Foot : qu’est-ce qu’un gardien de but au football ? – KesKeuuu n 3 – le 07 01 2018.

Foot : qu’est-ce qu’un gardien de but au football ? –  KesKeuuu n 3 –  le 07 01 2018.

Hi it’s thomas, Hello it’s Julien, Hello everyone, welcome to this third issue of Keskeeuuuuuuuuuuuuu! What is a goalkeeper? Do you know that before 1860 the goalkeeper was in the stands …, the goalkeeper only served to count the balloons passing between the posts. From a simple goalkeeper … it will gradually become Goalkeeper of the cage …, and one of the important pieces of modern football. That for several years any player and especially, the last defender took the place of goalkeeper.This is after It was after 1870 that only the football goalkeeper could take the ball by hand and that he really exists as a recognized player! Did you know that at the time to charge the goalkeeper and push him with the ball in the cages to score a goal was allowed. And that it’s only after 1897, 1897, a match could not take place without a goalkeeper! That it is after 1909 that the football goalkeeper “Piero Campeli” imposed the catch of ball … while all the other guardians boxed her !!! As you know, we are training to be football goalkeepers in our respective teams. Being a goalkeeper is having a high power of concentration, good self-control and strong endurance psychological! The slightest mistake can be expensive and no stop is easy! We must be able to anticipate in our heads more than 500 shots in the end only play one !!! We are one of the indispensable elements during a football match. Our mission is to protect the purpose of attacking opponents and their shots. We have specific equipment, special gloves to ensure our ball catch, elbow protections and knees to cushion shocks during our flight or dive into the attackers’ feet. Qualities like vivacity, courage and speed are required for our position, which is also very physical. We must be able to inform our defenders, place them on the free kicks, give them instructions of play, because we have an overview of the football game. We are also the first striker during our raises by hand, foot or out ball on the feet like a libero. But what else do you know? Did you know that it was in 1912 that the football goalkeepers were taken to their penalty area and it was in 1920 that the guards had to wear a different color other footballers in a football match. That a wounded goalkeeper was not replaced by FIFA until 1935 1935 … And that they played bare hands until the 70s !!! And if it was raining with light cotton gloves !!! Did you know that in 1937 a goalkeeper continued to play alone a game for more than 20 minutes? Indeed a strong fog had interrupted the game between Chelsea and Charlton …, and one of the guards who could not see anything … continued the match alone! The Romanian Helmuth Duckadam holds the record of arrest of penaltys successively in a game having stopped 4 shots on goal in the final of the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1986! That only one goalkeeper has won a golden ball … is the Russian “LEV YACHINE” in 1963! Do you know that in 2002 Olivier Kahn (Germany) was the first goalkeeper to be voted best player of a football world and that fabien barthez and the only French goalkeeper to win the World Cup … and the trophy of the best goalkeeper in this competition in 1998. And finally Hugo, Lloris and the French football goalkeeper who has for the moment worn the greatest number of times the captain’s armband of the France team.

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