Football Manager 2013 Video Blog: Match Engine 1 (English version)

Football Manager 2013 Video Blog: Match Engine 1 (English version)

Last year, Football Manager’s match changes concentrated mainly on new animations. For Football Manager 2013 we’ve actually made massive changes, many of which are the culmination of two years’ hard work for the match engine team. One of the major improvements, and the one that you’ll probably notice first, is the brand new physics engine. This means that the ball now moves more realistically and performs differently on different playing surfaces. The ball also curves better when it’s passed and crossed and the players react to its movement in a more natural way. You’ll also notice that the ball reacts more realistically to external influences such as air resistance, wind and other weather conditions. Bearing this in mind, managers can alter their tactics to take advantage of – or to counter – the match day climate. For example, it might be better to avoid playing a long ball when kicking into a strong wind. The main focus of each match is, of course, the players and this year we’ve made them more lifelike than ever. The body scaling is more realistic so tall, cumbersome centre-halves will visibly tower over small, pacy strikers. The head tracking’s improved too so that players now actively look around to find their closest counterparts. As well as graphical improvements Paul Collyer and his team have rewritten huge amounts of the match engine’s AI to make it even more realistic. It was already the best simulation of football in the games sphere and the bar has now been raised way, way higher. Another development of the game engine is the improvement of the match day cameras. We’ve added a user-controlled railcam which allows managers to get the best view of the action during a game. Also, you can now zoom in and out on pretty much every camera getting closer to the action than ever before. The ‘Director Cam’ option has also been improved and now includes dynamic camera changes, not only during the action but also in highlights and replays. FM13 will also feature special pre- and post-match camera tracking. With all these improvements and hundreds of new and re-worked animations and a brand new look for the match screen Football Manager’s match day experience is the best we’ve had in the series to date. There are plenty of smaller updates that you’ll notice. For instance, as well as the overall increased detail on every category of stadium, if you’re a lower-league club who’s in desperate need of a new ground, you’ll notice the stands looking a bit run-down and in need of a lick of paint. On the flip side, if your club has just moved in to a new stadium all the fixtures and fittings will be shiny and new. And for those of you who still use the 2D match engine… don’t worry, we’ve made improvements to the pitch there too. So that’s just a few of the changes we’ve made to the match engine on FM13. With these changes, the match day experience of Football Manager is the best it’s ever been and we’re sure you’ll agree. Here’s some early footage of what you can expect to see in the Football Manager 2013 match engine. We’ll also provide some more videos of this in the coming weeks as we get closer to the game’s release.

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  1. FIFA Manager is better you all said? I come from germany and we are all complaining about the fuckin shitty stupid never updated 3d match…. it's so fuckin unrealistic that you have to look for GPP patches all over the internet…. and it never reach as realistic as FM series… not to forget about that fuckin unrealistic stats, transfers, and scenarios, even JAPAN could won the world cup…. LOL

  2. so by watching this video you are essentially getting the same effect as if you are playing the game except without choice of camera…

  3. Can you people say me please,from which site I can download FM 2013?I mean,what site is the best,without any error in the game.. ? Sorry for my bad English πŸ™‚

  4. i followed miles from cm to fm i am pleased with football manager 2014 but i need to see REAL improvements on match engine and real time save editor plz miles don't exile me to fifa manager

  5. "Youre not a true FM Fan." What a pathetic comment. By your reasoning the only true FM fans then are the ones that don't use the visual match at all and only read the text commentary (which I used to do when I played CM. If they were to make the matches look better without compromising game play that would be brilliant, I don't see why anyone would be rationally against that.

  6. yes, you've said it: "I prefer", however believe it or not there are other people who have different ideas to you, and these people would like the OPTION to watch their matches in the best possible graphical representation without, as i said, sacrificing gameplay.

  7. Why? FIFA Manager is a rubbish game and the 3D match engine in that is shocking. Why should FM stick to "it's roots"? There is a lot to be said for development, look how far the game has come since it's beginnings, that was through development!!! I never said a 3D engine is a big deal to me, all I said was that it would be nice to have the OPTION to watch high quality matches. Your preferences could still be kept in the game, don't worry.

  8. Probably cause u suck at it.
    I started 3 times with different teams in different leagues and as i see it it has same problem as older FM-s…its to easy. It is not realistic to go with Newcastle in 2 seasons to winning PL and reaching semi finals of CL (go out against Barca)…Now 3rd season with Newcastle and after 14 matches i am at the top again and already beat all 3 top british teams. Plus i get lots of top players 4 free when their contracts expire and i just offer them contract no fee.

  9. U just KNOW this guy narrating in this vid was bullied at School. Why cant we get sum1 who actually KNOWS how to kick a football to help make it instead of sum gimp who u kno has doner kebabs nearly every otha nite… #nocharisma

  10. In fact, your comment encourages me to buy the game. A totally different match engine is awaiting.

  11. One quick question: Should I pick custom or large database in order to include as much players the game possibly has to offer?

  12. I cannot seem to win on this game. I thought by using individual training methods that the players would improve and listen to instructions but it does not seem to be the case. With Chelsea I buy Fellani, Kaka and Crouch. I have sold no players. Yet after starting 4 times with Chelsea I lose 3-1, 5-0, 3-0 and 4-1 against Manchester City using a 4-5-1 formation and a 4-4-2 formation

  13. It's the best football manager game ever, everything's cool but one BIG BUT. Hey you guys in si, please fix the Artificial Intelligence cause it total sucks!

  14. Football Manager 2013 SKIDROW [ CRACK FIXED ] Newest ! Free Download…


  15. If you're hoping for something on par with FM12, DO NOT buy this game.

    At least not now. ME is bugged as hell, it's like they released the game in early alpha just to milk cash by sticking to the pre-holiday release. The progress of fixing with patches is very poor. At least demo the game and get a feel of the awful ME. Otherwise wait for the pirated version to be fully ready.

    Til then don't trust this ogre/Neanderthal just look at how poorly and forcefully he's promoting the garbage.

  16. – Jacobsen: "blah blah blah blah, match engine is great, buy the game, blah blah blah, awesome match engine, buy the game blah blah"…

    – Customer: "Yes Miles, but have you actually PLAYED the fucking game?"

    – Jacobsen: "Uh no, I was too busy making all these viral videos, they are great so buy the game".

    – Customer: "Miles, for your information this year's match engine is the biggest fail since Eve ate the apple".

    – Me : "It's the first and certainly the LAST time I'm buying FM".

  17. Glad to see everyone is saying it like it is on this video. The match engine is total sh*t!!
    So unfair to charge people Β£25-Β£30 for a game that wasn't even properly tested for bugs and errors!!!

  18. I have a problem. Everytime I try to start the game it says. Error: Unable to find some essential data. Please ensure that the game is installed correctly. If the problem persists please contact technical support.
    I have installed it maybe 5 times and it still doesnt work, and I have gone to a store where they fix this kind of problems and they didn't manage to help me. Does anyone have the same problem? And what the fuck am I gonna do?

  19. I look forward to the day when FM can let you watch games almost as if in real life, or at least at a graphical level alike FIFA – that would be absolutely amazing. πŸ™‚

  20. Fucking losing streaks RUIN this game! Every single season. Every. Single. Season. You are playing well then suddenly, for NO reason your players lose all ability. To make things worse team talks are now totally ineffective, you are behind at half time, your team talk "motivates" and "fires up" your squad but out they march out there even worse than before, every time! Never buying this shit again. Ever. The days of 400 hours on FM are well and truly over.

  21. are there cheaters online in this game because i used to play Pes2012 coach mode online but there are too many dc noobs lag hackers so i threw that game out.

  22. That isn't management. Fifa career mode is for people who are shit at Football Manager. People keep complaining about losing but I'm doing fine.Simple fact is you are losing because you don;t know what you are doing.

  23. The main issue I have with this game is that every match is completely one sided. If you lose, you're annihilated, you have almost no chances; if you win you absolutely dominate.

  24. hahaha saying that football manager games aren't broken. if fm games were fine why would they bring out patches? (and still manage to fail on bringing out a balanced game that isn't completely random in a lot of cases)

  25. I don't do this, but I reloaded a save after seeing Brazil lost 3-2 against fcking Australia in the first game of the World Cup Playoffs – LOL! Brazil made 40 shots 13 on target and Australia 10 shots 4 on target… Crazy shit.
    Aw, GuinΓ© just won a game vs Argentina 1-0… This is too much, not reloading the save now, let's see how it goes…
    LOL Neymar injured for a week.
    Italy is out vs Cameroon 1-0.
    Brazil is out again vs Cameroon 3-0. Tsc, tsc…
    England wins the WC vs Spain 3-1. Bent x3…

  26. I've played since Championship manager 98. I still love these games (although I don't get as much playing time these days). The game is never perfect but one thing is for sure; if you keep losing it's because you don't know what you're doing.

  27. Your problem was that all you have been doing is copying and pasting tactics from old versions to new. Try thinking and you will have better success.

  28. the thing people are infuriated by the most is the randomness, it's like playing slots at times. for example, i put out a reserve team full of kids as leicester vs newcastle (who were dominating the c'ship by miles) all their players were in good condition and i won 3-1. come next game FA cup match vs grimsby i got hammered 2 nil with my strong team out who had full morale and fitness….that is 1 of MANY. or a conference league right back scoring from 30 yards vs me as wrexham.i mean come on?

  29. So real life is not at all like that?

    Think Arsenal beating West Brom 2-0 comfortably in the EPL and the same team losing to Bradford in the Capital One Cup in the very next match.

  30. i knew, I KNEW you would do that. i clearly said "1 of MANY". quantity. and i've never denied upsets don't happen, however teams don't "dominate every single game, have 5+ ccc's and scrape by every other game when they should be smashing 90% of the opponent's goals" even with strikers with 15+ finishing. i guess you could say liverpool dominated many teams at the start of the season and have recently come "good" – however that in itself is a a rarity and the best team DOES most often win

  31. A good team on paper doesn't guarantee you victory. You have to factor in morale, tactics, team chemistry and whether the players attributes suit the tactics.

    Some of the best strikers I ever had on the game had 12-13 finishing. Finishing is irrelevant if the striker doesn't get into scoring positions, isn't supplied well or doesn't blend into the squad well.

    I can tell that you aren't thinking about the game correctly and that is why you are struggling.

  32. i feel you have misunderstood what i said, i did a "project" with 3 friends who all tested things out on FM and play completely differently from 1 another and generally found the game was far to random in 1 way or another – i am generally a conservative manager who tries to play to a teams strengths and ability level and i can assure you i consider many of those factors, well anyway i'd rather us not carry on repeating ourselves so good day sir

  33. Simple fact is that your experience doesn't match the rest of us who can actually play the game. If you were winning you wouldn't be complaining.

  34. the main bad aspect of the game is there isn't an "average" result or situation. you can see 7-8 wins streaks and immediately after you can see 7-8 defeats streaks… this is pretty unreal. Moreover i think training is too much important. Moving the training bar the wrong way in the wrong moment means you're doomed, despite your tactics, morale and so on… as i'm a long-time FM fan i really would to appreciate FM2013 but i think that unfortunately it's just an average football simulation

  35. simple fact you need to learn how to read….btw i don't struggle all that much on FM (tend to meet/SLIGHTLY go over expectation) it's just the bs that makes 0 sense really frustrates me

  36. The only problem with the match engine is the way the players often leave the ball or don't collect the ball that is RIGHT in front of them and there for the taking. They just piss off and let the cpu get it, highly highly annoying

  37. Biggest bunch of lies i've ever heard. The ME is absolutely terrible. Last FM I bought was FM11 which was great, this is utter shit, shame on you Collier and all involved. The graphics are rubbish.

  38. That is fantastic! My first ever game in FM2013 i played and we lost it 0-1. I've done the team talk at the end, than the first sentence i got from from reporter is "What a comeback!" and voΓ‘lΓ‘… the final score changed to 3-2 to me πŸ™‚ WTF???

  39. If it is the first, how do you know that the match engine is the worst ever?

    But if the demo is correct, then I agree with you, the match engine dosent look good. 2012 was better.

  40. If the reason you are saying it is shit is becasue of you cant play the games? Then you obviously dont know what game you have bought . A hint in the title "Manager".

  41. It's the first time I bought FM. It's certainly not the time I play FM, if you know what I mean… I've been playing FM since the late 90's. I heard the latest patch improved things significantly.

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  43. Check my channel for a WORKING version of FM 2013, tested for crash dumps with a newly released crack fix!

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