FLASHOUT 2 – MAKING OF VIDEO – Futuristic anti-gravity racing game by Jujubee!

FLASHOUT 2 is very much different from its precedessor. Tracks are more curvy and offer a lot of variety, with many sharp corners, twists, bends, loops, racing upside-down, blood freezing speed jumps and so on, so in general the game is not only faster but also extremely exciting. FLASHOUT 2 is a much bigger game. There are more circuits, licensed music tunes, more leagues, there’s also an animated story, 11 different languages are supported and of course the highly-anticipated multiplayer mode is also there. Moreover we’ve made many changes to the Career Mode which is now much more exciting thanks to new racing modes, such as Elimination or for example the Destruction Mode, which is a bit similar to a deathmatch because your goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible, so there’s a lot more going on. We’re very happy that Apple made the decision to support game controllers and thanks to our cooperation with Moga FLASHOUT 2 features full controllers support on both iOS and Android devices, and I must say the feeling and the overall experience is simply amazing, the game is very responsive and makes you feel like you’re playing on a portable console. In such games as FLASHOUT 2 you want to get the best and flawless experience, so we put a lot of effort to get as much as 60fps on high-end devices such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. As result the gamplay is amazingly smooth and thanks to geometry streaming and heavy code optimization FLASHOUT 2 is still able to offer console-quality graphics and spectacular visual effects, even on older devices! In reviews and comments players asked us for an online multiplayer mode and we are happy to confirm that the game will launch with this exciting new feature. You will be able to challenge your friends or compete against random players from all around the world and we are sure that you will love the online experience in FLASHOUT 2! There’s no doubt that FLASHOUT 3D was a success for Jujubee, and we knew from the very beginning that we want to go further with this franchise and that the second game will be even better. In the case of FLASHOUT 2 we had more time to polish every little detail and we could take profit of all the great feedback we got from players and fans. As result, FLASHOUT 2 is a completely different game, made 100% from scratch and it offers you a console-like gaming experience like never before. FLASHOUT 2 – Coming Q1 2014 Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac versions will be out at a later date.

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