hello everyone this is placed and
welcome to the Sunda this is the new Wulin hero for year three season four
and before I get into anything about the details of this character I just want to
say thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video if you guys did not know
already there is actually a year 3 season pass for this game if you
purchase it you can get one week early access with the Sunda and full access to
him after the early access ends so make sure you click the link in the
description below to get more details on that also just letting you guys know
that this is an early access or in progress build so things you might see
are subject to change in game with that being said hope you guys do enjoy this
video and I’ll see you later ooh the start I’m gonna give you a nice or you have a – nice I like that like I
like I can see it you’d like to see it those lights are pretty nice I will say
because you never know when they’re gonna come out and when they do will you
be ready for it you’ve got decent out of theater
pressure I think if you have a dodge attack though like an assassin can you
actually though like can you actually get closer by doing that that’s funny
that’s actually funny dude I like that this guy had like a crush encounter that
would like just complete them I think oh my god please please
Oh see like that that is yeah so I have to get used to the UM what I have to do
is I have to get used to the recovery thing instead of following up an attack
I have to like yeah doing a recovery attack just when you think anyways let’s go zero cracker
stop doing that oh my arm these executions are not working out in this
little tiny area and I must say I’m gonna get closer no I think I’ll get
closer than you watch this you ready are you ready here we go here we go here we
go here we go do that’s funny man like if you both do it at the same time all right you thought dead no I’m dumb what I do be great when you did too
heavy dude no no no that doesn’t count I literally G peed right when you heavy
does he have like no there’s no way right g’v I mean the top every 100ms
start up do you it wouldn’t it wouldn’t I don’t know maybe could be similar to
getting key dude option selecting all right I’ll give you a little
honorable and then I go for it off your head I go for the quick one you’re not
ready for this wait you speak know you did Oh your kicker just spoke one of us
yeah well I guess both of us did we go three doing all I was actually gonna do
that dude every time I try to attack you you just dodge attack me bro I guess if you can’t pay that even if
it’s out of stamina yeah I thought maybe you can just do two every time I try to
you know take the offensive on you you just dodge attack me it’s like great you
really are a counter attacking character aren’t you I’m wobbling it I’d be
jumping it by good I don’t I don’t even know okay there isn’t the startup okay
man I really have no practice on this guy I just I don’t want to spam that
attack I really don’t want to be that guy it’s like I’m trying to think
there’s like man I gotta learn that like that infinite thing right yeah they
showed that infinite and I just like it yeah yeah you thought I know what you’re
trying to do did stop that okay stop that yeah okay nice that’s nice no yeah I know
what you’re trying to do bow I know he’s trying to do oh I’ll take that trade any
day hmm that is a nice email I say maybe maybe you’ll have to get through me oh yeah damn you really can dodge I know I
know I can have you there but I’ll let it go quick cuz I know this battle will
be over very soon anyways a mouth we form for bank stop
doing that your your chest is Raven my screen every time dude keep thinking of me
okay oh okay okay fine that’s fine oh my god oh my god stop no nice parry dude nice let go stop
doing that bad oh by DA James I’m never talking to you
again no that’s not happening again please
don’t do it again please all right yeah that one that was fine yeah that’s
actually good like those red yeah shows your old character I tried to parry the
other side I tried to dodge for heavy that was actually accident all right I
wish that dodge forward a hyper armor but why am I facing interesting
interesting that light yeah it really is honestly
like I talked about it right before you did it dude I was totally expecting it I
knew you’re gonna do it cuz you’re talking about you would have totally
baited me if you didn’t have you there though mate I really want to know the
potential that guy has against other heroes but like it’s hard because I keep
mirroring you right it’s like this character counters himself so well like
that’s the problem right he’s like I’m trying to like think of how good he’s
gonna be against other heroes but like damn dude i I want to bury it but I just didn’t
press it what is wrong with me zero crack tell me
the answers of life I don’t know what I’m doing that’s how I’m winning deflector unblockable I have to give it
to you man sorry I don’t have an emote effect interesting whoa
are you ready for this combo are you ready are you ready this characters really growing on me
honestly now that I’m playing him more I’m starting to really dig the Musa I
thought it was really simple at first but like that right there
that round really like it showed me what his potential is stop doing that bad
you’re ruining everything I don’t know don’t ask me man I’m not freeze I did
the heavy on purpose so I can get that exit now I know it’s intentional it’s
just kind of weird night yeah I don’t even see yours oh my god I
always very nice G G see you on the battlefield bro


  1. Well Year 3 heroes are done and unless we get a good ammount of content next year then I can see the slow decline after Zhenhu's hype.

  2. dude left the For honor community and only came back for this sponsored video and will leave a few vids later. He doesn't deserve this and it's bullshit that he still gets it

  3. I love this character so much i already know the best oos parry punish😭😭 probably not guaranteed but i know people will fall for it

  4. I kinda get the feeling this character im more fun to play than watch. For some reason seeing him in a video doesn't make me think there is a cool character with nice gimmicks and cool animations. Or maybe he doesn't have any special gimmicks 😀
    So far it seems some basic looking hits as unblockables and some dodge attack mind gaming 😀 pretty basic mechanically.

    Well I gotta wait for tomorrow to test for myself. I was kinda debating if I should choose warden, kensei or Sun da.

  5. damn. I'm not gonna sit up here and lie and say that I ever liked your videos. But you know youre the shit when you take a year break from the game after calling it trash and Ubi still give you the sponsor/early access. Well done Spliced.

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