Foot Locker Commercial Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Brett Favre

Foot Locker Commercial Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Brett Favre

for loggers putting up fantastic at once
again we’ve seen these with John man now footlockers absolutely killing it
somehow they put Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield dennis rodman Kyrie Irving and but far in one commercial let’s take
a look and i cant believe its finally to be
great in cephalopods whole weekend most premium kicks feels like all is right with the world I’m sorry if and it’s here sale mister I mean man ship to
North Korea one-way one-way but weld and I’ll trance I okay was great amass gonna walk away I hear kept an amount that I good one way glass I don’t know fishes film different some
that often how hard was it the thing for Brett Farve to say that to are
referred as router women like to do the take the whole act
with the community yes using enough for you to write a
little what you’re thinking because this is a good night is all Thailand going about merry you couldn’t bill no this direction would Rep you just stand
there and you look at camera gear could do it good up like atwater three-time good ok forward you football bird record you know I’ve
always been true to you but he’s not a doctor funny and operated
by Air yeah exactly i think is why they
probably the but no they require is by far the you by after a government I at Westmead three-time no exit at home and I don’t
want it a pick it up into it that’s racist on mike tyson also giving evander holyfield
back panel evander holyfield looks Shack BB still looks like he’s training
in NJ the the left bottom 2011 buddy you I
don’t know whether they’re all the other use performance-enhancing drugs County
boxers used p I mean I’ll I don’t know on my country and unlike red bar mike tyson not a bad idea like my case that priming
yeah doing a plane out his own plays a
regular one man so it’s a one man show spike lee’s directing it and mike tyson is up there telling a story
well I’ll let you know he’s a Broadway interesting guy like Texas
harder figure out twenty frustrated by how to
what to think about like on but why well because I mean I can’t
ignore that late charge but there were things about that case
did totally bother me on and but the been a the whole thing yeah the me love they
anything that this issue any head home living growing
up issues so all these things built into this
person he’s become right in bed when and he acknowledges it Andy got better but you can’t throw away
right with me where he is who open about it and so
shorter I mean talk about how difficult it is for people change the court where
they are I mean he’s interested he thoughtfully
you’re right he has admitted he didn’t admit to the Deseret walking crime but essentially suggested like you coulda
got them on other stuff similar you know I so on you know and I look you want to
present you get to reform itself you know so in that I don’t know I there
things about him that I I can’t help but admire dude he’s a
better after the break farther at life like the hardest one I
would’ve was robbed on his part doctor like
members applauded you know yeah worries that will light based on what you coming back a so well-written but I wonder who proves
that you feel like you’re taking jabs people left Bennett and then the bonuses like the
with the the randomly thrown in Craig Sager yet like that that’s a that’s pretty deep like you got to be a
pretty serious sports fan to know that and is like most people you know this
tonight will appear like like my girlfriend will know that mike
tyson bit evander holyfield year as you know
status Robin I’ve she went to North Regional Park came back right too many jobs writer you know I
know exam but he doesn’t know Craig Sager where
Jack hearing that I look so I can put that in there that’s right

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  1. the waitress sighing "yeah …" in response to Favre was the only thing to rival Mike saying "it's your ear"

  2. I don't know which is more idiotic of Dennis – his belief in being buddies with Kim Jung or the fact that he agreed to be in this commercial.

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