FIRST TRIATHLON of 2018: Olympic TRIATHLON RACE at Birds Hill Park

FIRST TRIATHLON of 2018: Olympic TRIATHLON RACE at Birds Hill Park

– Morning, Trainiacs. It’s a race day. (upbeat music) Super safe. So, race day, Olympic distance
race at Bird’s Hill Park. This is where vast
majority of races happen, and I’ve probably done this
race five or six times. I don’t know if I’ve ever
done the Olympic here. MTK is in behind the camera, and I’m maybe hoping to get on the podium with a 2:10, 2:15-ish
kinda time, we’ll see. (upbeat music) Oh, oh wow, oh wow, that hurt. Didn’t feel very pleasant at all. Like, you may notice
that I’m in a new kit, and as much fun as that race was and all for a little bit of
speed, we aren’t training for Olympic distance triathlons. We are training for a
Half Iron Man triathlon, so while that speed was good
and all, I wanted to ride home, but the wind was gonna be dead into me. Now, this isn’t gonna
be a very exciting ride, just kind of low intensity,
whatever my body feels like, but we’ll talk about the race. Alright, so the gun
goes off and instantly, a pack separates and it’s
basically our old swim pack, it’s Christine, it’s Pat,
it’s Andrew Pickarall, it’s Mark Fornyay, it’s Craig Finley. They go out and instantly,
they have room on me, and I’m probably about 10 meters in behind and then 15 meters in behind,
and then 20 meters in behind until just halfway past the second lap, I had no sight of them,
there was just one other guy that was swimming, taking
a line fairly wide, so I didn’t follow him and I just took a direct line of a swim. This is what you might be
wondering about Tower 26. The swim time was not super fast, because talking with a few people, the course might have
been a little bit long, somewhere around 1600 to 1650 meters, but what I wanted to look at
was my average 100 meter split was 128, faster than anything
I did in Austin last year, faster than the Olympic
distance race that I did to prime up for Austin last
year by about five seconds, faster by a ton from Campeche last year. Hello, Tower 26 Games.
(grunting) So, I get out of the water, seventh place, one person just in front of
me that entire huge swim pack that worked together, three
four minutes up on me, but with the Tower 26 deck-ups, with the running and the deck-ups, I got out of the water
fresh and ready for my bike, and instantly, boom, started gaining. So I passed the one guy
that was right next to me and we end up kind of
seesawing back and forth throughout the bike, but
eventually, I pass him. I pass Christine McKinley,
I pass Craig Finley, and I start putting a fair
bit of distance into them and setting myself up for a good run. Let’s give you a little
bit of stats on the bike, bang on 40 kilometers in an
hour, one minute, 57 seconds, average speed of 38.8 kilometers per hour, just under 24 miles an hour,
normalized power of 254 watts. So I’m coming off the
bike now having passed three people over the course of the bike, and I’m not in fourth
place, but I can’t even see anyone that’s up in front of me. The first chance I get on this meandering, very hilly course, I see
that I’m somewhere around 90 seconds down from both
Andrew and Mark Fornyay, and I look at my watch and I’m
doing the math and I’m like, “Oh, okay, I need to gain
10 seconds a kilometer.” And the next time I see ’em, I’m like, “Alight, Andrew’s pulling
away, Mark’s coming back, and I need to gain seven
seconds a kilometer, and then six seconds a kilometer, and then five seconds a kilometer.” And at the next aid station I’m like, “Oh, okay, I need four
seconds per kilometer.” And at that aid station,
Mark Fornyay stops, and at that point, there
were four kilometers left. I was just barely on the edge of thinking that I might be able to chase him down, but I was hurting bad, bad,
bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and he stopped and I
was able to bridge up. He started running right along side me. I snapped the elastic and gained on him throughout the rest of the race. Finished the race in
third place in 2:11:24. A little bit of running stats for ya, 9.95 kilometers, transition
typically comprises all of the 10 K in a
4:13 per kilometer pace, a 6:40 mile, and a whole
hell of a lot of time spent fighting cramping. (groaning)
Whoa, whoa, whoa. But overall, it felt
good, very, very good. That is a hilly, tough course. Nobody sets real world records
there, so to go 2:11:24 on an honest course, I’d say that’s a PB. Like, my actual Olympic PB is a 2:04, but the bike was three
and a half, four K short, so that tells me that
everything’s clicking. Going pretty well for Half
Iron Man Coeur d’Alene. Now, just gotta get a little
bit of volume in the legs, we’ll be good. Thanks so much to MTK for
getting all that footage. She’s got a knack for getting good visual. Wow, I was impressed with that. And thanks to all the
Trainiacs for reaching out, saying hi, cheering me on, all that stuff. Super crazy motivating, even
though all you might get when you’re like, “Taren, go!” is like
(gasping) It still hurts for me,
really, really hurts. (upbeat music) Holy crap, that was hot. Look at me, looks like
I just took a shower. Before we go, few random fun facts. First, the 51 Speedshop aerobar extensions worked like a charm today. Second, these enormous boxes
might be the funnest thing that I will ever unbox,
considering that it’s summer and it’s got up to
about 28 degrees in here and that these are an
air conditioning unit. And third, with regards to
the Triathlon Taren Podcast, Gwen Jorgensen and Patrick Lemieux, thanks for being on the show. (cheering and applause)

58 Replies to “FIRST TRIATHLON of 2018: Olympic TRIATHLON RACE at Birds Hill Park”

  1. Does the Gwen and Pat interview start with an apology for the sh*t talking on the marathon move? Lol

  2. Great race! Also, totally thought you were about to sign out with the normal "highest rated triathlon podcast" line… but NOPE! SO STOKED to hear the podcast with Gwen and Pat!!!

  3. Firstly, nice hand modelling and filming NTK 😉
    second, great job with swim split time Taren and the 4:13 run pace… awesome!
    And then a long (easy) ride later in the day… savage commitment! 😀

  4. Great to see you on your game. Seems everything is clicking for the next race. Keep up the great work Taren. Motivating as always. First triathlon in 25 years in 3 weeks. Gwn Olympic

  5. Congratulations to your progress especially on the swim and even your running form looks very good and that pace is also very solid for that course.

  6. Thanks for this… It does hurt, a lot when you are going hard. My run yesterday was killing me at 95° but i kept pushing through thinking about my son who that night had been up sick all night long… I thought if he can do that and still function, i can do this… I just gotta push a little longer, a little harder. Ended up doing 9 miles instead of 10 but i pushed through every one of the last 4.

  7. A 1:33, dismounting on the right!?! Is that even legal? I'm surprised that tech official didn't clothesline you immediately and DQ you on the spot! Why? How? Now you have to push the bike with your left hand. I cannot handle this (homonym).

    I always assumed bikes must be treated like horses, always mount/dismount on the left. Is this like a roadie rule (like socks and shades over straps) and you're just a rebel tri guy or what? Am I this non-ambidextrous? I cannot tell if this is fear or tradition.

  8. How bad did you want that podium?! It got you to run through the pain…. On the topic of weight it seems to me you are still carrying a bit of extra upper body weight….or not?! I feel like you are getting to that fitness level (for running at least) where weight is becoming a more important factor…… And an area which can be worked on…. To increase your speed. Awesome video….

  9. Plz do some more ironmans. Iv seen 1 video of you doing one. 70.3 though, I can understand you not wanting to do a full any time soon.

  10. congrats on a great result, what percentage of your ftp did you aim to average for the bike leg?
    Seen different opinions on the internet for different distances depending on how high your ftp is and how well conditioned you are what percentage would you recommend to run well seen some recommend 95% for an olympic tri which to me seems very high

  11. Holy shit you are looking lean dude. I just dropped under 200lbs and can only imagine how much better my run will be when get to my race weight. Thanks for the motivation TT.

  12. Super well done Taren, exceptional 3rd place, well and truly deserved after all the hard work you put into it whilst motivating all of us to do the same. As fans and followers I can safely say we’re all very proud of you and keep up the great work and these awesome videos coming. Great job 😉

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