Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer | PS4

Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer | PS4

1989, one title changed the history
of wrestling games forever. And now the cult classic
returns to the ring by decree of the fans… Fire Pro-Wrestling World. Everything you need to book the
match of the century is right here. Customize your
wrestler’s appearance, moves, attitude, and even the championship belt, ring, and match rules. Go head to head
in battle royals, cage matches, and even death
matches with barbed wire ropes, fluorescent tubes and
other ways to bring the pain. If you can dream it,
you can create it and have it fight to
the last combatant standing. Why stick to
working local events? Go online for
four-person multiplayer matches. Prove that you’re
the best in the world. Better yet, share your
creations with others. Upload your masterpiece and
download inspiring edits from users around the globe. And if a roster of
unlimited customs wasn’t enough, New Japan Pro-Wrestling is
supplying their top talent. Real wrestlers, real moves, the costumes, the style, the characters
you know all brought to life. The impact, the emotion, the heat of a red hot bout
right in your living room. Build your dream cards from the
members of the NJPW main unit. Chaos. Los Ingobernables de Japon, Bullet Club, Susuki-Gun. All your NJPW favorites are
ready to battle it out in that legendary “cerulean” ring. And in the
all-new Scenario mode, join NJPW as a young lion. Pick your favorite stable and battle for the glory of the
IWGP Championship. If you love pro-wrestling… KENNY OMEGA: Tag a friend
and we’ll see you in the ring. Fire Pro-Wrestling World. Available August 28th. Spike Chunsoft.

100 Replies to “Fire Pro Wrestling World – Overview Trailer | PS4”

  1. Hopefully the ps4 community will be more active with online matches…. Sadly the pc community likes to label this a strict sim game because well…. they cant play the game… I probs gotta get a ps4 now rippizle

  2. I love game this due to 2 Reasons:
    Bullet Club and Deathmatches.
    It would be awesome if they add Bjw's talent too. 🙂

  3. Looks like a super nintendo game. I got one of these on ps1 or ps2 because of all the hype and I just don't understand how people are into it.

  4. Does anyone know if i were to buy the Import is there an option to change the written text to english? I want to get the Limited Edition of this.

  5. 2k is garbage compared to this game, just goes to show gameplay and story will always be better than overhyped graphics of todays games

  6. there's no digital pre-order for this game on ps4 network yet (august 8th).
    aren't they leaving this a bit late? (why?)

    it makes me feel like they are intentionally trying to let this game fail in comparison to projects with much bigger funding 🙁

  7. why can't they release this on the Nintendo switch after we got the worst WWE 2k18 port
    I mean its got all the goods that the the switch can handle i mean imagine playing that anywhere and everywhere

  8. australia doesnt get any love. have not seen it for sale here at all…… where can i buy it for the ps4 ?

  9. I seriously cant understand how is that some people doesnt like fire pro wrestling at all! just for the graphics and hard gameplay.

  10. dear spike chunsoft and fire pro

    make a dlc of more wrestlers from roh and cmll

    make it look awesome

  11. this is wrestling GAME done right. all the WWE games nowdays are too focused on graphics, realism and other minor detail that they forgot about the main thing about a video game. the entertainment aspect and gameplay itself. their game feels so sluggish and boring. remember here comes the pain? thats the best 3d wrestling game imo and still are. im glad that this game decided to break the norm and focus on the "fun" aspect of video games instead of trying to make everything realistic. i really wish more wrestling games break the norm and do the same thing like this game

  12. WWE hate carries over by Marks from Wrestling forums to Youtube comments to video games from other companies

  13. I have a glitch in my game where when I try to select a superstar it freezes and lists superstars as superstar 1, superstar 2, etc. Any fixes?

  14. Dead serious! This is the only game that makes me want a PS4 on the entire exclusive list. Please! Even PC! Xbox! Something better than the PS4 only…

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