Filip Flisar prepares for Red Bull Kronplatz Cross 2013

Filip Flisar prepares for Red Bull Kronplatz Cross 2013

The second part of this season was kind of hot & cold. There was no continuity. After I got over the bronchitis and Andreas Matt jumping on my back, we headed straight to Les Contamines. It was a good race. I was healthy and got second place. The following race was in Megeve, where the weather was a complete lottery. The line I took proved to be too risky and I crashed out in the qualifying, unfortunately. This year is proving to be a roller coaster, so I’ve decided to improve on my acrobatic skills a little. I actually do this quite a lot. My style of riding is kind of dangerous, so it helps to learn how to fall correctly and do some flips. We went to Ljubljana, where we had a really good time in an acrobatic gym. We’re slowly approaching the tricks that I like. Experimenting, exploring the unknown and pure pleasure. I feel at home here, no worries. It’s really cool here. We don’t have a place like this in my town. Trampoline and foam all around. It feels dreadfully lovely. I survived all the acrobatic stunts in Ljubljana without any complications and headed to Kronplatz, for the Red Bull Kronplatz Cross competition. This event is such a lovely stop in the middle of the world cup season. The first one to greet us, was Slavo’s amazing dog called the Black Bear. What a dog! Look at his head! It’s bigger than mine. Straight after that it was time for some more acrobatics! Wait! Look! That’s what’s up! Tomas Kraus, also a Red Bull rider, got really into RC planes last year. Last year, the bloke was crashing it badly all the time. He got 2 seconds of air time, crashed the whole plane. It wasn’t normal. We’re gonna go down now. I have to push the button. He learned a lot since last year and we’re gonna check it out now. Yo, straight from Maribor, watch my flow, folks, put your hands up in the air, where’s your support?! Red Bull Kronplatz is like a desert in the middle of the season. They welcome us in the Bären hotel… and we’ve started to humorously call our selves The Bear Team, because they treat us so well here. Whirlpools, jacuzzis, they fly us around with helicopters. We eat the best food whenever we want to. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever been to. We had a perfect afternoon. The race was in the evening, so we had some time to watch the mens downhill race in Kitzbuehl. Gatherings like that are extremely rare because we’re traveling or competing all the time. It was so great to be able to do that. All the adrenaline that piled up during watching the race in Kitzbuehl and cheering like mad men had to be released somehow. I think there’s no better way to release the energy than this! We’re gonna go fly around a little with the helicopter. Our friendly hotel owner always takes us flying. I’m off! Keep your fingers crossed! We really had a great afternoon the race was soon only minutes away. This time the rules were a little bit different. Here we are! Red Bull Kronplatz Cross! Finally, picollino! Cold air, great hotel, a good course, night time! What else do we need?! That’s it! No problem! Slavko from Ptuj! Our entire family painted mustaches on our faces. Four people are at the start, just like in ski cross. Each team has three members! The first group of four athletes from 4 different teams starts, while the second and the third group are waiting at the start. When a skier pushes the button in the finish line, he opens the gate for the next team member. This happens three times! It’s a real team race! The race was great like always! Tomas, Jouni and I always go there to have a blast and enjoy! It was no different this year. The French won, the Swiss were second and we got third. Tomas slipped at the start. It’s fine. Who ever is not jumpnig, is not Slovenian! Hey, hey, hey! I took some time for my-self after Kronplatz. The snow was dumping all over the place, so I took a ride in my car and went a little wild! We drove to Grassgehren in Germany for the next race. To be honest, the drive over there was more fun then the race itself. The weather was really bad and the faith of the race was hanging on a thread. In the end they managed to go through with it and I messed up completely. The season is really proving to be black and white.
I’m honestly having “so much luck” this year. I crashed really badly on a patch of ice while training on Rogla and renewed an old injury. I fell on my neck and got an injury on my 3rd and 4th vertebra. My hands are blue now and I’m walking like a robot, but they should be able to patch me up and get me ready for the next races in Sochi.

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  1. I'm just gonna say it out loud. He looks like the god damn Charles Bronson and I'm not talking about the actor

  2. This guy is a blast to be around on the World Cup Ski Cross circuit. Stupid knee, ill be back with them all next year!

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