For Pacific Mole Crabs It’s Dig or Die | Deep Look

For Pacific Mole Crabs It’s Dig or Die | Deep Look

Chaotic, turbulent, harsh … The ocean’s edge … isn’t the easiest
place to make a home. And yet, someone one does. Pacific mole crabs – also called sand crabs. You’ve probably seen the little holes they
make. They spend their lives just under the surface
of the sand, waves crashing overhead. That ever-present flux offers a meal. Each wave kicks up plankton and other tasty
morsels, like a 24/7 buffet. They peep out from below the sand and use
their feathery antennae to catch food right out of the water. But they can’t just sit around gorging themselves
all day. The crabs want to stay in the swash zone – this
part here where the waves break and sweep in. But it’s always moving with the tides, up
and down the beach. So the mole crabs have to move with it. But they’re not the only ones here looking
for a meal. To birds, they’re basically beach candy
– easy pickings. So mole crabs have become champion diggers. They can disappear in a flash… back under
the sand to hide. But they have to be fast. So, what makes them so good at burrowing? Researchers at UC Berkeley want to find out. Back at the lab, they film the mole crabs
in action using high-speed cameras. Mole crabs actually burrow backwards, digging
into the sand with their pointy rumps. But moving densely packed sand is hard work. The grains stick to each other, making it
tough to push through. So they crabs become tiny engineers. They stir up the wet sand with their tails
making it easier to move. A process called ‘liquefaction.’ Then, they push the loose sand up toward the
surface by handing it off between their five pairs of legs. See? Kind of like a conveyor belt. The waves never rest, so the moles crabs do
this day and night, as they’re tossed and tumbled. But they take it all in stride. When you survive on chaos, fluidity is what
it’s all about. Hi there, it’s Lauren again. Make sure not to miss any crazy behaviors
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  1. Materialists have to use emotional words and music to explain physical things they believe (they have more faith than Christians) were created from nothing to define God down and out to justify their lifestyles.

  2. I got one as a pet… right. Last week I had a mini crab…. till I repaced the ocean water ???

  3. I love these things ? every time I'd go to the beach with my family I'd always dig them up, examine them, and release them back into the wild.

  4. And there's no creature on earth or bird how fly with his wings except that they are community's like you we have not neglected in the register a thing then unto their lord will be gathered. The Quran 6.38

  5. We extremely thank those loony atheists for producing such stunning nature documentaries that increase and strengthen our believes in existence and wisdom of the almighty Allah.

  6. Imagine if you were at McDonald’s and some giant God ripped the roof off and plucked you out, put you in a tank and pointed high speed cameras at you to watch you sit down to eat

  7. The feathery antennas, the way they dig the highly densed sand, everything is so perfect.
    How can people still believe its just the work of nature.?! (atheism), for something this perfect to be 'created' there is obviously a perfect creator behind it. A perfect creator who isnt in need of any other partner to assist Him in creating nor does he need a 'son'. The only thing that is stopping you to believe in Him and worship Him is your pride, just look at your body. How perfect it is?!.
    O people worship Allah the one and only, he isnt in need of you, it is us who are in need of Him. Every second you pass by is the chance given to you from Him. Repent back to Him before its too late…
    All those out here mostly have seen many much vids just like these, vids that show about the animals, about their distinct and perfect characterstics. It should be apparent by now that these arent perfect just like that,

    There is indeed the perfect creator who is free from all flaws and whatever partners you ascribe to Him.
    I have done my part keep your pride at the side and understand it whole heartedly.

  8. I finally know what these things are called now! I dung one up accidentally when I was making a sand castle with my son. I was a little freaked out because I didn't know what it was and being in Okinawa I didn't know how dangerous it was. Here this whole time it was a crab ?

  9. I've lived on the California coast my whole life and never knew that the crabs dig in backwards. I always thought that their rear end was their head lol ?

  10. i usually see kids at the beach chopping them in half with their shovels, they come by the thousands, its gross like having ocean roaches all around your feet and on your blankets

  11. Is it a law of the Internet that the music must be loud enough to make it difficult to understand the voice-over? Otherwise the video maker isn't getting good value from the music rights or something? It kind of defeats the purpose of this kind of presentation.

  12. Deep Look is the one of the few worthy watching, I am definitely going to give them like 5$a month I want more of these videos

  13. ew I thought they were called sea fleas… tho I have to admit they look less gross upclose (surprisingly).

    …also I've been looking at them backwards my whole life.

  14. it was at the last minute i finally realized this thing is known as "undur-undur" at my country (Indonesia) after seeing the body and how it moves backwards ?

  15. Liquefaction is gonna be how we all get buried alive when the big earthquake happens . It has already happened although it has been labeled 'MudFlood' .

  16. Haha just dug up some today and showed them to my girlfriend. She was absolutely terrified. Been digging them up since i was a kid, but all this time never knew they were digging backwards. mind is blown.

  17. One time I was at the beach looking at tide pools, when I stepped in what I thought was an empty pool. Then one of these f*cks tried to burrow through my foot.

  18. Last month I made a journey with some friends from college, we went to Buenaventura, Colombia and found these little friends. We collect one because we don't know what they are and bring them to the lab to study it and just in time i found this video on my feed. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  19. When I was little I found one at the beach when I buried my hands in the sand.
    I felt crawling and I pull my hand out, curious I put my hand back in and sure enough it was a sand crab. I was amaze what I found so I show it to my parents???

    I wanted to keep it

  20. Mole crabs are the nature equivalent of "you dont have enough resources to survive in minecraft you just dig a hole and hide in it for the rest of the night"

  21. God is great, He create great things in His wisdom
    Great [is] the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness [is] unsearchable.

    One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.
    Psalm 145

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