Ford Focus RS: The Last Great Hot Hatch | The New Car Show

Ford Focus RS: The Last Great Hot Hatch | The New Car Show

– My mom would not like this car. (exciting hip-hop music) (car engine revs) Guys, you heard the news. Except for the Mustang and a
new, weird, lifted Focus thing, Ford said that they’re
gonna stop making cars! (imitates crying) What? Which means, no more hot hatches! Which means, no more Focus RS. In fact, they’ve already
stopped making the RS in April. And there’s only a thousand
of these puppies left for the U.S. market. That’s it. I think I might cry again. What’s out there on the dealer lots is all there is, folks. So, should you go out there and buy one? Well, luckily for you, Galpin lent me a brand new 2018 Focus RS so I can tell you all about it. This is the new car show. Hatchbacks are the (bleep). They haul your friends, they haul your stuff, and they look so cute doing it. So what’s not to like? Well, I guess a really slow hatchback would be something that you’re
(sad music) not in love with but this one’s not slow. I gotta tell you, life is a lot better with
a sweet sounding 2.3 liter ecoboost engine with 350
horse power under the hood. With that power and 350
pound feet of torque, the Focus RS is more powerful than the Civic Type R and the STI which you can’t even get
as a hatchback anymore. This is a track car in
a practical car wrapper. (car engine roars) Now, this car isn’t as crazy, boy racer, video-gamey as the Civic Type R but more extreme than the Golf R. This color is called Race Red and it is gorgeous and loud and draws a lot of attention and makes me definitely
want to turn down my stereo at the Starbucks. (loud upbeat music) It’s sporty yet civilized when you’re just poking around town but you can tell at a moments notices she’s ready to roll! (car engine roars) There are four driving
modes to chose from. Normal mode, perfect for cruising through the school zone when you
gotta pick up your baby bro and the principal’s there and he doesn’t like your hot hatch. He doesn’t like your
cracks and your burbles. You can definitely tell
that the suspension is tuned for handling and not for rough pavement but it’s totally livable. Just not for my mom. My mom would not like this car. She would say it’s too bouncy. Sport mode opens up an exhaust valve to release that beautiful
crackly crack crackle. It enhances steering feed back and quickens the throttle response. Big Brembo front calipers are
cooled by actual break ducts that actually go through the front bumper. The 19 inch wheels are
forged and they’re wrapped in super sticky Michelin Super Sport tires that add tons of grip. For 2018, they added a Quaife LSD which handles torque
distribution to the front wheels so you can take full
advantage of all that power. In Track mode, things get serious. It very, very noticeably stiffens up the two-position adjustable shocks. The (beep) gets real stiff. It kicks stability control down a notch and tells the all wheel drive system, hey, all wheel drive system! You gotta allow for tighter cornering! Last, but certainly not least, is Drift mode which gives
the all wheel drive system a unique set of parameters for, what else? Sweet, sweet, beautiful,
smooth, four wheel drifties. (car tires screech) For it’s final year of production, Ford gave the RS some special equipment. In addition to the Quaife LSD
and Dynamic Torque Vectoring, it gets a gloss black rear
spoiler and mirror caps, which look very nice
against this red paint, standard nav with a
huge eight inch screen, heated front seats, and a heated, leather
wrapped steering wheel which comes in clutch in this 110 degree, Souther California weather. But, if you live where it snows, all wheel drive mixed with
the warm butt and warm mitts is a very compelling package. I’ve heard I have a
very compelling package. Funny, cute-ish, and I make
a million dollars a video. Hit me up! The Focus RS starts at around $41,000 which sounds like a lot
of money for a Focus because it kind of is a
lot of money for a Focus. While the power, the noise,
and the track-sculpted looks start to justify paying
that amount of coin, it’s when you actually get in the car that you think, huh, did I pay too much money for this Focus? The leather trimmed RECARO
seats grip to your sides and have beautiful,
luxurious faux-suede inserts. To be honest, they’re a little
tight on your fat boy host. If I were gonna get this car, (muffled electronic voice) Shut the (bleep) up you
(bleep) phone (bleep). (upbeat music) If I got this car, I would
definitely get the RECAROs and hopefully it would
motivate me to go to the gym and potentially have less beer a week. Stay in school, kids, drink your milk. When you’re driving it, the car is planted but
you’re sitting up kinda high. Sorta like a bus driver. You know what, it actually reminds me of when I used to drive
a bunch of Volkswagens. It feels a lot like a Mark 3 Golf which I don’t care what you guys say is my favorite genre. You can get this car with a back-up camera but you don’t have any
help in your blind spot so keep your head on a swivel. What you do get is a lot of dash. It’s just the normal Focus dash. The only difference is
this group of gauge pods all wrapped in carbon fibber. There is so much that is
awesome about this car. For a track Focus 350
horse power hot hatch, it’s actually surprisingly quiet and absorbs the pot hole filled streets of Los Angeles very well. There’s also a sweet-sounding
10 speaker Sony stereo, dual climate control, and remote keyless access which I don’t know why we mention anymore. It’s in every single car. And, yeah, it’s a $40,000 Focus. But is a Focus that’s focused. There’s plenty of room to carry groceries or track wheels and tires and a jack and it’s still a completely practical car that just so happens to sound like this. (car engine roars) (groans) The Ford Focus RS might be the perfect, fun, daily
driving, track car for me. Or you. So don’t wait until it’s too late ’cause this is truly the end of an era. This is the end of the post
Evo fun compact car era. This is all of your faults. And mine because none of us bought these. Yo, so as you guys probably know, YouTube does not pay us to make videos. Because of that, we work
directly with advertisers and that allows us to bring
you guys new videos everyday. I would like to know, what advertisers you would
like us to work with. So, we put together a little survey. You can click a link in
the description below. If you fill out the survey, give me your email address. I’ll pick one of you and
I’ll send you 50 bucks from my pocket. It’s my Lambo fund. I love you.

100 Replies to “Ford Focus RS: The Last Great Hot Hatch | The New Car Show”

  1. People complain about these cars not being made but the reason is no one is buying them….most SUVs cost less

  2. I must admit the focus RS did redefine the hot hatch.
    RWD and AWD with an lsd on both ends in some models.
    As well as no turbo lag.
    I think it will be a classic collectable in future years.
    Gone forever.

  3. Well… I think in 10 years if you want a car that sounds great, feels great and drives great… You'll have to make them yourself from a crated engine and all kind of after-market packages.


  4. I'm a fan of ford, but I don't think I'd by the Focus RS simply do to how the engine block was designed. They could've easily made it a little more robust, but that was an over sight. Personally I'd rather pay the little extra and go with the BMW M2. It's got the look's, the power, and it comes in a small light weight package. AWD is great, especially since I live in Oregon and frequently drive through the mountains, but that's why I have a 4×4 with A/T tires.(due to how our snow and chain laws work) I'm typically not a fan of eruo imports do to cost of maintenance, but BMW is the only exception I'd make. The Focus RS might as well be a German car anyway, so why not lol.

    On another note, on stiff suspensions. Try driving a HD pickup with solid axles front and back on rough roads, it is't anymore pleasant. Driving my semi through California an HWY 99 is even worse, gotta be one of the continuously roughest roads I know of, and in a tractor trailer it feels like I'm driving through some third world country. Just hauled a load out from Laurinburg, NC out here to Lathrop, CA and it was a pretty smooth trip until I crossed the CA state border.. (2,850 Mile trip) Stiff suspension really depends on geography.

    That's all that was on my mind at the moment.

  5. its a pieceof shit hard riding car overboosted crack cylinder heads gasket problems suspension problems

  6. A 350 horsepower 2.3… That's nuts. Hell, v8 Mustangs in the 90s only made 225 if I remember. Technology is amazing.

  7. I’m not all that surprised ford has been doing stupid stuff like this all a long but I’ll bet they gonna still make 20 different lines of F150 though

  8. It's going out of production because we don't buy it. Ha-Ha-Ha. It's not worth it and extremely overpriced, what do you expect?!

  9. The focus rs is always a limited run car at the end of that base model generations run, the mk1 focus rs was just under 5k cars, mk2 focus rs was 12k-14k cars, not sure the total mk3 focus rs inc the special edtion models to run is

  10. overpriced , its a 30k car at most
    but its nice

  11. My buddy bought a Foucus RS new and bitch barley has 10,000 miles before AC goes out (in tx btw) and it meeds a new timing belt

  12. What irks me is how India is getting sidelined from these cars. FUCK YOU you cheesy ass car manufacturers. Fuck you all. We WANT good cars too.

  13. Aussies have still have the entire Focus lineup. Become an Aussie and you won’t have to say goodbye to any focus model.

  14. youre paying almost double of a Focus ST because of that made in germany tax. paying euro tax on "american" car, smh.

  15. I got the dark purpley-blue st model…cool as hell when its clean.
    Test drove both rs and st models…not that much difference….both cool.
    ST fit the budget better.
    Like them both…hate to see Ford make the decision to get out of cars.

  16. Problem with all brands making stupid SUVs and sacrificing his reputation is because they based their company strategy in year benefits. Only one year benefits. But they will pay this errors in the future. Like bmw abandoning his personality.

  17. As a mitsubishi fan at least I'm not a lone. LoL seriously wtf though. I've been looking for an evo and cant find the right MR so stayed looking at these

  18. the only time I like sponsored content is when it is sponsored fun like with Dodge, more companies need to take note!

  19. It's 2019 now… I looked up a 2017 focus rs with 50k on it and it's for 25K… 40K? no thanks I'll wait a little while longer for the car to drop to 10K

  20. Its objectively an amazing car, but my beef with it is the same beef i had with the SRT-4. its a great car built on the lamest platform they have (yes i think the fiesta is better than the focus). I hope once the name Focus dies, Ford resurrects this awesome car under a different name or just calls it the RS.

  21. My first car was a bright red '96 Honda Civic DX hatchback. Slow as hell, 3rd slipped all the time, and the window seals melted and stuck all over the glass.
    But I'll be damned if I didn't secretly love that little pizza boy's car.

  22. I prefer the Golf R myself. Still hate to see the loss of a hatchback. Starbucks? Supporting a leftist anti-liberty company, good job moron.

  23. Top Ford sadands I will miss
    1. Ford Focus
    2.Ford Taurus
    3.Ford crownvictoria

    1 like= pay respect for the 3 sadands

  24. A brit here.. Just found out that the new focus st will be on sale over here by the end of this year. Thank ford NA you are not getting the new fiesta and focus.

  25. Its a shit yobbos car and its a ford. Almost like "buy shit, buy twice" or buy something else once you've woken up

  26. I think Ford stop making all cars because they started getting sued over all. And where did you find an rs that was in a blown motor yet

  27. Gotta say, I absolutely love my 18 RS. I test drove the STi, and Civic type R and the Golf R. The Focus RS was the one that put a smile on my face though, and has the edge for being bad ass. Living in New England, the heated steering wheel and AWD (with winters) is great. The 18 Golf R doesn't have heated steering wheel. In a country fast losing its hot hatches, I was stoked to get the RS.

  28. Truly an end of an era 🙁 Well at least the Focus RS is a BEAST so it goes out on a high note. Not quite sure was the rationale at Ford for doing this but I am glad that Hyundai did not listen because enter the new Hyundai Veloster N is an AMAZING new hot hatch which starts at $25k and has a 10 year/ 100,000 mile warranty! I was not in a position to get the Focus RS but the Veloster N will be our next car! Keep up the great videos! BTW would be cool to work with Turtle Wax. They are putting out some great car car products at great prices.

  29. What the hell Ford? I saw one of these on the road. The crack and burbles was enough to convince me to look it up and even consider getting one. Why the hell did you discontinue it?

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