Five 60 FPS Dreamcast Racing Games – IMPLANTgames

Five 60 FPS Dreamcast Racing Games – IMPLANTgames

For many, the Sega Dreamcast remains the greatest
console of all time. Sega was at their creative peak with a never ending stream of awesome
new games, the console ushered in online gaming for many, and the graphical capabilities were
a massive leap above anything available at the time. In addition to true 480p graphics, the Dreamcast
also raised the bar in terms of frame rate, with a ton of games featuring smooth, 60 frames
per second, visuals. On today’s episode of 5 games, we are going to look at 5 Dreamcast
racing games, reaching the 60 FPS promised land. What better place to start than with Genki’s
venerable Tokyo Xtreme Racer. A launch title for the Dreamcast, the game brags about the
frame rate on the inside cover art, proudly showcasing its technical achievement. Debuting 2 years before The Fast and the Furious
brought Japanese car culture to America’s youth, Tokyo Xtreme Racer featured all of
the awesome JDM metal from the late 90’s. The meat of the game is the quest mode, allowing
you choose from a couple dozen cars and race around the real world Shuto Expressway in
Tokyo. You flash your lights and the race is on.
Unique for the time was a life bar at the top of the screen. While leading, your opponents
bar drains. The farther ahead you are, the quicker it depletes. Of course, if your opponent
passes you, you’re on the clock to retake the lead before your life bar reaches zero. After winning enough races, you can purchase
upgrades, both cosmetic and performance enhancing, and eventually new cars. Back in 1999, nothing
on any console or home computer could touch the breathtaking visuals TXR provided. It is a bit dated today, but the fantastic
gameplay has helped it withstand the test of time. The game is all about speed, and
few games deliver the feeling of street racing at a buck fifty, better than this. Next on our list is Acclaim’s Re-Volt. To
enable the fast frame rate, you actually have to enter FLYBOY as your name. Of course, enabling this mode comes with some
drawbacks. Some special effects are scaled back, items are removed from the tracks, and
the draw distance has been drastically reduced. Still, it’s an awesome trade-off and helps
Re-Volt look better than ever. Re-volt is an awesome racing game, and one
of my favorites on the system. The most brilliant aspect is the track design. Not only did they
take some awesome set pieces like rooftops, grocery stores, suburbia, and more and make
them convincing locations, they turned them into amazing tracks. The elevation changes and variety of turns
are terrific, and easily the highlight of the game. Don’t let the childish appearance
fool you however, Re-volt is painfully difficult. From the realistic RC controls, to the brutal
AI, Re-Volt makes you earn each and every victory. If you can stomach the high difficulty however,
you’ll find one of the most rewarding racers I’ve ever played. There are an endless amount
of new cars to unlock, and the tracks actually get better with each new championship, instead
of worse. Acclaim may not have been the best developer
of all-time, but they brought their A-game with Re-Volt. Next up is Test Drive V-Rally from French
developer Infogrames. Of all the games on this list, I’m least familiar with this
one. Still, here is what I can tell you. The cars
look terrific, with fairly realistic models, smooth textures, and decent transparent glass,
complete with reflections. The engine notes are also noteworthy as they all sound different,
capturing the slight nuances of each manufacturer. More impressive are the controls. With just
a couple exceptions, I’m not much for rally games. I’m a bigger fan of track-based racers
which reward memorization, rather than rally games which reward your ability to adjust
on the fly. But something about Test Drive V-Rally really
grabs me. The controls are amazing, and it didn’t take long for me to get in the racing
zone where you become one with the car, and start blazing around turns without even thinking
about it. Of course, the reason it makes this list is
the frame rate. Its absolutely solid, and again aids in the exceptional sensation of
speed. The graphics themselves are more of a mixed bag, with some environments looking
excellent, while others look rather dated. Still, as a whole this is a game that has
flown well under my radar until just recently, but I can already tell this one is a winner. Of course, what Dreamcast racing list would
be complete without a Sega racer from the iconic Yu Suzuki. Despite debuting in arcades,
F355 Challenge is a hardcore simulator all the way. There is but a single car, the F355, a single
viewpoint, from the driver’s seat, and a handful of the best race tracks from across
the globe. The game even warns against selecting intermediate, letting you know it ain’t
messing around. Thankfully, there are driving aids available making this more palatable
to casual fans, or rusty veterans like yours truly. Where F355 Challenge truly shines are the
controls. The steering, accelerating, and braking are wonderfully tuned to the analog
controls of a standard Dreamcast controller. After a lengthy learning curve, it is possible
to find some success and unlock some new world-class tracks, but you’ve been warned. Where the game excels, like all Sega racers,
is the presentation. The rock soundtrack, complete with DJ, is outstanding and ranks
right up there with Sega’s best. And of course the visuals are top notch. While
the textures are a bit soft, the polygon count is excellent. The Ferraris, the berms, the
guardrail, the background, all looks amazing, even more so with the ultra fast frame rate. While it may not be the most accessible game
in the Dreamcast library, it does an awesome job showcasing the power of console. Last, but certainly not least is Vanishing
Point from Clockwork Games. Oddly enough, this is the third game on this list published
by Acclaim. In my honest opinion, this is the best looking
game in the Dreamcast’s library. There are simply no compromises to speak of. The car
models look amazing, from the brake rotors, door seams, and headlights, no detail is missing. The environments are also compromise free,
featuring razor sharp textures, detailed background objects, and even convincing trees. And it
all moves at a breathtaking 60 frames per second without any slow down to speak off. It is truly a technical marvel. However, sacrifices
were made in other areas. For one, there is no artifical intelligence to race against,
which probably saved many CPU cycles needed to keep the graphical wizardry racing along. Second, the controls are kind of bad. All
of the cars want to self center, and the learning curve to just keep the beautiful models on
the track is steep. If you can wrap your head around the controls,
you’re in for more frustration, with the game featuring races that take far too long,
and championships that must be started over from scratch if you don’t do well on a single
course. It all adds up to a frustrating experience,
but man is it pretty. And there you have it, 5 Dreamcast racing
games that raised the console bar with high-res graphics running at 60 frames per second.
Now, this is not a definitive list, nor is it intended to be a best-of, and the Dreamcast
has far more than 5 smooth racing games, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know
which 60 FPS Dreamcast racers, you enjoy

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  1. In a future video, could you help demystify the smart 2x mode on the framemeister, Kris? I hear it makes things even sharper by doubling the pixel count or something. That would be much appreciated. No need to rush though.

  2. Oh i really like those kind of videos, would be interessting to see 60FPS games from other consoles, like ps1,2 and OG Xbox ^^

  3. One of hese days I relly need to get the Tokyo Extreme Racer games. And Ferrari F355. Heck. I need to get all these great Dreamcast Racing games that I don´t already own.

  4. Excellent video Kris. And the Dreamcast without a doubt was and in my humble opinion still is the best console ever produced. Got to disagree on Vanishing point has being the best looking racing game. for my money that title must go to Le Mans 24 hours. That game is just amazing to look at

  5. Excellent video!!
    but, where is Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2? this game looks really amazing on DC.

    honorable mentions: Daytona USA 2001, Virtua Rally 2.

  6. I would have to look through my collection, pull them out to play because there are so many great racing games on the Dreamcast. The only thing that gets me is that I haven't seen any Dreamcast racer pull off the shinny effect on the ground when the sun shines on the ground. You see this effect on Project Gotham Racing 1 and 2 on the Xbox and Grand Turismo 3 and 4 on the Playstation 2. If I had to guess, it would be that the idea wasn't there yet and not because of the hardware on the Dreamcast because I think the Dreamcast could pull it off if it was still around during the time of those games I mentioned.

  7. Tokyo Extreme looks very glitchy. Was Daytona 60fps? I know sega rally 2 attempted it….but I always preferred the locked 30 fps mode via code. just felt better.

  8. Gotta love all the 60fps games on the Dreamcast! I have to make one correction though. Re-Volt is only 30fps. Tested it myself a while back and I just tested it again to be sure.

  9. >>best console of all time
    even if we leave out facts about it being proprietary lo fi hardware, the sole essence of a claim that outdated utilitarian hardware with no artistic merit is better than technology of the future is mind boggling

    >>graphics rendered in x480 @60 is better than pcs
    at that time i played 1280×1024 @100+ in unreal tournament level of graphics instead of bricks on 6 edge "wheels" with soapy textures

  10. The Dreamcast was so ahead of it's time it was mind-blowing. I remember seeing it on demo at EB and asking if it was a pre-recorded rendered video, and being surprised when the clerk said "no that's actual gameplay." It truly was the first modern console, but luckily was in the sweet spot before patches and DLC. Still have mine, play it all the time and will keep it forever. Great VID!

  11. i think that one subscriber in the comments that I can't find anymore by scrolling down the comment section, means the more modern indie scene like Games from hucast and NG def team.
    Games like
    Dux /Redux ,
    Gunlord, neo xyx, Sturmwind, ghost blade,last hope,fast striker, Alice mom's rescue, wind and water puzzle battle, rush rush rally racing, Elanzar and philia and many more.
    these most games are really awesome and showcase the hardware capabilities of the dc that never seem before specially Sturmwind.

  12. Vanishing Point is pretty great once you tune the cars properly. Even the smallest changes to tire pressure can help the handling immensely.

  13. Heee! Here's tokyo Xtreme Racer ;). The second one was even better :D.
    Another great list.
    Now i miss my black Ferrari from F355 Challenge. 🙁

    Just discovered this :

  14. So many great Dreamcast games, so little time. In my opinion, the most satisfying console of all. Excellent job man!

  15. nice vid but no Rush 2049 on Dreamcast? 🙁 tha Dreamcast version of Rush 2049 is in 60fps! i have tha game myself on tha Dreamcast

  16. one of my favorite Dreamcast racers is Star Wars: Episode I – Racer. Not sure if it runs at 60fps but it sure is fast and fun!

  17. 60fps even back then and I bet the mainstream had no idea what it meant.. but Today the mainstream has caught up and everyone wants that 60fps, rofl. I find it just too funny.

  18. dreamcast,,,,,the console that did everything right,,,,perfect release price,excellent games an online play,,,,such a shame sega screwed up with megaCD,32x and the awkward saturn, sega should have not invested in keeping the megadrive on life support an released saturn as originally planned an kept price to 299, this giving it shelf space an games development teams a fair launch,,,,you know segas greed story,,,,,,this would have gave the dreamcast full support by EA etc,,,,,an people an stock chains would still see sega as the gamers champion,,,,,if this was case i think the ps2 would still outsell it because of DVD however the support an sales would have kept sega in race,,,,,,,shame really,

  19. Did Metropolis Street Racer not run at 60fps? Because it's better than all the games on that list.

  20. I miss old school arcade style graphics like this. Gaming has become a little too advanced and a little too mainstream for my liking. Its still good, but the old days were the best.

  21. Sega treated this console like shit. Sega rally 2 was the biggest let down. I nearly cried when it came out .stupid fucking conversion coz of the windows 98 .no daytona 2 or scud race .obviously it couldn't handle them .sega sega sega such a let down

  22. I hate when people say it was ahead of its time, mind you it’s always said by a person born in 2008, NO it wasn’t ahead of its time , it was the late 90s PlayStation was out for nearly 5 years, we’ve had N64 3 or so years. arcade games with graphics a year prior to the Dreamcast from sega, technology was always available just not at home, by the time it came home it was not ahead but at the right time, the late 90s wasn’t the Stone Age .

  23. Vanishing point looks like crap. Not even on my top 20. What happened to Sega GT on this list? Sega Rally?? Etc

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