school reports about how the center speed untimely death in the tentative
affect had a panic on Sina back here act Africa highest you may have noticed the upgrade option
minute a guy when we selected acecomm here upgrades definition was rewritten
to mean irrelevant that would be pretty accurate
there are over 100 cots available last inspired relaxed manufactures not a
single one of them does freakin thing I put so much time
into your relevant section global not many have
also noticed this level meter on the screen chocolate East lhasa goodness this is
not for it is the first meet up or more accurately the screen below me
stop or even more accurately the activate your opponents boost while
the screen pliers may top Nazir every thought the impoverished the
first fun everyone else activate deadliest at the
exact same time net died could be challenged this is
fucking ridiculous actually it’s really easy because the
people behind you pick you really attached your opponent fine visible rubber bands not be there is a
stump a system through which involves things like I ever taking
your parents and by what all this happen to be to be a guy
magnet bringing a mine well would you look at that we’ve
already got the 4G take thing is a greatest man we’re gonna wreck base in
this game now enormous seems a little unfair having
what is probably going to be one of the best cars in the entire game yes it yet day day got that that’s had a
tradition sense spate you get yet good good job dude having
you after all God good job again Jess Jackson from here to
even progress to the next party games after gold star every single rights Park bile don’t get the gold star fuck you you
gotta do it again one area which they tried to innovate
with was using the what’s taking place in button presses ship up and down when driving with manual
transmission but it isn’t quite like new games that uses mechanic way just click up and down to ship up
and down respectively instead your really driving stick if you
wanna gotta 58 for example you push right then flick up and second
day would be pushed left then click damn by
a joystick is not a substitute for real key stick thingy it’s much too responsive to be a any use
make the drag race is a lot harder than they otherwise would be out but by the way what what watch how
easy this is no am its ok chin up this could be interesting get your cokie
the order shops around town for will now to tech take a cock a wrap-around top full
checkup tapped a contract alcohol checkup Tech tech comm project got to think it to excuse me excuse me madam foreperson sherry if
you’re trying to entertain me in a pilot quite of I like no one wants
to watch me right around in a cover is made my on to get up blocking checkup well what’s that now you want me to run
around and pick up lost high is I’m sorry for best Chevy man but I can’t do that but I just found
out my cock and if I stop 80s one and got a gun at and I a picked it up and put a macabre I’m a
drug money and hot another time ok I’ll do that because they want very
much my big cock I’m but I’m that’s it I am fucking doc I’m this is gone with barry special looks let’s get serious for me game as I said before I’m taking the
piss out of this game not because it workin or filled with
bugs because it’s just generally bad and
doesn’t get any better for me the game is split into five separate
classes to which is very unnecessarily focused on the of bright side of things
because porpoise Chevy Sr relatable to the of
roadside racing and none the less they still
pretty much play the same as the modern model class which we just fucking Saturday then there’s the
classic muscle fast which you guessed it is about muscle cuts that
sounds like it to be the best part right that’s what you’re paying people mean I mean look at look at look at look
at this pace that they just wanna stick your dick in not miss you like slalom pounders and
cock in your house and the last boss is rising costs which is just the same old crap where’s
lightly of the cars remember that 48a we work their ass off
to get not we don’t even get to use that ever
again thanks writing economy hyping myself but it’s not broke and its
not bulky not a real shy the best games eight days
a broken mess is yet this is for my chevy the game 2 45’s
but also devoid of soul any true reason to play I can highly
recommend this time I can really only recommend this to the
most die-hard use that for a share alike Chancellor even then you’ll be
hard-pressed to have a good time Bachmann right it and just one last night I neither karla paid
latte gonna disagree with what I say stops in the game prices help this isn’t
the worst game in existence I J gave it a six-point n got site for
my favorite games ever partner mystery dungeon explorers of sky
gonna lower school sorry yeah absolutely I’d love to hear
your opinions that as it stands literally my least
favorite game of all time this is my least favorite game ever made
but it’s not but West just like my favorite game of all time a spot on the bed not just watched an
opinion doesn’t I am speaking what I i but my walrus-like like we ate club gets
clogged book club hey guys if you in for this
video well accompli tell you what more this is on my first
proper video when I can’t retire is my mind control powers to make you
click Subscribe what why she up in the state well menu pick it out of
the goodness of your heart had don’t worry I’ve got more videos on
the web it’s okay it’s like a guy if you do want to watch
more for me drop I’m my other channel sequences me my body
feel that’s gaining and occasionally the only 13 by games
and formative all of the absolute clapton’s up I’ll usually uploaded new video every
day I’ll yet credit the by lightnin no thanks to anyone because
I did the whole video myself well that thank you love it because
that’s his office yep anyway subscribe gigantic bunches and stay tuned for more videos glass
cooker how’s your mujeres que

79 Replies to “Ford VS Chevy: The Worst Racing Game Ever Made? (No. It’s Not. What a Stupid Title.) – valeforXD”

  1. While still at the beginning of the video, I've got a tip: Don't look at yourself on the screen, look at the camera, or move your eyes around, like you would when talking to an actual person! 

  2. Man, I had Ford Vs. Chevy for Xbox and thay game was amazing. What chu mean it's bad? Lol best $15 I ever spent at best buy for it.

  3. I'll be honest, I enjoyed this video. I'll admit, part of that was because you were aware of how bad it was and said so from the beginning, so that gave it a "so bad it's good" feel. While I did buy this game for about $5 or $10 brand new, I never got a chance to play it because, ironically enough, my PS2 was stolen while I was out buying this game.

  4. What are you talking about Erin? This is the best game ever, second is diddy kong racing. I also love V8 Supercars Race Driver.

  5. i loved this game it was my favorite game to play on ps2, but the review was hilarious so i couldnt dislike it

  6. I do find this game enjoyable when I play multiplayer with my brother and he uses a ford gt and I use a Corvette and we race together. We also enjoy the other classes. One problem though- the point of the game is so ford and chevy are competing, not to collect tires in the muscle class, take a photographer around in the offroad class, and bust hay bale stacks and counting cows in the truck class

  7. Just don't do the webcam. Not saying you're ugly, (but you're ugly) and I just like your other videos better

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself mang. The video is funny and this dude has a good wit on him. Ugly is just a state of mind, when others repeatedly call one ugly they start to believe it and through grimacing and stress truly do become what some consider ugly. However I have never been one to look at a persons externals, unless it's some fat chick trying to hook up. Just gotta build some confidence up mang, hit the gym, fix up the ol' diet. When you call yourself a disgusting pig it let's others know you are insecure and puts them in a higher position then you where they also see you as weak. I'll watch a few more videos, but also kudos on having the stones to appear on webcam, despite being insecure about the way you look.


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  15. I actually really wanted this game when I first heard about it a couple years ago, the premise just sounded so cool! Then there were those laughably bad cut scenes! As far as the game play goes though, well let's just say I am glad I only paid $3 for it at a local thrift shop.

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