Floyd Mayweather’s Retirement Planner | Hardest Jobs In Sports

Floyd Mayweather’s Retirement Planner | Hardest Jobs In Sports

– Floyd Mayweather is
known for flawless boxing and for his extravagant lifestyle. From his ultra-expensive taste to his notorious high-roller gambling, Money Mayweather is known for spending like there’s no tomorrow. And I’m his retirement planner. Being Floyd Mayweather’s
retirement planner is tough. He’s constantly spending all his money. People say to me, “Floyd made
$105 million in one year. “How can you spend that much money?” Well, $55 million private jet, and then a second private
jet for his entourage. A hundred luxury cars,
yachts, exotic animals. Then, there’s the entourage. Security guards, drivers,
a personal barber, a personal doctor to make sure
the barber never gets sick. Sometimes, if a hotel doesn’t
have a presidential suite, Floyd just asks them to
give him a normal room, and then charge him 20
times the regular rate. The most common question
I hear from clients is, “How much money do I need to retire?” With Floyd, it’s “How can
I buy alligator butlers?” See, retirement planning is about setting aside money for the future, but Floyd is a guy who
uses cash as wallpaper. This is a man who thinks diversify means giving tips to different strippers. I was glad he took the MacGregor fight, not because of the payday, but because that fight is three hours where he’s not out shopping. To try to get a hold of things, I told Floyd to send me all his receipts. This is jewelry. In July. This is a normal
retirement portfolio graph. This is Floyd. This is Cotto. This is Pacquiao. This is alligator butlers. The most demeaning part
of the spending sprees is that I’m the one who
has to write the check. Literally. He’s illiterate. The goal of retirement is to stop working, but keep the same lifestyle. To do that, at this rate, Floyd would need $2.3 billion, or fight every year until he’s 93. He spent $80,000 on someone to wash his cars every day he was in jail.

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  1. "I was glad he took the McGregor fight, not because of the payday; but because that's three hours he's not out shopping"

  2. This is a little too real. Famous athletes blow through their money all the time. End up in debt. If Floyd can pull off endorsements and a broadcasting gig, he will stay afloat.

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